32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-25-19

  1. The piano keys don’t really control the lights. That is immediately obvious. It may start the sequence, but not the individual lights.
    Nevertheless, it is fun to watch.


  2. Everyone making merry?

    I’m trying, but am feeling low energy this year with too many plans crunched together while juggling work. I sure wish I had the rest of the week off. The thought of getting back to work tomorrow & Friday wears me out. Then my good friend is coming over on Saturday which will be a long day and late night. Always fun when we get together. But I sure wish I had just an extra day off to tack onto the weekend so everything doesn’t feel so rushed and packed in together. … Unfortunately, I think several staffers have put in for post-Christmas days off so those of us who are left are pretty much stuck through the duration. Maybe I’ll be at least semi-retired by next year.

    Have a good day everyone, and Merry Christmas. I’ll feel better once I wake up a little more. 🙂 Friend gets here in about 90 minutes to go out for breakfast and then later today I’ll be heading over to my cousin’s.

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  3. Nobody up here, but me and husband. Husband is out doing his chores. I am waiting for twenty two year old to rise and shine as he is making crepes for breakfast. For my bah humbug, I am suffering the side effects of augmentin.

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  4. Blessed Christmas morning! May we all drink in the beauty of the day!
    We had a splendid evening with the family. The grandkids loved their stockings as always…who knew a simple stocking could hold so much joy?! (They are 11,14 and 16 yrs old!)
    A day of relaxing after so much scurrying around. I am looking forward to doing nothing but drinking coffee, reading and maybe a bit of stitching that pillow I hadn’t completed!

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  5. I am invited to the present opening time with the youngest grands. a privilege that I don’t take for granted.
    Have a blessed day everyone.
    Praises, my whole family came to the Christmas Eve service last night with me and then invited me to go out to a ramen place with them. Blessed

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  6. DJ, I’ll join you lament a bit. I woke up with the traditional (from my childhood) migraine.

    It’s easing now with medication so I’m sort of up and have taken the roast for tomorrow and the turkey for Saturday out of the freezer.

    While laying in bed I discovered our local radio station had Miracle on 34th Street on as a radio show. It was fun to listen to and picture in my mind the characters and what was happening. Well, as fun as it can be with a headache and nausea 🙂

    We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our beloved friends and their family. The only thing that could have been better was if our children had been there too. But we will all be together this weekend.

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  7. Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

    We did gifts this morning, dinner is in 20 minutes. 🙂

    Then off to my Dad’s later to see my siblings. Yay. 🤨

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  8. Merry Christmas!
    I am slowly coming back to the land of the living 🙂 Today, after the mad flurry of unwrapping gifts was over, I read Tiny Niece a new story books while simultaneously playing a game of Battleship with Second Nephew (we made our guesses at the page turns). I won the game.

    My mother is the most fun person to give a gift too, because every gift given is an absolute treasure to her (in her childhood, there was only ever one present under the tree). Eldest Niece has been making soft felt sculpture toys for years now, and so my mother asked her this past year for a set of finger puppets she could use with her smaller grandchildren. Eldest Niece delivered, and my mother raved over them as if someone had given her priceless works of art (they are extremely good, with a delightful level of detail).

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  9. Husband and daughter went to church; Stargazer and I stayed home to cook and clean up.

    I’m trying to decide if I’m a heretic or not, but am settling on the Lord knows better than I do!

    Stargazer’s now writing clues for Adorable #2’s awkwardly-sized gift— she’ll have to hunt for it— and I’m sitting down with the cooking nearly done.

    God blessed us everyone with a Savior. I am thankful.

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  10. No unwrapping done yet. Delicious strawberry banana crepes for breakfast. Husband has the ham in the roaster. Son has apple cider cooking. We are waiting for the baby to get her diaper changed.

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  11. Kare, hope you’re feeling better. A friend from church has been stricken with the flu, so I know they’re having a quiet Christmas today.

    Friend and I had a good breakfast out, cheese omelette, bacon & 2 pancakes. Sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t, the omelette wasn’t stuffed with extras, very simple eggs & cheese. Just right.

    I’ll head out to my cousin’s later, for now I’m watching “Just Like Heaven” with Reese Witherspoon, one of my favorite actresses and it’s a really sweet and funny movie. I’d seen it once before some months back but had missed the beginning so I saw that this time.

    I could really use a nap but I have to leave in about 2 hours so I think it would make me more tired at this point.

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  12. We’re home from our Christmas wandering. The original plan was to return tomorrow, but both of us were having health issues better cared for at home, and so we came home after lunch (not even waiting for cake, though some came home with us).

    Our granddaugghter (16 months) gave us some precious memories. She isn’t extremely social and each visit she needs time to warm us to us, usually quite a lot of time, so we watch her from her safe distance more than we interact with her. One of these visits she’ll be old enough to remember “Grandma and Grandpa” and we’ll be past that, but for now it’s what it is. (And I see her needing warm-up time even with relatives she sees far more often, so that’s just part of her personality, at least for now.)

    Sunday we were at church with all the kids, and near the end our son-in-law was holding Baby S at the back of the church. When the pastor gave the benediction and finished with Amen, a baby Amen, quite loud, came from behind us. My husband whispered “That was S.” I whispered back, “I thought it was!” How precious to have little ones growing up in church and learning the songs and the rhythms of corporate worship!

    Last night we gathered as a larger family unit (not a huge group because it is a smallish family and most of my sister-in-law’s family weren’t present, but still a four-generational gathering). The five-year-old loves playing with her second cousin, Baby S. Their father grew up playing with my girls, and now the girls know each other–a blessing I never had growing up, knowing extended family. As soon as the five-year-old arrived, Baby S forgot her shyness and the two ran around throughout the house to the extent they were permitted. After nearly everyone had left, Baby S was laid down to sleep and her parents and my husband and I talked in the kitchen until 11:30. We didn’t get enough sleep last night, but it was worth it.

    We asked what Baby S might like, not knowing the details of what they have and what might interest her, and received quite a lengthy list including that she’ll be in 18-month clothing soon and has little in that size. My husband, who has waited through three girl descendants so far, seized on the “toy vehicles” line and we had to order that set. Me, I waited through nephew after nephew in my 75% male family–and my sister’s only daughter was born shortly after I went freelance and had little money to buy frivolous items like fancy clothes. So I bought two dresses and also a book. We did our own family’s gift exchange this morning. And all of it was a hit. The clothing items got brought back to Grandpa and hung on his arms (and we hear that when she brings you something it means it’s something she loves, I suppose like a cat’s gifting), and the truck and plane from the vehicle set got more attention than everything else put together, and also gave Grandpa a chance to make the right sounds for them.

    About half the time when she smiles, her tongue pokes about halfway out. I think I managed to get one photo of that–I knew it’s likely to be a habit that has vanished by the next time we see her, and I wanted it on film.

    As their main gift, the girls got their childhood videos transferred to DVD. The videos go back to when their mother was pregnant with the older one and a video camera was purchased. The girls were 12 and 14 when their mom died 13 years ago (half a lifetime). The videos show their mother and at least four deceased grandparents; they had four when we married in 2011 and now only have one left, and a great-grandmother has some footage in the first video and possibly another great has footage in another one. Besides the videos they only got “stocking stuffer” type gifts, but somehow I think those will be enough to make this a precious Christmas for them. As my husband was preparing the videos to get them copied, I saw a good amount of footage and found it precious. Slightly weird seeing him kiss his first wife on screen . . . but mostly good to see life stages I missed and people I haven’t met but have heard much about. I saw quite a few scenes that have made it into family lore, like the older one at almost three years old telling her parents that what she wanted for Christmas was toys like “the toys in the cwaset [closet].” They didn’t know she had peeked until the scene recorded on video, but after hearing about it several times, it was fun to see it.

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  13. We went over to Chucks for dinner and exchanging gifts. Fourteen of us if I count correctly. It was a nice time. Fourteen with ages raging from 89 (me) and three. Mary has one on the way in July.

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  14. There were fourteen of us today, as the Youngests did not join us (they were with the other side), age range from 73 to one. The ratio of adults to children? 1:1, though I’m not sure if the 14 and 17 year old would exactly appreciate being labelled children anymore.

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  15. We had two daughters with their husbands and 8 children. One came Saturday and one came late Sunday night. Thus we planned gift opening for Monday. The first family that came had to leave by 2:30 that day. First grandpa made his famous sourdough pancakes. He does three batches now and it really isn’t enough for the boys, but has to do. There was bacon and eggs too, for those who wanted them.

    I did ham on Saturday. My husband made homemade mac and cheese. I made a whipped cream fruit salad. I was not sure if I was going to make this, since none of the grands would touch it the last time I made it. It all went this time–down to a granddaughter licking the bowl! You just never know with kids. We also had a squash dish I made with squash I had earlier cooked and froze. I just added brown sugar, butter, pumpkin pie spice and mini-marshmallows to brown on top. Vegies and dip are standard and come out when anyone talks about being hungry. It was nice to have the ham to make leftovers the rest of the weekend. A meat and cheese tray with crackers, buns for sandwiches and everyone could help themselves more or less. We did have sloppy joes Sunday afternoon for a break from ham. Ham bone is now in the freezer for pea soup when I get to it.

    Our youngest granddaughter went around saying, “Happy grandma (grandpa)” and pointing at us in turn. They are shy with us at first. I always enjoy watching the cousins play with one another.

    We tried The Chameleon game, which is for 14 and up. Only one of the children was that old. They liked the game and played it without the adults. It was not a favorite of mine, but okay. We also tried the Jeff Foxworthy game for the same age range. I had overheard someone at the store say it was more adult, so was a little leery. That was an understatement. Very disappointing. I was so glad I hadn’t wasted my own money on it. Lots of sexual innuendo and the rest insulting people, which is not what I want my grands to perfect.

    So, after all that I spent a good deal today straightening up and doing some of the laundry. 🙂

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  16. I am still too weak to feel up to playing a big game of Balderdash with the older grandchildren and adults, and also do not feel well enough to help with the cleanup in the kitchen. So, the one year old, Sixth, decided he would provide my entertainment, leading me into the living room, patting the couch for me to sit down, climbing onto my lap and then, by way of making conversation, pointing out and talking about the different ornaments on the tree next to us. We have had the tree up for a month, but he takes the same delight in the ornaments as he did at first.

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  17. We had a lovely evening with friends – turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

    On Sunday we had met 2 young men sitting behind us in church. They are from India and had only been in Canada for two weeks. When our friends let us know that 3 of the invitees had to cancel, we made arrangements to pick up the 2 men and one of their roommates to come along for the dinner. What fun! The ‘boys’ were 19, 20 and 22. They are here to study at Sask PolyTechnic. They had been feeling quite lonely, missing their families back home in India.

    After we dropped them back at their apartment, the oldest one texted my husband and said how much fun they had had and that it was like being with their families 🙂

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  18. Nice dinner and visit with my cousin, we ended by getting the dishes done. She was dismayed, however, that I left forgetting to retrieve the plate of leftovers that was in the refrigerator.

    I was very tired before I went and am still tired, but feel somewhat glad that most of the Christmas visiting is behind me — just Saturday to go. Juggling it amid work is just difficult.

    I took the dogs out for a relatively brief walk when i got home, it’s supposed to start raining shortly and rain through the night so I wanted to get them out before the rain arrived.

    I’m also catching up on some laundry tonight, long overdue.


  19. Ten children (including 15, 9 and 7 month olds) and ten adults; ages 7 months to his grandmother–71 on Monday. We had bbq tri-tip, ham, cheesey potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprout salad (don’t ask), rolls and plenty of deserts, along with Martinelli sparkling cider and. 6 bottles of wine . . .

    The girls are loud singers and we have been singing Christmas carols for two days with them.

    We played the present-exchange game and I came home with the best gift: salt and pepper grinders. Kids got several games and played them while I lay on the floor and the babies crawled over me.

    A lovely day and I’m now off to bed with a good book.

    AJ will be pleased to know they bought me a ticket to Star Wars tomorrow. I’m going to urge Little Women, too!

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