26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-18-19

  1. Good morning! Sweet header photo. It’s ladies’ Bible study morning. Getting ready to see Wesley, too. Way too much to do today. Anyone else feeling the crunch about now, and I am not referring to snow underfoot?

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  2. This was taken in March this year, a cardinal singing on a snowy branch, with the cardinal being the only real hint of color in the shot. (There is a bit of green on its branch, so you do have the red-and-green Christmas colors.)

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  3. Pretty, Christmas-card worthy photo.

    We’re still getting cold weather with absolutely no (15%) humidity, it’s dry as a stick. And that wreaks havoc with your sinuses, everyone feels and sounds like they have a cold: coughing, stuffed up, sniffling.

    We have our holiday lunch out today (at the Greek restaurant within walking distance of our office) where there will be prizes and games. Took some considerable arm-twisting by the senior editor to get this paid for by the company, but he managed; he said everything has been so tough for so long that they needed to do something to show folks they were appreciated. Anyway, guess it worked, we’ll get a free lunch and apparently some decent prizes (my office mate was tying ribbons on those items yesterday so i kind of know what they are already).

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  4. Morning! Oh how that lovely photo brings a welcomed smile to our day!! Ever thankful for the gift He has imparted to you Cheryl…and that you so graciously share it with us!! ♥️
    I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with all I need to do and get before next week. The gift part is done but shopping for groceries and planning a meal or two proves to be my undoing! I make a list and still forget things! Two trips to the grocery this week and I get in there and want to leave as quickly as I can…leaving things undone on my list. It will all come together but the crowds are just not my cup of tea!

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  5. Sad times in our country Dj…no such parties taking place around here that I know of but I am certain there are those who would most certainly participate if they could… 😢


  6. Cats are rather odd creatures, as Cheryl’s article from yesterday points out. Yes, I read that about how they want their food and water in separate places. And their behavior really is very distinctive and quirky & holds across the board for all cats, which has always amused me. From hanging out in empty boxes to sweeping things off flat surfaces “just because,” they all do the same weird things.

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  7. I’m taking Fluffy to the vet in an hour. The cat carrier is out, and Mouse seen it, and is now hiding under the couch. She knows what the carrier means. Someone is getting a car ride and shots. 🙂

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  8. How do they have time to stand around begging for impeachment? Don’t they have gifts to wrap, parties to organize, cookies to bake, presents to mail (late— that’s me)?

    Ah, but perhaps politics is their family?

    I’m with Janice. It feels like all too much. I have gifts spread all over the office to wrap. If I wrapped them—measley though they feel—most of this would be over.

    Just can’t muster enthusiasm. #I’dratherberesesearching

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  9. The impeachment ‘parties’ or rallies are disturbing to me — people chanting “Impeach! Impeach!”

    A little too much like mob rule tactics.

    My house is in decorating chaos but it’s off to work. It’ll all have to wait.

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  10. I tend to keep Annie’s carrier handy and I’ve actually noticed her crawling inside to nap inside of it sometimes. It makes it less of a scary signal when vet time comes, though she still resists and becomes an octopus when I turn it vertically (thus it becomes the monster) and try to “feed” her and all 8 of her splayed-out legs into it from above. lol

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  11. Our black cat enjoys sitting on the water bowl when it is frozen. Our yellow cat likes to reach in and pick up pawfuls of water to suck when it is liquid. They like to pile on top of each other in a box when it is cold. They fight other times, unless something is picking on the yellow one. Then the black cat will attack the attacker. They are not needy.

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  12. Gemma will do that DJ. But not Mouse. She’s smarter than that. The old put treats in the carrier and wait for her to load herself in trick does not work. The other two can be fooled, but not Mouse. 🙂

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  13. I hope so too, Jo. I thought you well on the way by now.

    Re Michelle’s 1:15. Thanx Michelle, I started reading and got through h. 3, through several interruptions. Finally, I scanned the rest. But I get the gist of the article. It seems the Malaysian government is something of a culprit. Thought it is apparent that it was a hijacking by someone who knows how to fly a plane.

    A thing like that couldn’t happen in the North Atlantic. I was talking with a navy captain at the Naval War college circa 1978. He said (and you know more about this than I do, I know) that the US navy knows where EVERYTHING is in the North Atlantic.

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  14. We did lose a C-97 in 1951. I had just returned from a flight to Thule. We are supposed to have two days “crew rest” in which we can’t be assigned to anything. But they put me on a plane to go searching for it It was really a mess in the Atlantic.
    The plane was from our squadron and was on a flight from Lages Air Base in the Azores ((Owned by Netherlands, I believe) when it disappeared. Just disappeared. No SOS or Mayday. Nothing. It just disappeared. Had to be an explosion or something in the electrical system.
    Before we left, I called my parents long distance, and told them that I wasn’t on that plane. I knew it would be a news item and that they would worry.

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