38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-11-19

  1. Good night Chas. School was good today. I came home so tired, it was time to rest. I has aviation pick up the trunk I had packed. It should go down to Port Moresby on an earlier flight that is not so full. Still lots to pack. How do you put away everything in your house??


  2. Yesterday I babysat the 15-month Adorable #6.

    He’s charming with big blue eyes, golden curls, baby teeth peeking through and an exuberant grin.

    He laughs, runs around, and plays contentedly with balls and cars.

    He looks so much like his father, in temperament, too, that I felt 25 again! 🙂

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  3. Morning!! Oh how I love your tree Kare!! (Ok at first I thought to myself “why is there a guitar in that tree?! Then I had my first cup of coffee and decided it was on the wall behind the tree!! 😏)
    Busy day of completing Christmas cards, laundry, and finishing up my stitching projects for presents…how is it that Christmas is 2 weeks away?!!! 🎄

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  4. Thank you!
    Yes, there are 2 guitars hanging on the wall behind the tree (you can only see one). The tree will be moved over slightly so that the guitar no longer looks like part of the decorations – we just need to get in the door to the left a few more times before Christmas – that’s the door to our library/sewing room.

    I call the white garland “snow snakes” as that seems to allow my husband to allow them on the tree 🙂

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  5. Today is another snow day for Boy. His mommy is working, so I am on duty. 🙂 It is beautiful out there.

    Had to shake my head at a comment from YA on one of my posts. I had written that someone “favored” something, and she twisted that into them “demanding” it.

    Yesterday, after my appointment to clean and check my hearing aids, Nightingale took me to Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts, the name I like better) for eggnog-flavored lattes. Since it was so close to lunchtime, and we were both hungry, we also each got a breakfast sandwich and a donut. We sat and chatted for a while.

    She was in quite a talkative mood yesterday, from before we had to leave for my appointment to the waiting room to Dunkin’ to the rest of the drive home and beyond. 😀 But I like that she gets in those moods from time to time, and likes to talk to me. That is a blessing.

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  6. I’m trying to motivate myself to get into that garage today to hunt down the Christmas decorations. It’s a single-car garage and boxes take up maybe half of it, they can’t be that hard to find, right?

    I seem to have had more Christmas spirit two weeks ago than I do now.

    And I still have some things I’d like to do this week, including getting a 2nd clear coat on the one wooden gate (now that the weather has cleared up and the sun seems to be coming out; but I need to wait until the wood thoroughly dries out).

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  7. Kare’s pic is very nice, and as I said, I love the guitar. It means a Christmas song may break out at any time. 🙂

    Kim sent some shots of her’s you’ll see tomorrow.

    Anybody else wanna send in pics of your decorations, feel free to do so, and I’ll be happy to share. 🙂

    Oh, and FYI……

    14 days! 🙂

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  8. DJ, I gave you a hard time about getting out your Christmas decorations so early when you were talking about it in October. I hope that’s not holding you back now!

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  9. Kevin, ideally I had hoped to get into the garage early to at least scope out and gather the Christmas boxes so when the season arrived it would be one less major step to have to go through. All the boxes would be up front and easily accessible.

    Now it all defeats me, just thinking about having to find them all first.

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  10. Aji suun shared this story last week, commenting that one of the village families had lost a son in the accident: https://fatunetwork.net/death-toll-rises-in-back-way-accident-as-foreign-ministry-says-11-of-13-women-onboard-migrant-boat-have-died

    World has picked up the story (fourth one), and the photo illustration with the story is on a beach I know well, as I have been carried on someone’s shoulders out through that surf to one of those boats: https://world.wng.org/content/enslaved_brides

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  11. Re: Phos’ attachment
    It says that Saudi Arabia is relaxing some of it’s regulations to attract tourism.
    OK, but tourist from Christian countries should be very careful in strict Muslim countries. They do not tolerate sins against their religion.
    There are people who visit Muslim nations and don’t come back.

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  12. Chas, most Muslim/Eastern countries have tourist sections that are like Las Vegas – what happens in the tourist section, stays in the tourist section. In fact, it is a feature of many Eastern cultures, not just Muslim cultures – in India, it is Goa, which also happens to be the area where Christians have lived in India since the time of the apostles, that is the Vegas of India (Hindus and Sikhs also frown on alcohol consumption). In those tourist sections, one may drink alcohol, eat pork, and go to nightclubs that are wilder and more permissive than even Vegas (the East, after all, developed the harem and is no stranger to fleshly indulgence of all kinds) without any kind of interference or repercussions. The Saudis are just envious of their highly successful neighbour, the United Arab Emirates, whose playground in Dubai is the toast of the East (the amount of Asian movies that refer to Dubai or are set partly in Dubai is staggering) drawing extremely wealthy people from all over the world to come and play there.

    The behaviour I saw on display from tourists from so-called Christian countries visiting a majority Muslim country was pretty ugly. I actually witnessed the soliciting of prostitution by European/white tourists in the tourist section of the nearest city to where I was. It was a deeply disturbing sight, and even more disturbing was the white man with an American accent who seemed to be grooming two young West African boys by taking them on a shopping spree. I would not have blamed the West Africans for taking action against such tourists, but the tourists seemed to think their money allowed them to do what they want – I witnessed them being downright rude to the staff serving them – and since bribery was a common occurrence, they were probably correct. To be blunt, many of the tourists seemed to be coming because they knew they could indulge their fantasies without getting into trouble, as they would in their own country, since the law enforcement there did not have the capability of stopping them. That is the case in more than one developing country where tourists from the wealthy West come (see also Thailand).


  13. Ok, progress. I’ve collected all the (faux) pumpkins from the back patio & front porch, along with the orange twinkle lights and lighted maple leaf garlands.

    And I went to Lowe’s and have 2 large poinsettias for either side of the front porch and 3 hanging basket poinsettias to replace the nearly-dead spring arrangements that are on their last roots. I’ll put those out tomorrow. It’s something. Then tomorrow I may be able to force myself to go into the garage and find the Christmas cheer.

    Also today I went to Home Depot and scoped out the hot water heaters, found a very curt but knowledgable plumber clerk who gave me the info I needed. My choices are among 3 models, ranging from $550 to $720. Most expensive one features self-cleaning apparatus and each one has different warranties, 6-, 9- and 12-year. These are your basic, 40-gallon, gas water heaters. Simple.

    I also will qualify for a low-energy appliance $175 rebate.

    And I noticed our senior editor had called today but left no message. I reluctantly called back, sure it was some work-related annoyance I’d have to deal with on my time off. Instead, he surprised me by saying the powers-that-be in NY gave us a smallish pool of money that allowed some employees to get a bonus of an unspecified amount, he cautioned me it’s not much. But I was one of the people he selected as being a consistent supplier of copy, reliable and someone who knew their beat especially well. So it kind of made my day. I’m not counting on much, $100 would thrill me (and help with the hot water heater), but we’ll see. We’re not to say anything to fellow employees as not everyone is getting some of the money and the amounts may vary (latter part is my guess, he didn’t say that). He also cautioned this won’t be a yearly thing so don’t get used to it. But still. After so long (a decade plus) without even tiny, single-digit under 5% cost-of-living raises, it’s more than welcome.

    Thoughts on hot water heater selections welcome; Real Estate Guy says take the cheapest one, 6-year warranty is fine. And this current one has apparently lasted 20+ years without any fancy self-cleaning feature.

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  14. The only Muslim country I’m familiar with is Saudi Arabia. I was stationed there in 1952. I’m sure much has changed there.


  15. I have read that the average lifespan of hot water heaters is somewhere around 10-12 years (I think). So even with a 6-year warranty, if it lasted 10 years, that’s not bad.

    This old one, which was here when I moved in, is an exception these days, I’m sure, and part of the once-typical “old appliance” longevity that we often mourn these days. The brand ceased operation some time ago, in fact.

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  16. Chas, the Maldives is one of the strictest Muslim countries, with Islam being the only religion permitted by law, but Western tourists only know it for its white beaches and luxury resorts:


  17. Donna, I put in a new hot water heater about 2 weeks before Miguel had his accident. I was astonished at how expensive they have become. The key to long life is to drain them regularly to prevent sediment form building in the bottom. I think the should make a better thermal coupling, as that’s what went out on the last one, and with the
    Flame part being sealed, you can’t replace that single part.


  18. Our hot water heater lasted over 40 years. I suppose the quality of it in the first place makes a difference. Never fun to replace these things. I remember being told about draining the sediment out, but my husband never did it. We were blessed it lasted so long, for sure.


  19. Wow, 40 years!

    And I’ve never done anything to my 20+ year-old one either. A friend recently got one and she said it was well over $1,000 for the heater and installation


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