11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-9-19

  1. Mr Independent has me drop him off at the hospital. He didn’t need me. They made him call me to come back. They need next of kin to make decisions. Good thing my office is about a mile and a half away.
    Please pray for him this morning.

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  2. Also please pray for BG today. She has an appointment with the therapist at 11. She is looking forward to it.
    She posted something on FB last night and when I put it all together I fear she may be dabbling in Wiccan. She has told me in the past that she is “dark”.

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  3. Kim.
    I am praying for Mr P. and BG
    But why does an adult need next of kin?
    Will they put him out?
    And if BG is dealing with Wiccan, you have a spiritual battle. You need Spiritual wisdom as opposed to logic. But the Lord knows how to handle it. Be faithful.

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  4. I passed with a good margin. I took Trey Christmas shopping at the dollar store. He had 32 on his Christmas list. We ate Chinese for a celebration lunch.

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  5. Congratulations rk!! ♥️
    Kim we continue to ask the Lord to protect BG. Praying her eyes will open to the ploys of the enemy and that she will make haste in seeking out the ONE who loves her most….trusting He will lead her to Himself…any word on Mr. P?

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