34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-9-19

  1. Morning all. I don’t expect to see any of that over here. I finished report cards and spent part of my evening packing away food items.
    Five days left of school

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  2. Nephew is decorating my house for Christmas today. I am so excited. Mr P didn’t want him to do it. He wanted to know why we couldn’t. When told that I just didn’t have it in to do it all this year and if Nephew didn’t do it he was on his own he snappy quick changed his mind.
    I got everything out of the attic yesterday and Nephew came over last night for me to show him what I have. I told him he had free reign and could do whatever he wanted. I gave him a little extra money in case he felt he needed to add anything. My company talks about “leverage”. This is it for me.

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  3. Morning! That is an icy cold photo up there! Brrrrr ❄️
    Praying for you and your Mr this morning Kim..trusting the Lord to give wisdom to the docs and ease in the procedure….. ♥️

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  4. ;LOL;
    I have The Sweetest Woman In The World
    Have I told you that before?.
    Her mind is gone, but she is still sweet.
    She puts her hand on the little orange juice glass and asks “What am I supposed to do with this?”
    Drink it.

    That sort of thing. She is presently watching impeachment hearings. Occasionally she wants me to come in and explain something. Usually a commercial. They can be confusing.

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  5. I hired a young woman to run errands for me when I was on a fast writing project. It was incredibly freeing to pay her $12 an hour to go to the post office, return library books, pick up a dozen items at the grocery store, wrap Christmas presents and so on.

    It also felt completely decadent but I made my deadline and she was happy.

    No complaints from family members. I hired my daughter one year to do the same things.

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  6. Tess and I are off to the vet this morning, she’s shaking her ear a lot again (she wasn’t doing it much yesterday). The earlier I can get her there (since we don’t have an appointment and will be walk-ins, relegated to sit in the waiting room until they have time to squeeze us in) the better. Hoping they won’t be super busy today, but being Monday, they could be. Our time with the vet should be minimal, however.

    Our rain is behind us for now, nothing but clear skies forecast in the week ahead.

    I should pay someone to find my Christmas stuff in the garage for me, that’s a task I don’t relish. But nothing gets decorated until I can do that.

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  7. This is lengthy and I’m processing, not arguing.

    I’m in 2 Thessalonians 2 which is a discussion of the end times.

    This struck me because of the idea of delusion.

    Earlier this morning I read a long piece about transgender formerly-male athletes dominating and taking over women’s sports, contrary to the spirit of Title 9. It struck me, yet again, that we are living in the time of the Emperor’s new clothes.

    Then I read this in Enduring Word:

    9-12) The character and strategy of the man of sin.
    The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    a. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan: The Antichrist will come with power, with signs and with lying wonders. But all of this is according to theworking of Satan, as described in Revelation 13:13-17.

    i. If someone has spiritual power, signs, or wonders, those are not enough to prove they are from God. Satan can perform his own powerful works, either through deception or through his own resources of power.

    ii. “He is Satan’s messiah, an infernal caricature of the true messiah.” (Moffatt)

    b. Among those who perish: However, the deception can only take root in those who do not receive the love of the truth. These people are ready for the deception of the Antichrist, because they want a lie, and God will send them a strong delusion.

    i. God will send them: In the end, the Antichrist is only God’s messenger. God has judgment to bring, and He will send … a strong delusion through the Antichrist. God will not force this delusion on anyone, but those who do not receive the love of the truth will receive this strong delusion.

    ii. Alford translates: God is sending to them the working of delusion in order that they should believe the falsehood.

    iii. “They were first deluded, which was their sin; and God sends them strong delusion, and that is their punishment.” (Poole)

    c. That they should believe the lie: Specifically, God sends them the lie. This isn’t just anylie, but the lie, the lie that has enthralled the human race since Adam. This is the lie that God is not God, and that we are or can be gods.

    i. “His point is that the last pseudo-Messiah or anti-Christ will embody all that is profane and blasphemous, every conceivable element of impiety; and that, instead of being repudiated, he will be welcome by Jews as well as pagans.” (Moffatt)

    d. That they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness: As God gives rebellious man the lie he desires, it isn’t out of His generosity. Instead, it shows God’s judgment on those who reject the truth. As Romans 1 points out, in judgment God may give a man up to the depravity of his heart, to his pleasure in unrighteousness.

    i. “They think that they are acting in defiance of Him. But in the end they find that those very acts in which they expressed their defiance were the vehicle of their punishment.” (Morris)

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  8. Good morning. That is an interesting header. I am not familiar with that look. Is it frozen water at the edge of a lake? At one point I wondered if it could be a design on cake frosting, but it looked like sand so I decided not.

    It’s chilly here today with a little rain. All day is predicted to be overcast so it seems like winter here.

    Are you receiving any Christmas cards yet? I finally got almost 40 mailed out. I have more to do if I can locate addresses. We have received 4 so far.

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  9. Thanks for the post Michelle.
    Only I disagree about the part about Antichrist being God’s messenger. I think he is Satan’s messenger and tool. I know the writer didn’t mean such, but it implies that God can work for evil.
    We, and I’m sure the writer, knows that isn’t so.

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  10. I went in to fix lunch. She was watching the impeachment on TV.
    I didn’t want to hear that so i turned the TV on to some cartoons.
    After lunch, I turned it back. I figured one made as much sense as the other.

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  11. I’m all alone here at work today – everyone else has meetings away from here.

    I’m currently ‘fighting’ with the local courier company because they refuse to deliver to us in the winter – “our driveway is too icy”. Well, maybe get some winter tires for your van and/or get a better driver. We all drive in and out everyday as does Puro later and other service vehicles with no problems. I called UPS directly since they dropped the parcel at the local courier for delivery to us. They were not impressed that the parcel was not being delivered as they pay the local company to do so. UPS is working on it now. 🙂

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  12. Mumsee, you are tempting me!
    Kare, my friend Karen has a problem with package delivery not going to their apartment but things get left in a room by the leasing office. They use to get direct deliveries but no longer except for the Prime Fresh food orders. It is a big problem for her.

    I have been having some arthritis type symptoms in my left leg/knee. I needed to get some gift wrap tissue paper at Target. I asked God for a close up space and thought one beside handicapped would be nice but too much to ask. I drove through once and found nothing; on my second time through, there it was, the first space next to handicapped parking near the store entrance. God is so good to us when He sees our need and we talk to Him about it! Praising Him for His goodness.

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  13. Not sure what my knee pain is. I did change shoes as I felt the ones I was wearing were too tight in the instep, so restricting circulation. It is the little things.

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  14. Janice, your parking spot story is very encouraging to me today. Husband has to do his physical fitness test today – it’s his last shot at it. It is a requirement for his job, so technically he could be unemployed tomorrow.

    If he passes, it will be a miracle, what with the concussion keeping him from training the last few weeks. We are praying for a miracle.

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  15. Vet had to muzzle Tess to clean out the ear, at the very bottom he found a couple hard-kernels (gunk that had hardened, not anything foreign) sitting on her ear drum which he said was most probably causing the problem. We have drops which I have to apply in her ear twice a day, but I will have to wrap her muzzle with the leash I’m afraid, she is not liking this at all.

    But the vet said he expected a pretty quick recovery considering the cause and the fact that the cleaned everything out. The rest of the ear didn’t look bad, he said.

    After that I stopped at the credit union, picked up some groceries, went to the Post Office to buy Christmas stamps & mail my property tax (ouch/ouch/ouch).

    The gardener was here earlier and I’ve had the impeachment hearing on today briefly, have seen bits and pieces of it. Ouch/ouch/ouch.

    The harbor was socked in with very heavy fog this morning, could not even see the water or cranes when I was driving right up next to them.

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  16. I loved those thick fog days, walking early to school.

    It was the closest we got to winter . . . smells were heightened, senses on edge. People, cars, buildings loomed and then disappeared. Very moody and romantic for a teenager. 🙂

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  17. Poor Tess…Poor Dj having to give treatment to poor Tess!! 😢
    It has gotten downright cold today. After meeting a friend along the way while running errands, I discovered it was snowing when I returned to my car. Not much snow but it did make me want to break out in a Christmas carol…who am I kidding…I did break out in song and it felt grand!!

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  18. Janice, I don’t make Christmas cards. I figure most people throw away Christmas cards, and I send too many to want to make them, anyway. Maybe some year, since I do have supplies and I could, but these years I do Christmas letters. (Haven’t written it yet, though I have started it. I have some really darling grandbaby photos.)

    But December is usually a light month for me, editing wise, and this year it isn’t.


  19. Got the drops in Tess’s ear as best I could (they said “6,” very specific, mine were more like maybe a bunch of globs of drops together & dribbled).

    But then I managed to massage the bottom of the ear as directed to get the medicine down deep. She shook her head a lot but didn’t try to bite me at least.

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