37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-6-19

  1. Seriously. Can you imagine that Mary understood that she was nursing God?
    Or cleaning His bottom?
    She had to know more than she understood at the time.

    Re: My 6:43. I was typing away when suddenly she was standing there (supposed to be in bed) saying, Where do you want me to be?
    “In the big chair while I fix breakfast.”

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  2. β€œI just wish people moving to CO would learn to drive on snow. Seriously! πŸ˜Šβ€

    Nancy- I wish people would just learn how to drive, period! No matter where I go, there is always a maniac who thinks he/she is in a race and has to get to the front of the pack, even if it means tailgating or cutting in and out of lanes.

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  3. Good morning! I put our artificial wreath on our front door again this year. It has some candy canes, fake red strawberries, and a red bow for color. Do you have a wreath, or plan to have one for Christmas? What is on it? I liked those simple wreaths at the Magnolia store. I think I need to change mine after all these years.

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  4. So sad about all those shooters. 😦

    I have a huge wreath that my mom made me many years ago. Unfortunately, many of the artificial leaves etc. have come off. The rest are quite faded. The robins made a split level nest in it. I need to redo it, but never quite get to it. It is on a wall that juts out close to the door and is sort of the back of the open porch.

    On the door window is a crocheted Christmas Tree with red yarn that holds candy canes. I don’t put candy canes on anymore. It was an Advent activity item. A lady, in many bible studies with me, made it many years ago for me. It hangs on the inside, but is seen from the outside.

    Otherwise, I don’t have a Christmas wreath, per se.

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  5. DJ – Your friend was exaggerating when she said that folks on the east coast consider six inches of snow to be a national emergency. Of course, I guess it depends on where on the east coast she meant. Here in Connecticut, six inches is not a big deal.

    Janice – Nightingale bought a real wreath with a red bow, but hasn’t decorated it yet. Whatever she does with it, I know it will be lovely and tasteful. I tend to like a lot of red and silver at Christmastime.

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  6. I didn’t know Trump offered the turkey a quid-pro-quo. Or whatever it is.
    Aggressive drivers are everywhere. I was surprised by their absence in Hendersonville. Not entirely, though. I am always amused when one is in a hurry to pass me and I pull up behind him at a traffic light.

    I never, in all these years, known that “Home again, home again” was part of a nursery rhyme. I thought Elvera originated it.
    After all these years. πŸ˜†

    I partly understand the hatred for Trump. He isn’t a politician and doesn’t understand the real quid pro Quo that goes on inside (and outside now) the Beltway all the time.
    The Deep State is working with both hatred and fear.

    If Jeb Bush had been elected, none of this would be happening.

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  7. Although it was getting on the later side when she got home, Nightingale insisted on setting up the couch and loveseat, and then rolling out the area rug.

    My couches look great. The slipcovers, which are a dark grey, are made from a tough, thick material. Should hold up well for quite a while.

    The two bookcases used to be separated, with something between them, but now they are right next to each other, so they look like one large bookcase. Looks very nice.

    Remember how I was crying over how awful the floor looked with the paint splotches all over? Well, I was surprised and delighted by how large the area rug is. Lengthwise, it starts right in front of the bookcases and goes all the way across the room to just under the loveseat by a couple inches. Width-wise, it takes up most of the room between the couch and the entertainment center. So most of those ugly splotches are covered up! I am so relieved and happy!

    I told Nightingale that it reminded me of a Bible verse – “Love covers a multitude of sin” – and she laughed. πŸ˜€

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  8. Kizzie, I’m so glad your living room turned out so nicely.

    I have a wreath I made way back when the children were little and we had no money. It’s amazing when you live in a forest what you can find – it’s a cone wreath using cones from different types of trees: fir, pine, spruce, larch, even alder cones. All glued onto a piece of cardboard from a cereal box. It was natural the first few years but then I spray painted it navy with sparkles one year and this year I sprayed it an a very pretty light bluish green. My main door has a fake evergreen wreath with dot lights and some green berries. The door in my living room is a white one that I created this year – I’m not sure if I like it though.

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  9. Most people are horrible drivers.

    I am convinced that there are only about 3% of drivers who even know what the word “yield” means, and what that upside down triangle sign indicates. 97% think it means floor it and make everyone on the road slam on their brakes for your inconsiderate and poorly driving self.

    But if you blow the horn at ’em, they’ll tell you you’re #1, with the middle finger. I know, how dare I think the world might not revolve around them and their schedule.

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  10. AJ, did you know that in Pennsylvania, it is not illegal to pass on a solid double line? We had a “heated” discussion about it on a local FB page and I looked it up. It is in the driver’s handbook, but not in the actual law.

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  11. Chas: β€œIf Jeb Bush had been elected, none of this would be happening.”
    Actually, if any of the other GOP candiates had been elected, this would not be happening. But the Dems would still find fault with them.

    AJ- Around here people stop at yield signs even when the road is clear. My MIL got pulled over for doing that in Iowa. She only got a warning, though.


  12. It’s off to a Christmas craft fair for me today, I’m taking my official (belated) ‘birthday holiday’ of and then will be on vacation next week.

    Kizzie, so happy that area rug is as big as it is and you love the new furniture. It’ll make decorating all that much more fun.

    The sun is out today but temperatures are still very cool and we may get more rain over the weekend.

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  13. Heidi is happy, too. With no couches for almost a week, she couldn’t sit next to me. You should have seen the sad puppy dog eyes she gave me, wanting to get in the computer chair with me. Those big brown eyes of hers are so expressive!

    And then after the carpet was torn up, the floor was not comfy at all for her. So she is happy to have couches again. Now all is right with her world. πŸ™‚

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  14. Yeah, Peter said what I was thinking, that it’s more common that you see people stopping at a “yield” sign . . . even with no one on the road they’re entering within a mile. I almost ran into a driver doing that in Nashville. We had a “yield” sign where it wasn’t needed, since drivers who were turning had a lane to themselves and drivers coming from the left had a stop sign. I have no idea why the “yield” sign was there, and drivers going around that corner usually even barely slowed for the curve. And one day the driver ahead of me came to a complete stop. No need for a “yield” sign in the first place (and all the locals knew it), and nobody coming, and he doesn’t just pause but stops outright. It would have been legally my fault if I had hit him, but it was totally unexpected to have him stop.

    Around here we have a lot of roundabouts (I don’t know if it’s an Indiana thing or broader, but we have now had them in both Indiana towns I’ve lived in), and people often stop and wait way too long on entering, when there is no one to yield to. I personally think “yield” should be used in a lot more places (where “stop” simply isn’t necessary because of lack of traffic and good visibility), but people don’t seem to understand the concept very well.

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  15. Karen @ 9:37. That is a nice looking room.

    Re: discussion’s about road manners and policy.
    As I told you several times before, Hendersonville, NC is full of retirees. For good reason.
    One of the different things about traffic there is the large number of 4-way stop signs. You come to one, you stop and if no other car on an adjoining road is present, you go ahead. Everyone takes a turn. The thing that always tied up traffic is the car that didn’t take it’s turn. Let someone else go. Be polite.
    I wished that everyone in H’ville could understand: When it’s your turn, take it.
    But in 15 years, I’ve never seen an accident there.

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  16. Well I have been gone most of the day..again. Kizzie that room looks so inviting and cozy! I love your new sofas. Did you say they were IKEA?
    On my front door I have a pine wreath surrounding a wreath ring made of dried cellar apples…a simple piece of wool is tied at the top. It is more of a primitive look. On my mantel I have dried yam garlands that I made. One of the yam garlands has dried key limes on it…. 😊 On my smaller pine tree I trimmed it with dried orange slices, dried oranges with cloves, cinnamon coated taper candles, gingerbread men and cinnamon stars…it’s my β€œearthy” tree 🌲

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  17. Kizzie, great looking room! πŸ™‚ So happy you got to do that at this time of year.

    Found a couple gifts at the craft fair for my Valley friend and bought one thing for my house, an old-fashioned wood hook bar for the wall between my washing machine & back door — needed something to hang easy-to-grab leashes.

    There was a new vendor there who had the most beautiful white with black trim items — some crosses, small dishes with hearts in them; they were the uneven type ceramics which I love. One of the little dishes would work well in my bathroom for earrings etc. Oh, and she had beautiful but very plain (white) angel ornaments. I thought of Carol, also, maybe one of her simple wall crosses, but am not sure about getting anything real breakable or that hangs on a wall as I’m not sure they approve of that there (though I bought her a wall calendar last year that still hangs, I brought along some of those no-damage command stick-on hooks).

    Anyway, I took one of her cards but didn’t buy anything.

    It was raining by the time we left so traffic was slow coming back. Thinking of making some spaghetti tonight.

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  18. Oh, wreaths. Love them.

    I hope my Christmas ones (4 of them, one for the door and 3 suspended from the front porch railing) are still decent — bought them at a hardware store last year, they came with battery lights and I added big red bows; but I wasn’t able to find any wreath storage boxes after the holidays last year so I’m not sure how they’ve fared in the regular boxes or bags I put them in for the garage.

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