24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-5-19

  1. Good morning.
    I did a dumb thing. No harm done. But the stupidity of it still bothers me.
    WHAT? You say.

    I got up and went about my business.
    Came o-line and nobody was here. Went to yesterday’s thread to msg Jo.
    Fixed breakfast, etc.

    We have a lady who comes to help on Thursdays. She usually comes at 7:30. (She came at 7:15 today.). But I looked at the clock and thought. “She is half an hour late. Then I looked again. I was an hour off!. I got up an hour early this morning and didn’t realize it for a full1.1,5 hours. When Sabrina came 15 minutes early and I thought she was late.

    Everything is back to normal, Except my mind. Sun is coming up now. I was wondering why it was so dark this morning.

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  2. Michelle,

    To answer your question from last night…..

    She only had 5 courses this year (senior) 3 required, 2 electives. She’s completed 1, is ready to take the exam on 2 others, and is in the final segment of the last 2. She will finish later this month or early January. Then she will take a couple of courses at CSU on-line this spring/summer to get a head start on her required credits for her college degrees. (double major) 🙂

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. I have been in class all week. Instead of saying I am overwhelmed, I will say I am “overflowing with opportunities”. Sounds more positive.
    I closed on a house Tuesday afternoon. It was to Mama Ruth’s granddaughter, C. C is telling everyone I was more excited at the closing table than she was. I told the Title Agent, that I went to her (C’s) parents wedding, I held her as a baby, and now she was buying her first home all by herself with no help from anyone (except me, but the mortgage company couldn’t know that).
    I am so proud of her. In just under two months she managed to save up $4500, as it turned out she only needed to bring $2700 to closing. She bought a new sofa at a liquidation warehouse for $275 that looks better than mine. Through FB Marketplace she found a new, handmade farmhouse table, bench, and 4 chairs for a exceptional price.
    She is a hustler. In addition to teaching Kindergarten/First grade to children on the autism spectrum, she teaching dance on Monday, cheerleading on Tuesday, choreographs dance routines for a children’s theater, works for a caterer on the side, is paid to sing in a large church choir downtown, and works for a cosmetic line on Saturdays. I’s exhausted just typing out everything she does.
    Some closings are just more important than others and even though Mama Ruth is gone, I felt good to “pay it back” in helping her granddaughter.

    Needless to say, due to all of the exhaustion above, I do not have a Christmas tree up. For those of you who saw may Thanksgiving dressing post on FB, I went by my ex-mother-in-law’s yesterday afternoon. She had frozen some and put it away for me. (She saw the post too) and so I had it for dinner last night and am once again happy. Mr. P likes mine, but I told him THIS is the ORIGINAL!

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  4. Congratulations Kim. I am happy for you.
    Speaking of “happy”. Not happy that it happened, but happy the way it happened.
    The Lord has been good to me:

    I went out in my truck for a haircut this morning. The barber I use is a friend of Chucks, and I travel the interstate about 15 minutes to get there. So? I went and drove back. I parked the truck on the other side of the street to rake leaves where I usually park it.
    I raked the leaves and went to move the truck back into it’s place.

    The truck won’t start. “Check engine” light comes on. ]
    I am not at all happy that I have engine trouble.
    But I can imagine how much trouble it would be if It were somewhere beside across the street from my house.

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  5. Morning! It is raining and snowing here. Thankfully the temps are above freezing but they have the plows out spraying de icer on the roads.
    Pretty red berries up there on the header photo!
    While it is a pain for you Chas, I too am thankful it is just across your road and not 15 minutes away at the barber!
    Love your sweet story of the closing Kim. Your describing her life made me tired but I suppose when I was her age I had much more “get up and go” in me! 😊

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  6. Overcast day here; we’re going to try walking anyway.

    Busy day, this whole week has been far busier than I like.

    But I get to babysit L-E today, which will be fun.

    Let’s pray for Mumsee driving home–undoubtedly with her daughter and 10-days old granddaughter in the car.

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  7. You can be thankful you are not somewhere around here where three feet of snow fell. Fortunately, we didn’t get that much right where we live.

    I have woken up earlier than I thought several times. Just looked at my watch or clock wrong and did not discover it until later on. Exasperating.

    Our tub is being painted today. I like the solidness of this tub. Hopefully, the paint will hold up. Our grandson used to do this job during the summer in high school/college. You do have to avoid certain products when cleaning, but the Kohler company always recommended that on the tub we have. Not too worried about us, but grandchildren are another deal entirely. Almost at an end to the bathroom rehab.

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  8. It’s such a curious thing about being a blogger. I took time this morning (got up at 5:15 when my husband left to drive to San Jose to work), to start outlining some of the many blog posts that are flying through my brain.

    I’m not done yet, but I need to get on to other things.

    It’s either feast or famine. You may be a total blank on what to write one day, but the next you’re overflowing with ideas.

    I don’t usually have trouble writing posts, but I’ve had so many ideas stack up, I needed to get them at least into the queue.

    So, I’m outlining and leaving them for later. I’m also going to need to figure out how to time then as I pivot from writing about Chambers to writing about Lettie and OMS.

    Then, every time I turn around, something comes up about OC. I’m like this baleen whale, wandering around the research ocean. I open my mouth to yawn and OC material shows up in my teeth!

    OK, that’s a really bad analogy, but it’s what it feels like.

    People randomly send me material and it all fits together for another picture of OC!

    But, how to write and fit them in?

    I’m working on it.

    Did I mention it’s Christmas in a few weeks? I’ve done almost nothing . . .

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  9. Good morning, at least there is an hour left before lunch time.

    The berries picture was the brightest I took at the Magnolia store. I always love red berries displayed in some form at Christmas. My mother sometimes did a little natural arrangement for our home using greenery and berries from our nandina bush. I loved it as a child.

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  10. I need to borrow some energy from all of you today.

    I have a story to finish that’ll take all day — several interviews stacked up for it, all by phone. And I have an attachment I need in my email that I just can’t open. Grrr.

    But it’s the last day before I take off for a week + 2 days so everything has to be finished asap.

    I’ve done nothing for Christmas. Why is it coming so fast this year?

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  11. Praises here as we got a nice long rain in the night.
    Also, thank you for praying my knee and leg did not ache in the night. So nice. I am going to take some slip on shoes, that I bought in Davis when I met with Michelle, to school for wearing in the afternoon. My foot has been aching too.

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  12. Home again home again jiggety jig. Easy drive, stayed awake. Only one stop at the Riggins rest area. Baby traveled well, daughter traveled well. Even I did. Though flash backs of the horrible trip down.

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  13. Elvera used to say the “Home again, home again. jiggedy jig……………”
    I thought it was original with her. Mumsee is only the second person I know to say that

    I’m glad you had a good trip..

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  14. To market, to market, to buy a fat pig
    Home again, home again jiggety jig
    To market to market to buy a fat hog
    home again home again jiggety jog

    Nursery rhymes

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  15. My mom said that a lot. I have sometimes, too.

    My couches and the area rug have been delivered! The rug was delivered earlier this afternoon, but the couches didn’t get here until 6:20 this evening. They are still in the boxes. They have to be set up, which Nightingale knows how to do, but she had a committee meeting for the scout pack (she’s the pack secretary) this evening.

    Right now she is finishing up pulling up some narrow strips of board edging one wall, which have little nails sticking up, as they had once held the edge of the carpet.

    Interesting find – on one wall the flooring does not go all the way to the wall. There is a one inch gap, but if we count what is under the baseboard trim, it would be about an inch and a half to two inches.

    I told Nightingale that was to match the kitchen counters that have a gap between them and the walls. Should I laugh or cry? I think I’ll choose laughter.

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  16. Well I was in town all day long and tonight riding back home with my neighbor we encountered thick fog. When we turned on our county road we thought we saw fresh snow through the fog…everywhere! So it only snowed on the Palmer Divide today I guess….we have winter again!! 😊 Husband said he used his new snow thrower for the couple of inches we got…he loves his new snow thrower!! ⛄️ 😊

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  17. On my drive home from work I passed by some snow — trucked in to the little park next to our early 1900s “City Hall” building for the annual tree lighting and sledding fun. I’ve covered a fair number of those events in my day, this year we went with photos only.

    I FINALLY got the long story on development done today, I really just needed some time to drill down on that as it was more complicated than a regular daily store. I worked half of yesterday on it all of today and felt fairly happy with it afterward.

    My mom also used to say the pig shopping limerick or whatever it was. 🙂

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  18. I love red berries, too — pretty photo! We had a holly bush at the house where I grew up. It provided great and natural Christmas decorations.

    How about this, posted by a sister church friend (who has a 2nd house in the mountains) on FB today?:

    I’m always surprised at how the east coast gets 6 inches of snow and a national emergency is called, while our mountains get 7 feet and people are reminded to put on chains if they don’t have AWD.

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  19. I miss my holly bush we had when we lived in town…I think the deer might eat it if we planted one here 🦌
    I just wish people moving to CO would learn to drive on snow. Seriously! 😊


  20. Friend is originally from Europe and trains pro and Olympic ice skaters, they love the snow so escape to the mountains whenever they can. 🙂


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