39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-6-19

  1. Love, love, love those beautiful faces that shine the light of Jesus. So happy for another greet up/meet up! Each one is a treasure that most people on earth will never enjoy. It is a blessing from God that only He could have arranged. We are all so blessed by AJ keeping us all together through this blog.

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  2. Morning! Lovely ladies up there…how blessed!!
    I get to meet up with my friends today for lunch…we have missed a couple of weeks so there will be much chatting and encouraging one another this day!! Oh so thankful to our Lord for the gift of friendship….

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  3. Here are a couple unrelated questions for anyone who may have answers:

    1. I have read that drinking some grape juice every day can protect against the dreaded stomach bugs. It seems some people swear by it. Have any of you tried it?

    2. Something that has often been said, probably mostly by Christians or conservatives, is that even if a child never knew his parents together, he wishes they could be together. Someone recently said that that is like a stereotype, and probably not true. But I have a feeling that it is true. What say you?

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  4. An update on the pain in my back and the shivering I had the other night:

    They were connected. The pain, I have come to realize (as it came back – but not as bad – Monday night, and was twinging some last night) was due to my sleeping position. I had felt the beginning of it, but had not bothered to change my position until it started to get worse, and I think that aggravated it. At least I have learned which positions are okay and which ones are not.

    As for the shivering, I must have a weird virus. I go between feeling like I am freezing (often with some shivering, but not as bad as that first night), and feeling way too warm, with my face getting hot especially. It tends to be mostly in the evenings and at night. Last night I was so cold throughout most of the night, but towards early morning I was too hot.

    I’m also feeling weak and achy. Walking upstairs makes my legs feel very weak. But I only have occasional cold-like symptoms. They come and go.

    Anyone else having these symptoms?

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  5. Kizzie, I’d say (2) is very true. It’s instinctive. It’s where the child came from.

    Such a beautiful photo! I like the hat, too, Cheryl. 🙂

    I’m dragging after a busy night where I had to cover a very long City Council item that drew 60 (!) public speakers and had me chasing after a good number of them to double check the spellings of their names for quotes.

    By the time I walked back to the office (the city of Long Beach built a brand new, beautiful city hall with NO parking?) hauling my none-too-light work laptop, I had to write the story in under an hour for a pressing deadline. So only a few of the speakers were quoted, but that’s OK. In the end, the story wasn’t too difficult to write, thankfully.

    And since it was an election night in so many of our local cities, including LB, the editor and another reporter were also in the office (in a separate room) working late. I left sometime between 9:30 and 10 p.m., then had a hard time getting to sleep, of course.

    I received a text from LensCrafters that my new reading/computer glasses are in, now I have to order the new progressives which I think I’ll get through the eye doctor’s office. Then the prescription sunglasses, maybe back to lens crafters for those if I can get any kind of a ‘deal.’ Those go back a couple prescriptions ago now, so really should be replaced. Honestly, everything is so crazy expensive. I’ll ask what my eye doctor’s office would charge, sometimes there’s a little bit of a break when you’re ordering 2 pair.

    Today I need to finish a story about Long Beach’s cruise ship terminal expansion awaiting it’s newest ship, the Carnival Panorama, supposedly the biggest ship in the world, but I saw that in an older story as it was being built so it may no longer be the biggest. Shaq has been plugging it on TV. I missed a call yesterday from Carnival and since they’re in Florida it was pretty much too late to try to get back to them. I’ll call them early today.

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  6. Kizzie, 10:48, this clearly calls for an Internet group diagnosis. It’s what the Internet was invited to do, you know. But what does Nightingale say?

    I’ve had some mild leg pains over the past several months that i probably need to talk to my doctor about. But I also am in need of a new mattress and I’m thinking that could be part of the problem.

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  7. Let’s see, a question of the day — to those of you who write or edit and mostly work from home, is it a challenge to keep paperwork under control? I’ve been working out of the my back den space mostly, but for a change of pace sometimes pull the laptop onto the dining table. That table now is filled with stacks of papers, notebooks, past articles for reference … 😦

    The plus side is that once a story is finished (unless it’s one of those ongoing things I’ll have to keep revisiting), I can toss everything. But the notes and old stories I am keeping now are beginning to fill up a couple drawers in my home file cabinet which will be another problem.

    Well, I’m off to the office today. Come to think of it, my desk in the newsroom used to kind of look like this. But newspaper offices are notorious for big stacks of paper, in the old days newsprint, now just the usual computer print outs, government reports, printed-out emails, etc. Cleaning it out is usually easy as it’s all “old” and can just be swept off into a recycle or shred bag in one motion.

    I remember an old story I heard about a new publisher at the Long Beach paper — back when it was a thriving daily with hundreds of reporters — coming into the newsroom and pushing everything off desks and onto the floor, demanding that the place look tidy. Newsrooms, of course, were never “tidy.” They weren’t insurance offices.

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  8. My office is regularly a disaster of papers, piled books and other random items. I pick everything up when someone is coming, I’m traveling or I can’t walk into the room anymore.

    I never know what to throw away,, either, but scanning items helps.

    The archives currently look like I’m working here . . .

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  9. The editors/writers/photographer. That really is a sweet pic of you both.

    Is that an Amish hat?

    Kevin, are you trying to exchange the car you won for a different model or color?

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  10. It was great fun to meet Michelle. And I’ll tell you she probably won points with both me and my husband when after she and I had greeted with a hug (and it truly didn’t feel like I was meeting her for the first time), she went over to my husband and said something like, “I have to hug you to thank you for marrying my friend and making her so happy.”

    Initially she had suggested getting together for supper, and it was iffy whether my husband could join us. But when I mentioned that it was breakfast, his eyes lit up. He sometimes orders from the breakfast menu at other times of the day. Me, since I don’t like eggs, breakfast is trickier, but through the years I’ve found a few things that work for breakfast; since they had blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes, I had something that was tasty while the other people ate omelets. After we ate my husband went home so Michelle and I could have some “girl time” walking one of the local trails.

    When we were on the path, Michelle and I (mostly Michelle) got talking with a local lady whose daughter has recently moved to California to do some post-graduate work. The lady blamed California’s power outages on not enough involvement by the government and on the failure of capitalism, and Michelle continued the conversation with intelligence and grace. But the lady also told us of some recent sorrows, and Michelle was a good listener.

    I actually hadn’t ever heard a real-life American say capitalism is the problem. Though my husband and I just got back from a walk in a pretty, natural area a few minutes from our home, and he walked ahead of me a few paces at one point and told me that the end of one path neither of us had walked before had “beauty and a political statement.” I got there, and looking to the right I saw a manmade waterfall (a failed attempt at a dam, I believe, from what I’ve read, but it’s very pretty), and to the left, in huge spray-paint letters, F— Capitalism. So the sentiment is definitely out there in this town . . .

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  11. Re the hat: Michelle can verify my husband is a hat man, as she saw his fedora collection (including two he ordered from Australia). When we were getting married, we looked at hats, and ordered matching Tilly hats for our honeymoon. And this hat is one he bought for me so that I can keep from getting headaches from the sun as I am out and about. I suspect that local resident recogni

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  12. . . . recognize me by it now, as it has become my “photography hat,” and people see me coming and going as I walk to the trails and as I walk the trails.

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  13. Sounds like an excellent visit.

    I covered a City Council meeting last night regarding rent caps and yes, the evils of capitalism were mentioned by the some 60 public speakers (some of which id’d themselves as members of the Democratic Socialist Party). Yes, it’s a very liberal city. There were even a few “Gray Panthers” there to speak. Is that group even around anywhere else? A real throwback to the 1980s or so.

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  14. This morning I had Bible study group and left it early to go to the WMU group in a nearby room where I joined in the end of that Bible study before we had a program about refugees I did not stay for lunch. I ate a piece of steak in a sandwich. I had saved half of a thin cut round steak to make some roast beef hash for Art (that I now won’t be making). Grieving over this new loss. After I made Art’s two eggs this morning and he ate them, I told him eggs are not in a vegan diet. He had not a clue. We can’t jump cold turkey into vegan. I have turkey drumsticks I bought this week to cook. I think I will probably try to make soups and spike them with a very small amount of meat. Art does not care for soup in general. I will have to find ways to make it work.

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  15. We had spaghetti with meatballs today. Older daughter took some of the noodles and sauted them with vegies and mushrooms for vegan daughter. She enjoyed her meal and had seconds.

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  16. In answer to my picture online – Mrs L doesn’t want my current photo on here, but one of me when I was six years old is okay. I use it for my Facebook profile also. And as I mentioned last night, if those who have pics of me with them form our meet-ups want to send them to AJ, I give permission. But I ask that they not be posted here. If someone wants them, they can ask AJ. (Or Jo or Kim, since I think they are the ones who took them. I don’t remember if we got a picture with rkessler.)

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  17. Oops. I was just looking through the thread again to see what I might have wanted to comment on, and I noticed that I had written that the pain in my back and the virus “are connected”. I somehow neglected to put “not” in there – they are not connected. (At least, I don’t think so, unless this virus is even weirder than I thought.)

    As Boy and I were coming back from the bus stop after school, I mentioned that I have a virus. “In your computer?” he asked. 😀

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  18. Janice – Unless the doctor demands an instant change, it would probably be helpful to ease into it.

    Cheryl – Anti-capitalism is pretty popular these days it seems. Something that has not helped has been the practice of giving CEOs exorbitant bonuses while keeping wages rather low or stagnant.

    I think there’s a quote that says something like “Capitalism is the worst economic system ever, except for all the others.” 🙂


  19. Janice, doctors aren’t nutritionists, nor do they have any authority over your life. A doctor can suggest that you look into going vegan, and that is really all he can do. Please do your own research as to which foods to eat and which to avoid. It’s not an easy life change, nor is it necessarily the healthiest diet. Do your own research and decide what foods you want to eat. You might, for instance, decide to eliminate processed foods (canned and boxed foods), but to continue eating milk and eggs and butter. You might decide to eliminate red meat, at least for a season–but it will be your choice.

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  20. We had a lovely lunch and came away feeling lifted and encouraged. Therapy with girlfriends can be most beneficial 😊
    As I left the coffee shoppe my neighbor texted that we should put off our walk this afternoon as fog was moving into the area. There was sunshine where I was just fifteen minutes south. As I drove more north the fog was so thick I could scarcely see ten feet in front of me! Now they are calling for freezing drizzle overnight…oh the joy!

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  21. Janice – Did you say that he suggested that for Art to lose weight because of heart issues? Much newer research has shown that fat has much less to do with heart issues than previously believed.

    This link comes from the website for an entertaining and informative documentary we enjoyed a few years ago. It includes links to studies.


    It would surprise many people to learn that there has never been a single scientific study that linked a high fat diet to increased rates of heart disease. According to the latest research in heart disease, it is inflammation, not a diet high in saturated fat, causing heart disease. One theory is that the inflammation is caused by high blood sugar.


  22. However, if the doc I had had for years, who knew he had recommended the DASH diet and Mediterranean and others, and the doc knew I had been unable to achieve success with them, and he could see that I was heading straight for a significant medical issue if I did not act quickly, and he said go vegan, I would try.

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