7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-26-19

  1. After going over to read the headlines on Drudge (Haven’t turned on TV yet)
    I come back rejoicing over one thing:

    This world is not my home
    I’m only passing through.
    My treasure’s all laid up
    Somewhere beyond the blue.
    The Angels beckon me to heaven’s open door
    and I can’t feel at home
    In this world anymore.


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  2. Calling a plumber on Saturday is expensive.
    It also takes most of the day if you live in a house built in 1972. It has old pipes
    Lestwise that’s what the plumber said. It was ok yesterday. Completely stopped up this morning. I don’t know what happened. The plumber said “old pipes”. That’s all.


  3. 🙂

    I once had to dig up a septic tank during a CT snowstorm on a Saturday morning while my husband, OF COURSE, was out to sea. I don’t remember the bill. I just remember how ridiculous it was for this Los Angeles woman who had never even SEEN a septic tank to be digging in the rocky back yard.

    The boys got out their Tonka trucks to help. 🙂

    When the septic tank pumper arrived, the man looked at me and asked why I dug up the entire top of the tank.

    “I didn’t know what I was looking for.”

    But why did you dig?

    “Your wife/dispatcher told me she wouldn’t let you come on a Saturday unless I dug it up.”

    He apologized, raised his eyebrows when I handed him a schematic I had of the leach field and then nudged his partner. “Navy wife.”

    They helped up cover it up afterward, shaking their heads about their cold-hearted dispatcher.

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  4. 🙂 both dogs bathed yesterday and Keva clipped today. If I have to do that by myself again, I’m just going to fork out the money to have it done at Petsmart.

    😦 All that grooming is very hard on the back. Makes me thankful husband usually does it.

    🙂 I am thankful for the long autumn without snow (that stayed longer than a few hours) I’m guessing we have snow now until April.

    😦 Husband’s concussion – not bad, but ooof, one more health thing for him.

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