42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-22-19

  1. Too late, it is already raining here. Morning, Chas.
    I just had a horrible encounter with a roach. Last year I had June bugs coming in and for a while I thought they were roaches, til I learned differently. This was a roach. YUCK


  2. I got the trash to the curb just as it started raining. I meant to do it earlier, but, just as I started out, it occurred to me that it’s dark outside. I have three steps in the back and If I were to fall and break something, it would be over an hour before someone found me.
    When you get 89, you think of things like that. or should.

    When I get up each morning, I turn FoxNews on to see what is happening in the world.
    The caption (sound off) had something to do with impeachment. That’s all I needed.
    I knew that nothing was happening in the world.

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  3. The photo is a sulphur butterfly. It’s a female, and it’s either a clouded sulphur or an orange sulphur, From a distance, from the outside sulphurs just look yellow, but when you look closer, you see each wing is outlined in a tiny bit of pink, they h

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  4. That wasn’t supposed to “send” yet! continuing on . . .

    each wing is outlined in a tiny bit of pink, they have black spots, and especially if the sun is shining through their wings, you’re likely to see a bit of orange. But the inside of the wings (as shown above) is something you usually only see while they are flying, because they feed with their wings closed. (Some butterflies usually feed with open wings, and some like monarchs commonly do one, but might do either.) So this fall I have worked to get photos of sulphurs in flight or with their wings open when they land. I think this one is flying, but I’m not sure. It may have just landed. Either way, it’s a view of a butterfly that is rarer and harder to photograph than sulphurs with closed wings.

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  5. No rain here, we’ll be dry, windy and in the mid to even upper 80s the rest of the week. Fall resumes next week, according to the forecast. We were already getting rain this time last year as I am having flashbacks of sloshing around trying to cover the picket lines during the LA teachers’ strike.

    The cat, meanwhile, is very unhappy. No food, no water. She’s rethinking her choice of homes after all these years.

    When I stuff her into the carrier and put her in the car, it’ll top her morning all off. Until things get worse at the vet/dentist after I drop her off. Poor kitty.

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  6. Morning and Happy Anniversary Cheryl! ❤️
    The predicted snow total for us is up to 5 inches….we shall see what happens but one thing I do know is that it was 19 degrees when I got up at 4:30 this morning! 🥶


  7. Happy anniversary Cheryl!

    Chas, I have a weird mini-two step ledge (concrete) that runs along the back side of the house & driveway — I’m convinced it’ll be my undoing someday. I have to be careful when I’m coming out of that side/back gate at night, especially with the dogs. The 2nd ‘step’ isn’t even really a step, not big enough to put your foot on, so you have to make a wide step off from the top to the driveway, making sure you miss that 2nd tiny ledge.

    Not a huge deal and I’m obviously very conscious of it at all times, but I imagine myself crumpled on the driveway with a twisted ankle some night when I miscalculate. I’ll have to get my neighbor’s thoughts on how to someday “fix” that spot, maybe by filling it in with more concrete. One step wouldn’t be so bad, especially if I could get it sloped down onto the driveway; but it’s that extra little 2nd step that’s really weird and potentially dangerous someday. I suppose there was a reason someone made it that way, just not sure what it would have been. They probably thought it was “safer” than having one larger step (though the main step isn’t even tall enough to qualify as a true “step:); the 2nd step is too short and super narrow to be anything but a potential nuisance.


  8. Raining here. The encampment should be clean. Yesterday, she hung her dry bedding out to air and refused to bring it into her tent before it rained so she has very wet bedding. I told her to go get a lot of newspaper from the newspaper stack to make herself a bed. But at bedtime, when I thought it safe to do so as she would be likely willing to stay in her tent as it was too dark to see, I gave her a bundle of her dry clothes and another blanket. If she stayed in, she should be fine.


  9. Yesterday, I had a bit of a disturbed tummy so that it best I not go to the pregnancy classes, so husband took daughter. I stayed and dealt with eighteen year old. After getting her tucked in for the night, I headed to bed myself. Suddenly, I heard a voice outside my window, ” Hello! Hello! Can you turn on the light? I can’t see!” I took a look, thinking eighteen was out and about again, getting soaked in the rain. Turned out to be my neighbor from about five miles away. She had come to talk with me as she had just discovered she has stage 3 breast cancer and is scared. She also has mental issues and long term health issues. So we sat and talked.

    Interestingly, my tummy issue stopped immediately after the other two left. Do you suppose God has His ways?

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  10. Congratulations, Cheryl.

    There is much going on in the world.
    Turkey, while pretending to have a ceasfire, has unleashed its hounds of hell on the weak and injured: https://world.wng.org/2019/10/no_ceasing

    Yesterday, Canada elected a minority Liberal government, to which many of us have said, good. Minority governments clip the wings of the ruling party, since they have to work with the other parties to pass any legislation. The balance of power, in Canadian political history, has always shifted between the Liberals and Conservatives, and neither party is trustworthy enough to be given a majority in Parliament. https://world.wng.org/content/trudeau_ekes_out_victory_in_canada

    Speaking of minority governments, Netanyahu has been unsuccessful in brokering a coalition government with his rival Gantz, meaning Israel still has no government.

    Both Chile and Lebanon are experiencing mass protests. Lebanon, having been a tinderbox in the Middle East in the 1980s, has barely managed to keep its balance as it absorbs refugees from Syria (a tiny country, roughly a quarter of Lebanon’s population is now Syrian refugees, while it also has a very large population of Palestinian refugees), and ongoing government corruption has angered all factions within its border (Maronite Christians, Druze (a Shiite faction), and Sunni).


  11. In personal news, I am on a short break between a lot of work, having worked two eight hour shift, between which I was on call all night, and then two 12 hour shifts. It is a very good thing that I did not take a full time job. I now know what the phenomenon that young mothers experience of being permanently tired feels like.

    I do not think I mentioned that my parents will have a 12th grandchild in several months. Youngest is going to match Eldest in number of offspring, with each having five. I helped watch the two little ones who live in the same house as me yesterday, while both their parents worked (elections create temporary jobs), taking them for a long walk with my father. They enjoyed it. Sixth fell asleep in the wagon on the way home, but Tiny Niece wore me out by running most of the way back. She reminded me of myself at that age, as I used to run most of the way on the daily walks my family took.

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  12. Happy Anniversary, Cheryl !

    Two things occurred to me as I read your posts; time sure flies (eight years??) and electronic cameras sure make it cheaper to take a bunch of pictures to get that one shot you want, not like with film.

    I have a question for all you writers, authors and editors. I put in an extra space after Cheryl’s name up in the salutation because I didn’t like the exclamation mark right next to the l (Cheryl! v. Cheryl !) What about it?


  13. “God will not protect you from anything that will make you more like Jesus.” — Elisabeth Elliot

    I delivered the cat for her surgery, her weight was steady from before (so that was good) and I told the vet she’s acting normally (but still eating a little bit less than usual) so let’s hope the one bad tooth (still hoping one for 1) will be the end of it. I’ll have liquid antibiotics and pain medication to give her for a few days, but she should be ready for pickup by mid afternoon. This will be a juggling day, I have a story to write, an 11 a.m. phone interview & a goodbye lunch to get to for the former editor.

    Vet said none of the other tests indicated anything else wrong, though she said there always could be something “lurking” that’s not showing up — but I’m assuming not at this point. She said something about an $800 ultrasound as a further check but I waved that off. 🙂 She said she didn’t think it was warranted anyway. “Good,” I said.

    Government seems to work best when there are effective and accepted checks and balances, a give and take, a push and a pull, to level things out. It’s a view that’s losing popularity, however, as the partisans battle it out to rule single-handedly over the people.


  14. And, of course, all government in a free nation works best when rooted in and informed by a commonly accepted moral standard, not these untethered, wild-wind or anything-goes kinds of ideas that seem to be whipping through western society.


  15. I could like something!! It has been a few days. I have tried several different things, but am not sure what helped to finally get me logged back in properly. I never logged myself out in the first place. I hate wasting time on stuff like that.

    Governments work best when they are doing what God set them up to do. That is: to promote what is right and punish what is evil in God’s eyes. They are not to favor rich or poor or accept bribes. Forcing people to do evil is being evil.

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  16. Yay, Janice!!!!

    I, too, like a minority government, but not a Liberal one. They are way too far left and they have destroyed us out here in the west. It is actually very sad.


  17. Kare, the balance of the seats with this election means that whatever the Liberals want to do, they will have to get some Conservative cooperation. None of the other parties, whether NDP, Bloc, or Green, have enough seats to form a majority coalition with the Liberals. And, to be blunt, while the Liberals have not helped, the Conservatives are no better. The current Conservative premier of Ontario is like a mad dog, doing all kinds of nasty things that hurt those already struggling to survive, such as stopping funding for anesthetic for colonoscopies (meaning that seniors on pensions, such as my parents, who are both at high risk due to family histories of developing bowel cancer, will have to pay out of pocket for anesthetic for a cancer screening procedure) all the while propping up his cronies and taking petty revenge on former political opponents. The former Liberal premier made herself very unpopular with Ontarians for her corruption and wrecking the economy and her party was punished at the polls for it, but the current Conservative premier is as bad or worse (even those who voted for him openly regret it), and has done nothing about the social problems that social conservatives elected him for – in fact, he is happy to profit from things such as the legalization of marijuana – while misusing his legislative powers. Four years ago, the morning after the last federal election, I woke up with the beginning of Psalm 146:2: “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help”, and I realized that verse did not just apply to the new Liberal federal government, but also of the old Conservative one, which also did nothing about any of the social issues that social conservatives had elected them for.


  18. Incidentally, since Ontario and Quebec hold the majority of Canada’s legislative seats, and it is necessary to win in those two provinces to win a majority in Parliament, the current Conservative premier of Ontario’s massive unpopularity badly damaged the federal Conservative party’s chances of winning this election. Quebec expressed its displeasure with both the Liberals and the Conservatives by electing the separatist federal party, the Bloc Quebecois. In the former two elections, Quebecois displeased with the two main parties voted for the NDP. But the NDP is currently headed by a Canadian born Sikh, so it was unlikely the province which prides itself so much on secularism that it has banned the wearing of religious garb by provincial government employees, was unlikely to vote for a party which was headed by a Sikh who proudly wears the Sikh turban.


  19. I have been out and about all day with my brother. First we got a car emission sticker. After that, w e left town to go into the country to get my license. Then we shopped at Dollar General for things to put in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. After that we went to CVS where I got a flu shot. We had lunch at Zaxby’s. Then we shopped at Burlington Coat Factory. Next we went to the tag office so I could pay my taxes and get 2020 stickers for the tags of two of our cars. Then we stopped by Sam’s for gas a d to shop for a few items. We found a jacket I can give my brother for Christmas. After all that I started feeling quite tired from the flu shot. Finally at home, I am now a couch potato.

    The weather was perfect to be out and about all day. I have not fully grasp how it will feel to drive again. I won’t take it for granted. Ever.Again.

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  20. Roscuro, there is serious talk out here about separation. I don’t think that’s the way to go, but when you lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and the PM only cares about the 5000 jobs in Quebec, and the economy goes way south for purely political reasons you start to think that way.


  21. My brain is fried after four hours of setting up the new device and trying to get my email back on my laptop.

    I dedicated today, while we still have electricity, to getting everything organized. It near about killed me, but my husband came home in the middle and settled down all the electronics.

    I ask you, why do computers decide to update/download/alter at the worst possible time?

    Except! We fooled them! I hadn’t used up all our electricity yet and I don’t leave until Sunday!

    And the computer didn’t expect my husband, the Lord of electronics, to come home in the middle of it all!

    So, while, yes, I did descend into tears, my hero balanced me out and all the computers/Ipads/Iphones have new passwords, updated, and running.

    I think.

    We’re on a 24-hour watch to lose power, now. I anticipate a leisurely day tomorrow, getting my hair done and lounging around reading. Maybe I’ll plant something as well.

    Prayer request on the other page.

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  22. Kare, I remember there being serious talk of separation in Alberta when Chretien was Prime Minister in late 1990s – there was even a booklet circulating around that time that argued the British North America Act was not binding on provinces. I have an aunt who lives in Alberta who shared outraged memes about Trudeau on FB for the past few years, but Alberta’s economy was slowing down because of lower international oil prices even before Trudeau was elected. Those of my peers who got jobs in Alberta during the boom were already returning home before the last federal election.


  23. Janice! Congratulations. Enjoy cruise night.

    I picked the cat up, she seems a bit spaced still from the pain medication. Eyes as large as saucers. She’s now tripping, I presume, under the bed in the spare room.

    2 extractions but the bill was less that the low estimate was, so that was a big relief. They said she did fine but woke up a big grumpy.

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  24. R, the talk is way more and much more serious this time. Also, because the oil can’t get to tidewater it is being sold for less than half of world oil prices to the States. Not good for our economy. Yes world prices have dropped, but when you can’t sell even at the lower prices, it doesn’t matter what the world price is. At one point when world prices were $50/barrel, Alberta and Saskatchewan oil was selling for only $10/barrel.


  25. By the way, I agree that Ford has done/is doing some incredibly ill-advised things. I did not know about the cutting of anesthesia coverage – oh my goodness. That’s just wrong.


  26. Good morning Jo.
    I got up early this morning by accident. I thought the clock said 5:30 when it was really 6:00.
    I know that you are around though. Everyone else is still sacked out.


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