37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-21-19

  1. It’s a new week! Get to it!
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    Thanks for your comments yesterday. I don’t usually post such. But, for some reason, I can’t get to my word processor. It says that I have format problem. I haven’t done anything to it.

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  2. Good Morning. Up since 5. Heading out the door for my long Monday. Wrote an offer over the weekend for Mama Ruth’s granddaughter and we have a verbal acceptance. Now the real work begins–getting to the closing table. She is 27 years old. She obviously inherited her grandmother’s way with money.
    It’s funny how you know people one way and then hear about them another. C had a completely different view of her mother and grandmother than I do.

    Have a great day everyone!

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  3. Morning all. Listening to a nice evening rain here. It will settle the rocks down in the dirt roads. I am so grateful to have Abby’s car for a bit.
    Enjoy your day wherever you may be.

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  4. Caught up on the weekend threads this morning.
    Someone asked how my husband is doing. Quite well considering his ordeal. The incisions healed far better than I expected although the scars are pretty nasty. As much as he’d like to deny it, his energy hasn’t completely returned and I notice him napping off and on during the day.
    I personally never liked Halloween but don’t see anything “spiritually” wrong with it. The housing development up the road from us has a tradition of decorating that is really over-the-top – maybe even more than they do for Christmas. Most is more fall-related than scary because there are a ton of little ones in that neighborhood. It’s where our kiddos go for trick-or-treating and they always have a good time.
    Eight year old granddaughter wanted to be an Egyptian princess for Halloween this year. She drew a design of what she wanted and I made it. It turned out very nice. I’ll send in a picture next week.

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  5. Morning! It dark out there and I suppose daylight savings time will rectify that soon eh? That means I won’t be able to drive towards evening for the next 4 months. Feeling like Cinderella having a curfew but she didn’t have to be home until midnight!
    Busy day preparing to have our Bible Study group over tomorrow for dinner and study….14 people to feed and make comfortable for a few hours. At least the snow is going to hold off until Wednesday! ⛄️

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  6. Good morning! I’m having coffee to the music of the garbage truck on the street. I made a final trip out with a bag of cat litter to put in the can and while at the street I noticed Miss Bosley proudly sitting by the door. The escapee! I thought she was going to stay there until I got back, and she did until I went to pick her up. She scooted away. My broom was handy so I used it to get her corralled in a corner. She has never had a broom after her before. After that, she went to the door on her own and went back inside.

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  7. Last night I posted this:

    “Cheryl, I did see and consider that she is a woman pastor which made me realize she disregards instruction in that matter.

    I have mixed feelings about having a Fall Festival outreach on Halloween which will be a mixer for believers and all others. It is an opportunity to build relationships with seekers and adversaries, but the children of believers who participate may be fascinated and drawn to the occult costumes seen at such an event. I know Christian parents will have a teachable moment, but I would not choose that way to teach about such things myself. I know our community is a major mission field. I suppose this is similar to foreign missionaries who take their families with them to venture into dangerous areas.”

    Any thoughts? Am I seeing this correctly? I know we are not suppose to be lead by a spirit of fear, yet we are suppose to be protective of the young and impressionable in our midst.


  8. Nightingale loves the spooky side of Halloween. Although it is not my cup of tea, I don’t see any harm in what she does. (And maybe one day when she gets saved she may not like that stuff anymore. I don’t know.) Last night she replaced the bulbs in the lamps that are on either side of our front door with bulbs that flicker in a spooky way. In the middle of the pretty fall leaf wreath, she hangs a fake rat skeleton. (Yuck. I could really do without that.) There are similar little touches around the outside of the house, and upstairs.

    Downstairs, I don’t do much fall decorating, but do have a couple fall leaf garlands, one on my “mantel” (enclosed entertainment center) in the living room, and one on my hutch, behind the pretty crystal wine glasses. There is also a fall leaf “bouquet” on the dining room table.

    I will admit, though, that I like to watch scary movies this time of year, especially on days when the shy is dark and cloudy.

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  9. Janice – Personally, I don’t think that merely seeing scary costumes is going to entice young people into the occult. I think there has to be more going on in a person’s life to do that.

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  10. Janice our church meets in an elementary school. The church body tries to be involved with the staff of the school in ways of helping where there may be a need. The school had a Harvest party and many from our church volunteered to set up fun booths, provide candy, snacks and face painting. The school had a theme of storybook characters but no scary costumes to not frightened other students. From what I hear it went off famously and a grand time was had by all. So while it was not a church sponsored event, they did become involved in community…I see that as an optimal opportunity for the church.

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  11. Yeah, anything having to do with rats makes me shiver. But I also enjoy a good scary movie or two this time of year. 🙂 I personally think there was an over-reaction in the church to Halloween during the 1980s-90s. As long as it’s viewed (or “celebrated”) as a cultural (and not a religious) event, it can be simply a fun night for kids in costume and their neighbors.

    One celebration that makes me a bit squeamish — and has become very popular in our part of the country due to the Spanish (and Catholic) influence — is the Day of the Dead. We now have big festivals and if you go to stores you’ll see just a lot of the paraphernalia, including skeletons and skulls. That strikes me as a bit ghoulish. My friend has a cleaning lady (from Mexico) who loves the Day of the Dead stuff so my friend is always picking up items related to that as little gifts for her when we attend our usual festivals this time of year. They’re certainly not hard to find anymore. our town now has one of the largest Day of the Dead celebrations, featuring a contest for building “altars.” That I’ll stay away from as it it focuses on the actual religious aspects of the observance. Adults and children dress up in skeleton costumes.

    But Halloween? That (to me) still seems much more a kids’ cultural celebration and I see no particular reason to be bah-humbug about it if it’s observed with that in mind.

    Kizzie mentioned the flickering outdoor lights — there’s a house on the next block that I’ve always loved, it’s old and features a classic pueblo style architecture. The people who live there now have further played up that theme and now have yellow, flickering lights (year round) in their outdoor fixtures, making it look even more authentic (and not at all scary — they have no decorations out — yet anyway — for Halloween).

    I have some faux pumpkins (uncarved), lighted maple leaves and tiny orange lights this year on the front porch and back patio for more of a fall/harvest look. But I much prefer decorating for Christmas.

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  12. Interesting. Thoughts?



    (RNS) — Evangelical pastor John MacArthur, speaking at a celebration of his 50th year in pulpit ministry this week, weighed in on an ongoing debate in the Southern Baptist Convention over women preachers, claiming the nation’s largest Protestant denomination has lost faith in the authority of the Bible.

    He claimed the SBC had taken a “headlong plunge” toward allowing women preachers at its annual meeting this summer. …

    … Asked to respond to the phrase “Beth Moore,” the name of a well-known Southern Baptist Bible teacher, MacArthur replied, “Go home.”

    Sounds of laughter and applause could be heard in response during a recording of the session, which was posted online. …



  13. Rats: Barney the rat terrier came out of retirement today. Thirteen showed me a large pile of leaves on top of the wood pile so I had twelve show it to Barney, then take him off his leash (a requirement as he kills chickens when loose). He was up that woodpile and into the rafters, through the nest in a flash. The rat apparently sought shelter in the wood pile as he was down diving into that. Finally had daughter extract him. Good to see he is still on his game. Too bad he would not keep focused on what he does best.

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  14. Halloween: stepped out of that for various reasons. One, why would I want my children to have bags of candy? Two, why would I want my children going door to door. Three, some of my children really do get drawn in quickly and one particularly really focuses on witches and satan and being like them. Four, no need to give assent to things I disagree with.

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  15. Has anyone watched or heard of a Netflix documentary (from 2017) called The Keepers? I stumbled on it over the weekend. Disturbing, it’s about the murder of a popular 26-year-old nun in 1969-70 (?) who taught at a Catholic girls school in Baltimore (the case remains unsolved) which is what drew me in initially. Two female alumni who were students of hers have joined forces in recent years to try to try to solve the mystery, connecting with former key players in the incident, including reporters who covered the story at the time, along with police officers, family members and friends.

    But their research quickly becomes entangled in another, sometimes intersecting story line, of what seemed to be well-documented abuse carried out on a large number of the female students in the mid to late 1960s by the head priest on campus. Like all of those stories, this one was well covered up by church officials at the time. What a horrible story, so many young people and families damaged.

    This predated the Boston Globe’s Spotlight series on priest abuse which won the Pulitzer, but certainly provided a glimpse into what was the growing problem in the church.



    Richard Sipe, the former priest who spent 25 years studying the sexual behavior of the Catholic clergy, appears in “The Keepers,” the Netflix documentary series about the unsolved murder of Sister Catherine Cesnick and the monstrous abuse of some of her students by the chaplain of a Baltimore high school in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Sipe is the bearded fellow with the cool eyeglasses in Episode 4.

    A Benedictine monk and priest for 18 years, Sipe came to Baltimore to study counseling at the old Seton Psychiatric Institute. He left the priesthood at 38 and married a former Maryknoll sister. He practiced psychotherapy in Maryland before moving to California with his wife in the late 1990s. He has written six books and contributed to numerous documentaries on the celibate priesthood and sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy. He estimates that he has reviewed more than 1,500 cases and provided expert testimony in 230. …

    Sipe famously helped the Boston Globe reporters who broke the story of widespread abuse by priests in Massachusetts. In “Spotlight,” the Oscar-winning film about the Globe’s investigation, the actor Richard Jenkins plays Sipe – or at least his voice, by phone – telling reporters that his lengthy study of priests found that six percent of them had had sex with children. Sipe provided the Globe Spotlight team with guidance throughout its lengthy investigation.
    So he’s an old hand at this. He’s heard a lot of stories and told many.

    But even Sipe felt physically ill – “I got sick,” he says – when he heard the descriptions of sexual abuse by the victims of the late A. Joseph Maskell, the former priest who served as chaplain at Archbishop Keough High School more than four decades ago. …


  16. Chas, I wonder if your problem and mine has to do with computer updates. My computer is having trouble with those. I may have to take it in and may have to get a new one. Not sure. It is all no fun.


  17. Older computers reach a point where they do have problems with updated software they’re not able to handle. I use a 2008 Mac laptop and that was really having problems; our former photo editor who is an Apple whiz (as is his college-age son) put in a new hard drive that essentially makes the insides of it ‘new’ or up to date. It was I think $300 or thereabouts (as compared to a new Mac which now costs more than $1,000 for a bare-bones model). My operating system, he told me, was “9 generations old.” No wonder it was so slow and got hung up so often.

    Now it’s up to date with the latest operating system and the updates, most of them automatic now, are no problem. He said it’ll be fine for at least the next 5 years.

    I think the old adage re computer years (akin to our calculating ‘dog’ years) was that 8 years was about their limit before a new one would be needed (or a new hard drive installed?).


  18. This was on FB. I don’t know this man, but I thought his insight interesting. (Illustrated with a photo of him standing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle wearing a red shirt that said, “Most expensive day ever.”

    I’m dreading the day I have to return to the Magic Kingdom the Adorables. Maybe it won’t come, but if it does, I’ll remember Rick Monroe’s post!

    I just returned from another trip to Disney World with a fresh batch of precious grandkids….God’s silver lining on the cloud of old age.

    I’d like to share four takeaways:

    ONE: Disney World is a testimony to the genius of man. It is pristine, meticulous, perfectly planned…..all accented with creativity that is beyond imagination…all but one. (Atheistic thinking would say Walt Disney never existed and everything there was created by chance over time. But that is a message for another day.)

    TWO: The parents were excited for their children. Their hearts’ desire was to see their children enjoy the living fairy tale that was unfolding around every corner. The trip was obscenely expensive, but to the parents, it was worth it.

    THREE: There were the children….for the most part sharing only a fraction of their parents’ enthusiasm, and that waned as the day wore on. Waning turned to whining. (“Why can’t I go first this time? I want more ice cream. I want one of these… It’s too hot. I’m thirsty. I don’t want to stand in line. Carry me…..” I. Me. Mine. Myself……

    FOUR: In this I see God’s creation as the awe-inspiring equivalent to the unexplainable creativity one sees at Disney World. The parents are like our Heavenly Father–He put together an incredible world for us to enjoy and is excited for us to realize it and appreciate His good and perfect gifts. As for our part, we are the children…..whining. Blind to all of the blessings around us, selfishly seeking “first”, “best”, “more” and all without wanting to walk. (“Carry me”.) Why? Because I am most important and only care about ME and want to call MINE those things that edify MYSELF. God has a three-letter word for that….sin.

    We’re all children in this sense. I am attaching a picture of me wearing a T-shirt that says, “The Most Expensive Day Ever”. The real most expensive day ever happened one Friday long ago when my Father bought me a ticket…..not to the Magic Kingdom…. His Kingdom. (In spite of my whining and selfish succumbing to the I-Me-Mine-Myself quagmire).

    It was obscenely expensive, but in my Father’s eyes….it was worth it.

    We watched the fireworks show over Cinderella’s castle as the entire building became a 15-story living video screen. (If you have not seen it, it cannot be adequately described) I noticed people in a state of wonderment and awe…some jumping up and down and most screaming out shouts of excitement at what they were witnessing.

    I thought….if man can produce this, I wonder what Heaven will be like?

    I expect HIS Kingdom will make the Magic Kingdom look like a sixth-grade science fair project. It will surely be infinitely more creative and beautiful.

    But no one will be jumping or shouting.

    It is impossible to jump when you have fallen to your knees.

    You can’t shout when you are breathless.

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  19. LindaS fixed my word processor for me.
    Mary (middle GD) and her husband, Tom, moved to Jacksonville fl. because of Tom’s job.
    They have yearly passes to Magic Kingdom.
    I told Mary, “Your kids will soon tire of going there so often.”
    She said “It isn’t for them, it’s for Tom”. LOL

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  20. I would have liked several of the above posts but I am once again unlikable.

    Art will be happy that I made spaghetti for dinner. I am freezing some for future meals. It is my favorite for freezing.


  21. A friend had a new Ipad she couldn’t use, so she sold it to me cheap. It’s got twice as much memory as my current one, so it should be helpful.

    In the meantime, all I had to do was set my Iphone next to it and follow directions. It’s setting itself up while I sit here. Amazing.

    When not appalling.

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  22. We’re having a hot week here, which is pretty typical for this time of year — the fall Santa Anas and a couple fires, of course, including north of us on the coast where a number of fires are threatening multi-million homes.

    We had a staff workshop on online subscriptions today. One of our tippy-top- editors, who is now over both So and NoCal properties, got his first look at our cubbies today. He seems unimpressed. But our high-rise building is very nice. Lots of Halloween decorations out today, I noticed, and there’s an office party at 1 p.m. Oct. 31.

    Annie gets her “last meal” at 7 pm. tonight before the big dental surgery tomorrow morning. What a fun morning that’ll be for all of us.

    Fed the fish next door and gathered up the neighbors’ mail. So the chores are done.

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