27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-1-19

  1. Morning, Chas, and good night.
    Just got home from fellowship group. A good time of prayer.
    I shared that I did facetime with my daughter today. Her birthday is next week. I sent her a flute. Her family each one plays an instrument: violin, piano, cello, guitar. I thought she should have her own instrument. Then she shared with me something that I have absolutely no memory of. She says that she played flute in the fifth grade and I made her practice in my walk in closet to muffle the sound. I think God placed this in my heart to heal a hurt that I did not remember. God is good.

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  2. Morning!
    Jo what a wonderful thing when we see the move of our Lord on our hearts and we know not the significance at the time…..then it is revealed and we smile, continuing to be in awe of Him. What a sweet sweet moment between you and daughter. (I kind of wish my Mom had made my little sister go into a sequestered location to play her clarinet…perhaps that is why I still have constant ringing in my ears!! 😂 )

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  3. Yes, that is the parking lot by the main ticket stand where I had to go to continue discussion about the two passes I purchased for the silent auction. Something that should be a simple transaction turns into an ordeal. You know the old cliche, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

    In this area of the park there is a garden of grasses which is lovely right now. We do not have much in bloom here with all this hot and dry weather.

    The carving on the mountain appears small considering the size of the mountain. But yesterday’s photos shows scale. Michelle’s picture worked great for that.

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  4. Yesterday I received a used book I had ordered, Two Tents, by my pastor. He has never mentioned his book when I have been at church. It is his story of hiking the Appalachian Trail in segments over eighteen years. Since Art was a thru hiker when he was around 24 years old, I thought he would like to read it. Two Tents was the pastor’s trail name.

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  5. 61 in my house this morning but it doesn’t feel that cold. But it’s another sweatshirt morning. And a working day after my Monday vaca day yesterday, but at least it’ll be a short week.

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  6. Janice, I am not aware of my relatives doing Pysanky, which I had to look up because I’d never heard of it.

    After making much of my Ukrainian connection yesterday I have to admit that I don’t know any of my relatives. They were mostly in Pennsylvania and New York. My father, an only child, and his parents moved to California before I was born. Three or four times when I was growing up we had visits from some of my grandmother’s siblings, but I never kept up any connection with them.

    My grandmother grew up in Austria-Hungary (Czechoslovakia after WWI) until she was 15, but didn’t hold onto the “old ways”, so I wasn’t introduced to traditions from her childhood. She married my grandfather at 17. He was older (25) and American-born, so I think she became Americanized very quickly.

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  7. From yesterday: Strange to read about snow when we had 90° and humidity that yielded a feels-like temp of 95 yesterday. That doesn’t happen too often in these parts in late September.

    The high is predicted to be about 10 degrees cooler today, though right now it’s only 64°.

    Janice, I’ve had visitors to my website from surprising places (Maldives?!), though none from Greece yet. As far as continents go, there have been no visitors from Africa (or Antarctica 😉 ), but all the other continents have been represented.

    I had a Canadian visitor in the past few days, first time since early on after I’d started my site. Was that one of the Canadians from this blog? 🙂

    I still need to get a picture of me sitting at the new grand piano, to replace the current pic on my site, with me in front of my old upright. If I could figure out how to get a video posted, I’d maybe put one of those up, too. I’ve been playing the Aria from Bach’s Goldberg Variations often in recent months, and have it memorized now. Maybe I’ll get one of my arrows with a smart phone to record it and try to get it on my site.

    Though that piece is slow and subdued. A more uptempo piece might be more fitting as a marketing tool.

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  8. My husband and I were supposed to be going away for an overnight to a site I’ve been asking to visit ever since I heard about it in the spring. Unfortunately, after getting up from a nap Saturday afternoon I felt achy, and I think I had a mild case of the flu. (Yes, there really is such a thing.) Since hotel hotel reservations and another couple were involved, it seemed better not to play it by ear today but go ahead and cancel yesterday.

    This morning I woke up feeling better and (as I expected) a bit disappointed we couldn’t go. But it turned out my husband wasn’t feeling all that well anyway. So I went out for a local walk. It has been very dry here, and by midday quite warm, but it was really a gorgeous morning. Blue sky with some amazing clouds. I photographed a sleeping butterfly and a wasp that didn’t want to wake up yet. (It flew to a second leaf and stretched out on that one.) I got some photos of a warbler (though a species I have seen before, warbler photos are a rare treat), some butterflies I haven’t seen very often, two frogs of different species sitting side by side in the mud, and some really gorgeous and interesting insects. So, not the morning we originally planned, but God gave me a beautiful one closer to home.

    I finished the three big projects I was working on, and it turns out that the other ones I have are hardly anything at all, so in a sense, getting out today was celebrating feeling better and having gotten through the big stuff.

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  9. I meant to post this earlier for Kizzie as she is at the 2 year mark and wondering if it is OK to still feel grief (or at least that is my thought of what she has posted). I think it was Michelle who first said grief was like a wave on the ocean. Sometime gentle and sometimes a storm. If it wasn’t then I am brilliant for coming up with it on my own.
    We all deal with our grief in our own way. Not too long ago I opened my mouth and my father spoke.

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  10. More in the news today about my country’s water contamination concerns. Georgia State University is getting a National Science grant to study our problems that could help other areas with the combo problem of old infrastructure and a rapidly growing population. I am glad they are seriously looking into it. Meanwhile, we drink from plastic water bottles which has it’s own set of problems.
    Janice, in case I turn up as Anon.


  11. Finished two major projects–I’m giving a tutorial on Saturday morning–and a challenging spiritual letter. I’m tired. I think I’ll cook dinner and return to the email . . . later.


  12. Finished my story for today but trying to answer a couple questions for editor (and waiting on my port contact for that).

    If I have enough daylight left today, I’m hoping I can at least put some sealer on some of the patio furniture. It looks so nice now that it’s cleared off and scrubbed down.

    Meanwhile, I’m chasing this one tomorrow, something that’s kind of blown up in our backyard but I was off yesterday. Should get a phone interview with the soprano tomorrow, but I really feel for her, sounds as if she’s been overwhelmed with all the attention.



  13. Now my sleep schedule is completely off. That usually happens after I’ve been sick, after resting a lot for a few days . . .


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