6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-28-19

  1. We have a lady who comes to help on Saturday morning.
    I was in there teasing Elvera, and as I was leaving, not in the room, but I overherald Elvera say to her:
    “He’s a good guy.”
    Little things make your day.

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  2. There must be some Murphy’s Law about getting your car washed.

    It hasn’t rained, but four days after I paid $25 in water-conscious California, Mr. Fix-It put the wood chipper into the back of my Honda CRV and took if off to chip branches all morning.

    My request was he shake out the rubber floor mat–which I bought just because of his propensity for seeing a clean car and suddenly deciding he needed to pick up something really messy–when he got home.

    He’s a good guy and will probably do it.

    But still . . .

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  3. 😦 Home sick from church

    🙂 That only happens about once a year.

    😦 It may hurt other plans we had this week, which also involves other people–I’ll have a better idea tomorrow.

    🙂 I got to visit with my brother and sister-in-law for a few hours yesterday. This is my second sibling to see our new home–I didn’t see any of my six siblings in 2018, but two so far this year (and probably only two, but I’ve seen two).

    🙂 Fall butterflies and fall flowers are out, and together they’ve given me some really good pictures this week.

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  4. I can’t get her to eat any thing. Or drink any thing.
    A bowl of cheerios this morning. A Klondike bar this afternoon.
    That’s all.
    Maybe this belongs on the prayer thread.
    I’ll copy and paste.

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