31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-20-19

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    I have the heat on this morning. I have had it on before to get the chill out of the air.
    But it’s 52 degrees outside now.
    Off to face the day.

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  2. Morning, Chas. The term is over and now for parent conferences. Did you know that a class full of boys is much louder than a class of girls?? I was worn out today, but it was mostly from all of the boy noise.

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  3. Jo, I hope you are having a good evening. Which book are you reading that you mentioned?

    Good morning to the rest of you (when you wake up). I feel the chill here, too. It will last a few days and then back to the 90s.

    I got an appointment today to see the doctor who will give me a glasses prescription. Twice this week Art is having to cut into his work schedule to take me to the doctor. He is not complaining, but I feel badly about it. My brother is having car trouble so I can’t call on him.

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  4. I know I say a lot of things about 🐈 cats. I am mostly bluster. Mo is on palliative care now. She is pitiful and if she makes it through the weekend it will be a miracle. I know my husband loves her. You should see how he is caring for her.
    I know it will hurt his heart to let her go.

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  5. I know how he feels Kim.
    I don’t have pets. I had a dog named Rex. He died of distemper. I was about six years old. I cried and cried.
    Then, I had another dog named Pal. He fell into a creek, got sick and died. I cried and cried.
    I didn’t know there were doctors for animals in those days and we didn’t have any money anyhow.
    I have never attached myself to another pet.
    Chuck has had several.

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  6. Donna, from yesterday:
    “And witnesses or victims often won’t cooperate with police to ID suspects because they are either also implicated in the wrongdoing or fear retaliation”

    Most likely, they say to themselves. “Don’t worry about it. I will take care of this”
    That’s how gang wars start.


  7. Peter. NO!
    I do miss my pet rock, but had no emotional attachment. But it is a puzzle about what happened to it. A pet rock and picture of my parents is somewhere.

    Interesting comics (some). But consider the problem Los Angeles, San Francisco are having about homelessness and trash on their streets.
    I don’t see a solution for this problem.
    The federal government should stay out of it. We don’t owe them a thing. A situation like this can only get worse.

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  8. Morning! I am hanging around the house today pretending to be “project manager”. Husband is off with the school for an overnight backpacking jaunt. Before he leaves he decided to call in a guy to rearrange my laundry room….umm what?!! 😳

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  9. Good morning from just outside the middle of nowhere. In the forties here, expecting the high fifties, maybe even sixty one. I don’t plan to start the fire yet, I have not been up on the roof yet this season. Hoping to take thirteen with me and get him started on that, but he has a trench to dig.


  10. I am back from the typical fiasco at the eye doctor’s office. I went in and got prepped with usual numbing drops to check eye pressure and then dilation drops to take a picture of the back of the eye. Then the doctor comes in after a wait and checks out my eyes with her instruments. She said since I am seeing the other retina specialist in six months that I can see her again in a year. Then I asked about glasses and she told me it’s better to do that testing before any drops are put in so I have to come back but won’t be charged a co-pay. So, again, no glasses. Art needed to see her for his annual visit so we scheduled our appointments together. At the end she said that for the next visit he and I can swap places as drivers since his eyes will be dilated. I did not bother to remind her that I still can’t drive.

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  11. Kim, I’m so sorry. And I understand, Chas. I’ve been through this a few times now (loss of a pet), heading into one of those seasons again someday soon, most likely, and it really doesn’t get easier. But it may be marginally easier when they die of old age after having had a long and good life being well loved. Still, heartbreaking, every time.

    Will be looking forward to the eye report, Janice.

    Another busy day. I have to be at an interview in about an hour and neighbor wants to go out to lunch today which I normally don’t do on days I’m working from home, I’d rather just jam through, but she’s been asking, she hates to see me stuck inside her all day, and last night I said ok. Lunch out is never short, though.

    At any rate, then I need to write the story, but I think that’ll be it for the week for me. Some stories just had to be pushed into next week. Someone else is bugging me about doing a clean air truck story (port-related) and has issued her ultimatum this morning, saying if they don’t hear from me by noon today they’re pitching it to someone else. Ugh. I forwarded the email to the editors, let them deal with it. People have no idea what’s happened to the the shrinking staffs of local newspapers these days. Sorry we’re not jumping to your requests. Besides, it’s tied to an Oct. 2 event so I think it can just wait.

    But this is a little cause to celebrate: I finally noticed the first blooms in probably 6 years on my bougainvillea in front of the house last night as I was watering. I asked the gardener a couple months ago to let it “relax” a bit and not radically trim it all the time. So now it’s finally producing some bright blossoms. And the Mexican sage in front, a fall-blooming plant, is starting to produce it’s wonderful purple flowers. The grass looks awful (typical for summer) but at least now I’ll be getting some color out front.

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  12. I mentioned earlier in the week that a couple days were rough, but haven’t had time to write more until now.

    The main thing was an auto accident Mrs B’s brother and SIL were in Sunday that had us scared, but turned out not to be as bad as we feared.

    Jim and Sue had been in a bad motorcycle accident in 2002 that left her paraplegic and him in a coma for weeks, with a long hard recovery for both of them. In recent years they’ve acquired a pickup and big trailer, both wheelchair accessible and have enjoyed traveling together.

    Sunday they were on their way to visit Sue’s brother in the SF Bay area, coming out of the Sierras in California, I suppose on I-80. While Jim was driving, Sue was on the phone with their daughter Dawn. Dawn heard her say something to Jim, then a shout and a scream and the line went dead.

    High winds had blown the trailer over onto Jim’s side, taking the truck over with it. We heard at first that Jim was okay, but that Sue was injured and we didn’t know how bad. It must have been frightening to be strapped into a wheelchair sideways up in the air, and with no use of her legs to be pretty helpless.

    It turns out she had nothing more serious than a hairline fracture to her elbow, thanks be to God. There had been some concern about her neck because of recent surgery, but she was okay there.

    The trailer and truck are a total loss, and there’s lots of hassle because they have to get all their stuff in the trailer back home to Michigan. Since Sue’s brother had planned the next couple weeks off for their visit, I guess he’s taking charge of working with other family members to rent a truck and bring all their stuff back. Jim and Sue themselves flew back home on Tuesday.

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  13. Other stuff going on early in the week were a dog with GI problems coming out both ends, and a mysterious invasion of small house flies in our kitchen. Neither of those was a big deal, but contributed to stress and tiredness.

    Last night the family took me out to dinner for my belated birthday celebration, and we had cake, ice cream, and presents at home afterward, so the week is ending more nicely than it started.

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  14. Teddy is much better now, thanks, Janice. It was no fun for us, but he was the one really suffering, especially one bad night when he was so uncomfortable I don’t think he slept at all.

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  15. The last couple of weeks have been fairly crazy. This week, among other things, I have had three Bible studies to attend. I joined one because I wanted to be in a home Bible study and my husband and I can be in this one together–and we’ve “missed” a lot, including last week, so I wanted to make sure we could get to it this week. I joined another because a friend asked me to, and so I joined as a favor to her; that one ended up deciding to meet just monthly, and last month it met the day I was out of town for a wedding, so I feel like I need to be at this week’s (plus this week they are combining the study with a walk). The third one I’m joining because I want to. Too many women’s Bible studies look at a book and not directly at the Bible; when I heard this one would be in the book of John, I signed up. It will meet every other week, and this week was the first “official” meeting, so I felt like I had to be at that one, too! Funny thing is, last summer I was involved in a different women’s Bible study associated with my church, and that one had eight or ten women and I was almost the youngest (there were a couple of women within a few years of my age but younger). The one on John had 17 women Wednesday–and I’m the oldest. We have singles (including several college students), newlyweds, and mothers of young families, but I’m the only one in my fifties and the only empty nester.

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  16. But the biggest thing keeping me busy is that my editing schedule continues to be full. Last week I told my husband that we’re heading into the season when I usually don’t get much work, so don’t be surprised if I only have one or two more projects between now and the end of the year. We were out of town for a couple of days, and I had one editing project. I came home to e-mails offering more work, and as of now I have five editing projects in house. That’s really almost too much, honestly, but I’m making good progress on three of them (two more I’m supposed to wait on until after I talk with the publisher next week about what they want).

    I have had editing work nonstop since last November. During the move I didn’t send out feelers for work and hardly got any work, so we had all the expenses of moving with a lower income. My husband then asked for prayer at church a couple of times, and I have had work ever since. A couple of times I have only had one or two days left on my current project and have thought I was heading into a lull, but each time that has happened I have ended up with not just one new project, but two or three.

    It’s a good “problem” to have, but I do need to keep on top of all of it. And I am still waiting for the opportunity to spend some focused time on writing!

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  17. I am sitting upstairs working on a stitching project. I opened the door for a while as they fellas are pounding in the floors…and much to my delight there is Christian music wafting throughout my home as the floor guy is whistling along to the tune ( he brought along his own music box)……thankful ❤️

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  18. Oh Janice. Oh Kevin.

    Hang in there.

    Cheryl, that’s great about the steady flow of work & also about the Bible studies you can be part of.

    I just got back from a lunch out w/my neighbor following what was a long morning interview with the hipster chef opening a new spot on the waterfront (in what used to be the LA Immigration Station from the 1920s — they’re emailing me the historic photo they found — so lots of cool history they’re playing up as part of their project also; they’ve salvaged the old bar from one of the more popular long-running neighborhood bars that closed down a few years ago to make way for a drive-through Starbucks; and they’ve also managed to get a long, 1920s table that once stood in the Bank of Italy in our town). The restaurant space is literally steps from the fish market where the fresh catch of the day is hauled up every morning from the fishing boats.

    Sometimes, after all these interviews with rich, young visionary developers & other movers and shakers, I realize I get to chronicle all exciting changes going on in town. Some might not happen, but most do — although it almost always takes longer and is more complicated than the best-case-scenario plans project it will in the beginning.

    It’s very cool to see what seems to be a renewed interest in saving and preserving the historic buildings we still have.

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  19. I had 2 pet “tile” lizards that have gone missing. An anonymous someone left them on my front porch shortly after I’d adopted Annie and I had been posting about all the lizard issues I was having with her in her young ‘oakley’ hunter days.

    They were very cute items and I never figured out who left them, but they must have been moved off the little garden bench on the front porch when all the work was going on here and now I don’t know where I would have stashed them.

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  20. I have been trying to like posts since I read Kevin’s post, but the like button does not like me. I really don’t understand since I am generally a likeable person.

    The country music documentary was not on last night so Art was disappointed. I wonder if it will be on tonight.

    There is a bad cold going around right now. Karen said it is all over the country. Does anyone on here have it? I hope it will leave us alone. We have plenty of other problems without that, too.


  21. I have given up on the like button. You never know what it is going to do. The young teacher next door woke me up early this morning. I don’t think she realizes how noisy her steps are and then opening and closing drawers. There are no real walls between our bedrooms so it sounds as if those drawers are being opened in my room. She has found a house though of someone who is leaving, so will be moving soon. It will be so much quieter!

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  22. Janice, from yesterday — I’m glad Wesley enjoyed the composition. 🙂

    Cheryl, above, that’s great, the steady flow of editing work. I’m happy for you.

    Kevin, wow, what an experience for Mrs. B’s brother and sister-in-law! And I’m glad your dog is doing better. (And also that you had a nice birthday celebration.) 🙂

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  23. I can like things as long as it shows I’m logged into the WP account. Otherwise, no go.

    Just turned the story in and spent 20+ minutes messing with the final historic photo that was texted to me. Downloading, uploading, sending here, sending there. It’s just one big confusing hassle, really, that takes up way too much time.

    But it’s time to shake the work week off, at last. Good riddance, and none too soon this week.

    I was hit with a nasty cold in July and the doctor told me it’s been (or had been as of that time) a really bad year for cold viruses. So it’s probably still all going around. I always associate ‘colds’ with winter, but apparently the misery can be spread year round.

    I’m looking forward to getting into the garage tomorrow to hunt down some things (Christmas decorations that went missing last year, but I know the painters put them “somewhere,” the 2 pet lizards, a small table I am thinking of re-purposing for the patio if I can find something to apply that will protect the wood) + to put some things back in there that have been sitting on the patio way too long and don’t belong there.

    I still need to do a couple paint touch ups on the bench but that’s mostly finished and I’d like to get it put into place up against the house to finally see how it looks. I also might get started on prepping and spray painting the weather vane, but we’ll see. And maybe even figure out what color the rolling (white) plant stand could be painted, it’ll be right next to the turquoise bench. I think it must be particle board? Maybe a soft, neutral/creamy yellow/beige?

    The dog park bunch from yesteryear is getting together at 2 at someone’s house so I may try to stop in there for a while. And I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend I’m visiting next Saturday in the Valley.

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