Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 4

 Here it is. Note the Friday start this week. Get those guesses in by 9 pm EDT Friday. I’d say more, but you’re not here for the wit and wisdom of Peter.

Peter was last week’s winner. 

  1. #10 Utah @ USC Friday, 9pm EDT

  2. Air Force @ #20 Boise St. Friday, 9pm EDT

  3. #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

  4. #8 Auburn @ #17 Texas A&M

  5. South Carolina @ Mizzou

  6. #7 Notre Dame @ #3 Georgia

  7. Nebraska @ Illinois

  8. New Mexico State @ New Mexico

  9. Pillow Fight: Bowling Green @ Kent State

10. Tie Breaker (guess winner & score): Colorado @ #24 Arizona State

26 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 4

  1. Chas’s Wild Guesses’:

    1 Southern Cal
    2 Boise
    3 Michigan’
    4 Auburn
    5 S. Carolina
    5 Georgia
    7 Nebraska
    8 New Mexico State
    8 Kent State
    10 Arizona State 21-7


  2. Here goes for 2 in a row.
    Boise St.
    New Mexico
    Bowling Green
    Colorado 24 – 21 (The only time I would choose the Sun Imps is if… Oh, never mind. I just can’t do it.)


  3. Here goes…
    Boise St.
    Wisconsin (proving my lack of loyalty to my home team)
    New Mexico
    Kent State
    Arizona State 28-24


  4. 1. #10 Utah
    2. #20 Boise St.
    3. #13 Wisconsin
    4. #8 Auburn
    5. South Carolina
    6. #7 Notre Dame
    7. Nebraska
    8. New Mexico State @ New Mexico
    9. Pillow Fight: Bowling Green
    10. #24 Arizona State (34 – 16)


  5. Hmm, pretty sure he did not make the deadline. But I told him to throw himself on your mercy. He was busy dealing with daughter and her issues. Thought you were still on yesterday. It is old age.


  6. I’ll let Mike’s count, since the two games in progress were still (probably) in the first half when he entered. Besides, the Boise game was tied at the half, and his choice in the Utah-USC game lost.


  7. If anyone sees Mike tell him he needs to pick the game involving New Mexico and New Mex St. Although if it ends in a tie, he’ll get credit for that one.


  8. I’ll stick with the majority and go with New Mexico at home even though their head coach is ruled ‘out’ for the game (who ever heard of a head coach being ‘out’ for a game!)


  9. Peter’s getting more mellow with age. He used to give only half credit for late homework, or some such cruel and unusual punishment.


  10. Well, Kevin. We did it again. It’s half-time of the tie breaker game with Colorado ahead 24-21, my exact guess. We are tied at 8 games apiece. The outcome of this game decides the winner. If the current score holds, I win. If Colorado holds onto the lead, I win. If Arizona State wins, you win. But I’m not waiting up to see the result.

    BTW- Chas is next highest with 6 correct.


  11. Thank yo fellow ’57ers.

    Yes, folks. The only person playing this game from Arizona, and the only one not to pick the team from Arizona, wins this week. It was a week of upsets. A few Top 25 teams fell like autumn leaves this week to unranked opponents. One of those was #10 Utah, which fell on the road at Southern Cal. Two of us – Chas and I – picked USC. #24 Arizona State fell at home to Colorado, a difficult feat, since ASU rarely loses at home to lower ranked teams. I am the only one to get that one right. So, two in a row.

    Here are the final results:
    I had 9 correct.
    Kevin – 8
    Chas – 6
    AJ, Mumsee, Janice and Mike – 5

    On to next week.

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  12. Advice to freshman QB, from someone who has never thrown a ball in a game.
    Do not throw the ball into the arms of an opposing linebacker.
    Bad things happen every time.


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