35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-16-19

  1. Morning! That is a lovely photo…wondering what kind of bird that is? It does appear he is looking at his dinner. Praying for you and all who surround you Jo…..
    I am heading off to have morning coffee with a sweet friend. β€˜Tis blessed way to start off the week, for tomorrow the house becomes a deconstruction zone 😳 β˜•οΈ


  2. Things are quite pleasant here today. Daughter went for a nice walk as I was doing chores, I gave her a morning hug, she said she loved me, and now she is eating a nice breakfast.

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  3. Our sermon yesterday was on Proverbs.

    Among the points: (Prov. 14:34 — Righteousness exalts a nation) … We live in a culture that is now ruled by folly. Granted, perhaps our leaders in the past had only the ‘veneer’ of righteousness. But now we are not even pretending. We don’t even know what righteousness is. “Do the right thing” — but we don’t know what the right thing is.

    = A culture without God.
    I got my flu shot and a pneumonia shot yesterday and both arms feel it.

    My upper back also hurts but I think that’s because of some new stretching exercises I did late yesterday.

    While I was waiting to get my car unlocked after church yesterday, the pastor stopped by our little group in the parking lot and we started talking about the sad state of our partisan national media. He said he doesn’t even trust his own ‘partisan’ media outlets anymore, we really do have to check and double check everything (and then probably figure the truth is somehow in between).

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  4. DJ, I first read your post as,”I’m in demand.”

    I got sick for one day when I got the first of the two combo pneumonia shots. Next year is when I need the second one. Is that the shot you got? I have not gotten the flu shot for a few years. I will think more about it. Everyone in my family gets one. I am still trying to decide about the shingles shot since it made my brother’s flare back up and caused a loss of hearing (permanent) in one ear. He may be more susceptible because of his diabetes.

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  5. Janice, I’m only in demand when the cat is hungry.

    Yes, the first shot, another needed next year for pneumonia. So far I feel OK, except that muscle soreness & tingling in my back (which I think is stretching related?). I don’t know.

    Yes, I still need shingles & measles vaccines but can’t get those until a month after the shots I received yesterday.

    I never used to (regularly) get the flu shot (and never got the flu) but recently the flu has hit me hard in the past couple years so I’ve decided maybe my immune system isn’t what it used to be.


  6. In my Facebook “Memories” today, I came across a photo of Boy that Hubby took while in the hospital, and I had shared. Boy was sitting cross-legged on the window sill type area and had looked at Hubby with a serious expression as Hubby took the photo.

    In the comments, Hubby wrote, “That boy is a little man of great ordained destiny. I named him that at birth.” He would refer to him as such occasionally, kind of like prophesying it. Do you see it?

    A man of Great Ordained Destiny. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know if Nightingale ever caught on to that.

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  7. It was a sweet time of coffee with dear friend. We did not solve all the problems of the world but we did once again covenant together to lift up before our Lord all that was spoken between us.

    Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.😊

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  8. Prayers for energy for today would be appreciated. I was up for a couple of hours last night, too hot and then with an aching knee and thigh. Now I will be walking to and from school. Which will make me stronger!

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  9. Wow, just saved a bunch of photos from Facebook of a little boy from my class heading out to the village with his family on our helicopter. This may be the first time for the whole family to go. Pray as they build relationships and get to know the people. Four little blonde boys. I have the next to the youngest.

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  10. I don’t usually pay attention to what’s listed on the Top Posts, but I happened to glance over and see that the bottom one (as of around 8;20pm or so) was 1-16-17. I clicked on it, and found that there have been no new comments since that date. I wonder why it’s on Top Posts?

    Maybe it had a lot of new spam that AJ deleted?

    A sad pang. . .The first comment was from our dearly departed KBells.


  11. I got a ride home from school as it is raining. On the way to school I prayed for rain as the roads were so dry and dusty with all of the rocks coming to the surface. Now they will be better.

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