Our Daily Thread 9-14+15-19

Good Morning!

Tomorrow, or today if it’s tomorrow when you read this, is Kevin’s birthday!

Unless you’re reading this from the mid-west or west coast right after it’s posted, where it’s still yesterday. Then it’s tomorrow and the day after. It’s complicated. 

The pic is easier, it’s self explanatory, and came from both ladies. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?



83 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-14+15-19

  1. Such a nice picture for a Saturday!
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    When they start paying college athletes, that is the end of non-professional sports.
    know we’re almost there already. But that will be the end of it.
    I think we need to keep pretending that it is non-professional.

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  2. Morning all. Thanks for posting the picture. I could not save it from facebook but could save it here.
    I had my friend Joan for dinner. Her eyes were closing over dinner so I took her home early. She leaves next Friday. Not sure when or if we will meet again. Perth is a long ways away.

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    we were all so taken by the picture, the we forgot all about Kevin. Until we (I) returned and read the caption.

    I see on FoxNews that people in Portland were booing military enlistments.
    And, AJ’s post yesterday on the politics thread
    I fear for my country. I really do.
    Not for myself. I had the honor on living and serving in the greatest and most generous to others, of any nation that has ever existed.
    Think of it. It’s happening in the Bahamas now. We don’t owe them a thing, but we are helping as much as we can.
    That has happened for at least the last eighty years.

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  4. It just occurred to me that my rant on 8:24 belongs on the R&R thread. That occurred to me as I was reading tomorrow’s SS lesson where Paul caps his argument of Eph. 2:1-10 with v. 10 in which he says “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.”
    I am responsible for my area of influence, not Portland.

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  5. Couldn’t see the moon last night, as we had a rain storm. Thankful for the rain, as the well went temporarily dry yesterday. I was away at work at the time. That can happens with my parents’ well. It will go dry several weeks after a prolonged dry period in a delayed response, and with seven people living here, two of them small children, it was bound to happen. Just thankful it did not happen when there were fourteen here a couple of weeks ago. This year’s weather has been strange. From April to June, there was scarcely a day when it did not rain. From July to the end of August, there was scarcely a day when it did rain.


  6. Happy Birthday, Kevin!

    LOVE the picture, Janice and Michelle!

    Has anyone heard from Linda about how her husband is doing? I saw her request on one of the prayer threads this month that he was hospitalized with cellulitis. I’m not sure if she’s reported here since then on how he’s doing?

    Anything on Facebook? (Or maybe she said something further here that I missed.)

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  7. Lovely picture!

    Happy birthday, Kevin!

    No drought around here. We are quite sick of rain, rain, rain. Nevertheless, we are supposed to have some warm dry weather for the next week. The leaves are turning, so we should also have a feast for our eyes.

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  8. Good Morning. Miss Mads and I have been up for hours. I will be taking her to the Mommy and then showing property. I have explained that Mimi works so she can have the life to which she has become accustomed. I am sure she doesn’t understand.
    My own Precious turned 22 on the 9th. I haven’t seen her. She accidentally called me last night. I called her back. No answer. I sent a text asking if she was OK. No answer.

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  9. My pigskin picks are up. But JANICE, are you too busy with Michelle to post yours?

    Thanks, all, for the birthday wishes. I’ll save them for tomorrow. 🙂

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  10. Happy Birthday Kevin

    6arrows, thanks for posting the inquiry about Linda’s husband, I’ve been wondering the same thing for several days now.

    It felt good to sleep in today, I was tired. And despite having a day off yesterday, i was fielding and responding to a few texts from editor & a photographer shooting a photo for the final story I’d turned in late Thursday.

    We’re having one more hot day today and then temps are supposed to start going down again. I spent about an hour watering late yesterday, it was nearly dark by the time I came in. My hanging basket flowers on the front porch are very thirsty by nature and I’m trying to help the grass survive as best as I can until summer is gone. Charlie Brown continues to flourish but I want to keep watering him, too, through this warm season w/no rain.

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  11. I’ve been learning how to change tires. My car started vibrating at low speeds, so my father wanted to check if it was cord separation, as the car tires were somewhat worn. In Canada, every car should have two sets of tires, one for summer and one for winter. So we put the winter tires on.

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  12. I wish I’d learned more about DIY car maintenance — changing oil, tires, etc.

    I’m overdue for a free tire rotation, maybe I’ll be able to get that done during the week coming up.

    What I’d like to do (someday) is take the grass out and plant a colorful, blooming native garden (but not cactus).

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  13. At least not any cactus that looks like cactus, though the look doesn’t turn me off as much as it used to (it’s fine in the desert, just seems out of place to me here). We’re not in a ‘desert’ climate here on the coast, we’re in a ‘Mediterranean’ climate — so our landscaping (I think) should reflect that.

    Color! But without needing a whole lot of water all the time.

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  14. DJ, my father is not a mechanic, but he taught himself how to do all the standard maintenance on his cars (oil change, etc.) as well as some of the big jobs – he has changed at least five transmissions, and he even replaced an engine gasket once – often inventing tools to do the work, like the time he created a compression device to replace struts out of a tree stump and a tree trunk. He and I are very alike in mental processes (he actually said that the other day) so I figure that anything he can learn, I can learn. I am not as strong as he is, of course (and I am considerably shorter and lighter), but when I was loosening the tire bolts, he handed me an extension for the wrench that allowed me to loosen and then tighten the tire as much as he could – those foundational principles of levers and fulcrums come in handy when having to compensate for differences in strength.

    I used to, when I was young, get a hold of his screwdrivers and take things apart to see what was inside (sometimes, sadly, it was impossible to put them back together). I joke that I am following in his footsteps now, as he worked out of the same city I am working in, only he repaired office machinery and I am helping repair people. We have a lot more to talk about these days, as I am traveling the routes he traveled for so many years.

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  15. And once again, X did not take Boy to Friday night football practice. 😦

    Boy’s team has a football game this afternoon, but at least Nightingale is able to take him, so he will actually get there. He was also up until at least 1:00 last night (this morning), but woke up at 7:00 this morning. He’s a tired kiddo.

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  16. Nightingale tried that, but it was not accepted. In fact, X wants to be more involved with Boy’s activities, but has shown that he is not reliable enough.

    Monday is the next court date, to tweak the agreement they seemed to agree to last time (but X balked at when it came time to sign it in his lawyer’s office). According to that agreement (which has not gone into effect since X would not sign it), X would be responsible for getting Boy to his weekend game when he has his every-other-weekend visit.

    Well, this reminds me to put the court date has a prayer request on that thread.

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  17. Happy Birthday Kevin….tomorrow…right? We are blessed to celebrate our Lord’s gift of YOU!
    The refrigerator is now in the garage…along with sofas, dressers, bed, mattress….benches. It has been a whirlwind moving stuff this morning….I don’t recognize my house. But oh the dust one might find under things….embarrassing!…..and the fridge is now spotless!! 😳

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  18. NancyJill, when I moved from Chicago to Nashville, friends helped me pack the moving truck. And when they moved my bed, I was horrified and embarrassed to find mouse droppings under my bed. I’d had mice about every other winter in that (rental) house and had been there seven or eight years . . . but I knew only about mice in the kitchen and the enclosed porch, not that any had made their way into my bedroom. (My room entered off the kitchen, so it actually made sense. I just didn’t know it until it became public knowledge.)

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  19. Yes, Michelle kept me too busy to make my Pigskin Picks for this week. And if not her fault then blame it on Miss Bosley.

    I give all credit to God for arranging the wonderful details for Michelle’s time in Atlanta. She and my older church friends were blessed to meet yesterday at the Baptist retirement facility luncheon event where Michelle had the perfect talk for the group. Then today Michelle got to meet my Word Weavers friends at a half day writer’s workshop. My friends are a fascinating group with shared interests with Michelle in that they are well traveled over the globe. Michelle got to see my small world of where I was born, where I lived until college, and where I live now, all within a few miles.

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  20. Here’s my post from late yesterday about the reunion (and on those who traveled in, I forgot the classmate — our moms were co-Girl Scout troop leaders — who now operates a marina in NJ with her husband, it’s a family biz he inherited, 3rd generation):

    ~ Fun seeing all the neighborhood “kids.” And some pretty impressive resumes among them (and people who came in from Tennessee, Utah, Northern California). Among us were a couple guys who are prominent in wildlife biology fields (one I’ve interviewed in the past, he’s considered a national hawk expert and had brought hawks to school for special programs back then); a retired LA County Sheriff’s Deputy; a very smart kid (who’s now drop-dead gorgeous) who first became a renowned physician and then (got bored?) and went to law school and became an attorney; an English professor at a state university.

    And the current principal of the school stopped in to present a resolution for the teacher.

    Altogether, a fun but also poignant (in a sweet way) day. So many years ago when we all saw each other every day in the classroom and on the playground ~

    (There were sad groans when we learned that the dodge ball/four-square/hopscotch and tether ball areas on the playground were no more.)

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  21. It’s still unclear whether I was in that class or not, everyone there thought I was, I thought I was … but ? Maybe I missed picture day. ?

    Either way, we all were in classes together throughout those elementary school years.

    In “junior” high/middle school, we were thrown in with a bunch of rich kids being bused in from a fancy neighborhood some miles away. That created quite the cultural divide among us working class kids and the fancier kids who could be mean.

    Gal I drove up with to the reunion was one of those who was mercilessly bulled, she lived down the street from me and was brilliant but “different,” a bit odd, the kiss of death in those adolescent years, of course.

    She told me today that she went to the high school pre-reunion dinner later last night and one of the attendees actually apologized for all the bullying of her that went on in those days; but she later told me it was the reunion organizer who actually was the worst of the worst when it came to making her life difficult back then.

    So sad, and it made me think back to whether I was guilty of anything like that with her 😦 I don’t think anything outright, but a couple times I remember avoiding her with other friends, esp after she’d announced publicly in the lunch yard that if she were a boy she’d want to marry me. Kids. But it kind of freaked my mom out when I told her about it, even though I know there was nothing to the comment. Still, it was a little jarring being announced like that so publicly.

    Ugh. Those can be such awful, mean-girl years. Teen girls can be the worst.

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  22. DJ – Boys can be pretty mean, too. I was picked on and bullied a lot, due to my facial difference, and most of my memories of that involve boys doing the bullying.

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  23. As much as I like the finished result (usually) I rally don’t like home improvement projects. I spent the day (when not watching college football) putting in baseboards in the guest bedroom. I’ve never done that, but Mrs L likes the result. I can see all the mistakes. I’m glad I had plenty of white caulk to fill gaps at the corners. I also needed the Liquid Nail for two or three pieces that would hold with the nails. I think the nails were too short.

    Then there was the door. I painted it since the previous owners had not done a complete job on it, and it would be too much trouble to strip it and stain it. We decided on a shade of darker chocolate to match the yellow walls. Plus, the door of the next room is a dark brown. It looks nice. But the new door knob is the wrong size. Oh, well.

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  24. DJ, I didn’t actually get the glasses, just got my eye exam and picked out frames. But it had been more than three years and I’ve been having a bit of a hard time with distance vision and my eyes have been getting strained a bit, Between editing and photography, glasses aren’t a luxury. He did tell me (and show me) my eyes are in very good shape overall, which was good news.

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  25. Missing Michelle today. My life has been much more lively than usual this past week.

    Looking forward to church. Now Michelle knows one of the people I will spend an hour with in prayer over our second church service.

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  26. oh, good, someone is up so I can go to bed! Just finished saving 98 photos of birds taken here and in the surrounding fields. What a camera and an eye this fellow has. Incredible

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  27. Seems the Catholics are not all they are cracked up to be. Apparently, they don’t let you participate in the food and drink until you go through the classes and learn about them. And they sing songs that are not familiar. Daughter is so done with them. At least for now. She will be attending the Christian Church today, the one having the potluck afterwards.

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  28. Morning! And Happy Birthday again Kevin…this is your day!! 🎂
    Sitting in a very empty room with only two chairs and a lamp…they will be moved into the garage tomorrow…and every time I need something from the fridge…it is out to the garage I go. Paul says we will probably lose weight in the next three weeks during renovation. I have a doctor appt on Wed…I need to lose weight before then!! 😜

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  29. Apply my post @ September 14, 2019 at 9:23 am to today 🙂

    Today was a red letter day. My mother let me drive her home from church. I had come in my car and my father wanted to drive my car home to test it. So, my mother, after a little persuasion on my part, consented to let me drive her home in their van. She admitted to me when we got home that she sometimes forgot it was me driving, which I take to mean that she is satisfied with my ability and may even let me drive again sometime. I believe I have mentioned on here before that she would never let me drive her anywhere, due to her great anxiety about driving and my relative inexperience at the craft. I feel like I have attained a milestone 😉

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  30. I think Wesley continues to be surprised by my contentment and lack of complaint when he drives. He probably thinks I have mellowed, but the reality is that after ten years time, he is a much better driver now.

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  31. I forgot how I learned to drive. I think my father taught me. My first ticket was for driving without a license.
    Elvera taught herself to drive. She bought a car, her younger brother drove it to the church yard, near their home. He started it for her and she practiced without instruction.

    They didn’t have driver’s ed in those days.

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  32. Jo – The glasses I currently have are from Costco, and we had a good experience there. Mine were fitted properly by the technician/clerk (whatever his title was).

    But it has been almost three years that I’ve had these, or had an eye exam, and I’m pretty sure I’ll need a stronger prescription. Gotta get around to that sometime this fall.

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  33. My mom was only comfortable with her own or my dad’s driving.

    Nightingale is a good driver, but the one thing that makes me nervous is that I think she should slow down a little sooner when approaching a stopped or slowed car. I have taken to looking out the side window so as not to feel that nervous pang in my gut as she approaches another car, and I say a prayer for her to be wise and alert in her driving.

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  34. Correction:
    They did have driver’s ed and I took it.
    I recalled in under the strange situation that I suddenly recalled learning the hand signals.
    I think the first light signals occurred around 1950. My ’50 Chevvy didn’t have them. I added them in 1952.

    Karen, thee is a personality type that rushes the stop signs and traffic lights. I will slow down if I see that the light is gong to turn on me. Many others will rush the light. In the DC area, you can always depend on at least one car running the just turned red.

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  35. My son is not the best driver. He only drives because he has to. So when he has a chance, he would rather someone else drive, even if it’s in his car.

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  36. okay, Peter, I will send some of these photos. I have permission to share them, just not the photographers name. He does not know where he will end up as a missionary and does not want to have his name anywhere.

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  37. My dad started out trying to teach my mom to drive when I was very young, maybe 6 or 7.

    That ended one day when, at a stop sign with my mom at the wheel, my dad bolted out of the car and walked home, saying he quit. My mom made it home and signed up with a traffic school.

    My mom later taught me to drive, mostly we’d go out on Sunday nights late and drive through the neighborhood. I was coming up on 15 when you could get your learner’s permit and she wanted to give me a head start. I gave her some breathless moments, as I recall. On a particularly narrow street, I veered to the right as there was an oncoming car, but I came perilously close to side-swiping the cars parked at the curb.

    “Well, what would you rather I do? Hit a moving car or a parked car?”

    “um, neither,” I think was her reply.

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  38. Today I did something I hadn’t done since my ditzy days of college. I managed to lock my keys in the car at church.

    I didn’t realize this until it was time to leave, after SS, and I couldn’t find my keys. They were in the ignition.

    A call to AAA resolved it, but before that several folks were trying to hunt down a wire clothes hanger for me. A former stewardess in our congregation told me she was always locking her keys in her old Mustang back in the day and was especially adept at breaking in with a clothes hanger. But none could be found.

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  39. Michelle is not feeling very lively today!

    After 11 hours of smooth travel, I got safely home, stayed up too late talking and didn’t sleep well.

    We just got home from church and church meetings about 30 minutes ago. With Miss Social Sonoma County in town, 8 people will be here for dinner.

    I just want a nap . . .

    But I truly had a splendid time and wouldn’t mind arm wrestling Art for that last piece of Key Lime pie!

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  40. I have never locked myself out of a car. My mercury’s that I have been driving for at least 25 years have a door opening code if necessary.
    However, I once left the car running for over two hours. I was teaching at a VBS at church and had picked up someone and all the commotion of unloading made me forget the car was running. No harm done.

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  41. I would love to be a country driver, big city driver, Sunday driver, woman driver, slow poke driver, a tailgater, a rubber-necker driver, or you name it driver! My next appointment is Wed. Prayers welcome! Michelle got to see me do the eye drops fun routine.

    I found it coincidental that two ladies at the writer’s workshop had on giant clunky dark glasses inside. One was dealing with a migraine and the other was dealing with dry eyes and a scratched cornea from opening her eyes too fast when she awakened. The things we learn every day about the absurd miseries in life!

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  42. I have locked my keys in the car once. I unloaded my groceries thinking my bill sounded awfully high. I looked at my receipt and the cashier charged me for 88 cantaloupe! I was so flustered I jumped out of the car, hitting the lock button with keys in the ignition. Paul came to the rescue…
    I try to drive the “roads less traveled”. We take the back roads to church avoiding all the traffic…dirt roads are the way to go! 😊

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  43. We had a young reporter who not infrequently would walk into the newsroom wearing big, dark sunglasses — we all knew she was having a migraine day when we saw that.


  44. Oh, no, Mumsee! So sorry. Was it Catholic disillusionment that brought it on?

    We’ve had a boil water alert since we took Michelle to the airport on Saturday. Karen just called to say they finally said it is okay here although one area is still under the alert.

    In case I am Anon, this is Janice, of course.


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