21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-10-19

  1. True.

    Good morning. A cool forty two this morning. More rain expected but the weather forecast also says dry conditions to continue. Sure rained a lot the past few days for dry conditions

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  2. Morning! Oh it is crisp this morning in the forest and in the house. Not turning on the furnace quite yet but we are donning fleece jackets!
    A good word Chas, a good word indeed! “Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

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  3. Kim – With all you have done to remedy the situation and make peace with her, it is apparent that the problem is inside of her, not your doing. But even so, I know how hard that is to deal with. (I’ve previously mentioned the receptionist who acted similarly towards me. The situation caused me to leave my job two months earlier than planned.)

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  4. We’ll have coolish weather for another day or so but then at the end of the week it’ll ramp up again for a hot weekend. At least it’s supposed to be short-lived this time.

    Fall always struggles to break through here.

    Be gone, heat and mosquitoes.

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  5. One of the younger reporters at our sister paper in the valley called me yesterday, apparently she’s part of a hush-hush effort that’s been talking with a union organizer and she wanted to know if I’d be interested. I told her probably not. To begin with (and end with), most of our properties across the country have unions and they’ve clearly been unable to make any kind of a difference in terms of holding off layoffs and cutbacks. Our problems in large part are industry-wide as revenues dry up; the digital advertising we’d been counting on all these years went elsewhere, thanks to google and facebook and some of the other tech/internet giants. Granted, we “belong” to one of the harshest of employers in this field right now, but I really don’t think a union will make any difference in this environment.

    I wish I had the answer to saving local news, but I don’t. If there aren’t enough revenues found to support the work, outlets will continue to shrink and eventually will vanish.


  6. Mumsee, we’ve had a pretty mild summer but September, so far, hasn’t been too pleasant. But it’ll pass.

    Kim, I’m so sorry you have to wait for her to grow up. 😦 That would be really uncomfortable to have to be around.

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  7. Yesterday it was 99 degrees here and the air quality was very bad. It will be a tad bit cooler today but with more humidity so will feel as bad as yesterday. Things are withering in the yard. I feel sad that Michelle will see it like this. I found one little flower still in bloom in the yard.

    That quote is a treasure Chas. Someone has spoken into my desperate friend’s life that they will be supportive of whatever she chooses . . . meaning suicide. I am sick over hearing about this urging on toward death. This is the type spiritual warfare we are up against these days. It is a life and death battle for the souls of people!

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  8. Frees me from having to worry about hose!

    Thanks be to God I slept a good 9-10 hours last night and feel like a real person and no longer a maniac. I now have to figure out how to pack a big suitcase full of 60 books and a few items of clothing.

    Of course, summer weather simplifies that. 🙂

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  9. Looking forward to socialized country. We are nearly a month past daughter turning eighteen and have been working for months to get her set up for disability services. Finally got told a couple of days back that they cannot proceed until husband signs her up for adult Medicaid services, which he did a month ago. But they have no record of her post adoption, nearly ten years ago. Only of her preadoption name. Though she has been having her health and psychiatric and everything else paid for through Medicaid for the past ten years. In this particular venture, he has been transferred at least six time and told to call different branches four times. Meanwhile, she cannot start her job or get any of the twenty four hour care recommended by all of her medical doctors, psych docs, and developmental disability workers until they get her signed up. Even though we have her medicaid id card and number with her name on it, given to us by them. And even though they say her child medical coverage is good through nineteen.

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