66 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-26-19

  1. just lost my post.
    Morning, Chas. Glad to see that you are up and at em.

    You should read Strong Women Stay Young. The author had elderly folks begin to lift weights. Her research is fascinating. Anyway, I was thinking it is something that you and your sweetie could do together.

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  2. Our internet is not working very well, very frustrating. The story is that someone wanted some wire so they cut the cable.
    And the cattle are still lowing.

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  3. hello, Jo
    I am much better this morning. Not well, but better.
    Elvera and I went to the gym at the YMCA three times a week until we moved in 2015. That’s when I turned 85 and her dementia was getting worse.
    A agree that physical exercise does a lot to keep the body working.
    But that has limits too.
    I turned 89 this month.

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  4. Good morning! Glad you are better, Chas.

    Sorry to hear that a cable wrangler messed up your internet connection, Jo. Now maybe they will graduate to wrangling cattle.

    I am halfway to feeling my normal self after the busy week. At least I got the cat litter box cleaned and the garbage can to the street before pickup.

    I am having my usual sad spell after Wesley leaves. We never have enough time. We did not find time to play Upwards. Back to my once a day Sudoku game.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. It goes against my nature not to speak to someone. I am trying to leave the receptionist to her issues.
    Michelle, I started reading The Deepest Well last night. Amazingly interesting.
    Today is Mr. P’s Birthday. The pressure is real. I asked what he wanted for his birthday–Nothing. I know that isn’t true.
    A busy day ahead.

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  6. Jo asked about Wesley and L’Abri last night.
    Wesley left for Europe at the beginning of July and spent a day in Paris before going on to L’Abri. His best friend from Covenant married into the family and is a lecturer there (he and Wesley both double majored in English and Philosophy). Wesley hung out with his friend and his wife as their guests before the L’Abri session started. Wesley gave the couple several days break right before the session started while he went exploring some other areas. His friend and his wife got married about two years ago. Wesley was invited to their wedding in Switzerland but was committed to summer work and a summer study trip to Brittish Columbia so he couldn’t go. I am so thankful he finally got to go. Anyways, he got to do a good portion of a session at L’Abri for the rest of the summer. He needed an extensive break because he has worked so hard on academics for a very long time.

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  7. Well, Janice, the good news/crazy news is I’ll be arriving in a little over two weeks to add Schulz’ Pigpen-esque chaos to your life for a few days 🙂

    It just occurred to me as I typed, maybe that’s where my Adorable gets her amazing capacity to turn everything upside down—could it be me?


    Ah, yes, Kim. Amazing book.

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  8. Morning! It is a cool cloudy day in this forest and the temps are downright chilly! We have some baby bunnies hopping around the house and noticed one of them eating clover just under the bird bath this morning. They are so cute!
    Jo we can hear the cattle at the ranch across the road sometimes. To us it is such a calming sound but I suppose if you are right close to it the lowing could be annoying!
    Chas continued prayers for you…so good to know you are feeling somewhat better.

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  9. He is probably the mean one who chased all the others away Mumsee. I watched that happen over and over yesterday as I sat on the front porch reading my book. Those hummingbirds can be ruthless!!

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  10. We have bears, too, but north of us, in th parts of LA closer to the mountains. They usually go right for the swimming pools.

    Often, on a slow news day, the helicopter crews will film them from overhead for our amusement.

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  11. For those of you who said you hear your cats meowing to come in – Do your cats have loud meows? I would not hear if Rudy meowed to come in, and not just because I am hard of hearing (I do wear my hearing aids during the day). The back door is on the other side of the house from where I usually hang out, but I’m not sure I would hear him through the door even if I were in that area of the house.

    One reason for that is that for a bold kitty, he has the tiniest little meow. But I’m not sure I’d hear Angel’s loud meow through the door, either, unless the windows were open and I heard it through the window.

    We get bears, coyotes, fishers, and even an occasional bobcat sighted in our town, as well as deer and some other wildlife.


  12. Nightingale heard from her lawyer yesterday in an email. X has decided he wants more than he agreed to last Monday. On “his” weekend, he wants to bring Boy home at 5:30 rather than 3:00 on Sunday. (He would pick him up at about 2:45 on Friday, at school, so he would have a full 48 hours with him under Monday’s agreement.) There’s also something about the arrangement they had for Boy’s football games that he is wanting more time at. (I forget the details of that.) So until this gets straightened out, we are still on the former visitation schedule.

    Last evening, due to the weigh-in being on a Saturday morning when Boy will have spent the night at X’s, Nightingale asked (via text) X’s mom to be the one to drive him to the weigh-in, which is early in the morning. X is “not a morning person”, and often late for things.

    She pointed out that he had neglected to take Boy to half of his archery lessons, which were in the morning, and also has not taken him to several football practices. If Boy misses weigh-in by getting there too late (or not at all), he would not be able to play for the whole season. She is worried that X would do that on purpose, merely to mess up her plans. (He has done that kind of thing before, not taking into account how it affects his son.)

    (A couple times, when Boy was younger, he made “boo boos” worse by taking off the bandage and scraping off the scab, then took a photo of the inflamed-looking wound, posting it on Facebook and writing that Nightingale was a bad, neglectful mother. One time, the wound ended up getting infected by the time Boy came home.)


  13. Can’t believe X posted something like that (esp the criticism of N) on FB, Kizzie. 😦 I don’t blame you about being nervous that they won’t get him to the weigh-in on time.

    Yes, Annie has a very loud meow. It’s hard to miss, even through a heavy glass door. When she was younger (and before we had a neighbor who let their dogs out loose) she’d be on the front porch most mornings and would claw the screens to get me up. Not cool. Now I have brand new claw-free screens (but only 1 of the 4 front windows is screened currently, just because the windows look so much nicer without them but I need the one on the bedroom side as I need to keep that one open for fresh air).

    Sometimes I’d wake up to see her halfway up the screen on the outside, just hanging there, four legs all splayed out and claws clinging to hold her in place.

    She’s older now so some of her hunting and hanging antics are going by the wayside.

    But she’s already dug a corner out of that one screen (from the inside) that I’ll have to get repaired — for now, i put a small wooden barrier (part of a dog gate) on the inside of the window frame to prevent her from getting at it again from the inside. I suspect she got it pulled up enough for her to slip out onto the front porch. I wasn’t there (or was sound asleep?) when it happened, apparently.

    Busy day rounding up more quotes for a story that got held on Friday.

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  14. My friend Ralph had his bee hives destroyed by a black bear this past weekend. 😦

    According to his neighbor Tom who saw it leave the yard, this one is even bigger than the 600 pounder they removed from the area last year. Yikes. 😲


  15. Crazy, but in Sequoia, in the dark ages of my childhood when my family would camp, the evening entertainment at the campgrounds was to pour syrup and pancakes into the trash cans and gather them all together while everyone would then retreat behind their campfires to watch the bears arrive and go for it.

    What could go wrong?

    Luckily nothing did, at least when we were there.

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  16. Yes, and once the pancakes ran out … Hmmm, look at all these edible peeps, just sitting on their camp chairs munching on S’mores.


  17. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/animalia/wp/2016/05/16/9-photos-of-the-crazy-things-the-national-parks-once-did-to-lure-bears-for-tourists/

    (some crazy photos at the link. we would have been there in the late 50s, early 60s and I don’t remember any bleachers or platforms, just a camp sight with tents in a circle)


    … In the early 20th century, according to Rachel Mazur’s book “Speaking of Bears,” bear-feeding spectacles were major attractions.

    In Sequoia National Park, managers noticed that bears foraged nightly at a garbage dump inside the park, and they knew a tourist draw when they saw one. So they moved the trash pit to a more central location and called it “Bear Hill.” Bleachers were set up so that hundreds of visitors, separated from the bears by only a short barrier, could watch as many as 30 of the animals dine each evening. (“There were a lot of injuries during those years, but it was before society became litigious,” Mazur wrote.)

    Visitors to Yosemite National Park could see bears eat on a specially constructed platform that was illuminated by floodlights at night. Several other parks also had bear pits, Mazur wrote, and future president Gerald Ford worked for a time as an armed guard on a bear-feeding truck at Yellowstone National Park. By the 1930s, calls to stop feeding the bears grew as the trash-nourished population swelled and more human-bear run-ins occurred. But it would take decades — and many killings of “nuisance bears” — for the Park Service to arrive at its current view that it is best to stay out of bears’ way and lock human food in bear-proof containers. …

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  18. That was true at Yosemite as well. I remember my mother shooing away a bear by beating two pie tins together.

    At Smokey Mountains National Park a few years ago, despite enormous signs as you entered the park on a one-way road warning that bears and a large deer (I don’t think they were caribou, but something big like that), could KILL you. Stay away!

    As we came to a near crawl on this road, we wondered what was going on. Once we reached it, people were parked all over the roadside, standing among a clump of trees with their IPADs filming a bear eating.

    One woman on the roadside apologized to me-through the open window–for block my view.

    “I’m from the west,” I said. “We know better than to get close to bears.”

    Ridiculous and so unsafe.

    Bears seemed fine with a dozen tourists standing within a few feet of them.


  19. I’d like to see Stone Mountain, Janice. That’s what I thought Lookout Mountain was!

    I did not realize, however, until I looked at the map as to how close it is to you.


  20. With no traffic it might be twenty minutes. We have granite outcroppings in our area from Stone Mountain.

    Michelle, see the Patricia Holbrook interview above. She is a local writer you will probably see at the workshop.


  21. Good afternoon. Thanks for the prayers over the weekend. I did decide to accept the strings leader position at church. The worship coordinator will be doing the scheduling/organizing people side of things, and my focus can simply be on the musical aspect of the position. Yes! 🙂

    Got another piano lessons inquiry through my website this morning. I am glad now that I didn’t delete the site earlier this year, like I was contemplating. I’m at the start of the third year since having my site go live, and even only a few months before the end of the second year I had only gotten one inquiry and no student from it.

    Having a website appeared to be an expensive failure. But then, starting in March this year, the inquiries started trickling in — one that resulted in the student who started in May, another in May who started in June, another in July who started this month (and next month increases to 45 minutes), and now two new inquiries this month, including the one today from a mom who is considering enrolling both (or two of) her sons.

    It takes a few months of lessons with one student to pay the annual costs for my website, domain name, etc., so it is worth it now. My last three students all found me through the site, and within a couple of months from now, the tuition they’ll have paid will have covered all my advertising costs since I began the site.

    Thanks for the prayers offered up for more students. I know I requested that in the past, and I appreciate it.

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  22. My husband took down his bird feeder until winter because of the numerous bear issues around us. Our bears have no problem being out and about during the day. I finally appealed to his sense of neighborliness to get him to rethink his feeding them during the summer. Our neighbor was not a fan. The birds are fun to watch year round, but they certainly have plenty to eat this time of year. So, now we just watch the hummingbirds fight for nectar.

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  23. I may have gotten a high-ranking university official in my area in some hot water. My teaching colleagues who know the man would say he brought it on himself, and I would agree, but an email I sent last Thursday to one of my colleagues got forwarded to a whole string of people, including the dean (just below the university president) who is the superior to the man I mentioned in the first sentence.

    He’s been highly uncooperative with our state/local IMT event that’s been hosted annually at the university, especially this year. The contract is normally issued in May for the following year; now we’re almost to September, and he has produced no contract and does not respond to repeated emails or phone calls.

    So I asked the person who formerly help the position I now have, as district co-chair, what I should do. She emailed someone who was a previous chair and who also happens to be on the music faculty at the same university mentioned above, who contacted another university official, who contacted the dean.

    All of this forwarding of my email up the chain of command happened in less than a 2-hour time frame on Friday.

    It’s been silent now since word got back to me of how far up the chain it went in the university. Now I wait to find out how they’re handling it…

    The thought is rather daunting, that a little peon volunteer like me could send ripples through parts of a well-known university in our area.

    It was a relief, though, and encouraging, to see how seriously people took my concerns.

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  24. 6, great news.

    The WaPo link includes Yellowstone — and some of those photos of people and bears are quite startling.

    LA bears like the sun, it’s the best swimming pool weather.


  25. Well, Chas, here we rarely see fewer than five at a time. Except migration time when there might just be one or two. Twelve to fourteen is not unusual in the evening.

    You Californians and your wildlife…..

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  26. Mo, the Cat came into my household a month before Mr. P and I were married. You might say Mo was the first one to move in. She had been Middle son’s 14th birthday present. We were expecting a hurricane and Mr. P lived in a flood zone.
    For the first 5 years, Mo tolerated me. Now she sometimes will nudge me if she wants something. In the last year, she has thrown up on my new sofa so much that it has been washed so many times the slipcover zipper is ripped out of one of the seat cushion covers.
    Finally, Mr. P took her to the vet. She has some sort of hardening of her stomach or the beginning stages of stomach cancer. She absolutely CANNOT have anything to eat but the special (read EXPENSIVE) canned cat food from the vet’s office. Now the dogs get a certain amount of time to eat and if they don’t their food is taken up because she will eat it and puke.
    She has developed the loudest meow you have ever heard on a cat. When she wants her wet food she meows nonstop until Mr. P picks her up and puts her on the laundry room counter to eat. I don’t think she even takes a breath.

    Oh and you know that old joke about a cat vomiting sound being better than an alarm clock? It’s true. I am a good wife. When she throws up, I cover it with paper towels, often having to put a table over it to keep Lou and Amos from cleaning it up and leave it for the Cat Owner.

    Little Miss is fascinated with cats. I almost, but not quite had a moment of weakness where I considered a kitten. Then, thankfully, I remembered kittens turn into CATS. I don’t ever want another litter box in my house as long as I live.

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  27. Chas, in the east we have only ruby-throated hummingbirds–which are quite aggressive. The west has several species, not all of them aggressive (especially during migration when many of them use the same migration routes).

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  28. Kim, my husband and I are compatible because neither of us ever wants a cat. Once a roommate of mine came home with photos of a beautiful little kitten and told me that the kitten was hers if she could keep her (she wondered about the landlady), but that someone else wanted her if she couldn’t have her. I was so happy to be able to tell her I was allergic. It was so much easier than telling her the real reason, which is that I think they are beautiful wild animals, fine in other people’s houses but not in mine. If allowed outside, they kill birds (and I’d rather have the birds); inside you can’t keep them off furniture. Add cat hair, litter boxes, and accidents and otherwise outside litterboxes, and cute is nowhere near enough.

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  29. Michelle, the large deer in the North Carolina branch of the Smokies would be elk. I’ve only visited the Tennessee Smokies (which has white-tailed deer and bears, but no elk), but I’ve been rather surprised how close people will get to the large animals, in spite of signs. One young woman, possibly a teenager, went over a fence to get closer to a buck, presumably for better photos, but the deer then moved too far back for those of us following the rules to get good shots. And she was doing something that could have been dangerous.

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  30. QoD
    When you go to visit the doctor, what do you do?.
    You wait. It took me 1.5 hrs, almost exactly, to do 30 minutes (almost exactly) worth of work.
    The result?
    We may never know.


  31. If you have a doctor appt take along with a book…it passes the time away nicely for me 😊 I once asked the receptionist upon being called back to the exam room if I could just finish this chapter and come back when I was done…she gasped!! 😂
    We have many different looking hummingbirds around here but it is the ruby throated one to attack all the others…even when he/she isn’t partaking of the sweet nectar. Just hovering around making certain no one else gets a sweet drink. And the raccoons love that nectar too! We have had a bear or two but it is not common for our area. We have had bobcats and mountain lions too!
    Kizzie I forget but is X require to pay child support? Or is that why he is wanting more time so that he can say they share “equal” time thus it is an even split? He doesn’t pay for medical care does he? It just seems all so lopsided that being the greater responsibility is upon Mom. Why cannot the courts see that? Ugh!

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  32. Kizzie, if X agreed to a new schedule last Monday, why is it going back to the former schedule until this gets straightened out? Seems like if he agreed to a new schedule that’s the one that should be followed until the next official session.

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  33. When I say the cattle are lowing think a whole herd of 50 to 100 cattle that have been transported to a new place and are not happy. They are adjusting and so are we.

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  34. Cheryl, if cats are as bad as you say they are, I would not want one either!😀

    We rescued Miss Bosley because her Mew was bigger than she was and could be heard inside from where she was on the front porch.

    The worst thing for me about having Miss Bosley is the expense that was totally unplanned for. But it costs even more for a dog. I don’t have grooming costs for her like I did for a dog. But dogs sure are cute when they get groomed and dolled up with bows, etc. Miss Bosley has always had some dog qualities so we have been spoiled with essentially two pets in one.

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  35. NancyJill – X “pays” child support through the state, which means that he doesn’t pay it at all, the state does. Because he is on Social Security disability, due to his mental problems (although he and his mom insist he is doing so much better), the state pays Nightingale a certain amount each month. As for medical insurance, Boy is on the state’s plan for children.

    When X decided to bring the charge against her that she wasn’t going by the previous arrangement (because the protective order against him changed the circumstances), he claimed that his child support was all paid up. But no, he actually still owed her hundreds of dollars before getting on disability. Since he brought that up, she is now “suing” (or whatever the proper legal term is) for the remaining money she was owed.

    Nightingale is also “suing” for sole custody. X would still have visitation rights, but would not have to have input on various decisions. We are hoping that she has a good case for that, because he goes against her as often as he can.

    As he is a narcissist, his fighting her on things is all about control.

    Kevin – Unfortunately, they had not signed the agreement yet. It still had to be typed up properly, then they sign it at their lawyer’s offices. It was at that time that he balked.

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  36. That dog and the train 😂 toooooo cute!!!
    Unfortunately Kizzie I have known a narcissist and he manipulated so many in the legal system during a divorce. In the end a Judge assigned to the case saw right through him and my friend was blessed to be rid of him. How I pray someone “sees through” X and gives him a wake up call…so that one day he might see his need for our Saviour.

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  37. FYI- The first PPPPP is in the email. I thought of not doing it this year, but then I realized it’s the 150 anniversary year for college football.

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  38. Peter, thanks for doing that. I’ve been looking forward the last couple weeks to things starting up again. I haven’t looked back over the past few days to see who else is in.

    I’m commenting from a new computer for the first time. So far it hasn’t let me like anything (my earlier likes were from elsewhere). Let’s see if I end up in Anonymous-land…


  39. My hubby told me it got up to 91 at home today. We have had a couple of productive days. Yesterday I churned and made 5 lbs of butter. I also worked up some fruit we had and made 18 jars of yummy jam. We also cut the boar hog. After my nap this afternoon, we butchered 3 cabritos. It is good to have them off the feed wagon. I have some to grind tomorrow, but the ready is cut and wrapped. The crockpots are full so we will have a feast tomorrow. I just fixed macho tonight.


  40. Jo, the lowing of cattle is a sign of fall around here. Fall cow work and weaning calves makes for some noisy cattle.


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