29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-21-19

  1. Morning all. Trusting you had a good night’s sleep, Chas.
    Cute little guys and they are not under water!

    I heard again today from my property manager. They do not need the dishwasher that I approved yesterday. Now it is decisions on fixing all of the woodpecker damage. My poor friend! As I have not seen it, I will need her to decide on what to do.

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  2. We are at the Atlanta airport to pick up Wesley. Flight Tracker is great! I think he may want to sleep today.
    We are sitting in the cell phone lot watching four giant Delta jets pass by approximately fifty yards from where we sit. They had a backup and had to wait for them to pull into the terminal. I am forever fascinated by jet planes. They are so big, especially to see four in a row.

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  3. Good morning again everyone.
    I am better, not well, but better.
    Today is the day I take her to the Senior Center where she associates with others for four hours. Meanwhile, I go to the store and do other things that need to be done.

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  4. Morning! Good to hear you are feeling better Chas. We continue to pray for your complete recovery…rest well friend.
    Jo that is good news about not having the expense of a new dishwasher and then there is the aggravation with woodpeckers. We have that as well and we do have a couple small spots of damage on the stucco where they have pecked away. Hoping it is not too much damage to your home.
    Janice I pray you have a lovely visit with Wesley. Those big jets are indeed a wonder aren’t they?
    Cute penguins!!! 🐧

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  5. Prayers, Kim♡
    Sometimes it takes extra stress to get to the best solution.

    We are home. Wesley had four flights to get home form Switzerland. He took the long route home to save money. So thankful to see him. My brother is giving Wesley belated birthday gifts now.

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  6. Just asked the port guy via email why meeting (which is live streamed) hadn’t started yet.

    “It’s tomorrow,” he replied.

    Oh, right. Yep, I knew that.

    Gonna be a long, slow day for my head.

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  7. Michelle, I asked and you answered a question yesterday, but it didn’t go beyond that.

    Background: you asked does God hear the prayer of unbeliever’s other than the sinner’s prayer, and I asked where in Scripture is there any such thing as the sinner’s prayer. You said not a specific wording, but a one-time prayer of submission.

    My question was meant as a roundabout answer to your question. Simply this: nothing in Scripture says that we are saved by praying. As a child I sometimes wondered where preachers came up with the words to use (“Dear Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner . . .” or whatever–though hopefully it wasn’t “Dear Jesus,” since the biblical pattern is to pray to the Father in the name of the Son), and why the wording seemed to vary from one to another. The words almost seemed to be inspired, needing to be said just so for the “magic” to work.

    But I don’t think that any of the biblical examples of conversion are anything similar to that. Now, I’m not saying that we can’t express faith in God by means of a prayer, just that there is no such biblical command, nor even (as far as I know) a biblical example of that. (Does the idea of a sinner’s prayer come from Finney? I don’t know, haven’t researched it.)

    In Scripture we are told that we come to God by faith, and that even the faith to believe is a gift from God: that God invites us, draws us to Himself, and we come. Clearly if God is looking at us and choosing us as His own sheep, He hears our response. But whether that response comes in the form of a prayer or just in silent recognition that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the sinner is saved.

    So, to me, comparing the idea of a “sinner’s prayer” with any prayers said by a sinner are apples and oranges. If Scripture said we were saved by praying, it would be a valid question, wondering when a prayer becomes one that God hears. But the question assumes the necessity of a one-time sinner’s prayer, and Scripture doesn’t require that.


  8. Sun is just coming up here. A friend went home to be with her daughter who is having her first child. We got a report that she was in labor last night, so I have had a prayerful night.

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  9. I met with her boss at 10. We talked for about an hour because we covered several issues. He tried to use that therapeutic management mumbo jumbo. Eventually, we made it around to him thinking it would be better if I spoke with her privately. I didn’t want her to feel like we ganged up on her. After lunch, I went to the reception desk and waited until she was alone. She saw me and walked away. I followed her into the MCA office. She walked out. I followed her and asked her to please come to my office so we could talk. She told me she was too busy. I told her this is more important. She came. She stood. I sat. I asked her what I had done to upset her and how could I fix it. It goes back to the incident July 9th that I had apologized for. She thought about it and she “just can’t”. She is afraid I will do it again and she just can’t. I told her that she and I needed to work out a professional relationship and if I happened to pass her desk and ask how she was doing she should respond. She will not budge.
    Her boss had said he would speak with her after I did. I circled back to him and told him how our meeting went. I think he was disappointed.
    Who knows now? I have it off of my chest and she is the one with the problem.

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  10. Worn out and two more days to go for just this week (there’s a month of this). Pray for wisdom. It was my first day actually at the work site today, and I was essentially thrown in the deep end and it was sink or swim. I swam, but my strokes went a little wild at times.

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  11. Roscuro, I have worked several jobs and trained people at two or three of them, and one thing I have come to understand is that a new employee always feels overwhelmed and always feels like he isn’t doing well and will never learn it. It helps me, at least, to know that everyone goes through it, and when I’ve had occasion to train someone else, I tell them that.

    You’ve trained well for this, you are skilled for this, and I am sure that once you get through the transition period you will do well at it.

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  12. We’re in survival mode.

    I’m off to a 6 p.m. meeting that I really don’t want to go to but … several development projects will be discussed there and it’s simply the easiest way to gather information on several issues I need to know & write about, all in one place at one time. I just hope it doesn’t go too long.

    Hot day here today, 88. But I think this is supposed to be the hottest day of the week and inland it’s in triple digits so I can’t really complain. But I do 🙂

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  13. Continued prayers for your situation Kim..and yes…you did what you could and the ball is in her court so to speak. Her reactions are very off…she sounds like a very immature childish person…and I am going to guess she does indeed need our prayers…and so it goes…
    Hair is cut and my next appt isn’t until October…she wrote the date and time on my receipt! 😂
    So happy for you rk….you can do this nursing thing and you have our prayers!
    Roscuro we hold you in prayer as well….you will get into the swing of it and someday soon you will no loner be the “new girl”….hang in there!!

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  14. Cheryl— my question was based on trying to decide if I could make a Statement in line with Linda’s John reference, that God can only hear the prayers of a believer.


  15. Michelle, and clearly the answer to that is no. God is sovereign, and sometimes He answers the prayers of unbelievers–most of us have seen it.

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  16. I liked how the one speaker put it in the video clip I posted — God may but is under no ‘obligation’ to heed the prayers of unbelievers (as he is for his children, those with whom he is in a covenant relationship through Jesus Christ).

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