21 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-20-19

  1. Joe Biden talks about the big events in his life…… that never happened.

    He’s a legend in his own mind.


    “Joe Biden claimed twice recently that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, despite the fact that he was already out of office when the attack took place. His campaign said Biden misspoke and was referring to a different meeting he had after the Sandy Hook shooting. But the flub was reminiscent of Biden’s past misstatements and his tendency to embellish biographical details.

    In 1988, Biden was forced to drop out of the presidential race after he was found to have exaggerated his academic record, plagiarized a law school essay, and used quotes from other politicians in his speeches without attribution. But these are not the only questionable claims Biden has made. Here are six other times Biden was caught embellishing his biography:

    1. Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan”


  2. Warren is catching flack, and she’s earned it.


    “The Boston Herald on Friday penned an editorial blasting Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) for her repeated attacks on law enforcement.

    The editorial board recounted numerous instances Sen. Warren went after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and police officers for enforcing our rule of law.

    Specifically, the Herald cited an incident that took place in Boston:

    Last year it was ICE she targeted for expulsion, saying that it should be replaced with “something that reflects our morality.” She bellowed to a boisterous Boston City Hall Plaza crowd that, “This is about children held in cages. This is about babies scattered all across this country.”

    That screed included incendiary lines about ripping parents from their families, putting children in cages and treating “rape victims and refugees like terrorists.”

    Just days later, a Cambridge man offered to pay $500 to anyone who would kill an ICE agent. Law enforcement officers — the same ones Warren derides routinely — apprehended and charged the man.

    Unhindered by critical pushback in the media or the reality in the streets that included the tragic murders of two Massachusetts police officers in 2018, Warren forged ahead, exclaiming at a historically black college in August, “the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back.”

    According to the newspaper, Warren’s “dangerous and false rhetoric” has encouraged violence against law enforcement.”


  3. Rachel Maddow is a flat out liar.


    “Rachel Maddow Smears Trump Judicial Nominee as Racist by Misrepresenting Law Review Article

    “Had she actually read his law-review article, she would know that Menashi says the exact opposite of what Maddow claims.”

    “The liberal media has completely abandoned the Trump Russia conspiracy and has moved on to promoting a false narrative about white supremacy. Rachel Maddow is clearly on board, and she used her platform to falsely smear a Trump judicial nominee this week.

    Sometimes you have to wonder if Maddow isn’t malicious but just ignorant, despite her inflated confidence in her intellectual abilities. This seems like one of those times.

    Her target here is Steven Menashi, whom Trump has nominated to the Second Circuit Court. Maddow fixated on a law review article Menashi wrote, but she got it completely wrong.

    Ed Whelan writes at National Review:

    Rachel Maddow’s Racial Smear of Second Circuit Nominee Steven Menashi

    In a 2010 law-review article titled “Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy,” Second Circuit nominee Steven Menashi argues that “ethnonationalism remains a common and accepted feature of liberal democracy that is consistent with current state practice and international law.”

    Menashi’s specific purpose in the article is to refute claims that “Israel’s particularistic identity—its desire to serve as a homeland for the Jewish people—contradicts principles of universalism and equality upon which liberal democracy supposedly rests.”…

    In a lengthy segment on MSNBC last night, Rachel Maddow grossly distorts Menashi’s argument and tries to twist it into “a high-brow argument for racial purity.” (Video at 9:00-9:36.) She falsely claims that Menashi argues “how definitely democracy can’t work unless the country is defined by a unifying race.” (Video at 6:57-7:10.)

    But Menashi’s argument about national identity is clearly not about “racial purity” or a “unifying race.” Indeed, the fact that Israelis from Ethiopia are black makes it impossible to take seriously the claim that Menashi is making a case for “racial purity.” Menashi further states that it “is not even clear … that Israel’s national identity can even be described as ‘ethnic’” (in a narrow sense of that concept), as Israeli Jews come from “Argentina, Ethiopia, Germany, Morocco, Russia, and Yemen.”


  4. The NY Times is clueless.


    “The New York Times Is Clueless About Conservatives

    A recently released transcript shows just how biased the New York Times really is and how little they want to do to fix it.”

    “This week, Slate released a transcript of a meeting held by New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and his staff. The meeting was apparently called because of reaction to a headline about Donald Trump’s speech in the wake of the El Paso shooting. But much of the meeting was concerned with something else: when and how the paper of record should use the term “racist.”

    Before getting to that subject specifically, though, a few general thoughts about the meeting. As a conservative, what leaps off the page is the fact that the staffers actually seem to think the paper skews right, and they want it to skew more progressive. One staffer seemed to call on Baquet to hire radically and aggressively progressive scribe Roxanne Gay as the public editor.

    This reminds me of Yankees fans who call into sports radio to say Yanks general manager Brian Cashman is bad at his job because he failed to acquire a middle reliever at the trade deadline. Forget the fact that he’s won championships and has put together a juggernaut this season, he stinks. The overwhelming majority of everything the Times prints skews left. It’s amazing that the staff doesn’t understand this. Even rare examples of conservative ideas are too much for them.

    Defining “Racist”
    The conversation about the use of the term “racist” was telling in this respect. The underlying subtext was, “Is Donald Trump a racist?” “Are his supporters racist?” On this, all parties seemed to agree that the answer is yes — at least, nobody said no. Baquet’s objection to using the term, for which he was grilled, had less to do with whether the application is accurate than what outcome using the word would have. He worried it could make the term less powerful or turn off certain readers.

    When asked specifically what standard the New York Times uses in deciding to use the term racist, Baquet said this:

    You know, we actually should have a written standard. I wasn’t expecting two weeks ago — and [associate managing editor for standards] Phil [Corbett] is working with me and the masthead to come up with it. I can think of examples, like, you know, the governor — was it the governor of Virginia with the costume? I mean, it’s hard for me to answer, but yes, I do think there are instances when we would use it. It’s hard for me to articulate an example of it.

    To call this vague would be generous, and it’s Ralph Northam, by the way. I recently wrote about how racism is now defined by the old Potter Stewart axiom: I know it when I see it. Well, this is what that looks like. But worse, given his remarks about how the word affects readers, it is clear Baquet is less interested in establishing a clear standard for what racism is than in bringing the paper’s readership in line with his left-leaning worldview.”


  5. And Real Clear Politics is what the NY Times wants to be when it grows up.


    “Real Clear Politics Is What the New York Times Pretended to Be”

    “Once upon a time in a universe far far away, the New York Times was known as “the newspaper of record.” They purported to report “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” That was never true — like all such outlets it was written by humans, ergo biased — but it was a tiny bit more accurate than today, even with notorious contributors like Stalin-apologist Walter Duranty and Castro-apologist Herbert Matthews. The late Abe Rosenthal at least made an effort.

    Now the paper is little more than a left-wing propaganda sheet — and not a very good one, notwithstanding its seemingly unbreakable and unremitting influence on the mainstream media who still check the Times before they check themselves.

    These days the paper almost feels run by idiots. Certainly banking on Trump-Russia collusion as their main story for two years is not a sign of intelligence. It was an obvious absurdity from the beginning, promulgated by lies, largely published, wittingly or unwittingly, by the NYT. They even received Pulitzers for their prevarications, to the shame of both parties, the Pulitzer committee and the Times.

    Then these supposed journalistic geniuses moved on to obstruction of justice in a case that had no crime. Pretty soon it will be revealed that the case itself was the crime. (In fact, it already has — some time ago.) Then what will they say?

    Nothing. They are already on to Trump Is a Racist, blah-blah-blah. The transcript of their executive editor Dean Bacquet’s recent staff meeting published/pirated by Slate reads like a struggle meeting from the Chinese Cultural Revolution with some particularly juvenile Red Guards (recent Columbia Journalism grads, no doubt) calling for ever more revisionist (i. e. racist Republican) blood.

    It’s hard to imagine an intelligent person not being nauseated by this drivel, but the conformity and resistance to personal change (almost outstripping their resistance to Trump) of today’s liberal/progressive know no bounds.”


    And even some on the right can’t get enough of the drivel…..


  6. MSNBC is doing the Democrats’ dirty work by stoking racial tensions, like most of the MSM.


    “Stoking Racial Division? MSNBC Does the Dems’ Work”

    “The Democrats clearly don’t need to spend a dime on the 2020 presidential election campaign when they have almost the entire mainstream media doing free infomercials for them, and with just about the same level of authenticity and reliability as you would expect from those ads for Miss Cleo’s Psychic Friends Network.

    It’s hard to know why the networks and cable news channels don’t have to declare their in-kind contributions to the Democratic Party when it is so obvious that their No. 1 goal is getting Donald Trump out of office. You can’t really blame the First Amendment because neither you nor I can make unlimited donations to the candidate of our choice or else it’s called (cue the scary music here) “daarrrrrrk money.” Our political speech is not protected by the First Amendment, so neither should the blatantly biased political speech of phony journalists who are less interested in reporting facts than expressing outrage.

    Take this example from last week on MSNBC:

    “If it’s Tuesday: Divide and conquer. The White House offers up a few changes to the famous Statue of Liberty poem about immigrants, putting the spotlight once again on the president’s campaign to stoke racial division.”

    No. If it’s Tuesday, it’s Kasie Hunt making up stuff on “MTP Daily” to hurt President Trump because Chuck Todd is too busy stroking his own ego to do the job. There, I fixed it.

    And in case you missed the meme, the new libel on President Trump is that he is a racist. This campaign may not have the traction of the Russian treason libel, which was able to last for three years on the basis of a phony dossier paid for by his political opponents in the Democratic Party, but NBC and the rest of the Democrat cheerleaders in the Fake News Media don’t care. They know they just need the public to buy their lie about Trump being a racist for a little over a year, and with their experience in spreading manure — er, I mean propaganda — they are no doubt confident that they can add Trump’s scalp to their closet of Republican trophies.

    So back to the deplorable Kasie Hunt (and I mean that in the original sense of someone loathsome) and her campaign of hate against Trump. Here was how she started her program last Tuesday:

    “There is no longer any question about what kind of campaign the president is running. He is staking his reelection on stoking racial division — with megaphones and with dog whistles. After just yesterday announcing a plan to penalize legal immigrants who rely on public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps, a top immigration official suggested a rewrite to the poem on the Statue of Liberty.”

    Actually, he didn’t. In response to a question by Rachel Martin on NPR, Ken Cuccinelli agreed that the words “Give me your tired, your poor” are part of “the American ethos,” but he pointed out that we expect immigrants to “stand on their own two feet, and … not become a public charge.”

    This is hardly a novel idea. In fact, it has been on the books in one form or another since 1882, when the United States government passed its first comprehensive immigration law. The idea is simple, too. Don’t expect to move to the United States if you can’t support yourself. This seems like a pretty reasonable request from a country with a $22.5 trillion national debt.”


  7. Good.


    “Things seem to be heating up south of the border, and I’m not talking about a Taco Bell advertisement. The “Remain in Mexico” policy agreed to by the Mexican government is still in effect, but nobody really specified exactly where in Mexico asylum seekers were supposed to wait. This week the Mexican government took matters into their own hands, at least in some cases. They began packing up some of the migrants on buses and sending them down near the Guatemalan border. (NY Post)

    Mexico is sending some of the 30,000 Central American migrants vying for asylum in the United States on 750-mile bus rides — all the way back to southern Mexico, officials said.

    The “Remain in Mexico” program pushed by the Trump administration has forced thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait months to get their turn before a US immigration judge.

    But the northern state of Tamaulipas, just across the Rio Grande from Texas, is one of Mexico’s most dangerous zones — and has little housing or services for the newcomers.

    To be clear, Mexico isn’t deporting these migrants. They’re simply moving them out of what they admit is a very dangerous area with few services available to support them to a quieter region in the southern end of their nation. The fact that it’s so conveniently close to the border with Guatemala should, however, make it far easier for some of them to “self-deport” if they grow tired of waiting.”


  8. Planned Parenthood self-defunds?

    Either way is fine, as long as they’re defunded.


    “This is akin to finding out that Dan Hedaya was Keyser Soze. The years-long effort to defund Planned Parenthood may have finally succeeded, the Daily Beast reported over the weekend, because the nation’s leading abortion mill may refuse to take the money. A new rule prohibiting abortion counseling and referrals from Title X providers will remain in place, and Planned Parenthood management may refuse to participate as long as it does — which they have to decide today:

    Despite years of fighting calls to “defund Planned Parenthood,” the reproductive healthcare organization may now voluntarily remove itself from a massive government funding program, after a federal appeals court allowed a controversial new abortion rule to go forward.

    For months, Planned Parenthood has been battling a new Trump administration rule that bars taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from talking with their patients about abortion, or referring them to abortion providers. Planned Parenthood deemed the measure a “gag rule” and said it would pull out of Title X—the program that administers the funds—rather than comply with the new regulations. …

    In a statement, Planned Parenthood leadership said they would consider their options and announce next steps on Monday. “We refuse to cower to this president,” acting PPFA President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson said. “The gag rule is unethical, dangerous, and we will not subject our patients to it.”

    At issue are two decisions by the Ninth Circuit over the rule change, both of which favor the Trump administration. Planned Parenthood sued to overturn the rule, but the appellate court initially decided that the rule could be enforced while Planned Parenthood’s legal challenge proceeded, refusing to impose a temporary restraining order. Planned Parenthood then demanded an en banc hearing of that decision, but the court denied the request — unanimously, it seems:

    “The full court has been advised of the motions for full court en banc reconsideration and no judge has requested a vote on whether to rehear the matter as a full en banc court,” Chief Judge Sidney Thomas wrote in the brief order Friday. “The motions for full court en banc reconsideration are denied.”

    Friday’s ruling leaves Planned Parenthood to decide whether it will follow through with its promised departure from the program, which could come on Monday. That’s the deadline for providers participating in Title X to provide compliance assurance to HHS regarding the rule.

    Why didn’t Planned Parenthood appeal directly to the Supreme Court? Come on, man. If the Ninth Circuit can’t find a reason to block a Trump administration policy, what chance did an appeal to the Supreme Court have? That’s what makes this statement on the denial for an en banc hearing so interesting. Planned Parenthood couldn’t get even one judge on the Ninth Circuit to vote to rehear their case. That’s not exactly a vote of confidence in their argument on the merits.”


    The 9th Circuit has seen a huge improvement since Trump put some reasonable judges on board. It seems to have brought some of the others to their senses.


  9. Collusion is finally found…… in a Democrat conspiracy. And yet Mueller missed it. Funny that….

    “‘Ball of Collusion’ Excerpt: All the President’s Anti-Trump Loyalists”


    “Andrew C. McCarthy’s new book, “Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency,” finds the white whale that eluded Special Counsel Robert Mueller for two years – evidence of a wide conspiracy to undermine American democracy.

    It wasn’t the Trump campaign, McCarthy reports, but agents of the federal government that intentionally perpetrated a fraud on the American people through the Russia collusion hoax in order to undermine the duly elected president of the United States.

    McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, draws on his own distinguished analysis of the Trump-Russia investigation for National Review and Fox News, as well as the work of journalists who tirelessly challenged the collusion narrative trumpeted by leading news outlets, to provide a smart and brisk account of the broad effort to delegitimize Trump.

    “Ball of Collusion” covers the major revelations discovered so far about how top officials in the Obama administration – including the FBI and the CIA, the departments of Justice, State and the White House itself – turned government power into a political weapon to sabotage the Trump administration.

    Still, many questions remain about the origins of Trump-Russia hoax – especially the role of President Obama. In this excerpt from “Ball of Collusion” McCarthy details the Obama administration’s fearful yet calculated response to Trump’s surprising election.


  10. Surely Dems would condemn the violent Antifa.

    Well……. some would.


  11. More lies from Omar and company..



  12. And of course, the press never, ever calls them on it.



  13. ————


  14. Buyer beware.


    “Stunning poll reveals 78% of Americans believe that reporters use incidents as props to support their agenda”

    America’s news media have blown their credibility. The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, won office despite the best efforts of the major media outlets to defeat him, and now expects to use the media against themselves. Coming next: his dismissal of media accusations of racism.

    The full commitment of the New York Times to serving as a propaganda outlet to defeat President Trump was revealed by the recording of executive editor Dean Baquet addressing key staff members leaked to Slate. In it he signaled that the failed effort to discredit Trump as an agent of Vladimir Putin will be succeeded by an effort to tar him as a racist. The newspaper that serves as pilot fish for the rest of the media has lost all credibility as a news-gatherer, and now functions as a pusher of themes designed to damage the re-election chances of the president. And everyone can now see it.

    It was surprising to learn that the leader of the Times is so open. But even before this revelation, the American public already understood. Sharyl Attkisson’s syndicated television show Full Measure commissioned a poll from Scott Rasmussen on media credibility, and it revealed that the abuses have gone on so long that the public has caught on and discounts the garbage being offered to it in the guise of news. Attkisson discussed the results with Rasmussen last Sunday. A full recording of the broadcast is embedded below, along with the transcript, courtesy of Real Clear Politics. Tim Haines summarizes, but the full transcript or video is worthwhile:”


  15. The demise, because they keep doing it wrong.


    “One may believe that those in charge of public education are qualified to administer the task of educating America’s youth. One may believe they have the best interests of society at heart. And one may believe they are doing the best they could do, given the conditions under which they have to work. Abundant evidence, however, points to the conclusion that none of those beliefs is valid.

    Public education has become an institutionalized form of child abuse. Rather than being a tool used to prepare children to become productive adults, public education is being used to indoctrinate them to believe what powerful interest groups wish them to believe. This process is designed to transform America into a place unfit for human habitation, in which rights are suppressed, powers of government are unlimited, and traditional faith-based values are rejected.

    What children in public schools are being told to accept as facts and truth is often nothing more than opinions of those who reject reason and do what they might to prevent students from developing the intellectual skills required for critical thinking so they might embrace their own enslavement and the subversion and degradation of their society.

    Those who administer public education are contributing to the degradation of the morals of minors, to the undermining of their intellectual and spiritual growth as human beings, and to the sabotaging of their lives and well-being, as well as to all of these in society at large. And they are unlawfully abusing their power to achieve those ends.

    While promotion in public schools of faith-based ideology is supposed to have been prohibited, according to the Supreme Court of the United States, the faith-based ideologies of socialism, Marxism, nihilism, Islamism, Satanism, Darwinism, and others continue to be propagated in public schools. This is clearly unlawful. It is prohibited. And it is destructive. But Americans across the country do and say little even to express their opposition to the practice of indoctrination.”


  16. Some good news.

    Livin’ the dream of boys everywhere. 🙂


    “Fan who threw 96 mph in radar gun booth shines in Athletics minor league debut”


  17. Ah, the Boston Herald (mentioned in 7:01). It was bought by us in 2018, amid much angst, kicking and screaming (on their part). 😦 Our owners are not very popular. 🙂


  18. I’m thinking she might not be into this whole First Lady idea. 🙂



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