Our Daily Thread 8-17-19

Good Morning!

It’s Chas’ birthday! 🎈🎁🎈

Also, it’s Kevin’s wedding anniversary! πŸ’žπŸ‘°πŸ€΅πŸ’ž

And the pics are from Janice. πŸ˜„


Anyone have a QoD?



72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-17-19

  1. Happy birthday , Chas! Wishing you a year filled with God’s blessings.

    Happy anniversary Kevin and Mrs B. Wishing you many more years of happiness.

    Is that a zinnia or marigold.

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  2. Happy Anniversary Kevin!!
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Sleep well Jo.
    At around ! AM this morning, Chas turned 89. My mom was almost 19. They were living with her parents. Grandmother wrapped me in a blanket and called a doctor.
    Leastwise, that’s what they tell me.,

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  3. Morning and a most Happy Birthday to you Chas!!! We are incredibly blessed to celebrate our Lord’s wonderful creation and gift of YOU today!!! πŸŽ‚
    And Happy Anniversary to Kevin and the Mrs this day….how many years are we celebrating?
    Those appear to be zinnias….they are beautiful!

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  4. :birthday: Β‘Feliz cumpleaΓ±os, Chas! :birthday: Enjoy the last year of your 9th decade!

    🎊 ‘Feliz aniversario, Kevin y Sra. B! Go celebrate with a special dinner. 🎊

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  5. Happy Birthday, Chas!

    Happy Anniversary, Kevin and Mrs. B!

    And such beautiful flowers in the header! They sure look pretty among the greenery.

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  6. Today is the anniversary of the death of Charles Grandison Finney, the “Father of Revivalism.” He denied original sin, the substitutionary atonement of Christ, the forensic nature of justification, simul justus et peccator, believed that moralism and morality were at the heart of the message of Christ.

    And, what is his legacy? He bequeathed to us the “come forward” altar call, the de-coupling of salvation from the work of the Holy Spirit (making it merely the skillful marshaling of “means” to motivate people to “decide” for Christ, and the triumph of semi-pelagian (and actual pelagian) notions in broad evangelicalism today. As Finney put it himself: “A revival is not a miracle, nor dependent on a miracle, in any sense. It is a purely philosophical result of the right use of the constituted meansβ€”as much so as any other effect produced by the application of means.”

    We “commemorate” so many of the saints and heroes of the faith. Today is a day to “remember” the passing of a false teacher who did more to harm popular Christianity than help it. The term “false teacher” would not be too strong for this fellow!
    (Shared from Rev. Dennis McFadden).


  7. Happy Birthday, Chas! We are so blessed to know you and benefit from your wisdom. May you have a nice meal out with your family and have some delicious cake. When Elvera cooked, did she make a special dessert for your birthday?

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  8. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B.
    May you have an enjoyable weekend together. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

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  9. Good morning, all, A beautiful day here. Lots of smoke in the air, as usual this time of year. Expected high in the mid seventies. I have not mown in over a month, I think.

    Happy birthday, Chas! You are a blessing.

    Happy anniversary, little brother and his wife. Keep pedaling, you may catch up.

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  10. I am never Anon without notifying.
    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Chuck&Linda came over, with Becky & Brian and their three. We had home made muffins with candles in them.
    Not 90. At some point it becomes unmanageable.
    Linda and Becky think I may have bronchitis. If it isn’t over by Wednesday, we are going to the doctor.
    DIL and Oldest GD have become mothers. Not suddenly. I could see it coming.

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  11. Anon I think might be Linda?

    Yes, Finney … I remember being at a Christian bookstore some years ago with a friend who said she wanted to buy one of his books and I think I audibly gasped πŸ™‚ She thought I was way too persnickety, but good doctrine is important and just because someone lived in the 1800s or before doesn’t make them a good theologian.

    Question for Lutherans: Carol mentioned the other day that it was the Feast of the Virgin Mary Day, saying that Lutherans recognize all of the saint days, that one included.


  12. Here’s the intro on that website list:

    ~ Over the centuries, the Christian Church has set aside specific days to remember persons and events that were significant in the proclamation of the Gospel.

    The following feasts and festivals are according to the Lutheran Service Book calendar, and the LCMS Worship Library explains the distinction between β€œfestivals” and β€œcommemorations.”

    Readings and other propers have been assigned for the feasts and festivals, and each day features an introit, collect, gradual, verse and hymn suggestions. These may be found in the LSB Altar Book and the Hymn Selection Guide.

    Lectionary Summaries for feasts, festivals and occasions are prepared for worshipers to read in weekly Divine Service bulletins.

    The hymn β€œBy All Your Saints in Warfare” provides us with another opportunity to learn about those who have gone before us and pointed to Christ. A selection of those hymn verses and prayers for the day are available. ~


  13. Glad to hear you’ve got a plan for getting in to a doctor soon, Chas, if that cough doesn’t go away.

    [Aside: I first spelled cough “couch.” I hope your couch doesn’t go away.] πŸ™‚

    Speaking of couches going away, my parents got a new one this week, so the old one did go away, the same day. Sounds like they love their new couch.

    I am having an enjoyable morning looking through the new music I purchased Thursday at the workshop, deciding which pieces would be good to introduce when and to which student(s). I had a general idea when I bought the music who it might be well-suited to, but I am finding more uses for several of the pieces/collections. I love planning ahead with curriculum choices, and am finding it a delightful time doing this now with more students than I’ve had at one time since I first reopened my studio in 2014.

    A great blessing from God, these students.

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  14. How did DJ sneak in three posts in the time it took me to type one?

    Journalists must think and type a lot faster than this music dreamer. πŸ˜‰

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  15. I would not wait too long, Chas. Pneumonia can also be sneaky. Happy birthday! Not a nice birthday present. 😦

    Happy anniversary, Kevin!

    Beautiful marigolds. I have some taller doubles and they did not do well this summer. I am not sure why. Other flowers are beautiful.

    “Lutherans’ do not think all the same on many issues. That is one reason there are different synods. Even though they all have their statements not everyone believes everything in those either. I think the same is true of all the denominations. Some are more strict on insisting on members accepting everything. My Lutheran church does not use that book or have a strict liturgy. The bible is pretty clear about who the saints are.

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  16. Anon may have also been cheryl.

    Yes, I was thinking pneumonia, too. So the blog doctors have now consulted and we have two opinions on a potential diagnosis …

    My mom had ‘walking’ pneumonia once, I remember, but it went away with antibiotics. Still, probably important to get it treated sooner rather than later. There’s also now an immunization shot one can get for that (along with shingles, etc.). I haven’t gotten any of those but probably should start looking into them. I also still need a measles vaccine, everyone was out of them last time I checked.

    I bought a Lutheran prayer book for Carol for her birthday this summer — https://www.cph.org/p-31645-lutheran-prayer-companion.aspx — so that’s probably what prompted her mention of the saint’s day.

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  17. Cannot answer DJ’s question as a Lutheran, but can answer as a student of history. Luther venerated the Virgin Mary in a way that modern Protestants would have labeled idolatrous. I first came across this fact of Luther’s devotion in an history of the church that was written in the late 1800s by the church historian Philip Schaeff, which I do not have before me, but this internet post summarizes Luther’s quotes on Mary well (it is a Catholic article, but the quotes are genuine): https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?id=788

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  18. My LCMS doesn’t celebrate on August 15, but the Catholics I know honor Mary on that day.

    I know nothing about Finney beyond what I just read. πŸ™‚


  19. I’m guessing it was Cheryl, as the anonymous post before that one had her gravitar. (At least I think that one was hers.) And it sounded like something she would say. πŸ™‚


  20. Ah, my 12:42 does sound like I’m admitting something! But I’m not.

    Or, I mean, that 10:33 post about Finney wasn’t by me. The smiley at the end of my 12:42 was for Linda, as I thought it was she who posted anonymously. She is the only LCMS person I know of here besides Michelle. (I’m from a different Lutheran denomination.)

    I don’t think Cheryl has ever ended up Anonymous, has she?

    Will the real anon please stand up? πŸ˜‰


  21. I had the BEST dream of my father last night. It was in a large church setting. Little Miss had gotten separated from me and I found her. I looked across the vestibule into the church and saw my father. He had on a pair of dress pants a shirt and a tie. He had his suit jacket slung over his shoulder. We locked eyes and in that moment I knew everything would be OK

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  22. Yes, bronchitis is another possibility. That also usually makes you feel generally tired and sick, I’ve only had it once but that’s what I remember about it. And I think pneumonia comes with a fever?

    Kim, what a sweet dream. I had a couple of those shortly after my mom’s unexpected death.

    Well, a busy morning. I had to pick up a refill for Cowboy’s new arthritis meds (30 day supply for $58, yikes — but they’re definitely helping, he’s looking and acting much more like himself since we started those). Then I picked up a framing project I’d had done at the local craft store while I was on vacation (and they were having a half-off sale on custom framing). The ‘picture’ is 2 pics of the printing press and outside building with sign of the old newspaper I worked for here in town. Looked like they’d been prepared for a house ad when I wound up with the velox-type copy when the newspaper closed down. They’re both kind of sepia-toned, the photos are old and they have that old-timey look to them. They’re smallish, though, so they are side-by-side together within one old-fashioned brown wood frame w/cream-colored matting. Looks nicer than I thought it would. And it was all pre-paid a month ago so I got to pick it up without owing anything.

    The store has all its fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff out already.

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  23. Annie’s in the dog house again (the literal “igloo style” dog house which is in the far reaches of the backyard). She loves sleeping in there. The dogs have never used it (and I’m talking 3 generations of my dogs, although it admittedly sat in the garage here for some years).

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  24. We moved our insulated dog house into the shop, installed a lightbulb and now it’s the cat’s winter home πŸ™‚ His food is on the roof and he loves his space.

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  25. I wanted to LIKE Kim’s post, but couldn’t.
    I should have suspected someone named Linda would be behind the mischief
    My Linda has said we are going to the Dr. Monday. She consults with Mary who is a nurse.’
    I am now going to gargle with some warm/salt water. I may not be back tonight.

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  26. I am thankful Linda is taking your sweet self to the doctor on Monday….this thing has hung on for far too long…time to take your medicine! Rest well as you embark upon your 90th year…we all are so blessed our Lord placed you in our lives….
    Kim you painted your dream so vividly. I got teary eyed reading of it and thanked the Lord for giving to you this hope and knowing…how gracious is He…. ❀️

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  27. Good evening Jo.
    We- I decided not to go to church this morning.
    I had a coughing spell that went on until after 10:30 last night. But when it was over, I slept all night. I am very thankful for that.
    But it’s back and we’re staying home.

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  28. OK Karen. But I don’t know who Elizabeth Smart is.
    When you have gone to SS and church every Sunday for decades, not going messes up your entire schedule until mid afternoon.

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  29. Chas – Elizabeth Smart was the pretty blonde Mormon girl whose abduction and eventual rescue were national news in the early 2000s. From Wikipedia. . .

    “On June 5, 2002, Smart was 14-years-old when she was abducted at knifepoint from her bedroom in her family’s house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Smart was raped daily, tied up, and threatened with death if she attempted to escape.[6] She was rescued by police officers nine months later on March 12, 2003, on a public street in Sandy, Utah, 18 miles from her home, following the help of two witnesses who recognized abductors Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee from an America’s Most Wanted episode.

    Her abduction and rescue were widely reported and were the subject of a made-for-TV movie, titled The Elizabeth Smart Story, and non-fiction books.”


  30. Yesterday, after Boy was dropped off by X around 1:00, he and Gabby played outside until 9:00. It was nice that they were both around at the same time, and for that length of time, as they get along so well and have so much fun together. Nightingale, whose living room windows are in the front of the house, where they play, was highly amused by overhearing some of their play.

    At one point, she heard Boy say, “Sshhh. You’ll wake the baby up.” Then Gabby called him (or the pretend baby?) “Honey”. So they must have been playing house for a while. πŸ™‚

    I think I’ve mentioned before that Gabby is a strong-willed girl who often has trouble getting along with other kids because she can be pretty bossy. And Boy is a strong-willed boy who can be pretty bossy. But somehow, they get along great and have a lot of fun playing together.

    Having said that, I’m gonna throw in a prayer request here, related to this friendship, in a bit.

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  31. Okay, I’m back.

    When Chickadee was young, she had trouble making friends. One friend from school ended up using her and then bullying her. She was friends with Mrs. McK’s younger daughter since they were very little, but once they started school, only saw each other when school was out, at our weekly Bible studies. Then as young teens, they discovered instant messaging and were able to chat whenever they wanted. That led them to becoming best friends.

    I had been praying for God to bring Chickadee a good friend, preferably a nice Christian girl, and CBF (=Chickadee’s Best Friend) seemed to be the one. Then when Chickadee was 15 and CBF 13, the McK family moved in upstairs. I thought that was wonderful, and an answer to prayer for all of us. I delighted in knowing that we were able to rent to friends, and that Chickadee had her best friend living right upstairs. She would go up to hang out with them every Friday evening.

    But as you know, that friendship ended up indoctrinating her in the LGBT agenda, drawing her away from God, and away from home. What I thought was a delightful answer to prayer has become a nightmare for me.

    Soooo. . .my prayer request is that this friendship between Boy and Gabby would truly be good for him, and for her, and will not turn into anything bad (like getting into bad things or trouble when they are older). Also, please pray for salvation for both of them, as well as for their single moms (Gabby’s mom’s name is the same as Nightingale’s) and their dads (I don’t know if Gabby’s father is involved).

    (Btw, I know that it is still very possible that having the McKs live here, and Chickadee and CBF being so close. were/are still part of God’s plan in a way I cannot see. At least, that is my hope.)

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  32. The reason I say “At least, that is my hope,” is not because I like the situation, but because if it is all a part of His particular plan, then He has more to the plan.

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  33. Oh, the woes of home ownership! Last night we got home from celebrating D2’s birthday, hoping to have a relaxing hour or so before bedtime. We discovered more wet carpet, this time in the corner of the house in the closet. And more white mold! Ugh! I guess it’s time for an equity loan to stop the leakage.


  34. Sorry to hear that Peter, I know how it feels.

    I definitely remember the Elizabeth Smart saga, it was the drama of the year with endless speculation over who abducted her. The family was having work done on their house at the time so all sorts of workers came under suspicion, as did the father at some point, as I recall.

    Our sermon was on walls (no, not that wall) from Nehemiah today. I stayed for the Q&A SS and then caught up with a couple folks I hadn’t talked to in a while after that. Good fellowship, which I needed.

    Ate a tuna sandwich as a belated lunch and now I’m wondering if it’s too late to try to still prime that bench …

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  35. Back home! Did you miss me?

    Lovely party for Baby S’s first birthday. Surprise, surprise, she likes chocolate cake. πŸ™‚

    And we got to encourage some struggling friends, and my husband’s mom (who is sometimes lonely, and has had too much “bad news” concerning health of various friends this year) by our in-person presence. It’s always good to be home, and we will be very glad to be in our own bed tonight. But the trip was good.

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  36. Oh Peter that is never fun…hoping it can be fixed without too much aggravation! The young man didn’t come over to fix the soffit on Friday but will be here in the morning…I am hoping it will be an easy fix…the source of the leak is the first order of business, then the replacement of the rotten soffit. It all needs to be done before the snow flies…whoa…did I say that?! ⛄️
    Cheryl your visit sounds lovely. Do you all find yourselves missing being closer to family now that you have moved away?

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  37. Welcome home Cheryl, glad you had a nice visit.

    I watered front and back so at least I was able to get that chore done today. I still need to re-hang the flower pots on the front porch, but I’m letting them drain a bit more first.

    Charlie Brown is experiencing another growth spurt late this summer, there are bright green ends on all his branches and the top is now higher than the side support beams.

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  38. I think it was the gutters again. We had screens put over them to stop them from getting filled with leaves, but bits of shingles still get in them. The end near the bedroom had a pileup of the bits blocking the downspout. I think the heavy rain Friday night caused an overflow. I cleaned it out and removed some screen that was blocking the downspout hole. Plus, the gutter piece with the downspout was not caulked at the joint and water was coming through the gap. We’ll see if that does the trick.


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