44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-15-19

  1. Did lots of miles today as I took the truck to autoshop before school and went to the weight room after school and then walked home. The truck is supposed to be ready tomorrow, but I got the singles van to go to market in the morning.

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  2. Good nite Jo…sleep well 😊
    Why is it I seem to awaken at 3am on Thursdays?
    Pretty flowers but what in the world is the one in the foreground? I thought rhubarb at first due to the color and texture of the stalk….


  3. At least I think it is okra. It was at our community garden. If anyone knows what it is specifically, please let me know. I would say maybe ornamental okra because the color is so striking.

    Good morning, all. The IRS conference ends today. Art is full up with knowledge for the next season. Not so many changes as last time. He was impressed by the new tax commissioner appointed by Trump who has a background of being a refugee (can’t remember which country) and his wife was a refugee from another country, which I think he said a Vietnamese boat person). He is the first Commissioner who has been a tax preparer himself and is not an Ivy League person. Glad Art got to hear him speak.

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  4. Whenever I hear the word “okra” I think of that old children’s show “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie”. Only my brain says “Okra, Fran, and Ollie”.

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  5. I grew okra one year, but I don’t remember it looking like that. Maybe it did not care for the climate. I don’t remember what we die with the product.


  6. It’s another overcast, cool morning here on the coast. I don’t think we’ve had more than maybe a few days that have gotten into even the low 90s yet this summer. High temps will be around 80 today but then it goes back down into the 70s by the weekend. I haven’t seen any rainfall predictions for the coming 2019-20 season yet, but we’re hoping we have at least a normal year and not any more of our long-standing drought.


  7. I have never tasted okra. I thought of squash when I saw the photo and how some people love to bread and fry squash blossoms.

    Kim, I was wondering what fruit you had in the fruit salad you wrote about the other day?


  8. You can’t have vegetable soup without okra.

    I don’t know what happened to my post. I went through the entire routine, and thought it was up. I commented on Peter’s comment about Kukia, Fran and Ollie.
    When I was in the AF at Kelly AFB in 1951, I worked at the ground station, operating radios. After a night shift, I would go into the day room to settle down before hitting the rack. Often Fran was on talking to her two dummies.
    I was in love with Fran.

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  9. I’m sure I’ve had vegetable soup without okra (which I’ve never tasted either, to my knowledge).

    I’ve never listened to Kukia, Fran and Ollie, though it would have been on TV for a few more years yet when I was a kid under 5.

    My parents’ favorite shows during those early years were Jack Benny, Perry Mason and The Naked City which I thought was probably a very forbidden program (it came on well after my bedtime).

    “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.”

    I see on Wikipedia it did win an Emmy Award.


  10. I found a chair with a high back to claim as my waiting space until Art finishes up. I was on a bench without a back and decided that would not be good for a four hour wait. Now I have to remain here so no one will take my seat. My alarm just went off for my eyedrops. Not the best place for doing that. I will need to dig out my hand sanitizer from my overstuffed bag. There are so many people here. We have both been sneezing. I hope we don’t take anything new home except for the knowledge Art was suppose to reap.

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  11. Unfortunately, we claimed the wrong cane. As Art walked by the IRS lost and found station a guy said, “That’s the cane!” It looked just like Art’s cane except that the guys initials had been carved into it. Had Art used his other cane, no one would have known. So now he will get a new cane I suppose. Our souvenir cane♡

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  12. We walked at 7:30 to beat the heat, but it’s back. Tomorrow I’m going out at 7.

    Someone contacted me yesterday asking me to write a biography of the woman he’s researched for 20 years. He’s spent a lot of money and has 18,000 pages of information. If I have any questions, he’ll be happy to correct anything if I write the book.

    No thanks.

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  13. Turk is an apologetist and this was such a great interview! I listened during the podcast and kept wanting to stop (but I was driving) to take notes. Analogies were fantastic and it was so interesting.

    Chas, maybe you would enjoy watching the Metaxas show–it certainly would speak to spiritual issues and I think you would gain a lot of knowledge and information to think about.


  14. An IRS conference. Sounds compelling. 🙂

    I’m sorry about the lost cane (that could be a Perry Mason episode: The Case of the Lost Cane). You’d think someone would turn it in, although maybe it looked just like their’s so … now their cane is wandering around lost.

    Canes also can be handy weaponry, which is probably where the Perry Mason story would go.

    HBO is coming out with a new Perry Mason series, they were filming in our town all last week. It’s set in the 1930s (at least to begin with) and focuses on Mason’s early days right out of WWI as a private investigator/about-to-be lawyer.

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  15. That is why I never got one. My mom used a pressure cook sometimes but I was always scared it would explode. We have pressure canned outside. But daughter bought herself a multipot and liked it so much, she had one sent to me I did not use it for the first couple of weeks but have used it many times, several times a week, since. It has yet to explode. Today is baked potatoes and beets.

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  16. I watched kuckla fran and ollie as a child on saturday afternoon reruns.

    I use a pressure cooker to can, but have not used one to cook food since I blew the weight off while cooking a pot of beans. There was bean juice all over the ceiling.

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  17. I wouldn’t have known what a multiport was until some of you started talking about it.
    My mother once had a pressure cooker.
    Michelle, I watched (rather listened to) that link. Interesting, but I don’t think I learned anything. The question “Why should there be anything?” is not what stops atheists.


  18. My mother uses the pressure cooker to cook all. the. time. She tells the story of her family blowing up a pressure canner while canning beans and ending up with beans on the ceiling; but she always managed the pressure gauges on the pressure cooker and we learned to do so also, so no serious problem has ever arisen (the most that happen was a the pressure regulator cap blew off and hit the ceiling once). My father got her a multipot a few years ago for Christmas, but my mother is afraid, not of it exploding, but of all the electronic bells and whistles it has. She doesn’t like electronics in any form. So, it is generally only used for large meals when every burner on the stove is needed (and there is one of her children to put in the electronic settings).


  19. I have not used any of the settings but the do it yourself one. Push that, then the time and it turns itself on.

    We never blew up the pressure cooker but it sure was a lot louder than this one . One of the reasons I always used it outside was the noise. But it is nice to have the potatoes done in fifteen minutes without heating up the house. Not that I have ever eaten one from it. And don’t plan to. But it is the children’s favorite way to have them. Eleven year old runs it some of the time.


  20. So I decided to be anonymous and open this thread in internet explorer. In google it was not looking good. Not centered and different colors for things. very hard to read. okay I will admit to my self.


  21. My mother liked to use her pressure cooker for canning and regular cooking. I have never used a pressure cooker. We have a lot more salad and such during the summer to not heat up the house. Janice


  22. We don’t use the oven in the summer unless the temp outside is not going over about fifty five. Then we don’t mind heating up the house. But these folks really like potatoes. I have no idea why. They were clearly adopted…..wait….never mind.

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  23. I have been painting a room. The new occupant requested turquoise and red. The doors are now red, the ceiling is red, the walls are turquoise. Some trim and the closet to go. Well, not red actually, kind of an orange red. Steelhead red or some such thing. Salmon red. Whatever. She plans to move in on her birthday which is coming up in a week.

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  24. Sorry Kim, hang in there. It’ll pass.

    I may have to go in tomorrow after working all week at home. I love working from home. I now have 2 work stations, one in the back office/den room and the other in the front of the house on the long antique ‘library’ table next to the window I can hope for all that cool breeze.

    I saw a house the other day painted the same color as mine but it had the “blue” door (and it was a very similar style house & same kind of old mostly-glass door that I have). I took a picture of it. I still like that idea. Of the blue door.

    And I love turquoise for other things. Like the little garden bench that’s now out front with a colorful clay pot on it … and the big patio bench I still have to paint. Maybe this weekend! And the weather vane!


  25. Well, the weathervane won’t be turquoise, it’ll be black.

    Made an appt for Tuesday morning to drop my car off to get the running boards put on and an oil change. I’ll have to wing it from there as it’s a work day, I can either haul a laptop with me and find a starbucks or … just plan to take Lyft back home.

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  26. My dad used to do roast beef in a pressure cooker. It was always good.

    We have an old one here, but I use it only to make pop corn. It doesn’t have the rubber o-ring, so it doesn’t seal. But it’s thick metal and easy to set on a high temp setting without warping it. (I set it on high to heat the oil quicker, then turn it to medium for popping the corn.)


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