59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-3-19

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    It’s 10:30 over there, she should be sacked out by now.
    speaking of “sacked out” I have something for R&R when I get to it.

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  2. We are back. The ambulance folk had her dropped off by the time we arrived. We were taken directly back to a room where we talked while the lady filled out her forms for an hour or two. Then we went to her room where she was lying on a bed in her hospital issue paper pj’s. We talked, the woman who interviewed us talked with her. She decided we had this and sent us home. The entire time, daughter was belligerent and rude with a big grin on her face and told the lady that all she wanted was to be dead and to be Catholic. So here we are back again. Pray for us.

    After we left, daughter told me she is confused why she keeps doing the same thing when she does not want to be there.

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  3. Anyway, we got home just before two this morning. Husband had to get up at three thirty to head off to work, driving shuttle for a river trip. Pray for him also.

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  4. Prayers for sure, mumsee.

    Chas, I have a friend who had to finally get some medication to help stop her husband from walking away at night. He would get very agitated and has Alzheimer’s.

    Kizzie, I agree with Cheryl. I would ask that YF how people knew she was a single mother, if I responded at all. I probably wouldn’t respond, because the statement is ludicrous, IMO. I have never seen a single mother treated badly in any church I have attended. I am sure some are treated badly, since the church is full of human beings and they do not always act without sin.

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  5. Mumsee, praying for rest for you and peace for her. I think you are right in your assessment of her (your comment last night). She had unfeigned faith when she was younger and it is the things one holds the most dear that seem most threatened by one’s mental illness.

    I received an email this morning from one of the team members with whom I had worked in West Africa (not our mutual friend). In the course of the email, she mentioned that one of the clinic workers had died some months ago. This clinic worker was one that I knew quite well, having worked alongside him in the lab every week on the day mothers and babies came for vaccinations and prenatal visits. He was an older man, from the Fula tribe, slightly built, and shorter than me (and I am the shortest in my family). He was named, in dialect form, after the father of our faith. He loved hymns, which he had learned during his training from another agency who had given him religious as well as healthcare training. Family pressure had prevented him from openly expressing any firm convictions, so we were not sure of the state of his faith. While I was there, he asked the team member I mentioned above, for a hymnbook and was delighted when she found one. He used to sing snatches of hymns as he and I worked together. He and I talked often while we worked, about many different things. He would ask me about Canada, and tell me that someday I would see him there. When I was so ill, and had to be transported out of the village, he was one of the two clinic employees who took time out of their busy day to come and see me before I went. I could tell, even though I was so ill, how shaken he was at seeing me like that. But I survived and he is the one who is gone.

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  6. Beautiful seahorse photo.

    Roscuro, I’m so sorry.

    mumsee, prayers, how difficult. And for Elvera as well.

    I’m off for the running board installation + I need my left front tire checked, it’s losing air according to my sensor readouts in the car. Carol is expecting me over for a visit sometime today also, she keeps asking me what time I’ll be there and I have to keep telling her it depends on this morning’s car issues. But then she’ll ask again, what time?

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  7. And speaking of things of the sea, here’s a quote for the day:

    “…and Heaven have mercy on us all – Presbyterians and Pagans alike – for we are all dreadfully cracked about the head and desperately in need of mending.” – Herman Melville Moby Dick

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  8. Morning! Pretty sea horses. The kids collected many along the inlet at Huntington Beach in SC. So tiny and intricate.
    Praying for you and Mike concerning oh so many issues you are facing Mumsee and trusting our Lord to lead you in His wisdom and direction.
    Husband has returned from his weeklong backpacking mountain climbing excursion. He and his buddy had the realization they are older and certain physical activities do not come as easy as they once had…but they had a wonderful time bagging some 13’rs….. 🏔

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  9. I’m sorry to hear of the death of your friend, Roscuro.

    Also of the challenges you and Mike are dealing with, Mumsee, and the concerns before Chas & Elvera, too Many prayer needs.

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  10. And now for the announcement I’ve been anticipating making:

    Hubby and I are grandparents!

    2nd Arrow and our son-in-law are the proud parents of a baby girl. Born late yesterday afternoon, she is quite the little sweetie. 🙂 Mom and baby are doing well, and SIL was filled with emotion when he called us yesterday evening to announce her arrival.

    I called my mom after that to announce that she and Dad are now great-grandparents. They were both so thrilled to hear the news!

    We’re going to visit daughter, SIL, and grandbaby tomorrow, and we can’t wait to hold this little one for the first time! Lots of proud aunts and uncles, too. 🙂

    I’ll forward email pics of Baby and Family I received today to those of you for whom I have email addresses. So if you get an email with seven pictures of people you’ve never met, those would be the new family of three mentioned above. 🙂

    (Baby’s name and other information will be in the email version of the announcement.) 🙂

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  11. Got to the auto shop where my online appt was made earlier this week only to have them tell me, oh, they don’t install running boards. What? So I’ve lodged a complaint with the online folks that set the appointment up.

    I was hoping that would allow me to get up to see Carol in the morning hours but we wouldn’t have had enough time to visit before their lunch hour there (it’s about an hour’s drive for me to get there). So I’m still going to have to put it off until early afternoon.

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  12. Cheryl -ED=emergency department.

    Congratulations 6arrows. What an exciting time. You now have the potential to be this little girls favorite person in the world.

    Now working the races in the rain. Only 8 more to go.

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  13. Cheryl and Kathaleena – Cheryl is right that it is hard to argue with someone’s experience (or perceived experience), but in this case, I was commenting on an article about someone neither of us knew, and I thought I made a couple good points.

    Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take into account the fact that YA has her own bitterness about church and Christians. (See my prayer request, please.) I wish that in reading my comments she could have been honest enough with herself to apply them to her own feelings (not that she had to tell me about it), but she did not. She wrote about being so hurt by several churches (she once claimed to have tried 20 churches in the general area) that rejected her in one way or another, and insists that it was in every single church, and not only by a few people, but by the church communities as a whole. (See that prayer request I mentioned for my further thoughts.)

    In this case (person to person, not merely commenting on an article), of course I cannot tell YA what I think the actual problem was (her own insecurities and social awkwardness causing her to feel rejected even when she wasn’t). One of the churches was my old church, the one we attended for 20 years. I know that the way she describes things was not the way it was.

    She and her family were not regular attendees, but she and her sister went to the Wednesday night children’s (and later, teens) programs. They only attended maybe a few Sunday mornings over a period of years (and honestly, saying “a few” might be stretching it), but would often come to special events, like the church Christmas party or a ladies brunch, at my invitation. But somehow she has it in her mind that they attended fairly regularly. I can tell you, though, that they were all welcomed and treated kindly whenever they attended.

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  14. I was reminded today of why I like real estate. I showed a double-wide mobile home to a couple and their little boy. It is on a half-acre parcel. They have been renting and qualify for $125,000. That won’t buy much around here. They looked all over Pensacola before they were referred to me to show in Alabama. They just want something of their own. We wrote an offer. My prayer is that it is accepted.

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  15. We are having neighbors over for dessert later on. Could not shake the sense I should invite three of our closest neighbors over tonight. Found out one couple have been sitting in ICU with Dad of husband and they responded they really needed friends tonight. And one other who I happen to walk with everyday is saying goodbye to their dog Midas tonight. It has been a tough day in the neighborhood. I just took a basket of flowers to my friend as the vet is due to arrive in a couple minutes. They are the ones who just said goodbye to their other boy Max a couple weeks ago…her faith is wavering. 😢

    6 I saw the photos…she is absolutely precious!! It is good to smile with joy upon reflecting of His goodness….enjoy every moment and breathe deep the perfume of a newborn!! ♥️

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  16. I teared up big time on the one with daughter and husband snuggling baby close. So moving, looking at the new parents gazing so at their newborn, wrapped in that circle of love.

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  17. 6 Arrows, it does look like a precious family, and Mama doesn’t look as exhausted as the new mothers I’ve seen.


  18. I’ve been wanting to come back here and say this for a while, but then my laptop was doing updates, and it took a very long time to get through them. So anyway. . .

    What I wanted to say, and also just wrote on the prayer thread, in a longer form, is that what I wrote about YA earlier was written with compassion, not complaining about her. Just want to be clear about that.

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  19. It was a big Windows 10 update that had to be done before something-or-other expires in November. I think it took about two hours, or close to it.


  20. It’s so hot the cat is lying flat as a pancake, deflated with legs stretched out, in the shade next to the garage.


  21. Thanks for all your sweet comments about the baby.

    Cheryl, on maternal exhaustion, yes, I was thinking the same thing — 2nd Arrow doesn’t look nearly as exhausted as many new moms. But then she didn’t labor overnight, either, and even took a nap in the middle of her labor. I guess that epidural really helped her relax. It took her less than 5 hours to get from 2 or 3 cm to 10, remarkably fast for a first baby, if you ask me!

    I lost a whole night’s sleep 5 times out of 6 (and part of a night with the other one, who was born at 5:20 am after about 4 hours of labor). Some of those mom and new baby pics looked like I’d been hit by a Mack truck. 😛

    Sounds like baby’s got a good set of lungs that she exercised frequently in the hours between her birth and her dad calling us to announce the birth, dad said. (She was sleeping, though, when we were on the phone with them.) There might be some exhausting times coming if she is very colicky or something. God knew what He was doing, giving daughter a short labor that didn’t wipe her out, if a big source of exhaustion is on the horizon.

    Well, He knew what He was doing, regardless. 🙂

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  22. 6 Arrows – I haven’t checked my email yet, and am not sure I will get to it tonight, as I am childsitting Boy, who will be getting ready for bed soon, and then I have stuff to finish up. But I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. Again, congratulations!


  23. I can barely keep my eyes open, I’ve been so sleepy lately. I was trying to watch a 2008 Bond movie but keep almost nodding off, despite all the hair-raising car, boat and plane chases through the likes of Italy and Haiti.

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  24. Morning! A lovely evening we had with neighbors while hurting for our other neighbor. I awakened to the news of the mass shootings with wonder as to what evil lurks in the hearts of men? We are living in disturbing times yet “ I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”……..Have a blessed day my friends…off to church we go…..

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  25. Why thank you, Cheryl. I can continue to write to him but without the stress. He is supposed to call home today. One of the requirements is that they get a five minute phone call after acclimation but they are required to call their parents. Poor guy. I am quite certain he would much prefer calling the girlfriend but the staff is trying to rebuild relationships in their lives and so we will cooperate.

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  26. There is nothing in Scripture or anywhere else that indicates that animals have a soul or an afterlife. I suspect this is a recent thing. In older days people didn’t deep pets that were useless. Dogs for hunting, cats to keep mice and other critters away.
    If some animals went to heaven, would some go to hell? On what basis.

    I lost two dogs when I was a kid. My best friends. We didn’t take dogs to vets when they got sick. They died. I cried.
    So? I would soften the agony by saying something like, “Rex is in God’s hands now. he has everything under control.”
    Or some such.

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  27. Russell Moore has a good discussion. But says essentially the same thing.
    Has it ever occurred to you that except for man, in the natural order of things, every living creature is destined to be food for some other creature?
    Even Elephants and rancorous..

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  28. My husband is chortling as he discovers that after all his weight loss, he can fit into ALL his uniforms. We have another black tie wedding and he can’t decide which one to wear to which of all the occasions he has to wear it!

    I’m smiling politely.

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  29. drizzly Monday morning here. My flatmate neighbor got up at 4am to turn on the hot water booster. She must not know that when you go into the middle hallway we all hear you and thus wake up.


  30. Chas, I think the soundest theological answer w/regard to pets in heaven is … we don’t really know. There’s actually a lot we don’t know. We err on trying to answer questions that aren’t clearly answered in Scripture.

    Got to hang out with my former/retired pastor and his wife today, they’ve been guests at our church for the past few weeks as he presides over communion (in the absence of our pastor & another ordained man in the congregation). I love those two. We talked a bit about the shootings and the horrible atmosphere that our country is seeing right now. When I told him I didn’t vote for president last time (for the first time ever) he grabbed my arm and said, “Me either! My conscience wouldn’t let me.”

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  31. Chas – Not too long ago, I read an article about an archaeological excavation from thousands of years ago (or something like that) that found evidence that indicated the dogs had been pets as well as working animals.

    Then there is that story from the time of King David about the man who kept a lamb as a pet. I realize that it was a story being told to David to make a point, but if it weren’t something that was known to happen, I don’t think the prophet would have used it in his story.

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  32. Happy Birthday to the Mrs L! 🎂 (I have been blessed to have met her and she is just the kindest lady 😊)
    Our text this morning was Romans 5:1-5 with the emphasis on: ”Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. As I pondered this scripture my prayer was for my neighbor who is in such pain over the loss of her dogs. She does not have a deep faith and what she does profess to have seems somewhat concerning, almost contingent upon life circumstances.
    We do not know where our beloved pets go upon death however we choose to trust the Creator of all things and His divine wisdom…for He is good…..and in Him is our hope…

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  33. Funeral is tomorrow for the beloved employee who died playing soccer. The store will be closed so that they can attend and we almost closed the school. The haus cri has been going on each evening for folks to grieve with the family. My aide is so tired as she has been going and has had very little sleep.


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