55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-2-19

  1. Morning to the both of you. So glad that it is Friday evening. A very long week in kinder. One student has problems and Mom checked on him today with me. He is doing very well and wants to be with me and to share with me. I know he can be volatile, so consider this the honeymoon. I will make him angry at some point.

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  2. I did this on the word processor before the site came up. I thought it might be
    I interesting.

    Seventy years ago. 2 August 1949, I joined the Air Force. On 3 August at 6:30 p.m. Bobby Murray and I boarded a train for Atlanta.
    My sister said that mother cried.
    From Atlanta, we went to New Orleans. I saw my first TV in a store window. From NO, we went to Lackland AFB in San Antonio.
    Prior to that, I had been out of SC to NC once.

    The AF was a life changing experience in that it changed my concept of who I was. I entered as a scrawny, ignorant little guy who couldn’t do anything. Three and a half years later, I emerged as a scrawny, ignorant little guy who had been places and done things. I was a S/Sgt and could lead men. I did things and had experiences that would not have happened had I got the job at the paper mill.
    Romans 8:28 comes to mind

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  3. My mention of Romans 8:28 reminds me of Phos’ situation. For one who is just starting, my advice is this. Trust in the Lord, he will lead. Go through every door that’s open but don’t bang on shut doors. God has a plan and you are part of it. You may not know that right away. It took me decades to realize that.

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  4. Chas thank you for sharing your timeline with us and the reminders of His guiding Hand in our lives. As we reflect back upon those pivotal moments in our lives I am in awe as to how our Lord has guided us along. You bless us to remind us…

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  5. My husband was at Lackland, AFB, but it was long before I knew him. Then he thought of reenlisting when he was in California. He felt God did not want him to do that, so he came back to MN. He has no doubt his service was good for him. He also realizes going back home was a good thing. Looking back definitely gives a different perspective. It is one reason grandparents think differently than parents.

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  6. the job I had in the AF was radio operator. I knew (know) morse code. But around 1957 they came out with single sideband (I know nothing about that) and they didn’t need radio operators anymore. Can you imagine the status of an expert in a, operation that is no longer needed? What would the AF do with me.
    Better USC instead.

    Several interesting things happened during those 3.5 years. One I remember was in Lahore, Pakistan. We landed there because our B-29 had engine trouble. (They often did.)
    Our mission was “Long Range Weather reconnaissance”.. But get this? We were flying 12 hours twice a week to see if it was raining over the desert in Pakistan?
    No. We were collecting air samples to determine if the Soviets had tested nuclear weapons. We did have weather officers, but no one really cared.
    Our B-28’s had a device on top that we called the “bug catcher”. It collected air samples to detect radiation. .
    While we were there, a Pakistani asked me ‘What are those things for?” I said, It’s a bug catcher.
    He didn’t have presence of mind to ask how many bugs we caught at 22,000 feet.

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  7. Yesterday, I read that DJ was thinking of leaving out a bowlful of dogfood for Carol. I did not think that was what she meant because I think DJ is actually a very nice person and that would not be nice.

    I also mentioned daughter would have three under three which is true but she will actually have three under two. Three under fourteen or thirteen months, depending on when they arrive.
    We will be racing towards Michelle, with seven grandchildren under four.

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  8. 1966 I was trained as a Medic (We don’t make house calls!) at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The Army was good for me but then so was God. He used Uncle Sam to send mr to Germany instead of Viet Nam. Germany had no mosquitos. I heard that there are lots of mosquitos in Viet Nam.

    In 1968 I was sent Back to the US, Fort Rucker in Dothan, Alabama, “The Peanut Capital of the World?” That was where I had biled (boiled) Peanuts.

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  9. And she’ll be 22 years old, Mumsee?

    When are you moving to Okinawa to help her???

    I cannot imagine.

    I took six girls, one tween boy and an infant, plus one mom, to see Toy Story4 yesterday.

    We took up an entire row and made up 75% of the audience in this luxurious theater for the 11:15 showing.

    I bought two enormous bags of “refillable” popcorn and they gave me seven glasses of water (with straws). They had a great time lounging around and watching the movie.

    I laughed out loud numerous times.

    But, as always, the previews of coming attractions makes me lament the ugly world kids are growing up in.

    I’ve never liked Trolls, anyway, but now they’ve given them super powers and bright lights and noise to torment, along with some hokey pseudo-mythological story.


    I won’t be taking anyone to see that one.

    Toys Store 4? Recommended.

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  10. Husband enjoys taking the young ones to the movies. Thirteen year old and eleven belly laugh through the whole thing and have everybody else snickering at them. Their laughter is so contagious and so sincere and there are rarely many folk watching. I have not been to a movie theater in probably thirty years.

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  11. The twins are due a month after her twenty third birthday. Oldest daughter tells me having a baby so soon after the last often leads to premature delivery, more so with twins. I am kind of hoping they will get a hardship transfer stateside so we can be of more help. Though the two eighteens will be off else where, probably, we will still have the two youngest here to care for along with twenty three and her then perhaps three month old. It gets more complicated every day.

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  12. The Toy Story films are all charming, funny, poignant and sweet (but I haven’t seen the latest).

    About our switch in perspective: I read recently that at some point in our lives we turn from being explorers to being archeologists when it comes to our lives; from forging ahead into new and unknown territories to looking back to analyze — sometimes with amazement and always with fresh, deeper understanding — about how and why it all unfolded as it did.

    I slept 10 hours last night, I’ve been so tired all week after that virus, I just haven’t been able to get any energy back. So maybe I just needed to sleep like that. I feel good this morning so far and have a story to do for the weekend (which is half the battle, not having to “find” something to write about).

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  13. I left no bowls of food out for anyone last night.

    The cat was good, she woke me up at 6 which is our normal time. And I was able to fall right back asleep after that.

    Tomorrow will be busy, I have a 9 a.m. appt at Pep Boys to put some side-step, running boards on the Jeep (I’m either getting shorter or the Jeep is getting taller, it’s turning into a bit of a tall stretch for me to climb in these days); and then I’ve promised Carol I’d come up for a visit. Then I have a couple more errands to do that were postponed from vacation week after I wound up getting sick.


  14. DJ, that’s a penguin. 🙂 But AJ will have to tell us the species. And I know from experience it isn’t easy getting photos through aquarium acrylic–so good job, AJ.


  15. We don’t have penguins out here so I wasn’t sure.

    Sea lions and seals I know well 🙂 Bark-bark-bark, they’re the Labrador retrievers of the ocean.

    I’m banking on this being a dive-in photo, too. But no sharks?


  16. Chas, I know that — but it’s odd because it’s usually the spine that compresses so my legs still should be the same. ? And I’m not sure I’ve actually lost height, it’s not showing up in my doctor’s records at any rate. But I sometimes have some muscle pains in my right thigh and I’m thinking it could be related to having to swing that leg so high to get into that Jeep. A step stool is another option but way more cumbersome as you have to pull it back up and take it out everywhere you go. The running board/step seemed like a more logical, permanent solution.


  17. I had a co-worker (christian scientist background) who used to deny there were any real changes with aging, but I think it was more of an emotional reaction or a denial as she didn’t want to accept that her grandmother was getting older.

    But when she said how short her grandmother was getting, I said something about how people do get shorter with age — and she just denied that strongly, said no, that’s surely not the reason (she decided the shortness was more a posture issue because when her grandfather was ill her grandmother spent so much time leaning over him).

    More recently, her mom (who’s in her 70s?) took a fall but she insisted it had nothing to do with her age, could have happened to anyone. Probably/maybe so, but it’s the aftermath that is often more complicated for older vs younger people. She did say there were new mobility issues they were dealing with.

    Christian Science really just denied all physical causes (including aging) for health issues and my former co-worker was raised in that mindset (even though she doesn’t adhere to the religion herself).

    A lot of denial of the obvious going on with that particular belief system.


  18. How do the people in your churches react to single mothers coming in to visit, or who start attending?

    YA shared an article by a woman who was a young single mother. This woman insists that she was met with nasty looks and disapproval at every church she tried. She then launched into the whole thing about Christians being anti-abortion but not wanting to care for the moms and babies, blah, blah, blah.

    Despite initially resisting the urge to comment, that part about “all” the churches being disapproving and unloving kept nagging at me, especially for YA’s other friends who may read that. A comment formed in my mind, and I eventually typed it out on her post.

    It was kind of long, but the gist of it was that these days most churches have at least one single mom, and even some of the middle aged “church ladies” were once single moms themselves, and that they are welcomed and loved. I then wrote a couple of examples of people I’ve known who were accepted and loved, but their own insecurities made them not recognize that. My point was that people often see what they expect to see, not what is really there.

    Even if she comes back with one of her ultra-long replies completely refuting what I’ve written, I still think what I said had to be said, for the sake of others reading at least.


  19. Kizzie, it’s possible that her kids were total brats in the service and she got some “looks” from that. And some churches unfortunately prefer–or expect–children to go into the nursery. Other than that, honestly, a woman coming with children might not have a man with her for multiple reasons, and deciding that she must be guilty of fornication or divorce isn’t a place people tend to jump. (Her husband might be home sick, unsaved, or dead, for just three possible other reasons. Or she might have brought her sister’s children to church.)

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  20. Daughter told me the church was judging her. After she told me we were judging her and I did not buy it. I did not buy the second one either. But it was her own feelings of inadequacy and guilt plaguing her. Everybody else was happy to see her in church.

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  21. PS Kizzie, the reality is it’s really hard to “refute” someone else’s experience (or claimed experience), and I’m inclined not to try, especially in an online forum.

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  22. I’d be shocked if a single mom were treated or viewed askance at our church, though it may happen ? But I tend to think it’s more the individual’s assumptions of how they’re being viewed, especially in an unfamiliar group of people.

    Then again, I remember feeling stunned when the (African-American wife) of a mixed race couple who have been part of our church for years (along with their 4 now-young adult children) said once that it wasn’t always so comfortable for her in the beginning.

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  23. I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant by that (it was something of an off-handed remark she made during a SS hour, as I recall) but would love to talk to her more about it now that I’m reminded of it again …

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  24. It happens almost every night. She just came in and asked if I were ready to take her home. I am now convincing her that we are home, that we own this house and will stay here all night. It has always worked. So far.

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  25. As I was watering some plants yesterday, I was praying for Chas and Elvera. It occurred to me that, should I ever develop dementia, I sure would like people to think of me as the sweetest woman in the world. That spot is taken, of course, but I would like them to think well of me. I don’t expect it though.

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  26. We specifically state up front before our service begins on the screen that we recognize children get squirmy in church. We don’t mind, they are welcome. We do have a nursery, but if you take your child there, please return to the service yourself. We love kids.

    Sometimes a screaming child is a problem, but I suspect the parent is more upset than the people around the family.

    At least that’s true at our church.


  27. Children in our church stay through the regular service; our pastor says any sounds they make are “part of the liturgy.” Of course, there are times when loud shrieks and screams erupt, but you’ll then see a frantic, embarrassed parent rushing out at a very fast pace with the child in their arms. 🙂

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  28. I meant that for here. She is off again. I am talking to you to keep from going crazy. I hope her paperwork is done soon. Then we can go forward with formulating the plan and get things lined up for a successful transition as absolutely soon as possible. She is not threatening to behead me so that is good.


  29. Husband is off to Lewiston, to help daughter work out her insurance situation and get her to her CNA class. Still no license.


  30. And now she is singing about being demon possessed and having a demon in her and her demon is dancing with her and that she has sinned so much, God will never forgive her.


  31. Maybe she is demon possessed? Have you considered a deliverance ministry person like Ken Fish of Kingdom Fire Ministries? He’s not in country at the moment, but there must be others.


  32. I have not. I think she is a messed up person who is fascinated by the things that regular children find interesting but she obsesses. I actually think she is a Christian with mental health issues.

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  33. Chas – For quite a while after my MIL Mary came to live with us, at some point in the afternoon she would put on her coat and take her purse, and say it was time for her to leave. We would stand at the door with her, and explain to her that this is her home now. Eventually, it sunk in, but it did take a while.

    That’s not to say that the same will happen for Elvera. It may not. Just sharing my story with you.

    She is so blessed to have you. Praying for you.


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