34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-1-19

  1. Super trivial, I know.
    but there’s a commercial on FoxNews by “Dish” in which the man is wearing a shirt exactly like the one I’m wearing now.
    Just interesting, that’s all.

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  2. Someone went to (dove into?) an aquarium for her birthday 🙂

    The cat was impossible this morning, she began pestering me at 4 a.m. to get up and tend to her eating needs. I must have tossed her off the bed half a dozen times over the next 2 hours. Back she’d come.

    “meow meow meow meow,” paw gently but annoyingly tapping on my head.

    Toss. Thump she goes on the floor.

    Ten minutes goes by.

    “meow meow meow meow.” Paw tap on head.

    Toss. Thump.

    “meow meow meow meow …”

    And on it went. I finally got up just before 6 a.m. (the regular time) and gave her some dry food & opened the pet door to the backyard.

    But then I noticed a correction request text on my phone that I needed to make on a story so I did that and now, well, I guess I’m “up.” Good thing I finally got to bed fairly early last night (by 10 p.m.) and slept all the way through which is still unusual for me in the walk of this virus and its lingering nighttime cough.


  3. Carol had an appointment yesterday to get reinstated in the “Access” handicapped ride service for LA County (she lost her card ages ago so had to go through the process all over again).

    They sent one of their vans to pick her up but realized she needed a ramp to be able to get into the van — confirming my belief that the Jeep is simply not going to work for her anymore, though she still asks if I can take her for a ride every time I’m going to come visit.

    They send the confirmation of eligibility in 21 days. Then she can go anywhere in LA County for $2.50 each way (for $5 for a round trip). She usually doesn’t have enough money to use the service as she runs through her pay immediately every month; but I’m hoping she can at least set aside $5 a month so she can take one trip(?). She wants to attend her home church, the LCMS church that’s probably 20 miles away from where she stays now, at least once a month. That would be wonderful, though I’m doubtful she’ll ever do that due to her ongoing leg pain and the effort (and money) it would take for the trip. But we’ll see.


  4. I had to get up to get ready for the Del Norte County Fair. I was working in the Floral Room yesterday helping sign in entries when a 7 year old little girl came in with her Mom. She turned and looked at the carnival rides being set up with such excitement!

    Such wonder and anticipation!!

    We live at the end of the road (US 101) here in California. She obviously hasn’t been very far from home and the thrill was fun to see.

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  5. And once she’s arrived at the church — assuming she can get there — there will be issues of some walking to get in and out of the church building (and now even further complicated by the prospect of a change of clothes also, due to the severe incontinence issues that have hit her so hard in this past year). She’s determined at the outset now, but all of that may make such a long trip too daunting.

    I’m so sorry she’s taken such a downward spiral in this past year (basically on the heels of a lengthy hospital & rehab stay late last summer that stretched all the way into fall).

    I don’t think she’s fully been able to accept or even grasp how things have changed so much for her since then. Before that she was still fairly mobile (though with increasingly quite a bit of effort and slowing down). She could at least come and go places a few times each month (whether with me in the Jeep or on the city bus that stopped right in front of her former residence).

    She said using the ramp to get into the van also took an effort for her and it had to be propped on a curb, not a flat surface, for it to work for her. She really can no long lift her legs hardly at all so stepping to a vehicle isn’t possible anymore. And I’m wondering if the ride service, in doing its eligibility assessment, will broach the subject of whether it will be too dangerous for her to be let out on her own if they approve her for rides.


  6. Back to what Jo mentioned at the end of yesterday’s thread, is there a child on the planet who could not learn everything he or she needed to know about computers in two hours to a week of training their senior year? Technology has such a high turnover, any device they learn in first grade has been gone for eight years by the senior year.

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  7. Love popcorn for lunch (or supper) while watching a movie. 😀 Have fun, Michelle.

    An aquarium? Dove in? Those strange Californians. 😀

    So sad to see people go down hill, but most of us will if we live long.

    We traveled the Gunflint Trail yesterday. It is very northern MN and I had not done the trail before, so was quite looking forward to doing so with friends. We visited one of the family members of a friend. It was fun talking to them. Last year I read a book on the BWCA fire that they experienced, so it was especially interesting to hear him talk about turning on his sprinkler system and some of his neighbor’s before getting out. With his air conditioning going full blast he could still feel heat on both his shoulders. Another neighbor ahead of him had all his tires go flat. Thankfully, both he and the neighbor made it out and their homes survived.

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  8. Here is a Rave two days early: I got the job!

    It is a part time, lower paying than some, but it is in the field I wanted – clinic/community, and the pay is still reasonable. I will be living with my parents for now, as it is a reasonable drive away (in the same town my father used to work out of), and I have committed to work there for at least a year. I start later this month.

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  9. Congratulations roscuro!

    Today from Veith:


    On Josh Harris Renouncing Christianity

    … Rod Dreher gives him credit for refusing to stretch the Bible and distort Christianity to support his new unbelief. Dreher brings up a recent discussion in which Harris said that it would make more sense to reject Christianity altogether than to accept the contortions of progressive theology, which try to interpret away the sexual prohibitions of the Bible.

    Still, I wonder about “all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian.” Such “measurements” may have led to his problems in the first place, defining Christianity first in terms of one’s “purity” and then turning against it when he fails his new purity tests.

    David French, responding to Harris’s leaving the faith, recalls his own experience as a youth pastor, working with teenagers influenced by the purity culture. French says that the problem with Harris’s approach is not that it upheld Christian sexual morality–that was the good part about it–but that it put forward a Christianity without Christ:

    ~ It worked like this — sexual sin stained young persons, even if Christ forgave them. They would walk into marriage diminished in some crucial ways. The white dress, fundamentally, was a lie. And the message wasn’t confined to sexuality. Did you drink? Did you smoke a joint? Each one of those things altered a person’s self-definition. They were no longer “pure.” They could never be “pure” again.

    ~ All too many times, I saw the despair. A young person would come to me and say, “I screwed up.” They would really mean, “I’m ruined.” Their storybook dreams were dead. A 17-year-old with (God willing) 70 years of life ahead of him would approach me carrying the awful burden of thinking that he had defined his life forever. He was no longer — and never would be — the person he wanted to be.

    ~ Sometimes the despair would trigger wild rebellion. If they’re “ruined,” then why should they care about obedience? There are two states of being — virgin or not, teetotaler or not — and if you’re not, then you might as well indulge yourself. Other times the despair would trigger constant, nagging guilt and regret. A girl would walk down the aisle to marry a man who loved God and loved her, and she’d feel a shadow on her soul.

    ~ In point of fact, the gospel message rests first on bad news, then on indescribably good news. The bad news is simple: You were never “pure.” It’s not as if sex or drink or drugs represent the demarcation line between righteous and unrighteous. They are not and were never the “special” sins that created particularly acute separation from God. Yes, they could have profound earthly consequences, but they did not create unique spiritual separation.

    ~ The indescribably good news is that from the moment of the confession of faith, believers are not defined by their sin. They’re not defined even by their own meager virtues. They’re defined by Christ. Moreover, they find that “for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” … ~

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  10. Mumsee, that is my take on technology in the classroom. I never had to make educational choices, but 20 years or so I had decided I would homeschool for kindergarten and the first grade or two, and then take it from there in terms of whether the local schools were good, affordable, right for my children, whether I felt like I could continue, etc. But once technology became the “norm” I knew my decision would have been made for me–I didn’t want any computer use prior to high school, and so schools that used them before then would have been eliminated, and even in high school it seems optional. (I’d still choose the school without it, if there was one.) I work on a computer for a living now, and I know technology can be valuable. But I’m really glad I learned to write, research, draw, and write letters in the days before computer–and especially glad I learned to read and to think pre-computer. Hard as it would be to raise kids free of computers today, that would be my goal as much as possible. (They can have a smart phone when they have the money for it themselves.)


  11. Congratulations, Roscuro! If you want to do something else after a year, I imagine more doors might be open to you then, but whether it’s long-term or short-term it’s a good thing!


  12. My class is having computer to prepare for a test called Measures of Academic Progress which they will take in a few weeks.


  13. Jo, I know, computers are here, we have to adjust. I just think it silliness for computers that are obsolete in eighteen months or less, to be training the little people on them. Who knows what it will be when they reach adulthood. But testing is all done on computers.

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  14. DJ – Can you leave a bowl of food out for Annie at night, somewhere high enough that the dogs can’t get to it but she can? That’s what we did with our cats’ food once Heidi came along.

    As for Carol, is it time for a wheelchair, at least for going out? Although, then I would guess she wouldn’t be able to go on that van if she needed help.


  15. I may start leaving her dry food out — now I just get up at 6 and put it out for her, but when she’s hungry before that she becomes impossible. I think the dogs would probably leave it alone, though Tess can and will stand on her hind legs to raid Annie’s food dishes when she knows I’m preoccupied and probably won’t “catch” her in the act.

    As for Carol and a wheelchair, you may be right — she’s resisted that step because she wants to keep walking but the pain now is so bad in her legs she spends most of her time sitting anyway (a doctor told her a few years ago she really needed knee replacements, it was bone-on-bone, but due to her weight and probably financial status that isn’t likely to happen).

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  16. this is so poignant for those of us who have been through the closure of a 100+ year-old newspaper and will no doubt see it happen again (and again and again).

    (Our former copy desk chief, who’s also a Christian, joked that it’s also not often one sees references to a hymn and vodka in the same sentence in a newspaper story.)

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  17. Oldest daughter just told me that the two pictures twenty one sent me of her baby was not two pictures of her baby but pictures of two babies. We are expecting twins. Three under three. She is the one who just dealt with heavy post partum depression. Excited and praying.

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