37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-19

  1. I thought that might be the photo AJ was going to post. (It only said that the header was by me when I posted a moment ago.) I really enjoyed getting those turtles. Turtles usually splash into the water the moment a human comes along, but this particular pond is only yards off a walking trail, separated from it by some wildflowers, and the turtles have to get used to people, and specifically they get used to me and my camera.

    When I came along, two painted turtles were fully on the rock–we’d had tons of rain in June, and there wasn’t enough basking area for turtles–and the third one was still partly in the water. I took the first few photos through grasses so as not to scare them, really expecting them to jump in at any time. When they didn’t do so, and when I figured they had to have seen me by now, I moved out into the open to get better shots. The third one them climbed all the way out, and I got a chance at this shot, with wild painted turtles posing like circus elephants!

    My husband took this photo to make me a birthday card last month. On the middle one’s shell he put this year’s age, on the front last year’s, and on the rear next year’s. Then he had the rear one saying “Off you go; it’s my turn!” The middle one says, “At least give us time to reflect.” (Groan.) And the front one says “Happy birthday!”

    When I got home after taking this photo, it was just turning from spring to summer. So this shot was taken maybe 90 minutes before the official end of spring, but was one of my favorite spring photos.

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  2. Good morning Cheryl.
    I already posted on Saturday’s thread. Couldn’t wait until after breakfast.
    We had 102 post on that Thread. I don’t know if that’s a record.

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  3. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here. Had a good visit with a friend yesterday, who has been very helpful over the years with daughter. She is also against a facility but also thinks daughter needs to move along so I can focus on the other two. She lived with a mentally ill mom for years and understands the swings. Very helpful conversations this weekend with three good advisors with much experience.

    Daughter has been busy working on pinatas. It has been a long time since she showed creativity. Nice to see.

    Son has not crept home yet from the youth challenge. That is good. They are in the silent two weeks where they are not allowed to speak unless spoken to by the staff and asked a direct question. Hopefully, they are keeping him so busy and tired that he has no energy left to think about the parting from gf Apparently, he had been doing little the past few weeks but hang out at her house.

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  4. Good day to all.

    Chas – 102 posts is nowhere near the record. Remember the 2000+ Scrabble thread on WMB? Well, the “Secret Room” thread from December 2014 is still going strong at over 6,800. But don’t post there. The ladies think it’s their domain and get all in a kerfuffle if a man posts.

    Our heat wave ended. It’s only supposed to be in the low to mid 80s today. Relief!

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  5. Good morning, Wandering Viewers! We are suppose to have a cold front move in this week. That will be a nice change and lower the cooling ill for July.

    Those turtles look like they are trying to build a tower to reach more sunshine. It’s cute how cats will follow the sun around in the house and take naps wherever they find a spot of afternoon sunshine on the carpet or wherever, especially in the winter. They must know of that condition, S.A.D., Seasonal Affective Disorder. If cats have it then maybe it is a normal thing and Disorder is a misnomer.

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  6. Back from my morning stroll with the pastor’s dog. Nice to have her along. She does so much better than Jake, who is an affirmed chicken killer so has to be locked up with Barney. But she gets lots of child attention so it works, that is what she was brought on board for.

    Now time to ramp up for the day’s activities Starting by making daughter’s lunch and adding a note with Scripture. Her coworkers tease her that her mom makes her lunch and still adds notes. And she points out that I take the time to properly cut her sandwich as well. She likes it.

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  7. After not being able to sleep nearly all night due to the horrible sinus pain in my face, I somehow fell asleep on the sofa but in a half-sitting position with my neck twisted — which left me with a blazing awful (real) headache. I’m a mess.

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  8. My face doesn’t hurt as much, though. Or maybe the headache pain has just overcome it all.

    Last day of “vacation,” whoopee.


  9. Sinus “face” pain yesterday, Chas.

    I did manage to change my work computer password remotely last night. It was set to expire and it’s a huge hassle if you let that happen — I’d meant to go in to take care of that physically sometime this week but never made it. I hesitated to try doing it from home as I’m on a Mac and we’re on PC – Windows, so that makes it a bit complicated. But it seems to have worked.


  10. Thankful you could take care of it remotely, DJ. So sorry to hear how that virus/quasi infection has set in. I prayed about it.
    In Atlanta they had to move everyone out of a highrise downtown hotel because of Legionnaires disease. Maybe it is, as Peter suggested, sick building syndrome.

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  11. Well that makes sense then — I remember when that disease first appeared, the fear and mystery surrounding it all.

    These cold viruses also live for long periods on surfaces, so washing-washing-washing your hands and not touching your face are the best prevention. What I’ve learned on WebMD.

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  12. DJ, the cold/flu virus that my family contracted in the early spring resulted in severe sinus infections for more than one, including my mother, who took months to recover from two burst eardrums (her hearing in one side is still not back to normal).


  13. DJ, turtles don’t show dominance that way. They just need to be in sun so they don’t experience shell rot, and that pond doesn’t have much in the way of basking spaces at the best of time (they usually crawl up the mud on the side), and it was too deep with lots of rain.

    This morning that same rock was holding the chin of a snapping turtle that has made its way into the pond the last couple of weeks.

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  14. Cheryl, I figured there was a more benign explanation with these guys.

    roscuro, that sounds awful. I am still hoping to get to the clinic today, the coughing alone continues to seriously upset my sleep so even if they can give me some cough syrup to get me through the night it would be a big help.

    The sinus pain seems to have lifted and everything’s liquifying and moving out — but it’s a slow process & is still all disruptive to getting any kind of rest. As soon as I start to drop off, an irritation starts in my chest and I’m off on another coughing jag. Even the dogs are abandoning me in the bedroom when that happens.


  15. Afternoon! We had an early morning breakfast with nephew and his family as they make their way to Steamboat Springs. We have not seen him since his was a teenager….he is now 43! Such a sweet family and we had the most pleasant visit at our local diner. We are in hopes they will return in the winter for a visit with us…they donโ€™t like snow nor cold as they are originally from FL and now live in north TX….but they did say they could stand the cold for a few dayโ€™s visit ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Dj I hope they give you something for a sinus infection…those things are just awful! I had two last year after never experiencing one in my life….I do not want to experience one again..ugh!

    Neighbor had to put her poor dog down yesterday after he had a stroke…he was a rescue dog and he was only 8yrs old…we shall miss Maxie…..Such a sad day today….

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  16. How sad about Maxie — we had an Irish Setter at the dog park, Angel, who had a stroke; her owners put her through rehab but it left her with a wobbly gait. They’ve moved to Italy since then but sounds like Angel is still hanging in there.

    I love pineapple. Clerk at the store yesterday told me coconut water was the ticket for colds.

    Dr. at urgent care prescribed some cough syrup and a nose spray for sinus, inhaler for the wheezing; I have to pick those up later today. He said it’s been a bad year for cold viruses, they’ve been seeing them a lot, so at least I’m not alone.

    I’m eating chicken noodle soup for lunch but i can’t really taste it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  17. Well, OK. If she was better company than you were, why are you being ungrateful about her willingness to stay up with you?


  18. We are having a holiday here in PNG. But… it is the day before school begins, so I need to get over to school and finish everything up. Including finalizing my lesson plans.
    I have a little bit more to do on a newsletter. I went to bed last night and there was a blank spot in the middle of the second page of my letter and I had no idea what to say. I lay in bed and God clearly gave me exactly what to say. I quickly got up and wrote it down. Yeah!

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  19. My office was 28C today. I got in the pool when I got home today and it was also 28C. One makes me hot, the other cools me off. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  20. So, DJ, are you feeling any better? Are you extending your vacation with sick days, and are you going to try to get some of your vacation turned into sick days?

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  21. Funny you should ask … the doctor today asked if I needed any kind of a note for work, I said no, but later thought maybe I can have him write up something saying that this illness spanned Friday & Monday (it started before Friday, but Friday was the first day of severe symptoms that pretty much shut me down). It’s worth a try to see if the editors would be OK with my taking (probably off the grid since timecards are electronic and last week’s was turned in long ago) 2 “sick” days to replace the 2 vacation days I essentially lost.

    I am taking tomorrow as officially sick, delaying my return to work until Wednesday; but I would love it if I could somehow reclaim 2 days to use in the next couple weeks around a weekend maybe, especially since i had to postpone 2 visits I’d had planned for this vacation (w/a girlfriend and my cousin).

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  22. I am feeling “better” but not very good yet. The cough is still with me as is a headache that now keeps returning. Still, I was at least able to get out to water and do a couple small things today, and that’s progress from the past several days.

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