20 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-22-19

  1. Thank you Republicans.

    Just a reminder, you’re a perv if you find this OK.





  2. Trump is once again using his magical powers to make Democrats say and do stupid things. He’s even using it on children!

    Is there no end to his evil powers? 🙄


    “Biden blames Trump for racist remark by 7-year-old son of Biden event organizer”

    “Joe Biden said children are beginning to make racist remarks because of President Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric toward immigrants and minority lawmakers.

    Biden, speaking at a fundraiser near Los Angeles on Friday night, said there’s not enough attention being paid to Trump’s effect on children, according to a pool report from the event.

    He recalled that a man who hosted an event for him told him his 7-year-old son had been negatively influenced by Trump and asked why Spanish people were on a beach they were visiting.

    “Our children are listening,” Biden said.”


    Yeah, listening to you just make stuff up.


  3. When lies are all you have, you go with it.


    “The “Squad” Claims Increase in Threats, Capitol Police Disagree

    “The threat assessment regarding members of the squad, who have recently clashed with President Trump, remains low compared to some other lawmakers””

    “The “squad”—consisting of Democrat Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ilhan Omar (MN), Ayanna Pressley (MA), and Rashida Tlaib (MI)—has been vocal in pressing their socialist/communist anti-Semitic agenda.

    When they are challenged on ideology and/or policy, they toss out the race card as their go-to shutuppery weapon. They’re indiscriminate in this victimhood whining and recently felt backlash from their own party after gobbling a hubris pill and trying that clumsy move on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

    The leftstream media has been reporting on the Squad’s insistence on greater security because they claim they’re being targeted more often and receive more threats because Trump. While there has been an increase in threats against Congress members, this includes both Republicans and Democrats.

    Even in their articles with headlines like “Threats against members increasing, Capitol Police chief says,” the leftstream media buries the lede: “Sund noted that a much lower percentage of threat cases investigated meet the threshold of being a credible threat, but he did not provide an exact percentage breakdown.”

    As it turns out, Capitol Police “confirmed to Fox News that there has not been an increase in threats [against the Squad]. In fact, officials imply that the freshmen are not targeted as much as they claim to be, especially compared to others on Capitol Hill. The police worry if they respond to all the ‘noise’ around them right now, they may miss more legitimate and serious threats to others.””


  4. Racial resntment is down?

    Must be Trump’s fault…..

    Wait…. what?……


    “Mother Jones writer somehow spins drop in racial resentment since 2016 against Trump

    Racial resentment has dropped, so MJ writer warns that it may make Trump try harder to stir racial resentment”

    “Just when you thought you’ve heard all the crazy. The perpetually outraged, feverishly joyless progressive left is never happy. America is always in crisis, people are always in crisis, the whole world is always in crisis. And plastic straws!

    Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw the following headline at progressive outlet Mother Jones: “Racial Resentment Is Down Since 2016.” That’s great, I thought! We want that, don’t we? All of us: left, right, center?

    Not so fast, apparently. This admitted decrease in racial resentment is a crisis in the making. After all, if racial resentment is down under President Trump, something is wrong with the left’s narrative that Trump is causing racial divisions and is personally responsible for every real and imagined racist word, thought, and deed.

    Among white Republicans in the pre-Obama years, the number who felt that the biggest problem among blacks was lack of willpower (LOW) was pretty steady at around 50 percent. But when Obama was elected president, LOW suddenly shot up by ten points. The mere fact of having a black man in the White House was enough to trigger feelings of racial resentment.

    This faded out a bit over the next six years, but in 2016 LOW was still five points higher than it had been before Obama was elected. This is one of the things that helped Donald Trump get elected.

    But look what’s happened since. With Obama gone, LOW plummeted 11 points. It’s now precisely where it would be if it had followed the pre-Obama trendline for another ten years.

    This suggests that racial resentment among white Republicans has been on a steady downward trend for more than 20 years, interrupted only by the election of Barack Obama. But with Obama now out of the picture, racial resentment is way down from 2016 . . . .

    Instead of being happy with a clear socio-cultural good, Mother Jones somehow manages to spin this into an indictment of President Trump.”


  5. The Democrats’ nightmare. 🙂


    “The Democrats’ ‘Ultimate Nightmare Scenario’: Trump Loses By 5 Million Votes…. And Still Wins Re-Election”

    “When Hillary Clinton officially became a two-time presidential loser in 2016, the Left had a meltdown. Donald Trump had won and the former first lady will never become president. Racism, sexism, misogyny—the entire fruit salad of politically correct craziness that the Democrats chows down on a daily basis has spewed all over in an epic tantrum that has continued to this day. Some on the Left actually understood why Clinton lost: she was a terrible candidate. Yet, with 2020 on the horizon, the Democratic clown car is massive. The energy from the Left is at an all-time high. They want this man out of office. The problem is that the enthusiasm advantage Democrats had in 2018 is going to be neutralized with Trump at the top of the ticket. And the states where Democrats are gaining voters are worthless in the general election math for next year. So, start the clock, folks.

    We could have a Chernobyl-like meltdown over Trump’s probably second term and the Electoral College again. Democrats are more than willing to destroy rules and regulations of institutions to merely say that his tweets were bad. Over a second presidential loss, there is no telling what liberal America will resort to ensure that the GOP will never win again. Remember, Democrats think they’re entitled to win every election. We already have far-left whackos attacking ICE facilities and attacking journalists. This could be very entertaining, but, as always, one where we must all remain vigilant David Wasserman broke down the numbers. Trump could win barely 47 percent of the vote, lose by 5 million votes, but still win re-election, thanks to the Electoral College math. As someone said on social media, whose name eludes me, our system of electing presidents favors geographic diversity. That is something absent with the Democrats and their far-left agenda. Oh, and Trump could lose Pennsylvania and Michigan and still win a second term (via NBC News):

    The nation’s two most populous states, California and Texas, are at the heart of Democrats’ geography problem.

    Both behemoths are growing more diverse at a much faster rate than the nation — owing to booming Asian and Latino populations — and are trending toward Democrats. Yet neither blue California nor red Texas would play a pivotal role in a close 2020 election, potentially rendering millions of additional Democratic votes useless.”


    Too bad. No mob rule for you. 🙂

    Those founders knew what they were doing. 🙂


  6. He can’t even get it right in his campaign, yet this is what he wants for the whole country?

    Yeah, it’ll work, when it’s other people’s money, right Bernie……


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  7. 🙂



    “President Donald Trump crashed a Make America Great Again-themed wedding at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club Saturday night.

    The wedding was complete with red hat-wearing guests and “Trump 2020” flags in the reception hall.

    PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie, who tied the knot at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, are both “huge Trump fans,” TMZ reported. Nicole Marie reportedly sent several invitations to the president hoping he would come, “including a booklet that showcased encounters that she had with him, including rallies and Trump parties,” according to TMZ.”


  8. Restraint when faced with the crazy.


  9. And this one is cuckoo for cocoa puffs……

    They just make it up as they go, just like Biden.


    “Ilhan Omar: ‘Racist’ Trump ‘Wants Every Black/Brown Person Deported And Muslims Banned’”

    Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted that President Donald Trump is a “racist” who wants all minorities “deported and Muslims banned.”

    “You all should end this charade and accept that this racist president wants every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned,” Omar tweeted Saturday night, responding to a Vice News post criticizing the president for his contention that those who do not love America should leave.”


    I agree we should end this charade, by revoking your citizenship which you lied and obtained fraudulently, and then deporting you. The sooner the better.


  10. Apparently this clown is a regular at the false accusation rodeo.


    Like I said yesterday, Smollett 2.0


  11. This is why we can’t have nice things……


    These people are pathetic.

    Such a nice thing to say to a Jewish family.


  12. All roads lead back to Barry and Hillary.


    “Obama State Department Officials Set Meeting on ‘Russian Matter’ in 2016

    The Obama State Department was central to the effort to target President Trump with the Russia smear. We have obtained new emails showing that senior Obama State Department officials advanced the Russiagate hoax just before the 2016 presidential election.

    With The Daily Caller News Foundation we have released 84 pages of documents, including a September 2016 email exchange between then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer, a close associate of dossier author Christopher Steele, discussing a “face-to-face” meeting on a “Russian matter.”

    (In June 2016 Nuland permitted a meeting between Steele and the FBI’s legal attaché in Rome. Nuland told CBS News that the State Department knew about the Steele dossier by July 2016.)

    According to an op-ed Winer wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, also in September 2016, “Steele and I met in Washington and discussed the information now known as the “dossier … I prepared a two-page summary and shared it with Nuland, who indicated that, like me, she felt that the secretary of state needed to be made aware of this material.”

    The documents we obtained also show that State Department officials continued to use unsecure BlackBerry devices for the transmission of classified material more than a year after Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecure, non-government email system was revealed.

    We obtained the documents in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on April 25, 2018, on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation against the State Department after it failed to respond to three separate FOIA requests (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:18-cv- 00968)). The lawsuit seeks:

    All records of communications between State Department officials, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, on the one hand, and British National Christopher Steele and/or employees or contractors of Steele’s company, Orbis Business Intelligence, on the other hand.
    All records and/or memoranda provided by Christopher Steele and/or his firm Orbis Business Intelligence or by others acting on Steele’s/Orbis’s behalf, to State Department officials.
    Any and all records in the custody of the State Department related to the provision of documents to British national Christopher Steele and/or his firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, or the receipt of documents from Steele or his firm. Time period is January 20, 2009 through the present.
    All records created in 2016 by Jonathan M. Winer relating to research compiled by Christopher Steele.

    A September 17, 2016, email exchange between Nuland and Winer – which was classified in the interest of national defense or foreign policy – discusses the political situation in Libya, but also brings up a “Russian matter:”


    “Other emails show senior State Department personnel using unsecure BlackBerrys to transmit classified information even after the Clinton email scandal became public.”


    They used Blackberries in order to hide their dirty deeds.


  13. Lizzy has some ‘splainin’ to do.


    “WaPo confirms: As lawyer, Elizabeth Warren worked to limit Dow Chemical’s liability to breast implant victims

    Warren’s legal work for Dow Chemical, first exposed by Legal Insurrection during the 2012 Senate campaign, was not to help the women, as Warren claims: “Warren’s expertise was used by a company fighting in court to limit its liability and payments to the women.”

    “Timing is everything in politics, and Elizabeth Warren received a huge break when a devastating Washington Post investigation of Warren’s legal practice when she was a law professor was published on Monday, July 15, 2019. That was the day after Trump’s tweets telling four congresswomen “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how….”

    The investigation confirmed and expanded on Legal Insurrection’s reporting from 2012 that in her private legal practice Warren worked against breast implant victims, not for them as she claimed. It was part of a pattern of Warren representing major corporations against the people Warren claims to care about, before she launched her political career.

    Those Trump tweets sparked a week-long (and still ongoing) media feeding frenzy in which the WaPo report about Warren received little attention. The WaPo report should have been massive news, particularly with the second Democrat debate coming up this week. It should have been the subject of other news coverage about Warren’s private legal practice, and other Democrat presidential candidates should have been talking about how it works against Warren much as Joe Biden’s past is used against him.

    But it passed with barely a mention in other news outlets and competing campaigns, as the prolonged news cycle was consumed by focus on Trump’s fight with “The Squad.””


    Well, you didn’t really think the press would focus on real news that’s bad for a leading Democrat when they have another false narrative to push, now did you?


  14. I hesitate to comment because I only saw the last part of the issue on FoxNews. But, as I gather, a woman in Michigan was removed for competition in a beauty contest because she had made “racial” comments. She mentioned that women are oppressed under Islam.
    She is in fact, correct. Women have a “place” in Islam. And it is enforced where Islam is dominant. There is no separation of religion and government in Islam. Islam is the government.
    You notice the Muslim Congresswoman wears a head cover all the time. In Arabia and other strict Muslim countries, they are completely covered. You may see their hands and eyes.
    Women are oppressed in Islam and Western women need to know that.
    I have been there. I have seen it.
    A boy who doesn’t have a sister could grow up not knowing what a woman looks like.
    Maybe he has seen his mother.
    And: “A woman out without a man is like a piece of meat in the sun.”


  15. I hear that women can drive cars in Saudi Arabia now.
    Several years ago, I heard a mullah (?) making the argument against women drivers.:”
    “If a woman drives a car, she deeds a driver’s license.
    To get a driver’s license, she has to have a picture taken.”

    End of discussion. He has a might strong argument there.


  16. So who exactly do they think will save them when they can’t defend themselves from even lowly little Iran?

    Take a minute……

    Yeah. US. Just like the rest of unprepared and undefended Europe.


    “Is the Royal Navy too small to deal with Iranian threat?

    Defence minister demands more funding as crisis over seized tanker deepens”

    “The Royal Navy is too small to counter the potential threat from Iran, the defence minister has admitted.

    Tobias Ellwood told The Times: “The threats we’re facing are changing in front of us, the world is getting more complex. If we are wanting to continue to play this influential role on the international stage it will require further funding for our armed forces, not least the Royal Navy. Our Royal Navy is too small to manage our interests across the globe.”

    The news comes after it emerged that Tehran had ignored warnings from a British warship against seizing a UK-flagged tanker in the Gulf. The Stena Impero and her 23-strong crew are being held by Iranian forces after they were taken on Friday while passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

    The Guardian says the British government is facing accusations it had “failed to sufficiently guard its shipping in the Gulf.”

    The Independent says the crisis has “roiled UK politics” ahead of a “potentially contentious week” in which Boris Johnson is likely to take over as prime minister from Theresa May.

    In the Iranian media the mood is more defiant and cheery. The newspaper Kayhan​ cheered: “Tanker for tanker; Iran acted on its pledge,” while the conservative Resalat declared: “The Queen’s thieves captive in the strait”.


  17. Oh look, right again.

    Mr. Straight Arrow is really Mr. Partisan Hack in disguise. He’s a fraud, and a treasonous liar.

    Never-Trumpers hardest hit.


    “Oh My: IG Report To Allege Comey Lied To Trump — And Spied On Him”

    “If RealClearInvestigations’ sources accurately describe Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ upcoming report, it’s no wonder Donald Trump fired James Comey. According to two sources reportedly briefed on the upcoming Horowitz report, the former FBI director repeatedly lied about not targeting Trump in his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Comey also had what amounted to a spy in the White House, raising the specter of J. Edgar Hoover all over again:

    Sources tell RealClearInvestigations that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president. Even as he repeatedly assured Trump that he was not a target, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent.

    Two U.S. officials briefed on the inspector general’s investigation of possible FBI misconduct said Comey was essentially “running a covert operation against” the president, starting with a private “defensive briefing” he gave Trump just weeks before his inauguration. They said Horowitz has examined high-level FBI text messages and other communications indicating Comey was actually conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of Trump during that January 2017 meeting in New York.

    In addition to adding notes of his meetings and phone calls with Trump to the official FBI case file, Comey had an agent inside the White House who reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to other officials familiar with the matter.

    RCI’s Paul Sperry goes into considerably more detail, so be sure to read all of his report. How much of this actually ends up in Horowitz’ finished version is anyone’s guess. Usually, these reports get passed around to various impacted department heads for feedback and revisions. Sperry notes that the report isn’t expected out until September, which means edits and revisions might still take place. And, curiously, Sperry doesn’t offer much of anything at all on what is supposed to be central to Horowitz’ investigation — the use of the Steele dossier to get a FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page. Either that part might be a dud, or perhaps Horowitz is playing that one a little closer to the vest.”

    “If Sperry’s sources are accurate, and if Horowitz can document all this, hoo boy. The allegation that Comey repeatedly lied to Trump about his status in Comey’s probe may not be impossible to explain; if Trump was suspected of espionage, the FBI wouldn’t have wanted him to know it too soon. The problem with this explanation is that the FBI had no evidence of any such suspicion. The Horowitz report will supposedly confirm that, but Robert Mueller has already done that work for Horowitz. Under those circumstances, Comey acted with significant insubordination to his superior and constitutional officer, which matters even if Comey didn’t like Trump or think he should be president.”


    He’s a traitor to his country and his president. More from RCI….


    “Now an answer is emerging. Sources tell RealClearInvestigations that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president. Even as he repeatedly assured Trump that he was not a target, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent.

    Two U.S. officials briefed on the inspector general’s investigation of possible FBI misconduct said Comey was essentially “running a covert operation against” the president, starting with a private “defensive briefing” he gave Trump just weeks before his inauguration. They said Horowitz has examined high-level FBI text messages and other communications indicating Comey was actually conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of Trump during that January 2017 meeting in New York.

    In addition to adding notes of his meetings and phone calls with Trump to the official FBI case file, Comey had an agent inside the White House who reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to other officials familiar with the matter.

    Although Comey took many actions on his own, he was not working in isolation. One focus of Horowitz’s inquiry is the private Jan. 6, 2017, briefing Comey gave the president-elect in New York about material in the Democratic-commissioned dossier compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Reports of that meeting were used days later by BuzzFeed, CNN and other outlets as a news hook for reporting on the dossier’s lascivious and unsubstantiated claims.

    Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who would soon go to work for CNN.”


    And it all leads back to Barry.


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