21 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-16-19

  1. I get the weirdest stuff when I open ATT.net, (Yahoo News) Like “Suppose Don and Melanie got divorced?” Or “Body of missing woman found in hotel bed frame.”
    always something like that.
    It’s really a weird world. Did this sort of thing happen before the internet? .

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  2. I heard on the news that Biden is proposing a health insurance program that offers Medicare to folks who don’t have insurance through their employer. He says he will fund the significant expense by reversing Trump’s tax cuts. Weren’t these the same politicians who insisted that those tax cuts didn’t really amount to anything?


  3. It is mentioned on the Prayer Thread that certain people practice “Ancestor Worship” I have often wondered about that. I search my ancestor log and don’t see anyone worthy of worship.
    So? How does this work?
    Do the Kennedys have any worshippers?
    Will someone worship me someday? Suppose they really knew?


  4. We will be off to visit a couple of lighthouses and a couple of state parks today with our seven year old granddaughter. I would not go out in the heat for anything, but for her we will suffer the heat and humidity. Lake Superior is always cold, so we can, at least, have cold feet at some point. Yesterday we managed to get in some mining sites in before the rain poured down. The most important thing is time spent together, of course. They remember things so differently from adults.

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  5. Someone tell Kamala that Ol’ Creepy Joe wants his flip-flops back. 🙂


  6. Trump was right, that’s why the media and Dems are calling him racist. Again.


    It’s just more truth that’s inconvenient for Dems.


  7. Same goes for the rest of “the squad.” They refuse to condemn the bomber’s actions, he uses their rhetoric in his nut job manifesto.

    Birds of a feather….



  8. More birds, same feathers.



  9. More on the nut job bombers “writings.”

    I can’t post much because yet again, leftists are some foul mouthed clowns. But you can read it at the link.


    “Sunday evening, the Antifa site ItsGoingDown published Van Spronsen’s manifesto, portraying him as a martyr for the cause.

    The screed is lengthy, dramatic and disjointed, but the bits seized upon because of their connection to other individuals include the reference to detention centers as “concentration camps,” a comparison that landed AOC in hot water with anyone who has read a history book and his suggestions that his “comrades” arm themselves for the coming revolution.”


    Oh, and there’s the bomber with Antifa, filmed by Andy Ngo, the reporter that was assaulted by them.


  10. It wasn’t about race until the press decided it was.

    Quick! Let’s all feign outrage and pretend he said something he didn’t. Lather, rinse, repeat…..


    “Let’s begin with some items that are not exactly news bulletins: President Donald Trump does not communicate conservatism in the fashion of a William F. Buckley or a Charles Krauthammer. He prefers the punches of a brawler to the scalpel of a surgeon as he takes aim at critics. This style is precisely why he won, and it may figure prominently in his re-election.

    Whether against his 2016 primary opponents, the constant media condemnation since he took office, or specific attacks that arise day-by-day, he has grabbed any tool in the box, not to merely disagree with his opponents, but to slap them around, to make them think twice about doing it again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it will not change.

    That makes it important for supposedly smart people to try to figure out what’s going on—not just when the president launches a pre-dawn posting raid, but when the reactions miss the mark entirely.

    Anyone who has paid casual attention to Donald Trump has noticed that if he goes after someone, his content can contain a mixture of laser focus and schoolyard taunt. This is what led to “Lyin’ Ted,” “Sleepy Joe” and “I like people who weren’t captured.” It yielded deprecating references to Marco Rubio’s height, Carly Fiorina’s face and Nancy Pelosi’s mental stability. This is what he does. Everyone is free to love it, hate it, tolerate it or ignore it, but after four years of Trump as candidate and president, there is no longer any excuse for mischaracterizing it.

    We all know we live in a time of weaponized discourse. Everybody leaps to Defcon 1 for maximum effect in this era of cable news snippets and viral moments. Trump, in his way, has mastered the art of maximizing the effectiveness of such communication without repelling his base, because the base knows that his brawler style is just that—a style, a method, a way to make a point.

    The point of the “Go back where they came from” Twitter salvo was to highlight the loyalties of the congresswomen currently enjoying the affectionate label “the Squad.” The Trump assertion is that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to fight for illegal immigrants over the larger interests of the country, with accompanying observations about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s focus on Somali refugees and Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Palestinian roots, with trails leading from those specifics to an overall view of America that he finds annoyingly derisive.

    His suggestion was not the banishment squealed about by dishonest media outlets. His offer was to apply their chosen solutions among the populations he feels they are fighting for, presumably to learn how undesirable those strategies would be in America, and then to return, presumably chastened.

    This is classic Trump. “The Squad” knows it. The media knows it. The nervous Republicans being badgered to condemn him know it.

    Yet still, we are buried in reflex cries of racism, with accompanying analysis that this time he has really hurt himself. The first is baseless, the second merely dumb.

    I expect Democrats to launch the racism charge; it’s all they seem to have. I suppose I should expect no better from a media culture sworn to destroy him. But as news networks hemmed over whether to say “critics called the tweets racist” (which is true) or “the tweets were racist” (which is malicious mind-reading), there was insufficient attention to whether there was a reason to believe it.

    There is none. This is a president that loves supporters of all races, and goes after critics of all races. His battles are about politics, policy and core beliefs. Those who support him could not care less about the sloppy assertion that these particular critics came from other countries (true of only Omar). But amid a crowded and sometimes incoherent rush of 2020 presidential hopefuls, the left has clearly chosen to maximize this moment as further evidence that Trump is cut from the cloth of the Klan and the Third Reich.

    It is all meaningless noise.”


  11. Celebrating the actions of a fellow terrorist.


    Sorry, but putting on some potlucks doesn’t make up for this.


  12. Birds of a feather.

    You can delete them Mr. BLM, but screen shots last forever.


    “Shaun King: The Antifa Terrorist Who Was Killed While Attacking An ICE Detention Facility Is A Martyr”

    “The tweets have since been deleted, whether because King thought better of them (unlikely) or because Twitter warned him privately that even a Woke Jedi would have to be banned for appearances’ sake for endorsing political violence this blatantly if the tweets stayed up. But let’s memorialize them, just for ease of reference the next time some liberal claims that no one on the left with any following supports Antifa. King has more than a million followers on the platform, far more than most members of Congress. Not only does he support the group, he supports potentially lethal violence perpetrated by them aimed at certain targets.

    Thank Alex Griswold for preserving them for posterity:

    “Guarantee you if I were to write something valorizing someone who shot up an abortion clinic I would be hard-banned here so fast you wouldn’t even get to see my farewell tweet,” sniffed Jeff Blehar last night when King’s posts were circulating on Twitter, which is certainly true. How is it that King still has an account today? The best-case scenario here is that Twitter let him off with a warning. The worst-case is that they didn’t object at all, and King voluntarily deleted his tweet due to the flak he was getting. Either way, why does King walk while some pro-lifer demanding that abortion clinics be “liberated” through force would be burned at the virtual stake?”


  13. Like I said, not everyone coming in illegally is searching for a better life. Some are just searching for more victims to victimize.


    “Machetes And Mayhem: DoJ Unveils MS-13 Racketeering And Murder Indictment”

    “Bet on this becoming a White House talking point by the end of the day. The Department of Justice unveiled an indictment against a virulent MS-13 gang in Los Angeles for racketeering and murder, but even those charges understate the bloodthirsty nature of the crimes. NBC News provides a taste of what will come in the lead:

    Citing a gruesome series of killings in Los Angeles in which one victim was dismembered and whose heart was cut out, a federal grand jury has indicted 22 alleged members or associates of the notorious MS-13 gang on charges that include racketeering and murder.

    Five of the seven killings outlined in a new indictment involved the victims’ bodies being dumped in Angeles National Forest, according to court documents.

    The 78-page grand jury indictment says 22 alleged members and associates of the MS-13 Fulton clique, based in the Los Angeles suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, engaged in common street gang business: narcotics sales, robberies, burglaries and extortion schemes.

    But the indictment also details how those charged also used horrific violence to control members, protect territory and intimidate rivals.

    One of the victims had his heart hacked out of his body for the street crime of crossing out MS-13 graffiti, the local NBC affiliate explains. Others had also been murdered by machete and had their bodies dumped in canyons. It’s part of what made the Fulton clique more of a priority to law enforcement, both local and federal, than the other 20-odd MS-13 gangs in the area.”


  14. Hilarious! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Tried to condemn Trump, broke the rules and got called on it. Talk about embarrassing….. 🙂


  15. Now Graham’s a racist too, for calling them what they are…..

    “Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was one of the first to weigh in, saying in a Fox News interview on Monday that while he agreed with Trump’s criticisms of the four congresswomen’s politics, he thought the president should “knock it down a notch” and avoid getting personal in his attacks on them.

    “They are American citizens. They won an election. Take on their policies,” Graham advised.

    “We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists. They hate Israel. They hate our own country,” Graham said, referring to Ocasio-Cortez by her initials.

    But knowing that, the president should “aim higher,” he said.”




  16. Unprecedented. Good job amateurs.



  17. —————-

    In. The. Bag.


  18. Pretend it never happened?

    Bwahahahaha!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣



  19. Why it’s almost like they’re using the same Democrat talking points…..


    Because they are.


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