7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-13-19

  1. Elvera was complaining to me about how bad the weather was. I had to show her that it the sun was shining out there. No rain.
    Turns out, she was watching TV about New Orleans. She thought it was here and it took me a minute to catch on.

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  2. She woke up last nigh trying to get up. It took some doing to get her settled down.
    It was not midnight yet and she wanted to get up.
    There is no place to go at this time of night.
    She finally settled down. And here we are.

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  3. 🙂 We get one of our granddaughters for a few days all by herself.

    😦 Thinking of those in Canada by the fires. Our air has been terrible; I can only imagine how terrible it has been up there. Also those in flooding areas in the US.

    🙂 Fresh blueberry muffins with the first picked of the season. How blessed we are to enjoy the fruit God created to be replanted over and over! I so enjoy the flowers and greenery this time of year.

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  4. 🙂 We had unseasonably cool weather yesterday. I left the house before 8:00 in a sleeveless top and was surprised to see it was 62 degrees! If the whole summer was like that, I wouldn’t like it, but one day gave me a chance to be out for several hours without sweating and then take a second walk with my husband.

    🙂 I’m getting some editing projects finished and off my plate. I’m mostly finished with one (need some questions answered from the publisher, will spend a couple more days with it wrapping it up, and it will be finished) and have another I intend to finish today. I still have a two-book project behind them and another book behind them, so no danger of running out of work this month.

    🙂 It has been fun to watch the green heron fledglings at my little pond, and we are back to summer when the activity is pretty much nonstop there: several species of birds, turtles, dragonflies, and occasionally mammals or other critters.

    🙂 A few days ago I got to photograph the last species of swallowtails that show up in Indiana. One species I saw in the Smokies and not in Indiana, but I’ve still seen it. Anyway, we have six species of these large and pretty butterflies, and seeing the zebra swallowtail gave me my sixth. I have also seen all seven species of Indiana woodpeckers in two counties, and all but one (yellow-bellied sapsucker) in a third county.

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  5. 🙂 Some time off at last.

    😦 But so far dealing with comments on stories and more complaints about the pay wall 😦

    🙂 I have so many things I want and need to get done this week — scraping the rest of the paint off the large patio bench (and hoping to get to the painting stage, but I have a feeling I won’t get that far); a nursery visit to replace my dying flowers in the hanging baskets – it’s not a good look; getting a new porch light, maybe?; setting up some price estimates from painters on fixing the peeling paint on the south side of the house; taking all 3 animals to the vet, which is a logistical nightmare especially with the Jeep access issues Cowboy now is having; visiting Carol; going out to the SF Valley to visit a friend; doing something with my cousin. And some rest and reading time?

    😦 I’m the opposite of Cheryl — after a very nice, mild/coolish summer, we’re getting some hotter weather this weekend, Boo. But it’s much better here on the coast (in the 80s) than it is inland where it’s into the 90s and beyond. And temps are supposed to go down again fairly quickly in the next day or two. My cool southern breeze isn’t as cool or strong as it usually is, but the fans also help, especially that ceiling fan in the bedroom. It’s summer. Unfortunately, our fall season can be even hotter, but eventually we’ll cool off again — and let’s hope for another good rainy season, but NOT before I can fix that peeling paint … oy.

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