29 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-6-19

  1. 😀 Getting rides
    😫 Having to ask for rides
    😀 Wesley is with friends in Switzerland
    😀 New eye doctor
    😀 New treatment
    😫 Still no glasses
    😀 Brother gave me fresh picked garden veggies

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  2. I hope you can get it fixed, Janice.
    It’s a real burden. I know.

    Chuck rented a large house at the beach and he & Linda and their three daughters and their families are going to spend the week there. I don’t know who else will be there, but at least 15 people will be living in the same house. l

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  3. I’ve told you before. I’ll say it again.
    I have The Sweetest Woman In The World
    We have two black ladies who show up three days a week (separately) to assist with Elvera and help keep the place up.
    If one (just did, that’s why I’m saying this) should offer her some coffee, or some such, she is so appreciative. Like it never happened before.
    I am blessed because, as I understand it, some people change personalities when they get dementia. She is still sweet.

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  4. Chas – My MIL, who had Alzheimer’s, had always been a very negative and critical person. Sadly, the Alzheimer’s intensified that.

    I had a friend whose father had the kind of fast-moving Alzheimer’s. (“Fast-moving” is not the term I want. Ironically, in typing this comment about it, I cannot remember the word I mean.) He had been a very stern man before, but he turned into a happy man who laughed a lot. She once said, “He may not know who I am, but he thinks I’m funny!” He also ate foods he never would have eaten before.

    The same thing happened with one of my mother’s cousins. He had been a harsh man named Marshall. As his personality changed with the dementia, they referred to him as Marshmallow.

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  5. 🙂 A four-day weekend. Ah.

    🙂 I painted the little garden bench/stool for the front yard, it’s very cute and festive; and I began sanding started the large regular patio bench which will be a bigger job.

    🙂 Turquoise!

    😦 I’m concerned about not being able to reach my tax guy, a long family friend from the old neighborhood where we both grew up — he almost ‘feels’ like family to me after all these years. But I am thinking now that he and his family may just be on a long summer vacation, they’ve always been active and sporty; his phone going (weirdly) to another company when I called yesterday may just be a place he forwards his biz calls when he’s out of town. ? Still doesn’t explain my outstanding check of three months, but makes me feel better not to assume he’s in a coma somewhere.

    🙂 Researching colorful plants for my yard(s). A Mediterranean, low-water combo I found online last night suggests a mix of: Italian Cypress, Olive, Mexican Sage (I already have some of that but some tall weeds have invaded — another chore to do this long weekend), Lily-of-the-Nile, Lavender and Santa Barbara Daisy.

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  6. DJ – I’ve always been surprised that you don’t work at least one day on the weekends. I would have thought that the job of reporter was another job that included weekends, even if only one of the days, or alternating weekends. Does your paper have weekend editions?

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  7. Hubby worked Saturdays for the last 20-something years of his life, and had Wednesdays off. (And Nightingale works every other weekend.) Although there were drawbacks to that, especially when the children were in school, one advantage was that having a day off during the week was great for scheduling various appointments.

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  8. 😦 I just thought of an earlier job he had, and couldn’t remember if he worked weekends there, so I had the thought to ask him. Then I remembered that he’s not here anymore.

    Yeah, that kind of thing still happens occasionally.

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  9. We have a breaking news ‘team’ that covers weekends — and the rest of us are expected to turn in something Friday, for sure, along with scheduling photo assignments that can run throughout the weekend. Since we are an 11-paper chain in the broader LA area (albeit with small staffs apiece), shared copy goes a long way although it doesn’t always give our readers “strictly” local fare in every story.

    Back ‘in the day’ we’d have reporters working Saturdays and Sundays, I remember there was a rotating deal where I was part of that for a while.

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  10. Currently, the ‘breaking news team’ (which includes all areas) gets the brunt of holiday/weekend assignments. But these also are people, mostly young reporters, who have volunteered to do that, they love covering crime and disaster. We have an inland paper in our group that’s busy with the earthquake stuff this weekend.

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  11. 😦 When some people see the hate and irrationality in those on “the other side”, but they don’t recognize them in themselves.


  12. 🙂 Our pastor is leaving. I am happy and will continue praying for a true shepherd. His package for a part-time job where he really almost only preached once on Sunday and did (irregularly) a Wed. night bible study was ridiculous in my opinion. He asked for 3 weeks to 3 months to get situated in a non pastor job. That sounds much better for him. He had the nerve to ask for a weeks severance pay on top of everything else. I will not give all the details, but it has been sad for the church. He has many supporters and others who are appalled. Only God knows if the church will survive.

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  13. Sounds like a difficult period, Kathaleena, praying the church can and regain its footing quickly and come together as you all move forward.

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  14. Kathaleena – I know how you feel. I’ve mentioned previously about our relief when Pastor K announced his resignation. When Pastor Billy was voted in, he gave a brief speech in which he mentioned something about looking forward to shepherding us. That touched Hubby’s heart, because Pastor K had once said he was not our shepherd, Jesus is. (He had a point, but was also missing something.)

    Similar to your situation, there were some who were quite sad that he was leaving, and others who were relieved and happy. At least three families or couples who, because of him, had left came back. (One of those couples was particularly close to Hubby and me, and they are the ones I sit with, and they drive me home from church.)

    Although most of us love Pastor Billy, there were some who left the church after a while, but others who have come in. That is to be expected, a friend (wife of a former pastor from years ago) told me.

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  15. I makes me think of a period we went through in my former, much smaller church (but the same denomination, located across town). Our long-time and very loved pastor announced he’d be retiring in a year (when he was turning 70 or maybe 70+, I believe) and advised us not to dilly-dally in calling a new pastor.

    The process, though, was taken over by a very strong-willed elder who pretty much did just that (he was set on getting someone in particular from the East Coast even after that man repeatedly turned him down) and after we went a year without a pastor, the church began to lose the very few members it still had (it was during that time that I and a few others transferred to the larger sister church I’m still with now). They did finally call a new full-time pastor but by then the financial picture was bleak and he had to be placed on part-time status; the church is still going, our church is now overseeing it and doing what we can to support it, but it’s been a continual struggle. There was another discouraging report this past January with regard to its finances.

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  16. Pastor K even admitted – boasted even – about not having much to do with many of us. He said he didn’t want to be around “negative Christians”. By that I think he what he really meant was anyone who had questioned him in any way. The whole experience was difficult and sad.

    The interim pastor, Pastor John, was with us for about six months. He had such a gentle and congenial manner, and I felt that he brought some healing to those of us who had been hurt. I was grateful for his ministry with us. (And I told him so.)

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  17. Our pastor is now in his early 60s (but young in heart, mind & body) and he’ll allude to his *someday* retirement (stressing that no, he has no plans for that currently). He’s pretty wildly popular and has pastored the church since before it became Presbyterian — some 30+ years now. But he tells us if he looks down and sees a bunch of us leaving because he’s not here anymore, he’ll feel he’s failed — it’s not about him, he keeps stressing, the church is not about a pastor, it is about Jesus Christ and we are called to be faithful to the body. (Obviously there would be exceptions — if the teaching went haywire, etc., but that would probably be unlikely within our particular denomination.)

    That said, he’s quite charismatic and is a very gifted teacher and pastor who, in large part, drew many of us to stay once we’d visited a while.

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  18. I feel sorry for denominations such as the Methodists, though — where pastors are forcibly moved after only a few years by the denomination. My friend who grew up Methodist (her brother became a pastor) tells me it’s because they don’t want churches becoming too attached, which I understand — but it’s hardly time for a church and pastor to even get to know each other. It seems sad to me when a church can’t call its own pastor — under the oversight of the denomination of course — but it’s still the individual church’s choice and that pastor can stay as long as both parties are good with the arrangement.

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  19. DJ – (re:9:04) Sometimes people leave because they don’t like the personality or “style” of a new pastor, especially if they loved the old one. That’s not a good reason to leave, of course, but it happens.

    Sadly, a couple families who left after Pastor Billy came left because of offenses that could have been dealt with if they had sat down and talked it over with him and his wife, Renee. One of those couples was pretty immature, and ended up blasting their feelings on Facebook, twisting what had been said and done. Poor Renee was so hurt by what was said, but she handled it with a lot of grace and love.

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