47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-12-19

  1. Morning all. Today was a good day in Kinder. In spite of young man who got upset at recess so he ran home. He ended up staying home for the rest of the day.
    Now praying for creative ideas for tomorrow.
    Two days left.

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  2. Kizzie,
    I chuckled at your comment yesterday about using a mnemonic to remember something. When I stop at the store for a few quick things, instead of writing a list, I’ll memorize the first letter of each. For example, if I need bread, milk, and apples, I’ll remember BAM. One day when I was at home working, I got up and started walking, saying to myself “P and T” and then realized that what I really meant was that I needed to go to the bathroom and then get a new cup of tea.

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  3. Anonymous, that reminds me of my New Testament teacher when we were going through the books of the New Testament. He got through 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, and Philemon comes next, so he said, “And then after all that T . . .” and he paused and finished, “you have to Phil your cup with Lemon.” But of course what people also caught is what he didn’t say, that the next book starts with P!


  4. I see my butterfly photo bomb is up there! I had my camera set to take a photo of the blossoms, which are wild black raspberry flowers, and I pushed the shutter to take the photo. Just as I pushed the shutter, in flew the little butterfly! I had never seen the species before–it looked a loot like a pearl crescent, which I have seen often, but different too, so I looked it up when I got home and it’s a silvery checkerspot. There were a lot of them out there that day. I got several pictures of it on these blossoms, and some are better shots than this one. But this one is the photo bomb one, and the insect is in flight.

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  5. Super sweet photo! Blossoms and butterflies are always lovely.

    Seems I recall being taught that after all the Ts that you need TP (toilet paper, of course).

    Have Juice, Always Orange Juice=
    Hoses, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah


  6. Today I will really be an adult. I am doing something I have avoided ever doing. I am going with my friend M to take her 16-year-old cat to the vet for the last time. He has never liked going to the vet. Last night he was listless and struggling for breath. He spent the weekend at the vet and was given a blood transfusion, but he is no longer making red blood cells.
    I really don’t want to do it but there is no one else.

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  7. Prayers, Kim. Glad you’ll be with her but, yeah, always tough even when they’re not yours.

    I ran away from school once. But my mom walked me back over, crunching my hand in hers. She was not happy.

    I have an early meeting to get to this morning. “Early” is not my favorite time of the day …. But it is cooling off nicely now, the heat didn’t last that long, thankfully.

    Made it to the dentist yesterday for my overdue teeth cleaning, felt good to get that taken care of.


  8. Personal question for females:
    Why do we make our girls wear bras? Eleven year old prefers the free life style and that is fine with me, but I am going to make her wear one for VBS because I know how mean the other children can be. But what do you think, should I?

    She went to town yesterday and I had husband leave her with the sales lady to get fitted properly. In the past, she has not warn them She is quite adamant on her clothes feeling good. I could make her wear uncomfortable clothes but why? With so many fabrics and styles, there is no need. Other than the bra thing, and I did tell her to practice wearing them this week so she will be comfortable next week.


  9. I like my granddaughters to wear a bra because those budding breasts really stick out in t-shirts and little boys will be staring at them.

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  10. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😲😲😲😲😲😲😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳


    What did I just walk into?


    I came with a nice story, so I’ll leave it, and the rest of this conversation, to ya’ll.


    “American veteran, 97, and French woman, 92, who fell in love when he was stationed there during World War II meet again 75 years later in emotional reunion”


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  11. Kim, tried those, didn’t work.
    Rkessler, that was my reasoning exactly.
    The real, you were warned. But you would have an opinion also, which would be welcomed, as you have a daughter.


  12. Here’s what this Dad says.

    CHERYL!!!!! 😲


    All kidding aside, I tell her, you’re my little girl. Daddy doesn’t wanna see any of…….. that stuff…… so dress accordingly. 🙂

    And I will state right now for the record that my daughter does a pretty good job of always dressing modestly and appropriately when in mixed company. That’s no easy task in today’s fashion world, and I’m proud of her for it because it requires effort.

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  13. Go Eat Pop Corn.

    Strange, an LA County official — a middle-aged Asian man — was speaking at the meeting I attended this morning and he used the term y’all.


  14. Kim @ 10:12: I recognized your first mnemonic as a variant of the one I Iearned, King Philip cried out, “For goodness sake!”.

    I puzzled over your second one, but finally figured it out. Of course “Period” doesn’t belong there any more – it’s so 20th century!


  15. Well, that was over way too fast (not referring to the above conversation). The dreaded NCLEX is done on computer in a highly secure testing centre (even my glasses were checked). The computer program gives you questions based on your previous responses and actively calculates your percentage. As a result, you may do more or less questions, with the computer ending the exam when it calculates that you got enough right to pass or enough wrong to fail (the exact percentage needed to pass is never revealed as “it depends”). The minimum number of questions you can do is 75 and the maximum is 265. You may pass or fail at 75 and you may pass or fail at 265, or pass or fail anywhere between the two numbers. The computer stopped my exam after 75 questions. I will not know my results until the registration body tells me if I passed or failed which could be in the next 24 hours or the next few weeks. Fun, isn’t it?

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  16. In regard to my question, I can see that, But, in this day and age, when so much is intentionally revealed, even by the young ones, I wondered. But the meanness of children remains the same.


  17. When teaching grade 1 here I learned to sing the books of the Bible. It is so helpful when looking up verses. In fact I sang the song for my class yesterday telling them they would learn it in grade 1.

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  18. What about “training” bras, I think they still have those — soft, supposed to provide an easy, more comfortable transition


  19. Speaking of kindness. . .A Facebook friend (whom I also know in real life, but we rarely see each other) posted about being in a waiting room when someone sneezed. She said, “Bless you,” but no one else did. She thought that was awfully impolite of the others.

    Another friend of hers agreed, then went on to say how stupid people are. I asked my friend if maybe it is a case of many people feeling awkward to say that to a stranger, to which she replied that there are no excuses in her opinion, and she doesn’t “buy into this thin skinned mentality”. (She’s kind of a tough cookie.)

    Well, her reply to me, and her friend’s comment about stupid people, had me thinking. They are talking about being polite, but then have harsh – even rude – thoughts about those they think are being impolite, and I don’t think they even realized the irony.

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  20. She does not like constricting things. At all. She does not wear long sleeves because she does not like the feel. Even in winter she won’t wear a sweatshirt or sweater, just a t shirt and jacket. Call her spoiled. Or perhaps texture is a real thing to her. I know I won’t wear a turtle neck.


  21. She will have a difficult time in life. The world is full of constricting things.
    If not saying “bless you” when someone sneezes makes you evil, I am the worst. I never say,”bless you”. Or “God bless you” as they say down south.
    And I only know of one person who said that to me when I sneezed.
    It doesn’t seem a reliable criterion to me.


  22. Sounds like a sensory issue, which can be very difficult to deal with. Chickadee has a couple herself, which seem to be related to Asperger’s. (I have a sensory issue myself.)


  23. Saying “Bless you” or “God bless you” when someone sneezes is pretty common around here, I think.


  24. I’m not wearing a bra right now, and will remain anonymous. 😉

    I only go braless around home and if my shirt is dark enough. It’s definitely more comfortable, and I think there may be some breast-health benefits in going braless, and/or problems associated with always wearing one.

    I got plugged milk ducts frequently from wearing sports bras during lactation. I wonder what effect they have on breast tissue, in general, if one wears such bras regularly, whether nursing or not.


  25. I had thought it healthier to go without but Roscuro assured us that was just a tale. But I just think all the info is not in. But with the masses of people around me at all times, I conform.


  26. Kizzie, whether or not it is commonly said doesn’t say whether or not it is rude not to say it. If I ever say it, it’s as a joke. (Like if someone embarrasses himself with a really loud sneeze.) The saying is superstitious–sneezes were supposed to let in demonic power, and so you bless the person to counteract the demon, or something like that. So if I had ever gotten in the habit of saying it, I would have made myself quit it, because I don’t engage in religious superstition. And certainly no rudeness should ever be implied by my not using a cliche to a stranger! If they are friends of yours, you might supply them with a link to something about where “Bless you” came from, and see if that is really something they think should be mandatory, even from strangers.


  27. Mumsee, I don’t like constricting things and have been known to wear dresses in order to avoid having something around my waist. I suspect there is an alternative that will work for her, however. Sports bra, bralette, even a tank top under her shirt. It probably wouldn’t work to dig out old National Geographics and show her the results of going without one for a few decades . . . but if you can get a second layer on her somehow, that will take care of most of the issues of going braless.


  28. Mumsee, she sounds like my niece. She usually has a sweatshirt on over top of her t-shirt, but if long sleeves are out, then that won’t work either. But maybe a t-shirt and a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut short?


  29. Aj usually sleeps in on Thursday
    And I can’t wait arund.
    Good evening Jo.’
    Good morning everyone else.
    She is already up and wandering around.
    Too late: She’s already plopped down beside me.

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