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  1. Morning, Chas.
    Yes, I am tired tonight. I went to the weight room today and lifted weights and then did a half hour on the elliptical. I was so tired when I finished that I could barely walk home, probably a kilometer over the hills.

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  2. I brought a couple of things home from my classroom. One is a plastic tub with a lid, fairly large. I gave it to Wendy, my aide, for her birthday last October to keep all the books in that I have given her. She has never taken it home and it has been seven months. I had a plastic trunk at school that I had finally cleaned out. I brought it here fourteen years ago with school stuff in it. Wendy said she wanted it and was going to pay me a token amount for it so she could tell the others that she bought it to keep them from being jealous, a huge problem here. Again she never paid me and never took it home, so I just brought it home. If she ever asks about them, and will take them, she can come for them.

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  3. JO, tired is good, weary is bad.
    You can get over tired with a good night’s sleep.
    I hope you have it.
    Keep working out. It keeps you fit. I went to the YMCA to work out until I was about 85.

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  4. Grandpa has been all over Facebook to find a farm to take Little Miss to see the animals. That is where we are off to later this morning. ๐Ÿฅฐ.
    In other news, my niece/goddaughter is due to have us a new baby sometime between Christmas and January ? The due date is January 2. We are all excited. Nana will get to be a great grandmother ๐Ÿ‘ต and I will get to be a Grand Dee. I have already bought Baby a book.

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  5. You coming to visit? She can feed the goats with our Miss Maddie. And the sheep, And the chickens, And the turkeys, And the cats. And the rabbits.

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  6. Thanks to everyone who had caring thoughts you expressed about my eye situation yesterday. I think there is somehow ‘more to it than meets the eye.’ Sorry for my sad attempt at humor, but it is better than crying.

    I may look into ‘seeing’ another doctor. But I guess I might go take the DMV test and ask if Georgia allows a statement from the eye doctor. This group has not suggested that as an option.

    I bought a new desk chair for my home desk yesterday since I had given the very nice chair I had to the office for tax season since another chair had broken there. Now I need a new large screen computer that will work with my poor eyesight. One thing at a time. I have not invested much in upgrading because I kept being strung along with expectations of improvement. After this most recent appointment, I feel like it has turned into some bizarre sadistic game. Art is pretty angry about it all.

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  7. My friend, Karen, does not seem to be doing well. I don’t know what to think about that, either. I have been distracted by Wesley being home. We are taking care of a lot of backed up errands.

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  8. Do the doctors give you any kind of prognosis, Janice? Or are they stumped? Either way, a second opinion would be good although it might involve re-doing some of the testing (but surely your existing doc would share their files with the new doc?).

    I was really tired last night and got 8 hours of sleep. I’m off to my hair cut in a couple hours and that’s the only thing I’m committed to doing today.

    I’m fretting a bit already about next Saturday when I’ve promised Carol I’d take her to a local inexpensive salon for a haircut, her hair is super straight and thin and now quite long; because she is so stooped, it hangs all over her face and the headbands and other gadgets that have been tired just slip out because her hair is so thin. She also never learned how to do a simple pony tail or anything, really, with her hair over the course of her lifetime so she’s quite helpless — she wants a short-short cut which I agree is advisable at this stage. They do provide hair cuts at the place where she lives, but the person who does that comes maybe once a year and there’s no date on the calendar set right now. Meanwhile, her hair is driving her and everyone else crazy.

    But the first challenge will be to see if she can get into my car as last time we tried she couldn’t. I think she’s forgotten that but I’m thinking the trip may have to be aborted at the start if she’s still too weak to lift her left foot into the Jeep (even parked at a high curb out front). The other concern is her incontinence which now is quite steadily occurring. They have her in diapers 24/7 but from what she’s told me it all seeps through quickly. She’s just really declined in this last year but I don’t think it’s dawned on her how that will now limit her ability to go out all that much.

    But I’ll worry about all that next Saturday.


  9. The other concern is, assuming we make it to the salon, will there even be a curb there to use to get her back into the car? Oy.


  10. DJ, rather than taking her out for a haircut, is it possible to find someone who can go to her and cut her hair? Many women cut their own–there may be someone in your church who could do it, especially if the main issue is function and not beauty.

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  11. Maybe I can get the name of the place from her and check on google maps for a street view to try to size it up.

    She also has no idea how much strategizing it takes just to get her places now, I’m sure. I worry about her falling while we’re out or just not being able to get into the car and being stranded. …


  12. Maybe I can email the administrators and ask them for a couple ideas, there is a church that visits regularly there to conduct Bible studies and take residents to church on Sunday; or maybe they can help with finding another service nearby. It’s almost an hour’s drive from me now since they’ve moved the residents to northeast LA so probably better to find someone local to her.

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  13. The other issue is she really is looking forward to “going out.” I may have to just explain to her that I’m too concerned about what might happen in terms of possibly getting stranded somewhere — and that’s now not an unlikely concern considering how weak and slow she’s become just in the past year. At most maybe I can take her for a “ride” with no stops so we’re not risking getting her in and out. She’s also gained more weight so that won’t help her ability to get in and out of that Jeep.

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  14. Ditto what roscuro said.

    OK, I sent off an email to the administrators at Carol’s place to see if they have a referral, maybe the person who comes there usually for traveling haircuts. Otherwise, i can also call the senior center in that area, they may have someone.

    I googled mobile haircuts in that area but they all look really high-end (!). We don’t need a rock-star treatment (one of them was named Rock Star Hair).

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  15. Morning! Lots of snow melt around here and I suspect it will be many puddles by days end!
    Day for chores around here and a walk later on…loving Spring days!
    Dj I would suspect someone could come in and snip Carolโ€™s hair. The logistics of getting her out seem overwhelming and risky. Does the facility have an outdoor patio where the residents can breathe in fresh air? If so it may satisfy Carol to be taken there to have her hair cut?
    Janice it is good to know Wesley is home for a visit…I know his being around is a huge blessing for you…and we continue to ask the Lord to bring answers and healing… โค๏ธ

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  16. NancyJill, yes, there is an outdoor space where residents can sit in the back, Carol and her beau go out there when it’s warm and sunny enough (she’s very sensitive to even cool weather and any wind, partly due to her flyaway long hair — and that’s mainly what we’ve had throughout the month of May).

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  17. She has a wheelchair, right? Could you roll her a couple blocks down the street–perhaps to a restaurant–and call it a day? She may very well get very tired more quickly than either of you can guess.

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  18. Should be a beautiful day here, so I may be able to cut away the soggy strawberries. The bed in which they are multiplying (strawberries do that. I tossed six plants into the ground a year ago and now they’re everywhere), is clay sodden with all the rain we’ve had. The first round of strawberries ripened when I was in Charleston and now are rotting. They’re only going to cause trouble in the long run–even as a new crop is ripening.

    They like that spot.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Fit wants to take a hike, so we may do that as well.

    It’s also an adorable birthday today. Anything could happen as a result. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  19. To be honest, I think this place needs to provide more frequent services like haircuts. I’d asked in January if I could hand them $10 to keep for the next time the haircut person came (they said they had no idea when that would be). They couldn’t hold my money via their policies and suggested I let Carol hang on to it instead but that wasn’t an option, obviously.

    Here it is 5 months later and, according to Carol anyway, the haircut person has still not shown up?

    Meanwhile, the daughters of Carol’s roommate took their mom out for a haircut recently and ever since Carol has wanted to do the same. Part of the appeal, I know, is “getting out” of that place for a jaunt, she has cabin fever, understandably. But I don’t know what we’d do if we got stranded there and she couldn’t get back into my car (and that’s a very real possibility). Neither I nor my vehicle are equipped for handicapped travel that involves ingress and egress for someone who’s very impaired when it comes to mobility. She’s just really become so much weaker in the past year.

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  20. Michelle, just a rolling walker with a seat. And she finds it hard to hold her legs up at all, she’s tall so they hit the ground.


  21. roscuro, that was excellent, thank you. Many helpful points, including the sin of breaking the 9th commandment and the importance of looking into our own hearts to see if there is violence that comes out of our lips and the importance of reflecting on our own words.

    Social media, as they pointed out, can embolden us and makes “slander very easy,” as they pointed out.

    I’ve long been a fan of the Alliance and their work; before it was formed, the pre-organization format, called CURE, used to sponsor free Friday night lectures at a Presbyterian church in Orange County, the county directly to the south of us, and I attended those for probably 2 years.

    (Love their clever take on Owens’ Mortification of Sin (Mortification of ‘Spin’) for their podcast.)

    I had seen (and shared) Truman’s piece as well about the shooting but the discussion provided a deeper and more wide-ranging look into the topic.


  22. And was that a dog I heard barking at about the 22:10 mark? Hmmmm.

    Got my hair cut at long last, it was way overdo and feels so much better now.

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  23. We have handed our girl
    Off to her parents for three and a half days.
    It was a great place to go Nd we will go back when she is a little older.
    Now Mr P has changed his focus to the 3 baby Cardinals in the nest outside the bedroom window. He hasnโ€™t seen the parents and is concerned. How long can they go without eating? How can I not love him? ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Janice I am sorry about your eyes.
    DJ you really are one of the best friends someone could have.

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  24. BGโ€™s ex boyfriend (the one we prayed would go away) has an older brother who was 30 two days ago was shot on a dispute in Michigan about a month ago. He has been in a medically induced coma ever since. The trauma team was able to keep him alive but he has open wounds with drainage and has been taken back for multiple surgeries. I just saw that he was rushed back into surgery 30 minutes ago. My heart breaks for them. His mother has been with him since it first happened. She just asked for prayers. Please stop and prayer for J and his family.

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  25. But last night, he came in all excited to tell me that he got to use an ax! (It was actually a hatchet but seemed like an ax to him.)

    Our next door neighbors bought the house across the street (which had been foreclosed upon, sadly) to renovate and eventually rent out. They are doing a lot of work sprucing up the yard, and built a little log fence in one area. They also have a fire pit where they’ve been burning some of the stuff they have cleared out of the yard.

    Last evening, one of the other neighbors, who was hanging out with them, let The Boy split a piece of wood for the fire with the hatchet. The Boy thought that was pretty cool.

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  26. Funny about the ax Kizzie. My boy has been cutting up some downed branches with an ax. He got himself banned from using it as he chopped up a broken toy tractor with it. He should have thrown it in the trash rather than destroying it.

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  27. Karen, Rk
    I need to comment on that, but I don’t have time now.
    It isn’t about an ax, it’s about tools and becoming a man.
    later it’s going to be wheels.
    Maybe some other guys will chime in here.

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  28. What Chas said. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tools, and then the things with wheels, then those wheel things will need motors, and then the greatest danger they will ever face……..

    Girls. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    And then it all goes down hill from there……. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The stupidest thing a man ever does, says, or ever tries, usually come back to those girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not that I’m complaining, they’re still God’s greatest invention, IMHO. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  29. Aj nailed it. It comes down to the exercise of power.
    With a man, it’s getting something done easier, quicker, faster.
    It was interesting to see Chuck go from three-wheel tricycle, to bike, to car.
    His girls had no interest in that. Becky collected Barbie Dolls And she dressed all her dolls differently. She had no interest in a hatchet nor a car, except the one her boy friend had.

    But, as Aj said, it amounts to nothing without girls.
    As I said before, no man is so smart that some woman can make him do stupid things.

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  30. Aj has it wrong on one count.
    He says “it goes down hill from there>”
    Consider this: If it weren’t for women and families, men would (if possible) be living in caves and throwing rocks at each other.
    A man is not really a man, no accomplishments amount to anything, nothing matters unless there is someone who cares.
    It seems that men made all the progress but women kept men civilized.

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  31. Or throwing hatchets at each other.

    Like on cable TV news.

    I’ve been just really tired this weekend, I slept a lot on Saturday and slept in this morning, missing church — I’ll have to listen to sermon audio later today for today’s sermon which I was looking forward to. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I hope I’m not coming down with something, I also have a cough.

    It’s frustrating as there is so much that needs to be done around here.

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  32. Someone in historical society found and texted me the probate notice for my house from 1979 (owner was relatively newish husband of woman who owned the house and committed suicide by hanging in the garage, but my neighbors said he treated her and her teen girl poorly and they never believed the suicide story …). Said she came across the notice when looking for something else — she was the one who also sent me the very old (1923) pics of the house when it was first being built.

    Anyway, interesting to see that the room off the kitchen was described back then as a “den;” and the exterior color scheme was one I’d looked at first, pale house color (maybe very light cream or even white) with dark trim (I think maybe that was the dark reddish-brown we found under some of the layers). Pic was black and white so hard to tell. House otherwise looked remarkably the same as it does now.

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  33. I agree that the boys need to use tools, and build, and use muscles etc. My objection was that he puposely destroyed something. He may use all tools, but there must be some good coming out of it. Thank you for your wisdom and comments.

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  34. I spent 3 days at the track and 3 days at the hospital this week. two of the track days were race days. I was have not seen so many pretty shoes on ladies in years. I don’t wear high heals as I am quite clumsy and have had ACL reconstruction on both knees, and don’t want to risk it. I could not figure out why I was so impressed by the clothing, until I started thinking about what I do. Most of the clothing worn at work are scrubs. Clothing at home is work clothes, always hoping I can find a pair of work pants without holes. No one dresses up to go to class at college, and other than church, I don’t go anywhere else.

    After the races are over, the EMTs go to the entrance and police the people leaving to make sure they don’t take open alcoholic beverages out. I saw so much turquise jewelery and pretty clothes. It looks nice on other people, but I have no interest in it. I did not realize that going to the races was such a dress up occassion.

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  35. I just walked out the front door to pull in a box, and a woman and some children sat in the car out front staring at the house, the woman on the phone.

    I waved. The woman waved back and got out of the car, describing my address to whomever was on the other end of the phone.

    “You’re going to think this is very strange,” she said after hanging up, “but I used to live in this house when it was first built 45 years ago.”

    I laughed. “No, we’re a military family, I don’t think it’s so strange at all to enter an old house.”

    So I invited her in, explained the house was flipped six years ago and remodeled, but she marveled at both the changes and what she remembered–all of which I know to be true based on the neighbors who live across the street in a tract house just like ours (without the remodel).

    She was so thankful; shared a few memories and laughed at her incredulous kids when she left 10 minutes later.

    It was fun for me to “give back” a tour–people have done it for me several times over the years.

    Have you ever revisited a former home? An if so, did you knock on the door and go in?

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  36. Michelle, a similar thing happened to middle gd. She, of course, use to visit us a lot when we lived in Annandale, Va. Several years later, she, a grown woman now, went back to look at the place she used visit. The residents noticed her and invited her in. She said it looked about the same, they did some modifications in the back.

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  37. Update on Mr P and the cardinals. He is concerned that we havenโ€™t had enough rain for the worms to come up. I pointed out the sprinklers come in every morning. That isnโ€™t enough. I asked if he wanted to go to a bait store and buy the some worms. โ€œWhere would I put the so they donโ€™t dry outโ€, he asked.
    You all know this makes me smile.

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  38. I went by the charming old Spanish 4 plex in Hollywood where we lived when I was born, took a picture of the outside of it; I remember my mom driving me by a couple times as I was growing up to point it out to me. I have 2 other addresses in Hollywood of where we lived in my young years. After that we moved to a house near the airport that now is gone, torn down to build a freeway.

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  39. Janice, I’m so sorry about your eyes, and all the run-around and lack of answers you’re getting. You are in my prayers.

    DJ, I agree with Cheryl and Kare on seeing if Carol’s facility can bring a hair stylist in more often, like a student at a beauty school.

    Or is there a resident there who has similar experience who could cut her hair? Would they allow such a thing in that case?

    Another thought: would it work for Carol to wear a simple scarf — pre-tied that she could put on without having to tie it herself once it’s on her head — to pull her hair away from her face?

    Maybe made of material that isn’t slippery, but would stay in place better?

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  40. I sometimes dream about finding and going into the house we lived in in Centerville, Ohio. We lived there from shortly after I turned eight years old, until I was about fourteen-and-a-half (right before entering high school), so to me, it is where most of my childhood and growing up happened.

    My dad had done a lot of renovating in the house. I wonder what it looks like today.

    Sometimes when we would visit Hubby’s mom, when she still lived up in Quincy, Massachusetts, we would drive around a couple towns to a couple houses he used to live in, and where his dad had owned a small business.

    I miss Hubby.

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  41. Yes, I visited my childhood home years ago, took my former next-door neighbor with me to vouch for my being who I said I was. It was a family with one teenage girl. They found it fascinating to hear some of the history of the house, me to see the multiple ways they had remodeled it (including tearing down the walls that connected my bedroom to two hallways and letting that room be “open”)–the house was tiny when we lived in it, either 800 square feet or 1200 square feet depending on which brother you listen to, and that was for two adults, up to six children, and a dog. The teen girl got bug-eyed when I told her that her small bedroom had been the home of three teen boys (and she also had a bigger closet, since they extended her closet to include what had been the girls’ closet in my day). They also added on to the back of the house and, since bedrooms are legally required to have a window, put in a skylight as the “window” of the master bedroom. The driveway had been paved (we were the only ones on our street who hadn’t done so) and the front yard fenced. I can see on photos of Google Earth now that the yard is totally different, but I didn’t see the backyard that day, and I don’t know if the same owners are living in it now–it must be 20 years since I toured it. But in my day the backyard had a built-in barbecue, two patios (one covered and one not), and three to four trees–not much room at all to play on dirt–and that built-in barbecue had somehow been removed, and I think all our trees were gone, though I don’t remember for sure on the trees. In the front yard all the trees we had were gone or replaced.

    I lived in the same house my entire childhood, eight months to around my fifteenth birthday; my four older brothers all left that house to enter adulthood. So it was pretty significant to all of us.

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  42. The scarf is a good idea, 6. I also was looking at the fabric head wraps in the store that go around your neck first and you pull them up, one of those may stick on her head better. She had no idea how to use a basic headband when I gave her a few of them a couple years ago, I think she never learned some of those basics most girls do about how to take care of your hair, put on makeup, etc. I asked her if she knew how to tie her hair in a simple pony tail and she didn’t.

    For a while she wore her hair in almost a boy’s cut, very short, and it looked fine on her. It certainly was practical. But for some reason it’s grown out and the haircuts she has gotten have maintained that longer length which is really not attractive at all and is more trouble than it’s certainly worth. The problem with short cuts, of course, is that they need to be maintained regularly.

    I’m going to try to line up someone to cut her hair there before broaching that subject with her, I’m sure she’d rather “go out” to a salon, but she’s not been feeling that well either, her legs are in a lot of pain. I’m going to call the facility to see if I can’t get a call back on arranging something, I don’t know if they have a salon-type room there that can be used or ?? The facility is not very communicative even though they know me. But since I’m not family (even though Carol did give them my contact as someone they could share information with), I guess they feel bound by the confidentiality laws not to deal with me. Very frustrating, she has no family out here, only a brother in NJ who prefers to keep Carol and her situation at arm’s length (but they do talk on the phone once a week which is good).

    The plane in the movie managed not to crash. Barely.

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  43. I was sad when our one house — we lived there from when I was maybe in 1-2nd grade through 4th, 5th or 6th grade I think? — had to be torn down to make way for the freeway construction. It was a rental but I had a lot of good memories there, especially of the giant pine tree in the front yard that I used to climb. I had a couple good friends on the block who would come over to play, we’d sit under the tree which was tent-like with a thick carpet of pine needles.

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  44. Felt sick at lunch today. I went and sat in the haus win for 20 minutes as I was on duty and then went home. I think I am feeling better. I have not missed a day since Nov of 06. Can’t break my record.

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  45. Those birds need a mother, Kim. Feeding them won’t do because when they fledge, they need someone to teach them to peck.
    Years ago, I was looking out the back and saw a mocking bird teaching her young to peck.
    They would peck in the ground, but when the mother brought something, they would act like helpless brats.

    I have been busy this morning. Had to put out the flag.

    United BC, in Annandale, Va. has a special service on Memorial Day remembering church members who had died during the previous years. I think it’s a nice custom if the church isn’t too large.
    A large church would be limited.

    Now I need to go feed the Sweetest Woman In The World.

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  46. Good morning. Hope Jo feels better.

    I am “sitting” with a suicidal in the ER, waiting for another unit to have staff free so that I may do my regular work.

    Lots of thoughts about Memorial day swirling in my mind this morning. My brother in law used to always come by as he made his annual trek around the state caring for the family graves. He will have been dead 2 years on the 29th.

    My grandparents lost their eldest son 2 weeks prior to his discharge during the Korean war. They received a letter from him after his burial telling all of his plans for the future as soon ad he got home. I cannot imagine.

    While I know we remember those who died, I can’t help but think of all those who lost a part of themselves that they have never been able to recover. I had 2 uncle’s on my mother’s side who became mental patients after Vietnam. We currently have a little man ,whom we have adopted ,that seems to have been suffering from the effects of that war for all of these years. My oldest daughter works for an agency which assists with transitional housing for homeless vets. She says most of her clients are from the Vietnam era.

    And tomorrow marks 11 years since my first husband died.

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  47. Good morning, all, except Jo who is probably already sleeping and hopefully having sweet dreams.

    Yesterday was a big day for me. Wesley and I were up early and he drove us to Chattanooga where we attended his former PCA church. Coincidentally, the sermon was on the passage of Jesus healing the blind man and also covered the a prayer in Ephesians which is the book we are studying in my Sunday school class. I had been with Wesley to this church for Easter Sunday a number of years back. Directly in front of us was a Covenant theology prof and his family. I later asked about him and when Wesley looked up a bio, he saw he writes some for Tabletalk.

    We went to lunch at the Purple Daisy, a BBQ place at the base of Lookout Mt. that we love. Then we drove up to Covenant and the place looked empty of any people. It was a beautiful time to walk the main part of the small campus. Wesley told me what he did at various locations such as special spots where he would go to study. At one point he said he was telling me more about the buildings he cleaned there than what he had learned there (he was on Facilities work/study the whole time). The weather was perfect with a breeze to cool the heat of early afternoon.

    After that we went to McKay’s, the well known used bookstore that is giant. We probably spent a couple of hours there. Then we went to Clumpies icecream shop and then to a coffee shop before heading home. I am still tired! But it is a good tired. Wesley noticed I only had good things to say about his driving so it is as if we have turned a bend on that. In the past, since I was his driving instructor, he was always a bit on edge expecting me to be critical. Old habits are difficult to break.
    This trip was my first time on the expressway at night since eye surgery. There was enough distance between the opposing traffic so I was not so bothered by the oncoming headlights. But it was different as we neared home and were on the road that my street turns off of. The many lights in the opposing lanes are right next to our lane and the lights are too much for my eyes as they are now.

    One good thing is that I went out in our yard at dark and looked up in the sky I could see the Big Dipper perfectly. That would not have been possible before cataract surgery. So I felt thankful for that.But since I need to drive a car and not a rocketship . . .

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  48. Twelve year old turns thirteen today! We told him this is a national holiday so we could not celebrate his birthday this year. He did not go for it.

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  49. Morning! Afternoon showers yesterday leaves this forest smelling amazing this morning!!
    Lulah decided to take a walk down the drive and across the road this morning….looking over her shoulder the entire way…I just so happened to glance out the front window as she was meandering down the neighborโ€™s drive…naughty dog!! She is now pouting indoors…dogs!!!

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  50. Well, seventeen daughter managed to hold herself together while older daughter and family were here, as we suggested she would. But she is completely off today. And no OUI because of the holiday.

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  51. Janice, that sounds like such a nice day out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Topped off by a bookstore (! They still exist) visit and a sighting of the Big Dipper.

    I am finishing up some laundry this morning and going to visit a friend in the hospital. Then maybe I’ll work on one of my filing cabinets that needs clearing out and reorganizing and/or the weathervane.

    I’ll call Carol’s facility tomorrow to see if they can help me with the hair cut issue. I’m not sure how to have the conversation with Carol about switching to “home” visits only rather than going out for her errands.

    I think that’s why I’ve come to dread the visits in the past year, it’s so much work mentally and physically for me just to get her in and out of the car (which now also requires me to lift and push and shove her right foot & lower leg into the car once she does get seated, she has no strength to pull her 2nd leg in).

    On the other hand, I’m thinking if we try to get her into the Jeep for the hair salon trip on Saturday — and she can’t do it, as happened last time so there’s a good chance of a repeat — it might make it easier for her to accept that the road trips just might not be feasible anymore.

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  52. We had some rain yesterday, the off-and-on variety, and there’s no rain in the forecast for the week ahead. Cool temps will prevail, though (60s). It’s been an exceptionally comfortable May for us with no heat waves so far. Let’s hope it strays into June for our June Gloom pattern.

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  53. I could like things earlier but not now.??

    Donna, if there is any small place outside Carol’s facility where you could push her to in a wheel chair then you could take a folding chair for yourself and a picnic kind of meal to share for an outing. A picnic basket would be a nice thematic addition. And I agree that someone should be willing to go there to take care of personal needs. We do that for tax clients in such situations.


  54. Janice, I’m not sure they have wheel chairs to borrow there, maybe they do, but all she has is a seated walker on wheels. I can push that with her sitting but only so long as it’s flat terrain as she is very heavy (and we still have the issue of her having to hold her legs up which she’s really unable to do). However, she is able to walk down the back ramp with her walker to sit outside with her boyfriend so she can still do that much (though she said walking back up the ramp is a challenge). She probably needs to be considered for transiting to a wheelchair but it’s also something she’s resisted as then she feels (correctly) that walking will be out for her and it will further decrease her ability to go anywhere.

    This place she’s in is ‘OK’ but there aren’t a lot of perks or “extras,” it’s housing & meals for those who are disabled mentally and/or physically and who don’t have a lot of money. I’m still urging her to get signed up to go with the other folks to church on Sunday mornings, the church that transports them has a handicapped-accessible van and probably a few folks on hand to assist people with getting in and out. It at least would give her the one outing a week (and such an important one spiritually) and it also could open the way to hook in to other helpers.

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  55. DJ, those wheeled walkers also say explicitly that they are not to be used to wheel people around. If she is heavy, that is all the more true. They’re fine to sit on, but as a seat or movement, not both at the same time. It sounds like at some point if she wants freedom of movement, accepting a wheelchair may be her best option.


  56. We had hamburgers and cooked carrots and raw carrots and carrot cake for the birthday. Can you guess what the favorite food is for birthday boy?

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  57. A lot of interesting statistics on the wars and casualties of those wars. It’s amazing how many fights this country has been in. I expect most of them we shouldn’t have. (I’ll discuss that later.)
    But the amazing thing to me was the increase in population from 1860 to 1918. A lot of immigrants during that time.


  58. After visiting a friend in the hospital, I stopped by Home Depot to return something and decided, on a quick cruise through the garden department (who can resist this time of year?) to try one of the lightweight flex hoses. My hose set up out front is old and very leaky, getting as much water on me as the plants sometimes. And the plastic “wheel” it winds around, which also is old, leaks at the connector points (not to mention is a little unsightly now that my house looks nice). So I also bought a more decorative hose holder “pot,” kind of a bronze metal barrel, which should hold the shrinkable hose just fine.

    I’ve never used the fabric, expandable hoses before but guy at Home Depot told me they’ve really improved since first coming out some years ago. Anyone here have much experience with them? I’m tired of lugging around those industrial-strength vinyl hoses just to water plants and flowers.

    I’m enjoying a bowl of cold grapes from the refrigerator, so yummy.

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  59. Got up early and left for Iowa to see one of Mrs L’s uncles and a cousin who were visiting from Nebraska. Had a late breakfast with them and 25 other relatives at a family restaurant. Saw some of the tornado damage from last week at the family farm. A lot of big trees blown over.

    I saw this yesterday and thought a good reminder of Memorial Day.

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  60. Nice memorial day cartoon Peter.
    I can’t “like” anymore.
    I was in during the Korean war, but never in combat.
    I think that war was worth fighting. We saved a nation. The Viet Nam war, in my opinion was a waste of lives and resources.
    I think I told this before:
    I supported the VN war while it was happening, but after it was over, I attended the Naval War College. I asked some men who had been there:
    “How do you know if you won?” Nobody had a good answer.
    And all of Viet Nam, unified now, is no threat to us.
    Since then, I have been reluctant about foreign wars. We would be better off in Sadaam were still in Iraq.

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  61. Haven’t caught up with all the comments yet, but wanna jump in here before I have to call The Boy in for his bath and then our bedtime routine.

    I had written on the prayer thread about being nervous about going over to the neighbors’ cookout without Nightingale (she is working 2nd shift today). Nightingale and The Boy were playing together for a while before she had to leave, and I noticed that the cookout had already begun, and there were more people there than I had expected. That made me feel more nervous, and I was so tempted to back out.

    But when Nightingale went up to get ready for work, The Boy wanted to go over, so we did. The main meal was over, but they were waiting to have dessert. The Boy ran off to play with Gabby and another child or two, and there I was with four men. The women had disappeared! I guess they had gone into the kitchen with Denise. At first I just sat there feeling awkward as the men were chatting, then something was said that I had a remark about, and that helped me feel more at ease.

    The women soon reappeared, and we sat around enjoying some desserts and and talking some more. After a bit, and after a family had left, the rest of us walked down to the back of their property which also goes behind our property. The three remaining children (The Boy, his friend Gabby, and a little four year old boy) were playing in the brook that runs through the property. It was very lovely back there, and it was interesting seeing familiar territory from a different perspective.

    As things were winding down, a little after 4:00, I came home, allowing The Boy to stay at the brook with Gabby. After a while, the two of them came up to our front porch to play, where they have been enjoying themselves for the last couple of hours at least.

    They have used two large net-type goals to stretch a tarp over to make a “fort”. It is wonderful how well these two play together. And now I have to be the meanie to tell them it is time for The Boy to come in. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  62. Chas, Vietnam may well have been a bad call.

    But as to the “was it worth it” question, I also remember that in God’s providence sometimes the consequences of an historic event are not clearly seen in the immediate aftermath. It could be that the battle was a piece in the puzzle of what became the ultimate fall of the Soviet Union & (old style) communism only 20 years later.

    Or maybe not. Perhaps it served as a judgment of what may have been a too-reckless push to war. But either way, it all came to pass under God’s overarching rule and control over history.

    Point is, it’s tough to know where the line in the sand needs to be drawn for any generation of leaders. None of us have the perspective of hindsight. But all of it has a purpose under God’s sovereignty — we just may never know what exactly that purpose is or was.

    That said, Vietnam seemed tragic in so many ways, from the loss of so many lives to the inconclusive (at that time and still even now) result. Those were sad, angry and difficult times for our nation that left a long and still-bitter aftertaste.


  63. In the same way, when people say Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency was God-ordained, I have no hesitation in agreeing with that. God chooses the nation’s leaders, whether as a blessing or a curse.

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  64. We had forts in my backyard where we all ran around in coonskin caps and toy cap pistols.

    Shocking by today’s rules, I know ๐Ÿ™‚

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  65. Speaking of forts and wars and pow pow you’re dead, here’s a funny story I heard at our church dinner.

    One of our ladies was telling us about going for a Revolutionary War re-enactment. She said they assured her that in the battle the next day, the good guys won, but the one she watched had the Brits winning. But when she was preparing to go out to watch, they had a few comments about what spectators would see that day. And she was told not to be surprised if a soldier was shot and “killed,” but he didn’t fall down all the way. The field was full of poison ivy. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  66. And here we all thought Donna had been a dainty rule follower with flowers in her hair and a doll with a pink dress in her arms . . .


  67. Cheryl – you obviously haven’t had DJ push you out of the way to get to 100, or run you over with her Jeep in doing so.


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