14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-4-19

  1. This could be a rant and a rave:
    When I was active.
    When we were first married’
    When Chuck was a child:

    Pictures meant something. You took a picture with a 35mm camera and sent off the film for slides. You cherished the slides, made Legacy of them for posterity.

    Today, there are so many pictures they don’t mean anything. Every day there are a dozen pictures of grandkids.
    Not that I don’t appreciate them. But I don’t look at every one. There are so may.
    And almost every week, you hear of someone dying while taking a selfie.

    And Alexia listens to you. But not me.

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  2. But “pictures” was incidental. What I meant to post was a comment on “find friend” on the cell phone.
    What I knew: “Chuck and Linda flew down to Jacksonville to visit Tom and Mary for a week.”
    What I know: They flew to Orlando, stayed overnight in a motel on I-4. Mary came down and they had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel.

    I haven’t checked lately. Real neat if used wisely.

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  3. 😊 It is always fun to sit with family and reminisce as you go through old photos.
    😞 I truly dislike it when someone pulls out their phone and wants me to sit there as they flip through photos on the screen….why its that?
    😡 rant….some government agencies…they do not know how to do their job nor do they care…not all but oh too many!!!
    😊 it is a lovely Spring day here…we shall enjoy it before the snow gets here next week…. ⛄️ 💐


  4. Nancyjill, reminds me of a neighbor I ran into late one night at the grocery store. She’s just returned from her annual cross country jaunt and flipped through what must have been ALL the photos on her phone as we stood there in the aisle. Took an hour+ (many of them were redundant) and I just wanted to go home and go to bed! I’d just stopped in to pick up a few quick things …

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  5. I don’t mind seeing a few pictures, but too many is a problem. Also, others need to reciprocate and look at your photos! Again, not too many. Like conversation the focus needs to shift for each person to have the spotlight on them. Each picture is not as meaningful with so many, though, so I agree with Chas on that.

    My children are all different on photos. One shares an abundance and some I would not care to put on social media. The two other grown children share sparingly. I treasure seeing them, since none live close to me. I still marvel at how we can communicate with one another so quickly from all over the world. What a blessing!

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  6. Photos: what amuses me when I go to the zoo or somewhere else that parents take photos of children is that parents put the child in front of the lion cage (or wherever) and take a photo of little Johnny. Um, Johnny looks the same whether he’s at the zoo or at home. If you just want a photo of Johnny, leave your camera at home and take the picture at home! Take a photo of the animal, or take a photo of Johnny that includes something other than his smiling face.

    I’ve seen very few photos of my granddaughter. My hunch is I will be taking most of the ones that get taken, or at least most of the ones that I see. Unfortunately my camera doesn’t do its best work indoors . . .

    My worst photo moment probably trumps all of yours, though. I had a bedroom advertised for rent in Nashville, and a lonely old lady came to look at it. After she saw the house, we sat down in my living room to talk and get to know each other a little, basically to see if it was a potentially good match. And she dug out I don’t know how many envelopes of photos from her purse, really random photos. I probably looked at 200 photos that day, but the ones I remember (because they were so ludicrous in that situation, something you’d show a stranger) were the photo of a cow and a photo of a semi-truck. I can see showing someone a photo of your grandchild or your new puppy. But a random cow?

    I don’t know if she was interested in renting or not. But I was not. I didn’t need to have someone who was retired (and thus home all day) and lonely (and needing my time) when I was trying to get freelance up and running. Had I worked a nine-to-five job, it might have been a good match, but I needed someone who would go to work every day. (A husband is different; my husband works from home, so we’re together 24/7 and we still love each other.)

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  7. 😦 Sump pumps that fail in the midst of heavy rain.

    🙂 Wise wife that had suggested getting a spare sump pump in case of sump pumps failing in the midst of heavy rain.

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  8. Phone photos, I just tell them the truth: I get motion sick watching them scroll through their pics. I might look for ten seconds but that is about the max.

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  9. Selfies are the ones I like:
    “Here’s one of me falling off a cliff in the Grand Canyon”
    “Here’s one of me being eaten by a shark in the Caribbean”
    “Here’s one of me being swallowed by quicksand in Africa”
    “Here’s me being hit by a cable car in San Francisco”

    etc.I hear of all sorts of things happening about selfies. Who invented them?

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  10. Only partly kidding here.
    I have, many times, volunteered to take a picture of a couple in some location.
    i.e. At a concert, a guy was taking a picture of his wife/girlfriend (?) in front of the sign.’
    So? I volunteered to take the picture of them together in front of the display.
    They seemed to appreciate it.

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  11. Not a fan of selfies. I was taking pictures of the grandchildren at the pumpkin patch when I must have pushed the wrong button, as it had a small picture of my face inserted into each of the other photos. Could not figure out how to get rid of it. My youngest daughter said “mom, you don’t have to squint when you take a picture with a cell phone”.

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  12. The Canadian humorist, Stephen Leacock wrote a satirical short story, titled ‘The Awful Fate of Melpomenus Jones’, about a young preacher who goes to visit one of his parishioners. Every time he gets up to leave, his hostess asks if he would like another cup of tea and see another photograph. He never ends up leaving and eventually goes delirious, raving “More tea and more photographs!” The line became a code phrase among we siblings and our friend whenever a depature by visitors kept getting delayed by something the host forgot to show/tell/give them.

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  13. My mom always said to include someone in a photo. She saw no point in just taking a picture on a vacation without showing someone in it. Of course, this was in the days Chas is talking about when photos were precious.

    Kevin B: from your fingers to my husband’s mind!! I have suggested the extra sump pump many times. My dad had a couple of extras. My husband seems to like to live dangerously, but I know it would not be only him cleaning up the mess and losing things if ours gave out during a good rain. If there are no stores open or stocked with them especially!

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