28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-17-19

  1. First? Read 2 chapters of “voyage of the dawn treader” to my boy to night. I have been thoroughly enjoying reading through these books again.

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  2. Northern rough-winged swallow? I wouldn’t have known to guess that four or five days ago, but we have a pair hanging out near the pond. That or tree swallow.

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  3. Morning! It is dark in the forest and I am enjoying my coffee. That is a sweet photo up there. I saw so many birds while back east and Cheryl I saw two cardinals!! What a treat to see one on my Mom’s plum tree looking at me through the window.
    Rk we loved reading the Narnia series to the kids and they loved it as much as we did!

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  4. Good morning.

    I have not been feeling well lately because of digestive issues. I hope I can snap out of if today.

    My friend, Karen, has been dealing with horrible pain. Her wheezing is bad so she feels she may have to go to the hospital again. When I see all her afflictions I feel I am a wimp to complain about anything. The gout is so bad in her ffingers and thumb that she can’t use her hand. And there is much more. We have been in discussion that she might do a book for chronic pain sufferers so they do not feel so alone. I told her she can do Google voice to text for her notes.

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  5. Janice, you asked if I had considered seminary. If I go on the mission field, as I have always hoped to with my nursing, I would probably need at least a year of Bible School/seminary training at some point. There is a divinity school that is located on the campus of the university from which I will get my degree, many of whose staff and students attend my city church. The divinity school is not administered by the university, it is independent, but its presence on campus is an acknowledgement that the university began as a Baptist seminary. It offers a one year certificate, so it would be one I might consider attending (there is a Christian Reformed university and another Baptist college also not far from where I am in the city, and there are at least two seminaries of good repute in Toronto). I have already taken one university semester of ancient Greek, although it was Attic, not Koine Greek – but we did read a portion of John 1 in Greek as an exercise. Years ago, when I was between my nursing upgrade courses and going to West Africa, I had applied to the divinity school associated with the university. I was accepted, but because I at the time only had a college diploma, they informed me that I would be on academic probation, apparently not convinced that I had enough academic background to pass their courses. The probation status made it impossible for me to be able to apply for a grant I had hoped would fund my way, so I withdrew my application.


  6. Happy Wednesday. I see my state refund has been plopped into my checking account; still waiting for the IRS to subtract all of theirs. But what a good feeling to have that all done at last.

    Now to send my CPA his payment and I also have one more large gas bill I need to pay. The high gas bills will be history, though, now that spring has arrived, I haven’t used the heater in weeks now.

    I head back in to the cubby today after working from home yesterday — it’s so much more comfortable working here 😦

    I’m expecting some union complaints today as my story yesterday included their average pay ($186,000). We used to get the nastiest, expletive-laden, but always anonymous phone calls whenever we’d publish what they make.

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  7. One thing I like about smart phones is the ability to look things up instantly. We were reading the above book when he asked “What’s a bay? What’s a precipice?” Having images to go with it is a big help. Reading aloud is so helpful in building vocabulary.

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  8. It is. We try to encourage reading at level, above level, and below level. We read to them that way as well. Reading should be a pleasure and it will bring great things. Vocabulary, spelling, grammar, speech, pronunciation, history, science, math, and perhaps even a better understanding of God and who we are in Him.

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  9. What a quiet day on the blog. We had sunshine in the morning yesterday and then torrential. One of the other teachers with a car had walked to school so she could walk in the sunshine. I gave her a ride home. We are so tired of the rain.
    I imagine I will have a lot of children in my classroom at lunch today. I will have to make the children wait on the back verandah as I hide the resurrection eggs.
    Looking forward to a four day weekend.

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  10. Here’s something I sometimes ponder:

    We speak of a given date that comes around every year as the anniversary of this or that, such as September 11th this year will be the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, or July 20th will be the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

    March 15th was/is my wedding anniversary. We were married 31 1/2 years. When the next two March 15ths came around after Hubby’s death, they were still the 32nd and 33rd anniversaries of our wedding, but that didn’t mean that we were/are married 33 years. Yet when the next one comes around, I will still consider it my 34th wedding anniversary. Kinda strange to reconcile that idea with knowing that we were really only married for 31 of those years.

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  11. Kizzie, many people who have lost loved ones will still think of them on their birth date. Even Google puts up a special doodle for some famous person’s 160th, etc. birthday, although that person is long dead. It is human nature to mark the passing of time with annual remembrance. You were married 33 years ago on March 15, so it is an anniversary of remembrance for you of that event.

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  12. My brother just left. We did many little errands and he mowed. He took the mower blade off for sharpening and the spark plug to get a matching replacement. Thst means I will not be able to be OCD about mowing myself. My CA friend sent some wildflower seeds so I got my brother to fix an area for them. It may not be sunny enough. We were so busy that I never made it to the grocery store. The hours in the day are never enough.

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  13. Pastor Paul put together a Holy Week quiz, I have to write him back for the four pages of answers!


    by Paul Anderson
    I did a family quiz for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Great discussion starter for Holy Week with family or friends. Will send four pages of answers if you ask.

    Name two prophecies that were fulfilled during Holy Week.
    Why did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey?
    What does “Hosanna” mean?
    What did Jesus do during Holy Week?
    What day did Jesus have a healing service?
    Why did Jesus curse a fig tree?
    How did Jesus baffle the religious leaders in the questions they asked him?
    What different groups of religious leaders were arguing with Jesus during Holy Week?
    Why did the answer of Jesus regarding taxes stop the religious leaders: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s?” (Matthew 22:15-22).
    Why did Jesus weep over Jerusalem?
    How did Jesus describe the end times?
    How does Daniel, the letters of Paul, and Revelation support Christ’s end-time picture?
    Why did the leaders not want to arrest Jesus during the feast? Why then did it happen?
    Why was Jesus anointed by a woman at the home of Simon the leper?
    Why did Judas agree to betray Jesus?
    Why did Jesus “set his face steadfastly to go to Jerusalem?” (Luke 9:51).
    What did Jesus know about Jerusalem?
    What was the Passover meal? How did Jesus fulfill the Passover?
    Why did Caiaphas tear his robes when Jesus spoke about his return? What is the significance of that?
    When did it turn dark on the cross? How long was Jesus on the cross? From when to when?
    Name the seven words from the cross in order.
    Why did Jesus say to John, “Behold, your mother?”
    What was more difficult for Jesus on the cross–the physical or emotional suffering?
    Why did Jesus say, “I thirst,” when the battle was over?
    What was the significance of the hyssop branch used to give Jesus a drink?
    What was going on at the same time that Jesus was being crucified?
    What is the significance of the curtain being torn from top to bottom when Jesus died?
    What women were at the cross?
    Who buried Jesus? What is the significance of that? What time was Jesus buried?
    What is the significance of the guard placed at the tomb at the request of the chief priests and Pharisees to Pilate?
    How many earthquakes took place between the crucifixion and the resurrection and why is that significant?
    How many appearances did Jesus make after his resurrection and to whom? What did the resurrected Christ speak about?


  14. Part of the seminary experience is meeting and getting to know people who have the same goals. Some you can disagree with over certain matters (e.g. the rapture). And yet remain friends. It can be challenging and very difficult.
    But it is worth following the calling if a calling it is.
    I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have definite Spiritual leadership.

    Our professors had two grading criteria. One for college graduates who were working on degrees. Another for non-graduates who were working on diplomas. But they got the same education.


  15. My pastor pointed out that it took a lot of trust in Jesus for those disciples to take the donkey and colt. He said to imagine that you were told to go into a town and just take a couple motorcycles parked in front of a Harley dealership. We’d be afraid we’d be arrested! (But not if we truly believed and trusted Jesus that it was okay to do so.)

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  16. DJ–I understand why those union members may get upset with the figures you post about their average salaries. Often the salaries on the top skew the averages up or there is much overtime added into the salary figures. Therefore, many union members do not make anywhere near what the public assumes, because they see the average printed. That does not make it right for any disrespect for a reporter, though.


  17. True, kathaleena, and there’s a difference between median and average, although even the lower end of their salaries is quite high (and most will pick up OT and other extra hours). Add in free medical and generous pensions for all and yes, it appears to many people as ‘nice’ for those who can get it.

    The public relations issue for them is that they lose a lot of sympathy but … I may try to do a story taking a closer look at their salaries through the years, but only if I dare 🙃


  18. Hi all.

    Just a note to those of you who have been kind enough to send pics in.

    I will get to posting them next week after I load them from emails. Cheryl is on a staycation this week, so we’ve been here, there, and everywhere. Even had family visitors from VA today. 🙂

    Tomorrow is the youth group all nighter, then Good Friday, and Easter, so…… yeah. 🙂

    But I will get to them and didn’t forget. 🙂

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