13 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-17-19

  1. Not even FoxNews will allow conjecture about the Cathedral fire could be an Islamic act.
    It probably wasn’t. But note that it was Monday after Palm Sunday and dates like that are important symbols to Muslims.
    It needs to be considered.


  2. The media’s new gay darling of a candidate comes with Daddy issues.


    “Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto”

    “The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.

    Joseph Buttigieg, who died in January at the age of 71, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from Malta and in 1980 joined the University of Notre Dame faculty, where he taught modern European literature and literary theory. He supported an updated version of Marxism that jettisoned some of Marx and Engel’s more doctrinaire theories, though he was undoubtedly Marxist.

    He was an adviser to Rethinking Marxism, an academic journal that published articles “that seek to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory,” and a member of the editorial collective of Boundary 2, a journal of postmodern theory, literature, and culture. He spoke at many Rethinking Marxism conferences and other gatherings of prominent Marxists.

    In a 2000 paper for Rethinking Marxism critical of the approach of Human Rights Watch, Buttigieg, along with two other authors, refers to “the Marxist project to which we subscribe.”

    In 1998, he wrote in an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education about an event in New York City celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Manifesto. He also participated in the event.”


    And issues with the police.


    “There’s Something On These Secret Police Tapes That Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Want Released”

    “South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is officially a candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination. You wouldn’t think that a mayor of a small city would be in contention, but he’s at the top. His star has been rising since rumblings of his campaign moves were reported. He raised more money than better-known progressives, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). He’s in the top five in terms of those filling their war chests. He’s apparently been well received in Iowa. So, with the 2020 Democratic clown car getting bigger, how do you thin the heard? Well, you attack and it seems the opposition research firms are doing their best in trying to create a race problem for Buttigieg. It deals with the demotion of the city’s first black police chief (via The Hill):

    An Indiana judge will rule soon on whether to release five cassette tapes of secretly recorded conversations between South Bend police officers that led to the 2012 demotion of Police Chief Darryl Boykins, the city’s first ever black police chief.

    The South Bend City Council subpoenaed Buttigieg to win release of the tapes, which were at the center of a police department shake-up and a series of lawsuits.

    Buttigieg’s critics say he’s gone to great lengths to conceal the contents of the tapes, which some believe could include racist language by white police officers.

    There is roiling anger in South Bend over the allegations of racism. Black leaders in the city say that if there is evidence of racism, it could call into question scores of convictions that stemmed from white police officers investigating black suspects in a city that is 25 percent black.


    Buttigieg’s defenders say he’s not trying to conceal the tapes, but rather is seeking to ensure that releasing the recordings does not run afoul of federal or state wiretapping laws. No one in the mayor’s office has listened to the recordings, sources say.


    In 2011, Karen DePaepe, a 25-year veteran of the South Bend Police Department in charge of the dispatch and communications center, informed Boykins that the desk phone line for Detective Bryan Young was being taped.

    A previous police chief had authorized taping the phone line because the detective at the time didn’t want to miss any possible tips. Boykins allowed the taping, now on Young’s phone line, to continue but did not inform the detective that his calls were being recorded.

    About a year later, shortly after Buttigieg had been elected to his first term in office at the age of 29, DePaepe discovered recordings on the line that she said revealed racist remarks and a potential criminal conspiracy between officers.

    Of course, the officers in the recordings weren’t happy. The Hill added that they went to the FBI, feeling the recordings were illegal and demanded an investigation. Buttigieg learned of the probe in 2012. The publication wrote that the mayor was more than a bit ticked that he was not told that the line to Boykins was tapped. He reportedly was going to keep Boykins as the city’s top cop, but after learning about the investigation, fired him. There was a back and forth, Boykins thought that Buttigieg had fired him on the recommendation of the U.S. Attorney’s office. That was not the case. He was eventually reinstated but as a captain. Buttigieg also fired DePaepe. And then, the lawsuits began:”


  3. Why is it no matter who is in charge, the FBI can’t get it’s act together and continues to stonewall investigators. They’re trying to hide their efforts at covering up their crimes. Maybe more firings in “leadership” are needed, and I use that term as loosely as possible.

    And once again, it’s Judicial Watch exposing them.


    “FBI failed to provide details on contact with Clinton campaign lawyer: Judicial Watch”

    “The FBI failed to respond to an October 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking more information about secretive communications in late 2016 between a top Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer and the bureau’s then-general counsel, according to the transparency group Judicial Watch.

    Additionally, the group said, the FBI has ignored September 2018 FOIA requests concerning bureau communications with, and payments to, British ex-spy Christopher Steele — who authored the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

    In response, Judicial Watch announced Tuesday it has filed lawsuits seeking the full release of all relevant documents. The flurry of litigation comes just days before Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is set to be publicly released, with some redactions.

    Separately on Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham was joined by Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson in sending a letter to the Justice Department demanding the release of information concerning the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email server, known as the “Midyear Exam” probe.

    “In May of 2016, around the same time then-FBI Director James Comey was drafting a statement exonerating Clinton, the FBI’s Midyear team wrote a memo seeking DOJ permission to review highly-classified information ‘necessary to complete the investigation,’ according to the unclassified [DOJ Inspector General] report,” the chairmen wrote.

    “However, the memo was never sent to DOJ and the Midyear investigation was closed shortly thereafter,” the chairmen added. “The classified annex [of the DOJ IG report] includes additional detail about the information in question, its potential relevance to the Midyear investigation and the FBI’s justification for failing to review it.”

    Now that Mueller’s investigation has concluded, the chairmen wrote that they were renewing their previously rejected requests for “details on the FBI’s decision not to seek potentially-relevant information during the Midyear investigation.””


  4. I believe they have ruled out arson (but are still investigating the actual cause) — since no one’s “taken credit” for it, I’d say the fire’s cause was accidental unless something else is learned.


  5. That does sound weird, but Picaud may have just been speaking imprecisely (as often happens when you’re not speaking from a pre-written script). The second fire may have been caused by embers from the first.


  6. Here is a news story that doesn’t get near enough attention: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/apr/07/bulldozing-mosques-china-war-uighur-culture-xinjiang
    ‘Mosques are not the only targets. Whole cities are being redesigned to facilitate maximum security and surveillance of the local population. Sites of architectural interest such as the ancient city of Kashgar have been demolished and rebuilt to suit the needs of what the government proclaims will be a flourishing tourism industry in Xinjiang. And it’s not just the built heritage that is being destroyed. The bulldozer is also at work on communities, culture and people’s lives. Everyday religious practice in Xinjiang has been effectively banned. People are plagued by tech surveillance technology – checkpoints, facial recognition software, mobile phone scanners – and intrusive visits to family homes identify individuals as “prone to extremism”. An official list of signs of extremism includes things such as refusing cigarettes and alcohol, not watching television and contacting people abroad.’


  7. To add to what Kevin observed, everything quoted from the French authorities is a translation from French to English. Precise meaning will not always be conveyed well in translation.


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