Prayer Requests 4-13-19

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 71:1-8

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;
    let me never be put to shame.
In your righteousness, rescue me and deliver me;
    turn your ear to me and save me.
Be my rock of refuge,
    to which I can always go;
   give the command to save me,
    for you are my rock and my fortress.
Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked,
    from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel.

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
    my confidence since my youth.
From birth I have relied on you;
    you brought me forth from my mother’s womb.
    I will ever praise you.
I have become a sign to many;
    you are my strong refuge.
My mouth is filled with your praise,
    declaring your splendor all day long.

18 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 4-13-19

  1. When civil war broke out in Somalia in 1991, millions of Somalis were displaced, while hundreds of thousands moved to refugee camps. Over recent years, the situation for Christians in Somalia has worsened. Islamic militants have intensified their hunt for Christians, whom al-Shabaab operatives regard as high-value targets. 

    Today there are approximately 20 million Somalis in the world, but only around nine million live in Somalia itself. Although many still reside in the Horn of Africa, Somali diaspora have spread across the world, including New Zealand/Australia, Western Europe, and East/South Africa.

    The Somali share a common language and are proud to say they are 100% Sunni Muslim. Their society is built on a very tight family and clan system, making it quite closed. This mindset is also found in the diaspora, where converts experience persecution for their faith.

    Please pray…
    Pray for faith-based NGOs like SomaliHope, established and fully run by Somalis in Sweden. Their vision is to “see the integrity of the Somali people restored, a pervasive peace to emerge and the Somali nation to ultimately be rebuilt” through humanitarian aid and empowerment, particularly for women.

    Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of Somalis towards Christ-followers in their countries of refuge so they will be receptive to the Gospel. In faith, declare that now is the time for the Somali diaspora to come into the Kingdom of God in vast numbers.

    Somalia is rated #3 on Open Door’s Most Persecuted Countries list. Pray for Christians to stand strong while suffering under the radical Islamic militant group, al-Shabaab, and the country’s tribal system.

    Pray for safe fellowship and encouragement for isolated believers who worship in house churches to keep their fellowship a secret.

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  2. A while back I mentioned a plan to eventually move to a different house. Now I think that may have been more wishful thinking than anything. We seem to be stuck in a Catch 22 type situation, for different reasons, whether we keep this house or buy a different one. The situation is complicated by a number of factors. It still seems that we need 2 + 2 to equal 5.

    Please pray for God’s clear leading in this, as well as His intervention and provision. (I’m trying hard to fully place this in His hands and not be downhearted about it.) Thank you.

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  3. I would appreciate prayer for my husband and I as we continue to explore his options for prostate cancer. We were pretty well set, although we have another doctor we will be speaking to about it. Unfortunately, a close relative who sells alternative products that cure everything if you believe it, just called and put a cog in the wheel, so to speak. Please pray for my own attitude over this relative. He is a Christian.

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  4. My mother in law, Elsa, is in the hospital. She is scheduled for surgery to remove her cancer on Monday. Please pray for this to be successful and for family unity.

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  5. Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for the vastness of Your daily provisions. It would probably take us each days to make a list of all we can think of and then we’d still be forgetting more than we had listed. Even though You have given so much, we still find ourselves in need daily. You see us and our situations. We wait on You and at times grow impatient and try to fix things ourselves like Sarah and Abraham did. Help us each to walk humbly in You trusting that You are in the making stage of what is best. I will list people in need knowing You know the need before it is mentioned and also knowing that You like for us to humbly ask. Please, Lord, help Kim’s friend with whatever is causing such distress. May the need be met as soon as possible to give relief. I pray for Kizzie regarding her quandary over how best to deal with home ownership and how to feel she has a secure future. Give her trust in You and peace in Your care. Please also help Art and me along similar lines about what to do regarding our home that needs renovation. I lift up Kathaleena and Ralph to You for provision regarding his medical needs. I pray for wisdom and guidance through the maze of options. I pray for diplomacy in having to choose options and reject some that might bring hard feelings at a time when peace is of upmost importance. Please let the boundaries of their situation be observed and respected by those who care for them and want the best for them. I also lift up David and Melvin who are also in process of dealing with prostate cancer. I lift up Roscuro as she looks forward to finding a good career situation in an area that will be best for her health condition. If it is Your will that she marry I pray provision of a man who loves Jesus and will cherish Roscuro. I lift up Chas and Elvera and praise You for their excellent example. Help Chas as he continues the difficult road of caring for Elvera in ever increasing ways. Please, Lord, provide for Mumsee’s family as they all are growing older and having to adjust to new living situations and trying to do best for those in their care who are challenging and uncooperative at times. I pray Thank You, Lord, for seeing Jo through another semester and ask for her need of transportation to be supplied. She has waited and waited. Please, Lord. I lift up Nancyjill’s situation with those in her family that are in trying situations, and also Annms’s family and others here who have unsaved and sometimes warring family members. Thank You, Lord, for Michelle’s new adorable. Please bless that new life for all her days. I ask for traveling mercies for Michelle as she travels the world. Please advance her writing career so she can help advance Your kingdom on earth. Please help all those still suffering near her from all those fires. I lift up Kevin that You would keep him in good health regarding his heart. I lift up Cheryl and her husband for blessings as they grow older together. Please supply for her needs regarding writing and publishing opportunities. Please bless Kare and Tim helping them with health needs and with stamina in their work. I lift up Rkessler who is such a hard worker, an amazing person who helps so many people and animals. Please bless RKessler. I lift up DJ who continues under the great weight of relentless changes in her work environment and responsibilities. Please give her guidance and wisdom in the maze of her days and nights. And, Lord I thank You tremendously for AJ and Cheryl and all they mean for each of us. Please let things go well for them health wise, homeschooling and blogging wise, and with whatever concerns they have about the future. Lord my prayer could go on and on. Thank You for keeping good watch over Linda as she takes good care of herself and family.Please help anyone I have left out to forgive me. Thank You for meeting each of these needs in Your timing and ways. In Jesus”, Amen

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  6. Please Father God, add Yappamom’s request to my prayer. May the surgery be successful and all family members be considerate and thoughtful (with any bitterness or resentful feelings put away especially during this difficult time). Please give an excellent outcome from surgery and quick recovery. In Jesus. Amen

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  7. Lord, I thought I had included 6 Arrows but I think I did not type fast enough. Thank You for her new student and for seeing her through the recital performances and judging. May all continue on a positive route with homeschooling and with any ailments she and her husband contend with. Thank You for the blessings she extends to others through her teaching. Please keep all her flock safe as they venture out into the grownup world.
    In Jeaus’ Amen

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  8. Please pray for salvation for X’s mom (as well as for his stepdad). She has gone from being an atheist to believing in a lot of New Age stuff. But I have found it very interesting that she has “liked” some of my Facebook posts with overtly Christian messages. The one she liked today was something I shared that was about not believing every thought and feeling we have, but taking those captive to Christ. It really surprised me to see that she liked it.

    It is possible that she didn’t read the whole thing, although it wasn’t long, but merely liked the beginning, which was in larger font. But it still makes me wonder what is going on with her. So let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to move in her heart, and to draw her (and her atheist husband) to Jesus. Thank you.

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  9. Almost forgot to mention that Nightingale goes to court in the morning. (She is also filing for sole custody at this time.) Please pray for favor with the judge.

    From what her lawyer says, it looks like X doesn’t have a case, but you never know what he might say and what the judge might think. So I am not taking it for granted that all will go in Nightingale’s favor. God’s will be done.

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  10. How does this whole, uninvolved dad thing work? Do they have to pay up? Do they have to be informed? I would encourage the involvement of a dad but don’t know how it works.

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  11. Mumsee – If Nightingale gets sole custody, X would still have visitation rights (or whatever that’s called), but she would be free to make the important decisions without needing his approval. In this case, X forfeited his right to that ( in a practical sense, if not quite legally yet) when he attacked her, choked her, and threatened to shoot her in the head (fortunately, he didn’t have a gun on him at the time) – and all of that in front of their then-five year old son – thus ending up with a protective order against him. Part of that is that not only can he not contact her, but she cannot contact him, either. That’s why X’s mom and I are go-betweens.

    So he would still be a part of The Boy’s life. She is not trying to cut him out of his life.

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  12. From what I understand, it is not easy to get sole custody. There has to be a good enough reason for it.

    One of the reasons Nightingale wants this is that X tends to try to work against her.

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  13. I am trying to figure out how much to encourage daughter to be proactive with her baby dad. They want nothing to do with each other, supposedly. I don’t know if she has actually told him or is just saying she did. I don’t know if he wants to be involved or if he will later I think going to a lawyer and finding out would be wiser than waiting to see

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