44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-10-19

  1. Morning all. A long day today as we began Term 4. It went well. Now we all know each other and I have moved children so things work well. We began a new science unit on Properties. I have done this other years, but only in Term 1. What a difference, they worked well with partners and their answers were so mature. They were describing things such as a marble, a feather, a piece of sand paper, a seashell – their descriptions were very good and showed a good use of vocabulary. So different from the beginning of Kinder.

    My car made it to school and back. One day at a time. It isn’t far, perhaps a kilometer, but there are steep hills and loose gravel, which make me very grateful to have a vehicle.

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  2. The header is a great blue heron, from a day that was gray and not much sunshine, so I knew I’d get mostly silhouette, not much color. The heron flew from the creek as I went near it–near the creek, that is, I didn’t see the heron until it flew. I saw the tall tree where it landed, so I approached discreetly. Knowing it would be a silhouette shot (where shape matters more than details), I watched for its pose to be a pleasing shape.

    My husband found it interesting that the heron’s beak and leg form a nearly perfect right angle; I found it interesting that a heron would be standing on one leg up high in a tree. As a child I stood on one leg a lot, especially when washing dishes; my family called me a stork. But herons do that pose a lot, one leg down and one pulled up into the breast feathers. So do hawks and many other birds in cold weather, but herons do it as a matter of course, it seems like, though I don’t know why.

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  3. Good morning! I too, am able to like comments now. At first I was on yesterday’s prayer request thread, and I was unable to like comments. Then I brought up today’s daily thread and I can like comments. Word Press has become very fickle.

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  4. Morning! There is a thick fog rolling through the forest this morning. We are preparing for the “blizzard” this afternoon. Schools are calling off and CDOT is advising everyone just stay home…sounds like a plan to me! ❄️
    Those birds remind me of those slow moving, hopping birds on the old cartoons we watched as kids….what a beautiful shot once again Cheryl! I often think I would love to have all of your photos compiled into a coffee table book. Your knowledge and descriptions accompanying your lovely photos are a true treasure.

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  5. Beautiful day here as well. A break in the rain, which has been falling fro weeks. Rain is expected to continue. Flooding definitely going on in the area but not here.

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  6. We had some fierce winds last night, lots of crashing as trash cans and other items went flying and tumbling down driveways. Mine are still there, but in a bunch on their sides. I took the hanging flower pots down from the front porch as they were swinging wildly before I went to bed. It also took our temperatures down about 10 degrees it would seem.

    Some trees were toppled but not sure if there were any in our area. One house featured on the news, which they said belonged to an older couple, had a tree land smack onto the roof creating quite a hole. No one was hurt and they were being allowed to stay in the house for the night, they just couldn’t come into the front room. They still had the Christmas icicle lights up all around the roof of their house.

    I always think how that would cap it all off after all that work I’ve done here, to have a giant tree just crash down on top of my house. 🙂 And it’s also another reason to take the Christmas lights down every year, lest your house make it onto the 11 o’clock news. I have a couple very large trees in the backyard but they seem secure. Charlie brown is still standing, thanks probably to the support poles he’s still tied up to.

    I still find that little cubby office confining and a cramped place to be for a full day of work. I’m going to work from home Thursday and Friday, though, as the Grand Prix (an annual big deal around here) is being staged near and around our building and the traffic will be a nightmare just getting in and out of the city.

    At some point, I may try to divide my time even on days that I go in so I’m not there for that full 8 hours. Honestly, the executive who signed this deal really does have to be made to work in one of those rooms for a full day sometime.

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  7. WIND here .

    I had the blue screen of death on my computer last night. I don’t have time to get it to the repair shop until next week. Not good for someone who is taking online classes. Only 5 more weeks in this semester

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  8. Lots of new snow on the mountains. We are not supposed to see more snow until next week, then things may begin to clear off and the sun should make an appearance. Husband is off to the city to attend meetings to learn about seventeen year old daughter’s potential future.

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  9. I love rainy days, but since we’ve had sun outside, I’ve been out four of the last five days to work in the yard. It makes me feel self-righteous–especially now that the compost can is filled with weeds!


  10. We have had wonderful temps this week, in the high 60’s. My neighbor and I got our walks in 4 days in a row with no snow! Now it is 32 degrees and snowing…it is pretty though 😊

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  11. There are no more weeks to my semester. It is done, there is no more.

    Well, except for the registration exam, of course, the dreaded NCLEX. That is the next thing I have to do. Need to study for it first. ‘They’ say to study as if it was a full time job.

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  12. We have only a little snow cap visible now on the tippy-top I’d the highest mountain to the northeast of us — it was so gorgeous when they were all just covered in white this winter

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  13. I had a Cadbury Cream Egg flavored milk shake for lunch. 🙂

    But it was healthy! Nightingale bought it at a place in town (Fit Nutrition) that makes meal replacement shakes, along with some other healthy drinks. She goes there every now and then, and sometimes brings home one for me.

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  14. Grateful this morning as I look out and see sunshine with a little fog. We have had so much rain and grayness. I began to pray for the rain to stop and to see the sun. God answered with no rain yesterday. They are finishing up the sinkhole under the basketball court. Just need to finish paving the path down to the court. We now have a gentle down slope on three sides of the court to keep the rain off the court and to keep it from washing away what is under the court.

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  15. It’s complicated. We’ve had an Easter egg hunt on our church lawn every Easter for at least 20 years. This year we’re doing something different–and wonderful–a walk through five days of Holy week with members of the church acting out five different scenes. (I’m an angel at the resurrection, myself).

    It truly is lovely, but the children will not have an Easter egg hunt–which I think folks need to know about beforehand. Some children regularly arrive with baskets.

    The children will receive a bag with five items related to what they saw–a washcloth for the washing of the feet, a cross bookmark, a seed, that type of item, but no candy.

    I asked if I could just bring a big basket of candy and when the children pick up their bags, they can choose several chocolate Easter eggs.

    The one mother on the team doesn’t like the idea of candy but finally agreed that some people might expect some.

    But, “No EGGS!”

    I said nothing but seethed. I left a nondenominational church because I wanted to be back in a liturgical church with history, nuance, traditional music, and the Bible. I am a writer and a musician, I like nuance and history and color and traditions. I know you don’t all agree with me, and I respect that, but that’s one reason why I attend a liturgical church.

    We have a faction out of Biola who aren’t all that keen on tradition and with the best of intentions work against it.

    As I explained to my own children as they grew up, the egg is a symbol of God-three-in-one. The shell, the yoke and the white together constitute one, just as the Godhead is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

    I’m the granddaughter of a chicken farmer. I like to hunt for Easter eggs.

    So I’ve been frustrated, examining my heart, confessing sin and trying to decide what to do when one of the more-understanding members of the faction sent me an email and said to please go ahead and buy candy–just not anything related to eggs.

    Other than these expensive lambs and bunnies, there is no Easter candy that is not related to an egg.

    I tried to order those resurrection jelly bean stories–where the colors of a jelly bean correspond with some aspect of the story. I know, silly, but something that wasn’t an egg. They don’t have them anymore–even at Scripturecandy.com.

    My skin was crawling on that site anyway and I got off it as fast as possible.

    I like chocolate Easter eggs. Call me a heretic. I don’t think Jesus cares.

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  16. Chas, growing up we never got anything new to wear for Easter. But we would dig out the hand-me-down dresses with the most frills/ribbon/lace every Easter in an attempt to keep up the old tradition.

    Michelle, would hot cross buns be acceptable? 🙂 My sympathies. I spent years among those who rained on every traditional parade. As a general rule, the more anti-tradition because-it-is-pagan the parents, the unhappier the children, from my observation.

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  17. I like tradition. Everyone at my house will be getting Easter eggs even the one who doesn’t know what it is all about. She and the other girl child will also be getting swimsuits because that is what the bunny has always brought.
    I really don’t like the legalistic view on church history. It sucks the life out of you. I don’t think God made us to be miserable.


  18. I’m taking a break sitting in the 4th floor lobby and I looking out over Ocean Boulevard, the road leading to home … that cubby is so confining on some days


  19. Michelle, enjoy the liturgy, and recognize that not all believers have the same freedom as you have. It is okay. God may open their eyes, but maybe not through you. Or maybe. But it is not your concern to step on their insecurities.


  20. Michelle – Did you share your own views about eggs with them?

    Besides chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps, everything else really is shaped like an egg. How about non-Easter candy?


  21. Mumsee – I posted my comment before seeing yours. Would you consider Michelle sharing her views on Easter eggs to be stepping on their insecurities?

    Some folks are open to another perspective, but some have their own perspectives seemingly set in stone. Often we can tell the difference, but sometimes not.


  22. It is snowing, the wind is blowing and it is cold! Fireplace is on and we are cozy inside 🔥
    Dj I do believe the 4th floor lobby should become your new office. Just let them know where they can find you, leave a cell phone number and set up shop!! 📓 ✏️

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  23. I can breathe in the lobby. I’ll be based at home for the next 2 days, I have local in-person interviews tomorrow and Friday mornings both; plus the Grand Prix will be in full swing and I shudder at getting trapped over on that side of the bridge. 🙂 I used to live over there (and work over “here” where I now live) and I remember well having to create alternative routes to get around the big weekend-long festivities every spring.

    In another month, it’ll be the Gay Pride parade & festival which also draws thousands of people into town.

    Meanwhile, the discussion of Easter candy has me craving those peanut-butter-filled chocolate eggs. Is that wrong? Probably for all kinds of reasons. 😦

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  24. The holiday discussion reminds me of a story I wrote ages ago — I was working for the former newspaper and covering religion, not as a full-time beat but for features here and there.

    I decided to do a story on Christmas and how different Christians celebrate (or don’t celebrate).

    I interviewed a young dad, very fundamentalist, who was hard-core — no tree, no ornaments, no gifts. I understood his position, biblically — the Puritans and the Quakers all shunned any celebration of Christmas. I get it and appreciate the reasoning behind it.

    But …

    Next I interviewed the PCUSA pastor in town — a warm and delightful man, who since has died, and was personally more conservative evangelical than his denomination was. My sense was that he had a difficult time walking the line in his position.

    Anyway, he proceeded to tell me he loved-loved-loved Christmas, everything about it, starting, of course, with Jesus Christ. But that spreads, he said, to the lights, the carols, the joy, the festivities, the glitter and parties. He talked about how much he loved walking the streets of downtown during Christmas to look at all the wonderful window displays. He was smiling through the entire month of December.

    I suppose that really struck me — it was such a compelling view of Christianity (and I have no doubt his view had nothing to do with worshiping idols or drifting away from the *real* meaning of the holiday).

    Just my two cents. Some of these issues we can afford to hold lightly, I think.

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  25. These are issues that aren’t spelled out for us scripturally and so I think there is some liberty in how people approach them.


  26. Or I suppose we can cite Scripture on either side of some of those ‘holiday’ arguments. But I’m not convinced there’s a hard-and-fast case that can be made.

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  27. The cubbies, I believe, are about 10’x12′ ? — that’s what my cubby-mate and I decided today. With 3 desks and a pretty good-sized printer. It just feels oppressive after spending several hours in those rooms.


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