52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-8-19

  1. Morning all. Chas, I trust that your computer will let you speak to us and keep us all in line.

    Well, I walked two miles in the rain to go pick up my car, but it wasn’t ready. They were still charging the battery. I will have to walk back sometime tomorrow. Plus get ready for school to begin the next day. Oh, and don’t forget to spend time in the weight room.

    A friend gave me a ride home today so I didn’t have to trudge up the hill in the rain. so sweet.

    I am beginning to feel like Dj with her house, only I am not making any progress.

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  2. Good Day! It’s test week. Most students will do okay, but the school offers an incentive in order to get them all to take it more seriously. If the meet or exceed on the math and English sections they can get out of up to 4 semester finals next Spring, which means getting out of school a day early. Our results improved drastically last year because of the incentive.

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  3. Good morning. We are off to see the grands in northern NM today. I printed off a bunch of scenarios to quiz Miguel on as we travel. He is a bit frustrated with his teacher. Hoping this will help get some concepts solidly entrenched in his brain.

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  4. Good morning.
    It’s the last full week of tax season. I have been preparing the schedule book for the next year. We are old-fashioned in scheduling and do not do it online. At least our method does not have to be concerned if the system is down when someone calls for an appointment. We actually use a hair salon appointment book which is perfect for our needs.

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  5. Morning! ‘Tis a beautiful day around here and we shall enjoy this for a couple of days….then winter returns. I head out towards the east on Friday hoping to find Spring but I hear it will be raining most of my visit. So goes April! 🌧 💐

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  6. Thanks for sharing that one Michelle! My daughter and I engaged in such a conversation during our after church lunch yesterday. I will share that link with her! (She has never dated and seems rather put off with some of the approaches she has experienced with some fellas 😳)

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  7. I feel your frustration, Jo. I was just thinking this morning after taking my shower about the period when that bathroom was “down to the studs.”

    Chas, even your little anonymous icon is fading out. Hello? Hello? Are you in another dimension?

    Oh, tax week. I finally got my returns Saturday. My next challenge is putting together the money I owe. 😦

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  8. You know, the first time I heard that “Catholics have Jesus on the cross (crucifix), but we don’t, because we believe in the resurrection,” I found it way less than convincing . . . still do. Roman Catholics believe in the resurrection, too . . . however, the Crucifixion is related to the Resurrection, but a separate event. We might just as readily say we don’t put the babe in the manger because we believe in the resurrection. The manger and the Cross only have meaning because of the One in / on it!

    We don’t put the image of Christ on the cross (or in the manger) because we believe in “no graven images,” not because we believe in the resurrection. But by the same token, we don’t need a fake cross as a reminder, either–it isn’t the reminder that Jesus Himself gave us. He gave us His Word and He gave us the sacraments. He could have told us to take wooden beams and nail them together to strengthen our faith, but He gave us different ones.

    I’m not super opposed to church buildings having crosses, but neither do I see them as “necessary.” And I understand why some people wear a cross necklace, but I won’t, because to me it trivializes it to make it jewelry.


  9. Interesting points, Cheryl. Good explaination as to why you do what you do.

    I liked Michelle’s article and forwarded it to Wesley.

    I heard nothing from my friend, Karen, yesterday or today. I would call but don’t want to interrupt her rest. She has been in great pain. I have offered to let Art drop me really early at her house so I can help her get ready for her doc appts. and then I can ride Uber with her to appointments.

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  10. The weekend discussion about google photos had me chuckling (again) about an episode of “Duck Commander” in which there were multiple decoys on the roof of the building. When asked why, the answer was, “You know those google photos . . .”.

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  11. Chas’ problem may be rooted in his internet browser. WordPress has a way of going all weird with certain browsers. I have experienced it occasionally with Chrome, but I cannot even use Internet Explorer (IE) with WordPress anymore. I liked IE because I could set the browser to automatically delete my history every time I closed the browser (it means I sign in to sites every time I reopen my browser but I don’t mind). Chrome doesn’t let me do that (I have to manually delete my history every time) and the new Microsoft Edge is hardly a browser, just an app pretending to be a browser.

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  12. I did my English ivy and honeysuckle vine pulling for exercise and got sweaty because it is very humid and warm. I spied one of the horrible honeysuckle bushes that is gigantic on the border with our neighbors yard. My brother can take down the large overhanging part in our yard but I may ask the neighbor if we can take the whole thing down. They spread even worse than the vines.i sondrred if that is what DJ has where she lives. I never knew about them until they invaded here. My brother already got rid of most. I understand why he did not mess with this one, but it will make enough seeds to cover up our small yard.

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  13. Last night I read, and then shared on Facebook (on my Christian friends list), a World article about some New Age practices, saying that many Christians are participating and believing in them.

    Right after reading that, I happened upon a Facebook post by a Christian friend (who used to go to my church, but now goes to a different one) with a photo of a bobcat in her front yard. One of her friends told her that it was a message, and to look at a book called Animal Speaks, which supposedly is about different messages we are sent by different animals. The lady told her to google “Animal Speak bobcat”. Susie replied that she would.

    I was kind of flabbergasted that my devout Christian friend, who knows the Bible quite well, would fall for that kind of thing so quickly. (Unless she was just being polite.)



  14. Seeing a previous day’s thread stopped at 87 posts is almost as jarring as seeing one stopped at 56. You can’t just leave it there.

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  15. I sent Susie a private message on Facebook with my concern, and a link to the article. She said that right after she had looked up that Animal Speaks thing last night, she felt convicted. She thanked me for my concern, and told me to feel free to mention things like that to her.

    I was relieved to know that she didn’t let herself believe that stuff.

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  16. Interesting article Michelle. I remember once when I was probably still a teenager or young adult seeing some daytime talk show on marriage. It said each person in a marriage has to give 100%. Two halves don’t make a whole.

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  17. Cheryl hit one of my triggers with her post on crosses and crucifixes.
    In school we had some sort of “revival”. The guy who spoke in my class (maybe 7th grade) asked us if we had any crucifixes or “graven images) in our homes. One boy told of his dad had a crucifix at work. They wanted him to bring it to school so when we had the bonfire to burn it we could see the demons come screeching out. I happen to have a rosary. It has no religious meaning to me but has a lot of sentimental meaning. They wanted me to bring it to burn as well.
    I think that is when I had it with all the hatred of other people’s beliefs.
    A crucifix is just an object.

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  18. Imagine organizing an election for 900 million voters, one eighth of the world population: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/apr/08/whats-at-stake-as-indias-900m-voters-head-for-the-polls
    ‘Consider what is involved: more than one-eighth of humanity will have the opportunity to vote in April and May. Those voters will speak 22 official languages and thousands of dialects. Tens of millions will never have learned to read. They will vote from the shadow of the Himalayas right down to the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago; in tribal communities without running water or electricity; in Delhi’s genteel southern neighbourhoods and in the teeming slums of Mumbai.

    If that weren’t complicated enough, Indian law mandates that no voter be forced to travel more than 2km to their nearest polling station – in the world’s seventh largest country by landmass.’

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  19. It looks like those North of me (6 arrows?) are going to be in the weather Twilight Zone Wednesday. Places in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and/or Wisconsin are due for 12+ inches of snow, according to our weatherman.


  20. Our weatherman just said there might be up to 2 feet in places (but we’re dodging all but a little rain here most likely).


  21. Looks as though we are on the tail end of that system Peter. Alarmists are crying “bomb cyclone” once again and everyone is in a tizzy over it all. I do believe we have a possibility of a blizzard with 50mph winds and 6 inches of snow but that is nothing near what we had last month….we shall wait and see…just as long as it is out of here by Friday morning….I’m leaving on a jet plane!! ✈️
    Please tell me Chas is going to be released from cyber jail!!! No fair…we neeeed him!!!!


  22. Kim, no one has a right to insist another family’s child burn something or sign some vow. It sounds like that was all treated quite badly.

    However, if a friend of yours were recently converted out of a religion where she sacrificed to literal idols, and she brought you the idol and told you the dark stain on it is all the blood she has sacrificed on it through the years, and she asked your advice on whether as a new Christian she should keep it (for sentimental reasons) or destroy it, what would you tell her? That’s an actual question, not a question looking for one “right” answer.

    Sometimes an object is more than “just” an object. People really do worship spirit beings (demons) through the use of idols. And God’s people are commanded to stay away from idols. I am not wise enough to judge whether a crucifix necessarily falls under that category–but it definitely can do so. And being opposed to idolatry* is no more nitpicky than being opposed to adultery or murder is mere legalism.

    * Again, I’m not saying “This specific thing is idolatry.” But this is a serious subject and not trivia.

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