35 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-25-19

  1. First up on the menu is today’s special. Crow, served the way you like it. Cold.

    Who ordered it?

    There’s a long list………

    Lots of Ricky’s favorites.


    Ricky’s buddy Bill, of course. Did you know he was a principled conservative…. that lied about everything? Soooooo principled he is. 🙄


    The hacktastic John Brennan.


    Tick, tick, tick…. 🙂 Your time is up.


  2. Vindication.


    “CNN political analyst Gloria Borger admitted that the president is “vindicated” by the conclusion of Mueller’s probe.

    Even one top Democrat in the Senate is now urging restraint. Sen. Chris Coons on Saturday said that House Democrats must use their oversight power in a “focused and responsible way” as they go forward with investigations involving President Trump, cautioning his colleagues to make sure they don’t “overdo it.”

    “We have to be careful to use the resources and the abilities of the House majority in a focused and a responsible way,” Coons said on CNN. “We need to focus on things that are relevant and matter to the average American.”

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are obsessing over the contents of the Mueller Report, but they’re overlooking the significance of what’s not in it.

    Not one of the Democrats’ high-value targets — Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, or any other Trump family members — were indicted by Mueller, and the Department of Justice has already said there will be no more indictments forthcoming.

    Of course, Mueller didn’t subpoena the president, either, crushing the hopes of the mainstream media journalists and pundits who had been confidently expecting that very outcome from the start of Mueller’s probe. If President Trump really was an agent of Russia, as they fervently believe he is, then surely Mueller would have taken the added step of at least interviewing him before ending the investigation.

    Among those who were indicted in the Mueller investigation, moreover, not one was charged with conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election — the entire purpose of assigning a special counsel.

    Here we are, two years and $30-plus million in taxpayer funds later, and nothing to show for it, except some completely discredited media commentators and partisan members of Congress who breathlessly all but guaranteed there would be evidence of the president and members of his family and staff colluding with the Russians. I won’t hold my breath for their admissions and apologies.

    Lives have been ruined and America’s image on the world stage has been tarnished because rogue government agents and hyper-partisan Democrats thought they could overturn the results of an election they lost fair and square.”


  3. Trump was right, and it’s killing them. 🙂




    Love the reactions. 🙂



  4. Democrats, shown to be liars and frauds by all this, are just doubling down on the stupid. That’s sure to be a winning strategy. 🙂

    Jerry, swimming in Denial.


    “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler confirmed Sunday that Congress will continue to investigate President Donald Trump regardless of the conclusions reached by special counsel Robert Mueller.

    “We know there was collusion,” Nadler insisted several times during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” with guest host Dana Bash. “Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know.”

    Nadler listed the Trump Tower meeting — which has been the subject of numerous false reports — and the way Trump “pressured the FBI to go easy, to stop investigating Flynn,” and Trump firing Comey as evidence of the alleged “collusion.”

    Bash pointed out several times that none of that rose to the level of indictment from the Mueller team, but Nadler quickly shrugged it off.”


  5. Round ’em up!


    “Devin Nunes: No rest until Mueller scope memo released, ‘dirty cops’ rounded up”


    “Over the course of two Fox News interviews Friday and Saturday, Nunes said time is running out for the “dirty cops” at the FBI and career officials at the Justice Department, whom he said are part of a collusion effort between the former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and Russia, to target Trump dating back to the 2016 election cycle.

    While Nunes was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee last year, the GOP-led found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Democrats argued the probe was concluded prematurely, and with the committee now being led by chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif, a revamped investigation into Trump and his inner orbit is underway.

    Upon the submission of Mueller’s report, Nunes declared Friday it was the beginning of “the unraveling of the biggest scandal in American history, the biggest political scandal in American history.” On Saturday, Nunes teased his soon-to-be submitted criminal referrals and reiterated his faith in Barr to clean house at the DOJ and FBI.

    “We are work on a criminal referral, so many of the dirty cops, people will find out who actually we believe those dirty cops are. We’ll be sending that to Attorney General Barr among other names I think people will be surprised at,” Nunes said.”


    And remember to tip off CNN when they begin perp walking these frauds. 🙂


  6. The coup has failed. 🙂


    “All we really know at this point pertains not the the contents of the report per se but rather to the future action of the Special Counsel. There will be no more indictments.

    How that announcement must have stung the NeverTrump fraternity. Here they were, huddled around Bill Kristol’s Twitter feed for the last two-plus years, praying, predicting, posturing that very soon now, any day in fact, Robert Mueller would descend into their midst, the deus ex machina through whose instrumentality they were to be delivered at long last from the nightmare of Donald Trump and his unacceptable record of robust economic growth, hundreds of constitutionally-minded judicial appointments, rising wages, historically low unemployment, a more rational and business-friendly regulatory environment, deeper ties with Israel, a revitalized military, and serious attention to our immigration crisis and the growing threat of an increasing militant China. Yes, it’s been a bad couple of years for the NeverTrumpers.

    And even though Robert Mueller has hung up his spurs, their travails are not yet at an end. Mr Mueller indicted a slew of individuals and three Russian companies. He extracted seven guilty pleas from various people close, or formerly close, to President Trump, from the shyster Michael Cohen, at one time Trump’s personal lawyer, to Michael Flynn, briefly the president’s National Security Adviser before he was set up by the FBI and ruined financially by the-process-is-the-punishment legal fees.

    The really splendid thing about Mueller’s indictments, though, is that not one of them pertains to the ostensible subject of his investigation, to wit: possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to steal the 2016 election.”



    “This is a huge win for Trump.”


  7. Liar, liar….. is what Schiff is.


  8. Full disclosure. All of it, every detail.


    “After Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump, Full Disclosure

    The FISA applications, the testimony in secret hearings, the scope memorandum — all of it.

    The news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has closed his investigation without recommending criminal charges against President Trump is a relief. It is not a surprise.

    Nor is it a surprise that the news has Trump antagonists clamoring for full disclosure of the special counsel’s final report. Mind you, when skeptics of the Trump-Russia investigation asked what the criminal predicate for it was, and on what basis the Obama administration had decided to monitor the opposition party’s presidential campaign, we were admonished about the wages of disclosure — the compromise of precious defense secrets, of deep-cover intelligence sources and methods. Why, to ask for such information was to be an insurrectionist seeking to destroy the FBI, the Justice Department, and the rule of law itself. Now, though, it’s only the uncharged president of the United States at issue, so disclose away!

    Well, if we’re going to have disclosure, fine. But let’s have full disclosure: Mueller’s report in addition to the FISA applications; the memoranda pertinent to the opening and continuation of the investigation; the testimony in secret hearings; the scope memorandum Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued on August 2, 2017, after failing to cite a crime when he appointed Mueller — let’s have all of it.

    As far as the special counsel’s report goes, because of the way the regulations work (at least when the Justice Department deigns to follow them), we now have Mueller’s bottom line, but not his reasoning and the underlying facts. It is the opposite of the Trump opposition’s preferred Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos scenario, where Mueller’s team spins pages and pages of “Gee, sure seems like a lot of almost-collusion here” before you flip to the end and find that there’s no case — just a campaign hanger-on who lied to an investigator long after the imaginary espionage conspiracy occurred. At the moment, we just have Mueller’s conclusion: There is no basis to indict the president for a crime — not collusion, not obstruction, not false statements. The collusion-peddlers, who took great umbrage at the suggestion that “VERIFIED” FISA surveillance-warrant applications should be disclosed, now demand Mueller’s full report so they can get to the familiar work of obscuring the bottom line and spinning the spin.

    As we’ve noted before, unlike Mueller, who needs a crime to indict, Congress does not need a crime to impeach. The media-Democrat alliance does not need a crime to inflate Mueller’s not-quite-so stories into treason. To keep this carnival rolling on for another year and a half, they just need fodder for the narrative — which is so predictably morphing from the collusion narrative to the impeachment narrative to the campaign narrative.”

    Ah yes, the moving of the goalposts…… the last refuge of the damned.


  9. And in other news…… another false Democrat narrative exposed.


    “More drugs seized at unguarded sections of the border than at ports of entry in 2018”

    “Government data for 2018 shows more drugs were seized near open parts of the U.S.-Mexico border than were seized at ports of entry, calling into question a popular Democratic talking point that most drugs come through official border crossings.

    U.S. Border Patrol, which works in the unfenced or minimally protected space between crossings, seized nearly 480,000 pounds of drugs on the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2018.

    Drug seizures that occur at ports of entry are documented under Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Field Operations statistics. Its four field offices on the southern border — El Paso, Texas; Laredo, Texas; Tucson, Ariz.; and San Diego — seized 370,000 pounds of drugs in the 2018 fiscal year.”


  10. This good/bad news. Good that they’re standing up, bad the response from Hamas.

    But the media will ignore it because it doesn’t fit their narrative.








  11. I will second that, michelle. It is so irritating to think of the waste of time and money. It is also irritating to hear about the legislators getting paid so much to actually do so little.

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  12. Move on?

    Sure. After those responsible are held to account.

    And besides, does it sound to either of you that Democrats are moving on?

    Yeah, me neither. And so it will continue.

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  13. Not moving on.

    He’s in their heads. Big time.

    Maxine Waters After Mueller Report: “This Is Not The End Of Anything!”…


  14. I will move on.

    Eventually. 🙂

    When I’m ready. 🙂

    But first…..

    Love this quote…..

    ““This is like Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone’s vault all over again…””


    “I wonder how much CNN’s Jim Acosta hurt when he tweeted out that an adviser to President Donald Trump said that the media can expect him to “slam and shame the media” over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

    The adviser also said that the findings are “like Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone’s vault all over again.”

    Thing is, some in the media and Democrats cannot accept the fact that Mueller found no collusion between Trump and Russia or obstruction of Justice.”

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  15. And honestly, this shouldn’t just be dismissed. Many here acted reprehensibly, even criminally, to unseat our duly elected president. Heads need to roll. And accountability requires discussing it further. As does the media’s behavior in all this. Why should they just get a pass for their bordering on treasonous behavior?

    Names need to be named first. So you’ll have to bear it a while longer.


    “Naming Names in the Russia Collusion Media-Democrat Hoax

    Pathetic performance by the media, in service of Democrats.”

    “For the past two years, the MSM and Democrats screamed about President Donald Trump colluding with Russia to defeat failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some even claimed they had hard and direct evidence of the collusion.

    Well, their hopes and dreams collapsed on Sunday when Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein released their summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. He declared no collusion or obstruction of justice.

    With egg on their face, let’s explore the times the Democrats and media screamed collusion.”


    And they are legion.


  16. Watch that last video. The media parrots each other with their Dem talking points every day, and it shows. Do they get a pass? Are they not to be held to account for their false and dishonest coverage of all this?


  17. Rush made an important observation. More important than likely he understanda.

    “Once the Deep State realizes that they can overturn the effects of an election, that is the end of America as we know it.”

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  18. Ricky’s favorite creepy porn lawyer has issues. 🙂


    “Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike”

    “Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has been arrested on charges related to an alleged $20 million extortion of the athletic apparel company Nike, federal authorities said Monday.

    A press conference is scheduled to discuss the charges against Avenatti in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon. Avenatti is due to be presented in federal court on Monday.

    Avenatti, 48, had represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen related to a non-disclosure agreement she had signed on the eve of the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump in exchange for a $130,000 payment.

    The charges were revealed less than an hour after Avenatti announced a press conference to discuss purported claims against Nike. An FBI agent said in the complaint that the lawyer had threatened to hold a press conference on the eve of Nike’s quarterly earnings call to announced “allegations of misconduct by employees of Nike.”

    A criminal complaint against Avenatti says he “devised a scheme to extort a company by means of an interstate communication by threatening to damage the company’s reputation if the company did not agree to make multi-million dollar payments to Avenatti and [co-conspirator], and further agree to pay an additional $1.5 million to a client of Avenatti’s.””

    Same kinda scam him and his clients have used before.


  19. The media bombshells that turned out to be duds.

    Fake news, indeed.


    “Attorney General William Barr told Congress Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller did not find collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, destroying two years of media speculation and bad reporting.

    The obsession to prove collusion has dampened the media’s journalistic abilities, leading to a seemingly endless list of corrections, retractions and apologies.

    In light of Mueller concluding his investigation, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst media screwups in the history of Russia theories.

    1. CNN Accuses Don Jr. Of Wikileaks Collusion

    Last December, CNN’s Manu Raju reported that Wikileaks emailed Donald Trump Jr. to give him access to stolen documents a full 10 days before they were released to the public.

    Unfortunately for CNN, it turns out their sources gave them the wrong date. Don Jr. actually received an email with access to the stolen docs on Sept. 14, 2016, after they had already been released publicly.

    2. ABC Tanks Stock Market With Fake Flynn News

    ABC was forced to suspend Brian Ross after he falsely reported that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians.

    The stock market dropped a few hundred points at the news — but it turned out to be fake.

    ABC clarified that Flynn was actually prepared to testify that Trump asked him to contact Russia while the administration was transitioning into office. Pretty standard preparation for an incoming president.”


  20. He has a point, and every right to be angry. And he’s been the only honest one on this matter the entire time.

    Let that sink in. Not Democrats, not Never-Trumpers, certainly not the media……. Trump has been the only one not lying out his keister.


    “President Donald Trump lashed out at his enemies on Monday, accusing unnamed people of evil actions and treason, a day after his attorney general released a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings clearing the president’s campaign of conspiring with Russia in the 2016 U.S. election.

    “We’re glad it’s over. It’s 100 percent the way it should have been,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “I wish it could have gone a lot sooner, a lot quicker.

    “There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things, I would say treasonous things against our country,” Trump added without mentioning anyone by name or citing specific actions.”


  21. Update on the creepy porn lawyer.

    Seems there’s a media tie in. I could have told you already that he conspired with the media. Duh. 🙂


    Avenatti is facing multiple charges in multiple states. Co-conspirator reported to be CNN legal commentator, Mark Geragos


  22. Bring. The. Pain.

    Time to reap what you’ve sown.



  23. Barr read and summarized hundreds of pages over the weekend….very impressive. No indictment but not exonerated. Ambiguous and meaningless summary.

    Before the Republicans investigate the investigators, they should give the American taxpayer their money’s worth and release the report. The right side of the internet may be in a celebratory mood but the left side will await the full report. Any attempt to minimize and bury the report will increase suspicion.

    A reminder how low the bar is for Trump; he isn’t indicted for obstruction but its clear that Russian interfered in his favour, his campaign manager was in debt to Russian and worked for Russians, his son met Russians, etc.

    Do you really want a president chosen by Putin? Will the US do anything to prevent future manipulation of their electoral system or will they let Russia treat them the same way the US treats third world elections?

    I’m interested what the report says in regards to Russia influence on the election, Trump campaign Russian connections, etc.

    A reminder; it was always Ricky’s contention that Trump didn’t deliberately interfere, he was just too stupid to know you shouldn’t interfere in an investigation. And he interfered only to prevent any “taint” on his great electoral college victory


  24. Putin decided nothing. Voters did. The Russian effort was a joke. One that no one tied in any way to Trump or the campaign had any hand in, as has been alleged by your side for 2 years. This is an abject failure for Trump critics.

    And it’s R’s calling for complete release as well, myself included, in case you haven’t noticed. All of it. And then I want those listed above in the post at 545 held responsible for their crimes.

    And when you’ve lost this guy, you’ve lost. Too late for though. His reckoning is coming.



    “Former CIA Director John Brennan said Monday morning that he was “relieved” by the Attorney General’s summary of the Mueller report, admitting the findings presented less than he anticipated in terms of criminal activity.

    “Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was. I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election. I think that is good news for the country,” Brennan said when asked by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough if he was surprised by the lack of collusion evidence.”

    “Brennan added “I still point to things that were done publicly, or efforts to try to have conversation with the Russians that were inappropriate, but I’m not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met.”

    Brennan has been a sharp critic of President Donald Trump throughout the Mueller investigation. Two weeks ago, he predicted that there would be indictments related to a “criminal conspiracy” involving Trump or his associates’ activities during the 2016 election. ”


    You might want to give him a hand, he might fall down with all the back pedaling he was doing.


  25. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. And an apology can also go a long way toward starting the recovery process.


    “Whatever his supposed flaws, the rampant accusations and speculation that shrouded Trump’s presidency, even before it began, ultimately have proven unfounded. Just as Trump said all along.

    Yet, each time Trump said so, some of us in the media lampooned him. We treated any words he spoke in his own defense as if they were automatically to be disbelieved because he had uttered them. Some even declared his words to be “lies,” although they had no evidence to back up their claims.

    We in the media allowed unproven charges and false accusations to dominate the news landscape for more than two years, in a way that was wildly unbalanced and disproportionate to the evidence.

    We did a poor job of tracking down leaks of false information. We failed to reasonably weigh the motives of anonymous sources and those claiming to have secret, special evidence of Trump’s “treason.” As such, we reported a tremendous amount of false information, always to Trump’s detriment.

    And when we corrected our mistakes, we often doubled down more than we apologized. We may have been technically wrong on that tiny point, we would acknowledge. But, in the same breath, we would insist that Trump was so obviously guilty of being Russian President Vladimir Putin’s puppet that the technical details hardly mattered. So, a round of apologies seem in order.

    Apologies to Trump on behalf of those in the U.S. intelligence community, including the Department of Justice and the FBI, which allowed the weaponization of sensitive, intrusive intelligence tools against innocent citizens such as Carter Page, an adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign.

    Apologies also to Page himself, to Jerome Corsi, Donald Trump Jr., and other citizens whose rights were violated or who were unfairly caught up in surveillance or the heated pursuit of charges based on little more than false, unproven opposition research paid for by Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Apologies for the stress on their jobs and to their families, the damage to their reputations, the money they had to spend to hire legal representation and defend themselves from charges for crimes they did not commit.

    Apologies on behalf of those in the intelligence community who leaked true information out of context to make Trump look guilty, and who sometimes leaked false information to try to implicate or frame him.

    Apologies from those in the chain of command at the FBI and the Department of Justice who were supposed to make sure all information presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) is verified but did not do so.

    Apologies from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court judges who are supposed to serve as one of the few checks and balances to prevent the FBI from wiretapping innocent Americans. Whether because of blind trust in the FBI or out of ignorance or even malfeasance, they failed at this important job.

    Apologies to the American people who did not receive the full attention of their government while political points were being scored; who were not told about some important world events because they were crowded out of the news by the persistent insistence that Trump was working for Russia.”


  26. Currently the Republicans in the Senate are blocking a resolution to publish the Mueller report in its entirety. Why?

    You missed the point…..the Russians preferred Trump and were willing to work towards that goal. Why? Currently you have a president which a foreign power favors for an unknown reason. Why would a hostile foreign power favour Trump? Does this not undermine the legitimacy of his rule. Putin treated the US like a third rate power and the Republicans have no difficulty accepting it. Why? They are putting party before nation.


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