44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-18-19

  1. Morning, Chas.
    This is the email I got from the mechanic:
    Your car is not playing nice. It’s now got an engine miss. I want to re-torque the head and see what happens before pulling the head again. I have just been busy with other things.

    Trusting the Lord Jesus

    Feeling rather discouraged after several months.

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  2. I saw that photo on a Facebook group. It’s somewhere in North Phoenix. To me it looks like the cactus wants to cross the street. Or else it’s waiting to step on the car.

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  3. Photo looks like a man running. Probably the reason they kept it.’
    Good night Jo. I’m late. Have been busy.
    Good morning Peter and everyone else..

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  4. Saguaro can really be funny sometimes. One time I went to Phoenix and spent a few days with my mom, including one day that we drove around the desert a bit. (She wasn’t interested in getting out and walking anywhere, just driving.) She and I kept interpreting the cactus that we saw.

    We came on one that had two arms, in bloom, facing down. She said what it was (I don’t remember what she suggested), and I said, “No, he just knocked on his girlfriend’s door, and he’s holding flowers behind his back.” She laughed and agreed I was right.

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  5. Morning! Another beautiful day in this forest. Temps in the 20’s climbing to the 40’s this afternoon. Snow tomorrow and again at week’s end. The weather always keeping us on our toes!
    The header photo is hilarious….it does appear the cactus is ready to run across that road!


  6. Well that’s about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. 🙂

    This morning it’s off to the new closet (work space). I really don’t think I can work in that environment and am sure these little rooms were not ever meant to house several people in an all-day “office” setup. There’s no way to even talk on the phone in those rooms crammed with other people.

    The senior editor already has said to view it as just secured “work space” and we are to consider ourselves to be mobile reporters going forward.

    Mobile form that place I hope I will be able to be for 95% of the time.

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  7. Nancyjill thank you for your comment about the dream and looking for the Birthday Tree in your Forest.

    Karen told me that she dreamed about the two of us walking through a most wonderful place with beautiful flowers and I was taking photos. She felt the dream was a symbol that we would see each other in heaven and she had the best feeling about it.

    I had a dream, too, before she was to have her procedure that she did not have. We were going along a concrete walkway that led up to a really big sancutuary structure, natural wood and glass, and along the way there were flower pots with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. I can in no way describe them. There was also along the way a booth where someone was handing out free blank thank you notes. Karen was insistent upon getting one to give to someone we met along the way. I was mildly irritated because I wanted to hurry up to get a good seat and then I was thinking ‘Isn’t that just like Karen, always thinking of someone else.’ I did not tell Karen because I was afraid she might be concerned about the timing of the dream

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  8. Am I brave enough to pull out the mower and try to crank it? I would like to use it to remove all the beech tree dead leaves and spent flower petals from the yard and driveway. Maybe I will just go get the empty garbage can from the street and see how it feels out there. Perhaps if I make a tiny little plan it will not fall through!

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  9. I observed, a few years ago, that I was seeing, through internet postings and observations of peers, a rise in angry young men who were from predominantly European origins and a part of Western culture, and that their potential for cruelty and violence was equal to that of any young man who was then joining ISIS. Others are finally beginning to recognize the trend as well: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/the-age-of-terrorism-meets-the-era-of-the-troll/

    ‘In the document, under the heading “From where did you receive/research/develop your beliefs?” the murderer responds, “The internet, of course. You will not find the truth anywhere else.”…

    ‘The Oxford Dictionary defines “trolling” as making a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response. Trolling is commonly found in almost every area where people congregate online. But for many lost young men—a group that includes more than just white nationalists—trolling has become almost a way of life.

    ‘Just as some children crave attention so much they exhibit inappropriate behaviors to gain attention from their parents, thousands of young men spend their days and nights trying to gain some sort of validation by trolling people online. This is why the internet is flooded with works, such as hate-filled memes, that are used not to persuade but to annoy. As the New Zealand shooter says, “Create memes, post memes, and spread memes. Memes have done more for the ethnonationalist movement than any manifesto…

    ‘Like pornography, trolling remains ubiquitous and just out of sight. And like pornography it has the ability to corrupt young, misguided souls who are looking for a sense of belonging and connection.’

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  10. The cake that Nightingale made last night was fantastic!

    She has been working on tweaking recipes to come up with her own recipes. She thinks that the latest tweaks she has made in a Betty Crocker chocolate cake recipe has finally resulted in her favorite. (Although we are not big chocolate cake fans, we do enjoy it once in a while. Her latest creation was particularly delicious.)

    Nightingale has complained about some of the recipes she has seen on Pinterest. There were several recipes that were listed as “the best German Chocolate Cake recipes”, but they all used regular chocolate cake, merely using the coconut-pecan frosting. But German chocolate is different from regular chocolate.

    Another recipe she saw claimed it was the very best buttercream frosting. But it turned out to be the most basic of American buttercream frostings – nothing special about it. She prefers Swiss buttercream frosting.

    Until she mentioned this, I did not know there were so many different buttercreams. (Swiss is more involved and expensive to make than the usual American.) One day, she had made both kinds – one for a birthday cake for Stephanie’s daughter, and one for cupcakes (also for the daughter’s birthday party). She had me taste each one, and I was surprised by the difference.

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  11. Speaking of cakes, a Facebook page I follow posts photos of cakes made by the baker who runs the page. Her style is “rustic”, meaning the frosting is purposely thinner in some areas than in others, so that the cake shows through in those thinner areas, while other areas of the cake are more covered.

    I remarked to Nightingale (who also follows the page) that I think it is kinda funny that what used to indicate someone not doing a good enough job of properly frosting a cake is now a style. 🙂

    Kind of like “distressed” furniture trend. It used to be that folks would stain or paint over those.

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  12. In other words, Roscuro, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” That is so sad. We have seen the enemy and it is us. Many Christians are too busy to find ways to reach out to those on the fringe who have grown to feel increasingly unloved and neglected. They resort to anger filled hatred to fill the void that God meant to hold love.


  13. I just had a tax client drop off paperwork. I was not expecting him. He’d tried to reach Art but I guess Art was in an appointment and did not return calls. I always have my phone in hand and yell through the door, “Who is it?” I don’t want to open it to an unknown person. My neighbor was out in her yard so I felt safe enough. We live in a fairly safe neighborhood, but Atlanta has a lot more crime than it did years ago.

    I went to get the garbage can from the street and thought that the day is beautiful. I can’t decide about the mowing because the gas is from last season and I am not sure if it has been cold enough for long enough to make the gas be bad (if it is bad it could gunk up the engine of the mower). Is there any way to tell? I suppose I need to Google it.

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  14. Janice, I do not think that it is only a matter of loneliness. The young men I know that have displayed the kind of angry contempt for others that has concerned me have families of their own. They are not lonely. There is a Proverb, which I think of very often when I see internet and social media posts that are meant to trigger outrage, that says: “Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man, you shall not go, lest you learn his ways and get a snare to your soul” (Proverbs 22:24-25). In other words, if you hang out with someone who deals the powerful drugs of anger and wrath, you will become an addict.

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  15. Thinking about it further, loneliness is often assigned as the reason a person will get addicted to pornography. But increasingly, it is recognized that pornography actually creates an unrealistic expectation of sexual satisfaction, and those addicted to pornography will not find a normal sexual relationship to be satisfying to their created appetite. Furthermore, the partner of a pornography addict will be deeply hurt by their partner’s addiction, suffering both exploitation and rejection, which is a reason either for leaving or for not getting involved in the first place. The loneliness of the porn addict is a result of the addiction to pornography.

    So it is with the cultivation of the appetite for anger through trolling. An angry person, as the Proverb quoted warns, is a toxic companion and best avoided. Someone who is addicted to the heady mixture of hormones that anger produces and who deliberately seeks out situations and information that will increase their anger is a dangerous person to be around. The resulting loneliness the angry person experiences will be because of their anger, not the cause of their anger.


  16. Janice, they also have additives you can put in to keep the gasoline working. I don’t remember what the name of the stuff I use is called, but it works well and the over winter gasoline works fine. They used to tell us to empty the machine before over winter storing, now they say to keep fuel in so the seals don’t dry out. I would think filtering the old gas would be a potential fire hazard. Be careful if you go that route.

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  17. Good news! The lady has agreed to terms and accepted the job. More discussion on expectations but I think the sooner daughter moves out and this woman moves in, the better.

    Daughter now says she has two jobs: one from 9pm to 3am and the other from 9am to 5pm. That should be interesting if true. One for an engineering facility which hires people for putting together intricate parts (mind numbing work) and the other to be a dental hygienist. And, oh, by the way, those dogs she had to drive over to Pullman to walk every day? Appear to be her dogs because she is the one renting the apartment with some roomies. And so the stories continue to unfold….such a tormented soul she is. I do pray for her.

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  18. The gasoline additive I use is called Sta-bil. It seems to work pretty well. Toward the end of mowing season I buy gas for the lawnmower only a gallon at a time and add the appropriate amount of Sta-bil to the gas container each time. I don’t have any trouble starting the lawnmower up come spring.

    Snowthrower fuel goes in a different gas can because I have to add oil to the gas. Since I never know how much snow throwing I’ll need to do, I add the Sta-bil every time I get gas all season so I’m not caught at the end of the season with untreated gas.

    The snowthrower is still hard to start when it’s cold and hasn’t been run for a long time, so I usually start it up once a month beginning in September, so I’m not fighting to get it started when it’s really cold.

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  19. I did,after many tries and tugs of the cord, get the mower started using the old gas which if from the fall. It all worked out go get half the yard mowed. I am taking a break. Of course, Miss Bosley hoped right in my lap the moment I sat down. At least I am not too sweaty today. After I petted her I realized my hand smelled slightly of gas (I had worn gloves, but gas odor must have permeated the fabric).

    When the tax client came by he said he liked our sharp looking new to us car. Then he asked what Art is driving which made me feel a tad bit guilty. Art drives the 2007 Corolla. At least those hubcaps are staying on so far. I’ve told him to drive the newer car, but he keeps driving that one probably thinking that it uses less gas.

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  20. Thank you all for info about the gas additive. I can ask my brother a out it since he goes to places where it would be sold. I know it would be for next year at this point


  21. Interesting picture. How do cacti (?) propagate?
    Another bit if interesting information about cars. I hadn’t thought of it before.
    As I was having a battery changed (buying a new one), the mechanic said that the battery needs some fast running.
    “It takes twelve hours of idling for the alternator to charge a battery as much as a 30 mile run on the interstate.” i.e. The alternator needs some fast running to put out it’s charge.

    I interpret that as, “if you’re running about town with your lights, radio and A/C on, your battery isn’t being charged.

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  22. Chas – Cactus plants propagate the same way other plants do, with seeds from the flowers spread by the wind, birds, and other means.

    The latest cactus is one outside Tucson. I have permission from the photographer to share. I thought after last week’s photo of the really tall saguaro I’d send this one in. It shows how tall one can get without a lot of arms. It looks like one arm has broken off already, as indicated by the grayish circle facing the camera.

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  23. Roscuro mentioned this verse earlier: “Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man, you shall not go, lest you learn his ways and get a snare to your soul” (Proverbs 22:24-25).

    That is one of the reasons why I wish Chickadee would separate herself from the McKs – YA in particular. YA is an intelligent young woman, but her anger and contempt-bordering-on-hatred of conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, pro-lifers, traditional Bible-believing Christians, and others seem to overcome any critical-thinking skills she may have. I really worry that Chickadee has picked up those same attitudes, as we have seen some seep out at times.

    (I think I have also mentioned that I have heard YA’s words coming out of Chickadee’s mouth, in the same tone of voice that YA uses. It makes me mentally shudder.)

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  24. A serious question for those who might know.
    I was watching him speak of FoxNews. During the speech, he touched his mouth and then crossed himself.
    What is the significance of that?


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