20 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-14-19

  1. I see where Bob O’Roork has decided to run for President.
    Who is Bob O’Rourk?
    I see where a judge has ruled that a woman was too ugly to be raped?
    Another Q


  2. You read in the bible that Lot grieved about the society in Sodom. Now we can empathize with him and do the same. 😦 More and more. 😦

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  3. If judges are now learning and taking their cues from our president, I hope they approve of the emergency declaration and will stop standing in the way of border security. ;–)

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  4. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/03/the-case-of-mr-orourke.php



    Robert Francis O’Rourke (as Karl Rove unfailingly calls him) is otherwise known as Beto. …

    … His announcement statement (video at the link) consists of a concatenation of cliches and euphemisms reflecting positions that are profoundly wrong for America but somehow right for the Democratic Party. …

    O’Rourke’s manner seems a little manic to me. He bounces up and down on the couch while his wife sits at his side and looks on adoringly. She smiles benignly. Why is this woman smiling? …


  5. “If UCLA discovers that any prospective, admitted or enrolled student has misrepresented any aspect of his/her application, or that information about the applicant has been withheld, UCLA may take a number of disciplinary actions, up to and including cancellation of admission,” a statement from the school reads.”


  6. Good speaker but he appears to be the type who needs to pace. The couch was probably not the best place for this announcement.

    I never understood the need to include spouses in political announcement. She varies from excited, bored, uncomfortable and forced smiling. No need to include spouses.

    Biden and Sanders are still the best bet. With a crowded field it may be easier for Bernie to win as the other “regular” Democrats split the votes.

    And Bernie (or Biden) will beat Trump. O’Rourke and Harris might. O’Rourke would be a great VP candidate forcing the Republicans to work in Texas.


  7. She is nervous and proud, give her a break. She is trying to be supportive in a very scary time. She has seen and heard how the other side (her side,in this case) can shred families.

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  8. I didn’t think Mrs. O’Rourke was creepy, but mostly uncomfortable. What are you supposed to do when you are on camera with the person speaking? She chose to keep her eyes mostly on him rather than smiling dopily at the camera the whole time. At least she didn’t keep a big smile on her face the whole time, but modulated it.

    I’m pretty sure we notice – and criticize – behavior like that in the spouses of politicians we don’t like much more so than in the spouses of politicians we do like.

    But the bouncing couch thing was pretty funny, especially when it made his wife bounce a bit, too. 😀

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  9. The truth is, we are prone to be much more critical of the people, and their family members, who belong to a different socio-political “tribe”, and to give passes to those we agree with.

    When Brett Kavanaugh was being accused of sexual misdeeds by some women, I saw many conservative friends digging deep into those women’s pasts. Then just a few months later, many of the same folks were unquestioningly sharing the same kind of accusations against Democrats.

    Liberals do the same kind of thing. Inconsistency is bipartisan. To me, to be consistent, either take all of the accusations at face value or dig up dirt on all the accusers.

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  10. Ricky will be heartbroken. His favorite porn star/creepy porn lawyer combo is calling it quits.

    Well, except for her coming lawsuit against him. 🙂




  11. This might get a lot worse.


    “College-Fraud Ringleader: There Are Hundreds More Like Huffman And Loughlin Still Out There, You Know”

    “Analysts believe that the FBI’s impressive bust of dozens of parents corrupting the college-admissions process represents just the tip of the iceberg. The man in charge of the conspiracy broken in Operation Varsity Blues agrees — and that’s just Rick Singer’s part of the iceberg. Singer told investigators that he had well over 700 other students that he pushed through the “side door” of bribery and fraud:

    The ringleader behind a $25 million college admission scam that implicated dozens of people, including Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, said he has worked with more than 750 families.

    William Rick Singer, who pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Boston federal court to racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges, said in a phone conversation recorded by the FBI that he helps “the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids into school.”

    Singer said he facilitated 761 “side doors” to admission.

    That’s a mighty big number. The indictment yesterday charged fifty people in the conspiracy, but that included bribed coaches and proctors who benefited directly from the bribes and corruption, not just parents. The scope of just this conspiracy is much larger, and might encompass schools and officials that managed to miss the first round of indictments yesterday.”


  12. Irony: Trump mocking Beto for hos hand gestures.

    Interestingly its perfectly to openly bribe college administrators….pay for a library, dorm etc. See the Bushes, Trump, Kushner, and I’m sure hundreds of legacy admissions. I wonder if this will devalue the Ivy League brand.

    It appears the Democrat strategy is to keep jabbing at Trump through cmttees, inquiries etc as opposed to a knock out blow. Probably better that way impeachment will only solidify the base whereas they would rather face a weakened Trump in 2020


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