13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-9-19

  1. I am only one donation away from receiving a MAFA mug.
    One donation!

    I have more coffee mugs now than I use. I always use my Carolina or Purdue mug.
    Elvera has one that says “Life is fragile, handle with prayer”. She saw it at Cracker Barrel some time ago and wanted it.

    Almost all my donations go to Gospel purposes. So many other good organizations out there. But you have to be selective.
    I do contribute to Lions. They do good things and have zero overhead.

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  2. I have a needlework hanging I did with the same saying, Elvera has. It is in the room I use for my morning devotions among other things.

    🙂 Another country show tonight for my husband’s group.

    😦 A possible 7 inches of snow. That is a lot less than most of the state, but not good for people wanting to drive at night. The rest of my family will have far worse weather conditions.

    🙂 Our granddaughter seems to have normal hearing. She has had many tests and we are happy this is what the last one revealed.

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  3. 🙂 We had blue sky for two days!

    😦 It’s raining and people are starting to mutter about Seattle life.

    🙂 We loved our four years near Seattle. 🙂

    🙂 Lovely trip to AZ last week.

    😦 I now have something going on with my throat. No energy, swollen throat and only a whisper voice.

    🙂 My husband is amused.

    😦 I’m about to call the choir director to cancel playing the clarinet and singing tomorrow. Both feel painful to even contemplate right now.

    I need to be back to normal by Thursday–I’m off to a Calvary Chapel Women’s Retreat in Murietta next Friday night (Murietta is 2.5 miles east of Los Angeles).

    I haven’t been to a “deep” women’s retreat in many, many years, but getting there is a bit of a stretch. Fly from San Francisco to San Diego, rent a car during rush hour and drive an hour northeast. I hope to get there before the first session is over!

    After it ends on Sunday, I’ll drive to see my uncle near Palm Springs and then to LA proper to spend the night with relatives. I go home Monday afternoon.

    Two days later, we drive to Lake Tahoe for four days of snow play.

    I’m tired all over again.

    So, prayers I get better so I can travel well. Thanks.

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  4. 🙂 Ready (I think) for the taxman today. All (I hope) needed paperwork is sorted and clipped together in 3 colorful folders.

    😦 Another rough transition week for the paper as our 10-year lease ran out and the higher-ups decided to divide us among sterile, plug-in “work spaces” (with no storage) along with some sister papers in 3 other widely-dispersed cities. It’s been a hard decade for us and no one’s looking forward too much to these minimalist desk spaces that, in some cases, will need to be shared with other staffers. This is my third office move due to downsizing. The last year especially has been devastating in terms of staff losses.

    😦 While our papers continue to be slashed, the hedge fund that owns us is busy throwing all its money (apparently they have some, not that we’d ever know it) into a hostile takeover bid to acquire the Gannett publications.

    🙂 The home office/den room off the kitchen is back in business, the desk cleared off and polished, drawers cleaned out and repopulated with things I actually will use. I’ll probably be dividing my time between the new office desk space just over 2 harbor bridges (a much shorter commute will be one of the few pluses to come out of all this) and working from home. Newsrooms for us seem to be a thing of the past, most communication now occurs online via Slack channels.

    🙂 Rain, rain, rain. I can’t get enough. The last two days have been gorgeous, blustery and cold with blue skies. More showers possibly coming tomorrow. The flowers and grass are all thriving. After years of drought, this has been a godsend although it has also caused problems in the burn areas (but not as much as was feared?).

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  5. I feel so sad about your comment yesterday over the loss of the newsroom. The newsroom is what made it fun to go to work–and also was a place to learn from each other, particularly when I was such a naiive intern.

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  6. Yes, the din of typewriters (and later computer keyboards), people on phones, yelling. Lots of energy.

    Now it’ll be “bench” desks for 2-3 people who probably won’t be around much.

    Our former city editor, who started at the paper in the 1970s when he was still in college, turned the lights out last night as he was the last one out the door. So sad. But not nearly as sad as the prior move out of the paper’s longtime permanent (and owned) building from the 1960s when the new owners decided to sell it. Here we were just ‘renters,’ it was always viewed as a temporary leased space. Still, we had nearly 170 employees who moved there in 2009. None of us could have imagined how empty that space would be when we finally moved at the end of the 10-year lease.


  7. DJ – Your mention of the editor turning out the lights as he left reminded me of the finale of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. 😦


  8. What’s his name? He must have been there when I interned circa summer of 1977. My father’s office was on Sixth Street and shared the parking lot with the News Pilot.


  9. Yes, he said he thought of MTM — as I recall the station in the show had been sold to a new owner who was decimating the news department …

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