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  1. Good morning everyone but Jo
    Good evening Jo.
    Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour.
    This is a busy day for me because I also change air filters and alarm batteries on the day I change clocks. They don’t need it that often, but it’s good to have a routine.

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  2. Morning, Chas.

    Michelle has been traveling again and went south.

    Just got back from the high school choir concert. I saw my mechanic and told him I was praying for him. I think he said that he got the car running, but right then the lights went out.

    I took my neighbor to the concert and when we got back she opened the outer door. Then I couldn’t find my keys to get in my door. Tried our other flat mate who has keys, but she wasn’t home. Then called a neighbor to see if they had keys and he came over and got me in. We visited for a while. Then when I went in my flat, there were my keys on the table. Nice to find them, but I’d best be more careful.

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  3. Good morning, Wandering Peeps!

    It is our 34th Anniversary. Happy is not a word much used during tax season though, especially on a busy Saturday. It is very difficult to fathom 34 years, but Wesley turns 30 in July so I guess the number is accurate. I guess it might seem like 20 years, but not 34!

    The weather report includes rain for the weekend. The weather person reported that we have had one dry weekend in January and before that our last dry weekend was Thanksgiving weekend. Oh, yeah. We are all soggy these days..

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  4. Morning! And a most Happy Anniversary to you Janice!! ❤️
    Two more Spring like days ahead for us then the snow is coming in. We shall enjoy these fresh air moments then get the shovels out once again ⛄️
    Beautiful flowers up there and yes I suspect that photo was taken while Michelle was in AZ. Oh the beautiful artistry of our Lord God Most High. 💐

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  5. Michelle, Sonoran desert museum (Tucson) or the botannical garden in Phoenix? I’ve been to both, but way too many years ago for both.

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  6. Happy anniversary, Janice. I was recently part of a discussion about using our children’s ages to measure time. In this case, it was the age of our homes. Which makes me wonder, what do childless people use to measure time? Or those who do not use their children’s ages? Time seems to fly faster and faster as we age and we need something to remind us.

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  7. Roscuro and others following the Gothard saga, did you see the three-part link to the day in court on Recovering Grace? Here is part one of three, plus links to documents. I have read the three but not the linking documents. One would think that this might answer most people who might say “This was only an internet smear job.”

    I don’t really like all the time spent with “repressed memories”; I think those are on shaky ground. But I don’t really think they mean repressed memories, but rather “I haven’t thought about that in years, because at the time I was too young and naive to understand the sexual significance of those actions.” But not all of them had “repressed memories” anyway, and the overall sense is definitely of a predator who took great advantage of the naivette he actually encouraged among his followers.



  8. Kathaleena, everyone has life experiences by which to measure time. Which house/town I lived in, before or during or after the remodel, whether I had developed that illness yet, which job I was working, which friend I was with, whether my mother was still alive, my own age or the ages of my nieces and nephews . . .


  9. Happy Anniversary Janice! So was Art doing income taxes then? Probably not or you wouldn’t have gotten married during this time of year? 🙂

    I’m off to drop all my things off today to my guy in Huntington Beach OC, it’s nice drive south on the freeway for a change (I’m usually going north for everything). I needed to hunt down my spring ’18 property tax payment and my ’18 car registration but did that last night, thanks to online banking and the ability to search past payments. Online banking is one of the greatest helps in the digital age.

    Interesting plant. Something called firesticks or ‘sticks on fire’ have become quite popular around here. The best use of it I’ve seen is in front of a little Spanish house painted a dark olive with a red tile roof. The fire sticks plant is tall and full in front (along with other landscaping) and it’s really quite striking.


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  10. “Repressed memories” were big in 1990s counseling circles. A daughter of one of the pastors in town (I was covering religion along with a couple other beats at the time) accused her father of abuse after meeting for a year with a counselor. His second daughter at first backed her sister’s stories up but later recanted.

    The whole thing was very distressing to everyone involved, including other pastors in town who were involved in a local pastors’ fellowship together. I still remember two of them coming to the newsroom late one day (one was Michelle’s former pastor) to sit down with me when I was doing a story about the arrest that already had been reported on local TV/radio earlier in the day. It was a shocking story as he was well known and very well respected and liked, I’d previously interviewed him a few times on stories involving his church or religious issues in the news.

    I’m not sure how it all ended legally, but the accused pastor and his family moved out of town at some point and seemed to recover as a family, though with significant scars through it all. The one daughter had reconciled with him early on, the other one who made the charges I think hadn’t yet — but she may have later, I’m not sure. The charges all came out of a “repressed memory” (with no evidence) that surfaced during the one daughter’s counseling sessions. A sad mess.


  11. The robot story is horrifying. Surely the doctor could have let someone at the hospital know to be standing by, at least?

    I don’t know what kind of cactus or foliage–this was at our “resort” hotel boondoggle last week in Scottsdale. It was so lovely to see blue sky and astonishing cacti, I took a lot of photos.

    It’s raining here.

    The problem with repressed memories is it’s one person’s word against the other and when someone is in pain, leading questions can plant seeds. Broken hearts all around.

    In another forum, someone shared how she struggled to forgive a woman at her church. Years before, she had noticed this woman’s cold shoulder and tried to be cheerful when she greeted her.

    After weeks of getting nowhere, the first woman approached the second and said, “Have I done something? You don’t seem very friendly toward me.”

    The response: “I’m glad you brought it up. I’ve gone to the Lord in prayer and the Holy Spirit gave me a verse from Proverbs about a cheerful mouth hiding a deceitful heart.”

    And she walked away.

    The first woman has finally reached a point where she can forgive the woman and let it go.

    Bully for her, but I’m aghast the “cold shoulder” woman would say such a thing to anyone.

    My husband and I sat here this morning trying to find the verse out of Proverbs and are not turning up anything. Of course, Scripture should always interpret Scripture, so we think the cold shoulder woman is even more wrong.

    What say you?

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  12. Michelle – Cold Shoulder Woman sounds quite wrong to me. Even if there is such a proverb (it doesn’t sound familiar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in there), her reaction and behavior is unloving, to say the least.

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  13. Here’s my little question: What do you all use to access this blog, and the internet in general? I use a laptop now, but several years ago I used a desktop PC.

    I am realizing that more and more people access the internet and social media on their phones. I don’t like doing that, as things don’t seem as easily accessible, and the screen is small.


  14. Michelle – I just did a quick word search on Biblegateway, first searching “cheerful mouth” and then “deceitful heart”. Nothing like that came up. In fact, nothing at all came up for “cheerful mouth”.


  15. Several years ago, at the end of a Sunday morning service in which the sermon had been about forgiveness, Pastor W urged us to approach anyone in the congregation whom we needed to forgive or ask forgiveness from. A woman came up to me to tell me that she had held a bad feeling towards me for an unspecified reason (she didn’t even know why – it was just a feeling she had). She forgave me, even though she admitted she didn’t know what she had to forgive me for (so maybe it was more of a matter of letting go of that feeling).

    I was so surprised, because I didn’t think there was anything offensive or hurtful that I had done or said to her. I think she asked me for my forgiveness, too, for having held that bad feeling towards me. So we forgave each other, and ended up being close friends.

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  16. Ditto Karen’s 12:16. I did the same thing. “cheerful AND deceitful” do not appear in the same sentence.
    I would suggest that the lady just leave it alone. They can get along without each othe as far as I can tell from the post..

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  17. Closest I could come was Proverbs 7:10,11:

    And behold, a woman comes to meet hm,
    Dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart.
    She is boisterous and rebellious,
    Her feet do not remain at home;

    But it would be a stretch.

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  18. Well, that is a very strange way to treat someone! I would suspect the person is a mental case and needs more help than my friendship could give. I would probably nod at them and smile in acknowledgementbut when they were nearby but leave it at that unless they changed and acted more friendly.


  19. Perhaps the lady got the reference wrong. Could this be the verse she referred to,?
    “Jeremiah 9:8
    Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks deceitfully. With their mouths they all speak cordially to their neighbors, but in their hearts they set traps for them.”

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  20. Repressed memories: I really think that the cases in which those terms are usually used are bad psychology, and I winced at several women using the term in that link I posted, but I really don’t think that is what they were getting at.

    How it’s usually used: after several years of counseling, a woman realizes her father, brother, or uncle molested her, and she never realized it. There are no witnesses, and the men being challenged deny anything like it ever happened.

    This instance: Women who knew they worked in Gothard’s office as teenagers read about other women who worked for him having Gothard treat them as “special,” keeping them late in his office, playing footsie with them, etc., and realizing “that happened to me, too!” In other words, it seems to me that it isn’t what we typically think of as “repressed memories,” but it’s more like something they haven’t thought about for years, that seemed icky at the time but otherwise not horribly significant, and that now seems terribly meaningful because (1) as an adult she now has a much greater awareness of how improper it was and (2) in reading other women’s accounts, she realizes it was a pattern of behavior.

    Haven’t we all had moments that we look back to childhood and suddenly think about something and see it through adult eyes, and realize we probably misinterpreted it when we were children? I think that is what happened here, not what we usually refer to as “repressed memories,” and I think it’s a uniquely unhelpful use of the term. I personally have someone to whom I would like to send the link, to say, “See, this isn’t just internet rumor. Read the court case.” But he’d read it and say “Repressed memories? That’s garbage!”

    When I was in my mid-twenties, for a few months I had a housemate (she was basically staying with other people in the house, not someone I invited in) who would get on the phone just about every evening she was home and talk and cry for a couple of hours about how horrible it was that her father and brothers all molested her, and all deny it now, and how she only knows about it because her counselor helped her discover her repressed memories. It was annoying on multiple levels, partly because I couldn’t help but hear the whole conversation over and over again, because she was on principle cold or outright rude to me (maybe in embarrassment because she knew I must have heard all of that), because I suspected it never happened and she seemed to be ruining her life and alienating herself from her family because of some wacky psychologist’s bad counseling, and also because the house phone became unavailable for hours at a time when I myself sometimes was expecting a call or would have liked to make a call. So I don’t have good vibes for the idea of repressed memories, and what I read about them says the idea has been pretty well discounted–in reality, we remember our horrid life experiences, we don’t shove them under and forget them.


  21. Janice – That could indeed be what she had in mind.

    Not quite the same as that lady and Cold Shoulder Woman, but the receptionist at the place I worked at before I had Nightingale became very cold to me, and would never tell me what I had done to deserve such behavior. (I gave her a general apology and made it clear that I was open to hearing what had bothered her, but she did not tell me anything.) But I made a point of saying “Good morning” to her when I came in each day, even knowing she would not return the greeting. She made a show of throwing the Christmas card I’d left on her desk into the trash can, without opening it.

    What was worse, though, is that she stopped taking messages for me, meaning I had to take the time to call back everyone who had called while I was doing the morning order-taking calls. We made those calls each morning from 8:00 to 11:00, with some orders not getting in until close to noon. Part of T’s job was to take messages for us about what the callers needed, such as adding on a certain product to their order. So when I got around to calling them back, they (managers of McDonald’s restaurants) were often unavailable because of a rush in their restaurant.

    Add to that that our supervisor was non-confrontational, so she didn’t step in to straighten things out, although she knew about it. Although I was planning on working up until a month before my due date, I was persuaded by my SIL to resign early, since I was under so much stress due to the situation.

    It was a really bad time for me to leave, too, because another customer service rep (there were three of us) was out due to a serious medical issue, and would be out for a while. So not only did our supervisor have to continue doing that woman’s calls, T would have to fill in for me when I left. I felt kind of bad about that, but if the situation had been properly handled, I wouldn’t have had to leave two months earlier than planned.

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  22. Janice – Happy Anniversary to you and Art!

    Nightingale will also be turning 30 this year, in May. How on earth did she get so old?!

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  23. Glad to finally get on the blog. I could not get on using internet explorer and finally remembered that I had downloaded Chrome. It works fine.

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  24. I read on all three: desktop, IPad and phone, wherever I happen to be at the time.

    I agree with you all about the verses. The woman who was “given” the message decided to forgive and let it go–which is all you really can do. Using a Bible verse to deliberately hurt someone you don’t even know doesn’t sound like a correct direction from the Holy Spirit.

    I’ve had two catnaps already and think I’ll just go read a book and not worry about the piled up work.

    I don’t think anyone really cares anyway.

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  25. The 30s are a great decade.

    What cute cacti.

    But what odd (and mean) people in the world!

    We’re set to get more rain overnight and into tomorrow morning and early afternoon. We’re just like Seattle now.

    I need to remember to change the clocks tonight.

    But meanwhile, I think I’ll go get a couple of those framed prints I’m thinking of hanging in the office room and try them out on different walls.

    It was good to see my tax guy who’s maybe 10 years older than I am and grew up across the street from us in the old neighborhood (he had a little brother who was a few years younger than I was). He’s looking quite a bit older these days, I’ve been going to him since my mom died (she had her taxes done by him every year) so that’s been almost 30 years now. Wow, time really does go by so fast. He still has 300 clients and doesn’t plan on retiring.

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  26. Nice cactus pics. Makes me homesick for Tucson. The one up now is the prickly pear. That fruit is made into candy or jelly, once you get the thorns out of it. The other one I’ve seen the name of, but it escapes me now.

    Mrs L and I just got home from a movie (a rare time to get her to the theater). It was “Run the Race”. If you haven’t seen it, go. The son-in-law of an acquaintance wrote it. The acquaintance is co pastor of a church in Denton, TX.Tim Tebow had a cameo, as well as being one of the producers. Here is the website for it: http://runtheracemovie.com/.

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  27. Nightingale is two months older than Wesley. ♡

    Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes. Most of the day has been sunny so I feel pretty happy. A tax client just dropped off his taxes. I remember in the old days when Wesley was little and this client would drop off his tax work while I was out mowing the grass. The guy use to drive a sports car. I think he was in an SUV today. He looks a lot older now! How did that happen?

    Yes, DJ, Art has done taxes for years and years. This phone put in ‘tears and years.’ That, too. He worked for the previous owner of the business before I knew him. It was a sideline for a long time until he got the call about an opportunity to buy the business. He still has a lot of long term clients who back in the day worked at Delta with his ex. We are not far from the airport so it has worked out to be more convenient for those clients to go to the office because most live out that way.

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  28. Oh, back when we got married, the tax business had a lull in March. People who file for refunds usually make appointments in Februsry or even January if they have it all together. The people who are going to owe money like to wait until April. So March worked out for us to take a short honeymoon at Hilton Head. That was when the tax work was a sideline. Now he not only has individuals but small corporations and monthly bookkeeping so there is never a lull or dull moment.

    The other tax office my brother works in has March special weeks where the draw in the military folks with discounts one week and first responders for discounts during another week.


  29. My tax guy was saying he only has one person currently being audited — a psychology prof at Chapman College who wrote off a trip to Amsterdam for a speaking engagement (but complicating matters, he took his daughter).

    He said most auditing is done via computer checks. I told him I still envisioned a dozen men in suits with briefcases knocking on your door. He laughed.


  30. DJ – Nightingale is feeling bad about approaching her 30s without being married, or even having a prospect for marriage. It’s not that she’s like the young women in the old days who only wanted to get married – in fact, she’s a bit of a feminist, and a strong and competent woman in her own right.

    But she wanted The Boy to have at least one younger sibling while he was still young enough for there to not be too many years between them. And yes, she would like to have a husband as a partner to go through life with. She knows that the older she gets, the less likely she is to find a good man. (Sharing Cheryl’s story of not marrying until her 40s doesn’t encourage her.)

    I’m still praying for a TDH kind of man to enter her life.

    (For those who don’t know, “TDH” – for Tall, Dark, and Handsome – was what Carolyn Weber called a fellow college student who befriended her and witnessed God’s love and truth to her, and eventually married her, in her book Surprised by Oxford.)

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  31. Janice – Hubby and I were married on March 15, 1986. We chose that time because he was the chef-manager at a private girls’ school, and the school had a two-week vacation every year in March.

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  32. Donna, all my clocks are ahead one hour now.
    Except for phones, computer and the one that gets it’s signal; from a station in Denver.

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  33. Most of my clocks are ahead now, too. I usually put them ahead in the afternoon so my mind can get used to the idea of the time change. My theory and plan is that instead of going to bed at 10:00 EST and then losing an hour of sleep, I’ll go to bed at 10:00 DST (9:00 EST) and get a full night’s sleep.

    Unfortunately, my body always seems to know that I am trying to trick it, and won’t go to sleep early. (Like many of you, I usually am awake for a while before going to sleep, so when I say “early”, it’s a relative term.)

    Poor Nightingale. She is working 2nd shift tonight and then 1st shift tomorrow. Usually when that is the case, she only gets four hours of sleep between the two shifts. Tonight she will probably only get three hours of sleep. 😦

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  34. Anniversary dinner: Chick-fil-A fish sandwiches
    Anniversary entertainment: PBS fundraiser concert by the Grateful Dead from 1989 (Art’s favorite band from way back). I enjoy the music more than the words. The guitar work is impressive. Just think, they were the forerunners of The Walking Dead.

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  35. Hi all. Busy day with Missy. We went to buy shoes today. Play shoes and dress shoes and some “big girl” socks. Then we took her to meet Mommy. Can you imagine what it did to my heart when I handed her to her Mommy and she cried reaching out for me? I had to leave her crying. I am sure she fell asleep as soon as she was in the car seat.
    Mr P and I went out for our Saturday lunch. When we got home I took a two hour nap!!!! I am not much of a day sleeper.
    I got one module of Continuing Ed done this afternoon. I will have to finish it tomorrow.
    I had a sleep hangover and my brain didn’t want to memorize the various partnerships,LLC’s, S-Corps, and such. Yes. It is just as boring as it sounds.

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  36. I have read with interest the various “cold shoulder” situations you have mentioned here. I can remember the exact moment I realized not everyone liked me.
    I was in Angleton, TX at College Boyfriend’s house. His parents had to give him, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and me money to go to Six Flags for the day. CB and I were cautious with our funds, knowing we would want to eat on the way home, Brother and GF, on the other hand, blew all their money on henna tattoos and stuffed animals (did I mention he was the OLDER brother. Because they didn’t have money to eat, WE didn’t get to eat. I was furious when we got home and I told Grandma B (the wife of My Own Personal WWII Vet) how much I didn’t like the other girlfriend. She told me “Well, she doesn’t like you very much either!”
    What a concept! Someone I didn’t like didn’t like ME????? How could that be???? What an eye-opener. That got me to thinking who else might not like me.

    Over the years I have felt snubbed for various reasons and sometimes have felt very insecure. What I keep repeating to myself is “What other people think of you is none of your business”. It isn’t easy. I want to be liked by everyone, but that just isn’t reality. I have a few people I don’t like so the odds are they probably don’t like me either.

    OH. Did I mention that I LOVE this time change? There will be daylight in the afternoons when I get home!

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  37. This morning’s module is on various ways of managing a real estate office. Cash-based accounting and accrual-based accounting, projecting income and scaling commissions.
    There is a reason I am not an accountant. I figure more assets are better than an equal number of liabilities.


  38. Kim, accounting is basically history recorded in short journal entries of descriptions of what happened (transactions)
    and the amounts that relate to each transaction. The numbers and the classification or grouping of the journal entries are put into accounts for simplification of publishing “books” in the form of general accounting statements of profit and loss (income statement), and the balance sheet. Double entry accounting is just showing where something came from (credit) and where it went (debit) and if that recording does not match then your records will be out of balance. The thing most people really don’t like about accounting is that it is tedious, monotonous, and involves working at a computer all day long with limited interaction with people. On the balance sheet, Assets are equal to Liabilities PLUS Capital (such as buildings and tangible property) so typically your assets would be greater than liabilities. This is probably TMI and adding to your grief over this section of your CE.

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  39. When my brother started getting his MBA (Masters in Business) he had to take a consolidated accounting course. He had an undergraduate in Poultry Science and knew nothing about accounting. We sat down and I explained it on terms he could understand and then he went forward and did well in his class. I was really lost when I started in accounting because it was all a new language and I knew no one in the field. It was very tough for me to start with, but I grew to enjoy it once I understood the terminology. It is just like working a giant jigsaw puzzle where each piece has to fit in its proper place.


  40. I took an adult learning class in accounting, with my sister, when I was pregnant. I did very well though I did not attend the second half of the class due to pregnancy. I got an A in the course. My sister attended all of the classes and got a C. She was an accountant. I don’t do the accounting, I don’t have the mind for it. That always baffled me, like maybe they mixed us up and gave me her grade I think I really lost my respect for education at that point.

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  41. And now we know the rest of the story on Ben Franklin and DST. Sort of like cutting the tip off a roast because mom and grandmom did, only to learn grandmom did it because she did not have a large enough pan.

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  42. Janice – My mom was a bookkeeper when she was working. (She worked on and off as I was growing up.) Then she learned how to do taxes, and worked for H&R Block, and later did taxes at a local accounting business. She loved working with numbers. (She may have used an adding machine or calculator, but not a computer at that time.)

    A Facebook friend is a self-employed accountant. I was surprised when she mentioned that she’s not really good at math, but her job is mostly putting numbers into a computer to do the work.

    You know how the stereotype of an accountant is someone who is kind of boring? Well, Nadine does not fit that stereotype at all! She likes to go out dancing and drinking, and she rides a motorcycle. 🙂

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  43. I don’t know, DJ, it was beautiful out this morning before the sun rose. A brisk but not too cold eight degrees, beautiful snow all around, sheep coming out to say good morning, and I got to sing “From the Rising of the Sun” again! The Name of the Lord shall be praised.

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  44. ~ I don’t know, DJ, it was beautiful out this morning before the sun rose ~

    See? I knew she’d say that, I muttered, shuffling off toward the shower an hour early.

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  45. A snippet from last night:

    The Boy: “Mimi, why does my tea taste so funny?”

    Me: “Because it’s water.” 😀

    (He was drinking from a covered to-go kind of cup, so he couldn’t see the color.)

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  46. Eastern time

    Yeah, this particular time change — probably because I’m not a ‘morning’ person — packs a wallop for me every year. I adjust in a week or two and I do love the long daylight hours so it’s not dark when I quit work, but the mornings just really throw me off for a good while.

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  47. There was a glitch. I was taking the final exam. Somehow I hit a button and ended up back in another chapter. When I got back to the exam all my answers had disappeared and I only had 28 minutes to go back in and answer them. I got out, saved my 28 minutes, and sent an email to the instructor.
    I’ve got to get this done so I can focus on taxes next.
    Here’s a positive for the day. As of an hour ago all of my Christmas decorations are back in the attic!!!

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  48. Accrual accounting – ugh, ugh, ugh.

    No time change for me – I am so thankful. Saskatchewan just stays on DST year round. Just makes so much sense.

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  49. Oh, Kim, I feel your pain! I hope that gets resolved quickly.

    In Nashville I once applied for some temp work that asked what computer programs I knew. I told them I worked on Word all the time, so they gave me a test. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the actual Word program, but a test version. So, for instance, they might tell me to run spellcheck, and though I actually know how to do that in Word, the whole program wasn’t available, and if I didn’t happen to know the method they had available, I couldn’t do it. In one instance, I tried two different ways (I knew two different ways to do it), but neither of those options was available. So perhaps it might have been a good test of someone who had been trained by an official Word instructor, but it wasn’t ideal for someone who had actually been using the program daily for a decade, but with only half a day of official instruction and the rest learned by trial and error. But give me an actual program to test if I know hoe to use it!! They also asked me to print an envelope, which happens to be something I’ve never done, and with only limited options available, I couldn’t find the way to do it. But if I were in an actual office situation and needed to print an envelope, I could google it or ask somebody. Toward the end of the test I was trying to do something and it froze on me. After the “test,” I told them I hadn’t been able to complete it, and I told them also about the things I knew how to do but that the test wouldn’t allow me to do. I figured they wouldn’t ever call me for a job if they didn’t somehow allow me to retest, and sure enough they didn’t let me. I think what frustrated me the most about that experience was that I had filled out tons of paperwork, with my social security number on pretty much every page. But it was also super frustrating that it wasn’t a test of my actual ability to work on Word, but on whether I happened to know how to do things the way the test had been set up. If they had given me a real computer with Word set up on it, I still might have run across things I didn’t know how to do (such as print envelopes), but I probably could have figured it out. And I could definitely have done the stuff I do know how to do. Look, I don’t type correctly either–I use the wrong fingers and not enough of them. But I’ve published two books and edited hundreds, and I’ve even been told I’m a fast typist by someone who could only hear me but not see me. It works!

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  50. Oh, Cheryl. I failed a typing test a couple of years ago. I do touch type with my fingers on the right keys, but I am so used to looking at the screen as I type and this test had me reading from a tablet to my side and typing while reading what was written. I didn’t get the temp job either.

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  51. Kizzie,have you considered doing what your mother did? You could take a bookkeeping class online and then get work at home. With the economy doing better there is a need. You probably have good genes for being a bookkeeper, too.

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  52. We have decided to build a small guest cabin on our land with our friends. It’s going to be so much fun to work on with them. We already have a screen door and 3 windows. Now to find the rest of the materials on the cheap 🙂

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  53. Oh look it is almost 6:00 and the sun is shining brightly….I can drive later in the day now!!
    Our temps have been in the low 30’s today with stiff winds a blowing…I am sitting here on the sofa with a down comforter around me…. 😊

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  54. I’ve always been a fast typist, a skill that’s still very handy in the computer age thanks to the unchanging keyboard. They were ruthless with us when I was in high school, we had to take typing ‘speed’ tests regularly without looking at the keys (which were blank/unmarked on our workhorse classroom typewriters anyway). Our typing teacher was an ancient man who was really funny and continually cracked jokes.

    Church was good though I felt tired and I didn’t stay for SS — there was a new couple sitting next to me, they arrived a bit late, and I overheard them talking to another member afterward, sounds like he’s involved somehow in the LA Angels organization.

    I took a long nap this afternoon which helped my weariness. But first I watched an escapist movie — “What About Bob?” It’s been years since I’d seen that but always remembered it was funny, and it still is. I hardly ever turn the television on during the day, but was feeling wonky today, what with the time change and what I think must be a bit of depression over our sad work situation.

    I have a story I can work on tomorrow from home as our new office space won’t be ready for another week.

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  55. What About Bob? Best movie ever! We haven’t watched that for a while…perhaps while it is blizzarding around here on Wednesday we will just sit down and have a fun time watching Bob!
    We visited the east campus of our church today. It is actually closer to us and it is a smaller congregation meeting in the gym of an elementary school. What a blessing. We sensed immediately that this is where we belonged. We will continue to attend our Bible Study from the west campus. A couple came up to us and when we told them who we were they said they had wanted to meet us when they had visited the west campus but didn’t know what we looked like…just so happens the husband of the couple worked with son in law at the CM&A headquarters and they are great friends with our kiddos….small world. We chatted with them and another couple for a half hour after church. And the pastor waited around to greet us…the west campus is so big we never did meet the pastor…. 😊

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  56. Dishwasher is working this evening (yet it still feels early), I got the kitchen island ledge cleared off and cleaned which looks so much better. Now for the regular counter tops … (Someone cover Michelle’s eyes).

    I sent an email to the source I need to talk to tomorrow to give him a heads up on the story I’m trying to put together.

    I should now walk the dogs.

    Yes, “What About Bob” is very funny and I hadn’t remembered some of the details about the ending.

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  57. What About Bob? was a favorite of Hubby’s and mine. 🙂

    There are a few movies, mostly comedies, that I will always associate with Hubby, because we watched them repeatedly through the years.

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  58. Janice – That is something to think about for the future. For the time being, my priorities are childsitting The Boy, going through Hubby’s things, and later going through a lot of other things that need to be weeded out for our eventual move, along with keeping my part of the house clean. Mentally and emotionally, that’s all I can handle right now.

    I forgot to mention that Mom had dropped out of high school to have my brother. I don’t know how she became a bookkeeper, but I do know she took courses on tax preparation at some point.

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  59. What about Bob? I was taking pictures of him tonight, stealthily, through the window. May be the first pics we have ever succeeded getting of him. I had not idea there was a movie about him. He does not like people so I don’t know how the cameramen and makeup folks did it.

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  60. Walked the dogs and I’m trying to train Carol to text more often than to constantly call me.

    She’s not quick to adapt to that but on some nights it’s just easier for me. We talk most nights, she calls at 7:30 p.m. on the dot, but sometimes I’ll text her if I can’t pick it up. Next thing I know my phone is ringing again in response (rather than her sending me a text which would seem more logical to me). Another friend of hers from her former church, also clearly prefers texting but she keeps calling him. I’ve told her ‘it sounds like he prefers texting’ but she still calls. She knows how and can text, she just is so “call” oriented that it’s hard for her to see it as an alternative communication.


  61. She called again so I called her back, nothing particular she wanted to say. She said she also called her other friend but he didn’t pick up, I suggested (again) he may prefer texts to phone calls (he texts her rather than calls her). I’m fine with both, but sometimes one is easier for one or both parties and makes more sense than the other.

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  62. Mumsee, I would love to get photos of Bob myself. Now that I am in a town where quite a few people have spotted him, I hope someday I will be able to.

    Did you get good shots?

    That reminds me of a dream I had a few nights ago. For reasons I don’t know, I was supposed to spend the night sleeping in a car (I was in the front seat, maybe a station wagon), and some children were also supposed to be sleeping in the car, and I was sort of chaperoning. (They were allowed to come and go, but the parents just wanted an adult in the vicinity somehow. I have no idea whose children they were.) I realized that the owl landing in a tree in front of the car was going to a nest, and there were owlets in the nest, and the moon was bright enough I was getting photos. Then I realized there was another active owl nest off in a different direction, but still close enough for pictures. And as I was taking one wonderful photo after another, I thought, “With my luck this is a dream, and I’m not actually getting any of these photos.”

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