8 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-4-19

  1. Trump wows them at CPAC.


    “It’s way too early to be thinking this, much less saying it, but what the hell: If Donald Trump is able to deliver the sort of performance he gave today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the annual meeting of right-wingers held near Washington, D.C., his reelection is a foregone conclusion.

    There is simply no potential candidate in the Democratic Party who wouldn’t be absolutely blown off the stage by him. I say this as someone who is neither a Trump fanboy nor a Never Trumper. But he was not simply good, he was Prince-at-the-Super-Bowl great, deftly flinging juvenile taunts at everyone who has ever crossed him, tossing red meat to the Republican faithful, and going sotto voce serious to talk about justice being done for working-class Americans screwed over by global corporations.

    In a heavily improvised speech that lasted over two hours, the 72-year-old former (future?) reality TV star hit every greatest hit in his repertoire (“Crooked Hillary,” “build the wall,” “America is winning again,” and more all made appearances) while riffing on everything from the Green New Deal to his own advanced age and weird hair to the wisdom of soldiers over generals. At times, it was like listening to Robin Williams’ genie in the Disney movie Aladdin, Howard Stern in his peak years as a radio shock jock, or Don Rickles as an insult comic. When he started making asides, Trump observed, “This is how I got elected, by going off script.” Two years into his presidency and he’s just getting warmed up.”

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  2. It’s his party now.


    “Two years into the Trump presidential experiment, there’s no longer any doubt that the conservative movement has been redefined by President Trump, leaving him with a fiercely loyal base of support as he prepares for a 2020 re-election campaign in perhaps the most hostile environment in modern political history.

    That campaign began in earnest Saturday as Sen. Bernard Sanders, the leading announced candidate in the Democratic field, officially launched his bid in New York, even as Mr. Trump — forgoing any official announcement — delivered a two-hour tour de force speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference laying out the battle lines.

    The president told thousands of activists gathered in suburban Maryland that he is their bulwark against a wave of socialism that is cresting in the Democratic Party, he introspected on the tricky negotiations with North Korea, he made news by announcing a looming executive order on free speech on college campuses and he flashed new anger at efforts to investigate him — even using profanity to describe it.

    “This is how I got elected, by being off script,” Mr. Trump said. “And if we don’t go off script, our country is in big trouble, folks.”

    The Washington Times/CPAC straw poll shows he has been remarkably successful in leading the conservative movement away from its old script and to a new Trumpian version that rejects orthodoxies of free markets and limited executive powers and embraces tariffs and presidential emergency declarations.

    Indeed, the president’s plan to declare the border emergency and siphon money from the Pentagon to build more border wall won support of 74 percent of straw poll respondents.

    Two-thirds also agree with the president’s decision to pull troops from Syria, and two-thirds back his eagerness to use tariffs to force a new trade playing field.

    “The base is there, the president is defining the conservative movement right now,” said Jim McLaughlin, who conducted the poll. “The president is capturing the heart, the mind, the soul of the conservative movement.””


  3. Good. More examples need to be made.



    “Several activists protesting a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general during the Civil War, cornered Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada (R.) and other top Republican leaders in the state legislature in an elevator on Thursday.

    The protesters at the state Capitol also shouted insults at Casada, who said he would support adding context to the bust or moving it to a museum if lawmakers support the decision, and some of his Republican colleagues.

    The Tennessee Republican Caucus tweeted a video of the incident, showing the protesters calling the Republicans “racists” and accusing them of only letting white people on the elevator. Some of the protesters then singled out Casada by calling him a racist.

    As seen near the end of the video, one of the demonstrators threw a coffee cup “with an unknown liquid believed to be coffee” into the elevator, hitting Casada and state Rep. Debra Moody (R.), reported WKRN, a local ABC affiliate. Authorities believe local activist Justin Bautista-Jones, a student at the Vanderbilt University Divinity School, threw the cup. Troopers took Bautista-Jones and activist Jeneisha Harris into custody, where Jones was charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct. Harris was charged with a count of disorderly conduct.”


  4. Out of touch.



    Blue state legislators and Democratic presidential candidates seem to be in a bidding war to determine who can be the most extreme when it comes to permitting abortions. Vermont has passed legislation that allows abortion at any point in a pregnancy, and several contenders for the presidency have shown by their Senate vote that they are fine with doing in babies who survive attempted abortions.

    But a new poll conducted by Marist for the Knights of Columbus shows that the public takes a dim view of late term abortions. The public wasn’t polled on infanticide via denial of medical treatment, but I assume its view of that practice is dimmer still.

    Only 13 percent of those polled said they believe that abortion should be available to woman at any time during her pregnancy. Another 8 percent said they believe abortion should be allowed in the first six months.

    Of the remainder, 17 percent abortion should never be allowed; 12 percent said it should be allowed only to save the life of the mother; 29 percent said it should allowed to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest; and 22 percent said it should be allowed only in the first three months of pregnancy.

    Even among Democrats, only 35 percent said they believe abortion should be permitted at any time during the pregnancy (22 percent) or during any time up to six months into the pregnancy (13 percent). With Democratic contenders scrambling to please that 35 percent, there may be an opportunity for a Democrat who takes a position more in line with the remaining 64 percent. But maybe taking such a position would risk ex communication.”


  5. Ignorance is bliss.

    But only for the ignorant.


    “On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), furious that an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal stated that she “leads a generation of young people to take pride in their ignorance—of the laws of nature, of history, of the Constitution, of the eternal battle for freedom,” sneered back on Twitter, writing, “I guess WSJ Editorial Page takes pride in their ignorance of our nation’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, & mass incarceration; willful doubt on the decades of science on climate change; targeting of indigenous peoples, and the classist, punitive agenda targeting working families.”

    The author of the op-ed, Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, has credentials that eclipse anything Ocasio-Cortez has yet achieved; she has spoken at Harvard University, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, and the Gregorian University at the Vatican, as well as served on the National Advisory Board for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and as a member of the Medicaid Commission.

    Turner wrote that Ocasio-Cortez “is ignorant of the ways of government. She thought she would be headed to Washington in January to get ‘inaugurated’ and that she’d ‘start signing’ bills immediately, in a Congress with three chambers.” She continued:

    The tragedy is that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has little regard for the system that made it possible for her to be elected to Congress, gain extraordinary influence, have access to millions of dollars to pay staff (at a “living wage” of at least $52,000 a year, so generous is she with taxpayer money), and now with a standard of living far above what her old job could have provided. She leads a generation of young people to take pride in their ignorance—of the laws of nature, of history, of the Constitution, of the eternal battle for freedom—and still succeed.”

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  6. It is obvious now that the Democrats are desperate to find something on Trump.
    There is a long list on FoxNews of things Democrats are going to investigate.
    Not all bad keep them too busy to make ;laws.
    But too much of this is an obvious turnoff.

    Having an investigation and looking for something to investigate are entirely different

    And a big turnoff.


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