85 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-1-19

  1. I didn’t think of it being next month until I opened the link.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    It’s been March a full day for Jo.
    So? Good night Jo.
    I'[m off to change the calendar.

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  2. Good night, Chas. I’m off to get some sleep, already changed the calendar. Whoops changed two calendars at school, but not the one right here staring at me. It is a family calendar so I wonder who will be on the next page??

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  3. Yeah March is here alright.

    And it brought snow.

    Tonight? More snow.

    Sunday into Monday? Several inches of snow….

    March stinks already, and it just got here. 😦

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  4. I love the flower pictures Janice.
    Don’t hate me because I am wearing sandals today. I am over cold, dreary weather. I can handle rain and I can sometimes handle cold. I cannot handle them at the same time. It’s raining here but it isn’t cold. It is March 1st and I am over winter. I don’t like it, never have, and never will.

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  5. First morning in a while without fresh snow and we are not expecting any until middle of next week. And the temps are dropping down to single digits again. Must be March! I love the winter!

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  6. Morning! Today we shall be in the 50’s but that is a changin’…..tomorrow we are predicted for that 5-8 inches of snow. And we don’t have the part to fix the snow blower yet…..we will be out there shoveling wet heavy snow. Great exercise though…how’s that for a positive outlook?! 😂 ⛄️

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  7. Elvera just observed, “You wouldn’t make a good girl”.
    And she’s right. In 2.5 years, I still haven’t figured out women’s clothes.
    They hide buttons and button holes, so it looks like they aren’t there.
    Among other things.
    But I’m fascinated by the way they fasten bras. I heard that Mark Twain (Sam Clemmons) invented that.
    We’re off to the Adult Center for her. SS men’s luncheon today for me.

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  8. I am so glad that Chas wouldn’t make a good girl. 😀 That is as it should be.

    Kim, enjoy your sandals. That is as it should be.

    I enjoyed the new family photos as I changed the month. One is a photo of a bunch of the grandchildren, two daughters, my husband and me with my mom at her birthday/moving away party last summer. Such a blessing those calendars are!

    Spring seems far off here, but the sun does warm us some now and the days are longer. We will be grateful for that this morning.

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  9. It’s trash pickup morning here so things are loud. Hoping the garage door guy gets here early as he promised.

    I have two stories to finish today plus a goodbye lunch to get to for a colleague. And I need to get some money out of the credit union, this is going be a very lean month for me.

    Carol called last night to run down all the goodies she bought for herself since Wednesday was her (government) ‘payday’ — several sets of colored pencils and pens (including one with 75 markers), several coloring books, and a new tote bag. She added that she would not be able to pay me the $25 toward that $75 notary episode in January as she’d promised (promised-promised). But she’ll pay me $50 next month. Not holding my breath.

    I really never expect any money back from her, ever, though she promises initially she’ll pay me back and this time I made it clear I’d expect and welcome the payback as that was a lot of money and it came at a time when I had expenses of my own I was juggling (I wasn’t charging her for the additional $25 it cost just to mail the notary paperwork overnight, just the $75 it cost to have the mobile notary come to her).

    She does pay her former roommate back each month but probably because she sees her face to face every day living in the same building. Carol borrows money from her every month, she considers it part of her monthly ‘income’ so she can spend all her own money on toys — the other gal is way too nice to allow her to do that. But at least she gets paid back, apparently. Still, I’ve told Carol it’s not really fair to her and someday she’ll get real tired of it. Carol doesn’t listen and she doesn’t seem to have anything close to a tender conscience about this behavior.

    At least she paid her rent and phone bill. That’s something. And I’ve told her she’ll need to pay that traveling notary herself next time, she’s on her own from here on out financially.

    Ok, rant over.

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  10. I’m in “shoes,” somewhere in between sandals and boots today, but we’re getting more cold rain this weekend and later next week so I’m not putting the boots away just yet. 🙂 I’ve loved this winter, I have to say.

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  11. anonymum. Who’s that? The dog park parking lot usually floods in the rain.

    My waterproof boots have faux sheepskin lining and are quite warm.

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  12. So you will be taking a canoe? That is excellent prep for the move to Winchester. They have a lovely lake there, called Winchester Lake.

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  13. After a few years in Chicago, I figured out that I could handle snow and mild cold, or bitter cold, but not both at the same time. That is, it was OK to have it 25 or 30 and snow on the ground or it actively snowing. And if it was -20 with dry sidewalks, that was OK too. But if we got six or eight inches of snow and then it plunged to -20, it meant walking around on a combination of dry spots, slick spots, and heaped-up, icy snow that was particularly hard to walk on. I could endure the -20 for a few days, but once you added in slow walking down treacherous sidewalks, it was horrid.

    I’ve often said that working at a really bad job as my first job made any other one seem great by comparison. And going through Phoenix heat more than 20 summers (including the hottest summer on record, 1989, for my last one there) made it impossible for me to see Midwestern summers as anything other than spring-like. Well, I think Chicago winters (snow that didn’t melt for weeks, potholes everywhere, rude drivers, on-street parking, bitter windchills combining to make any time outside rather unpleasant) have shown me how bad it can get, and make even other spots in the Midwest seem pleasant by comparison. The ability to stay inside on those miserable days, now that I am a freelancer, is wonderful too. And being farther south now is better than the seven years back in the upper part of Indiana; this area gets 40% as much snow as we did up there, and “up there” probably got half as much snow as Chicago (and a fraction what Michigan and some other Midwestern states get), so I’m satisfied. I’m not a winter girl, and I don’t have to put up with much of it now. Now I can enjoy the occasional snowfall as pretty, knowing it will probably melt soon. I don’t like looking at it for five or six weeks at a time.

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  14. Good afternoon! My brother took me to the recycling center and local farmer’s market which he had never been to. It was my weekly “outing.” He also helped me flip my mattress which with Art’s back trouble, he should not do.

    He enjoys escaping from the tax work, too. I am a good excuse. We took longer at the market than we should have since he had never been. We tried a cup of Ethiopian coffee which I thought was good, but I knew it would be too strong for his taste. To be siblings close in age we sure are different. I like really strong flavors and he likes mild. He talks a whole lot and I am pretty quiet. He is really rigid about doing things on a strict schedule (because of diabetes), and I am more flexible. He does not like fiction, but I do (I use to only read nonfiction but changed on that,). His musical taste is very narrow and set whereas my taste is eclectic and expanding. Well, I guess it is like that in most families.
    Do you think of yourself as similar or quite different from your siblings (or coudins)?


  15. That flower photo should never have been taken. It was outside the eye doctor’s office, practically on the ground, the day after my last surgery. I forgot I was not suppose to bend down. I took the photo without giving it a thought. I was right outside the surgical center. Wow! Was I ever embarrassed when I realized what I had done. I do not even know what the little flower plant is.

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  16. I finally talked to Karen late yesterday. She has a lot of new doctors and may get some home health care. Now she will be treated for some things that have gone untreated so she st least has hope that she may get better.She said she might get to go home today. We were both so happy to talk last night, and she is sounding more like herself.

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  17. Nice story! Your town looks so charming — and you still have an independent bookstore. 🙂 The writers’ center pictured reminds me a little bit of my house here in the port of LA.

    The garage door guy is here (what a cute young guy he is, he said he had to drop his child off at school early this morning before coming here). This new unit should be much more reliable than the Home Depot model. I guess all garage door openers aren’t created equal, little did I know at the time painter/handyman bought and installed the “Genie” model at what seemed like a pretty good deal ($300 including labor?), I thought. Guess it was too good to be true.

    This one is $600 (parts and labor, I opted to save $100 by but comes with warrantees and guarantees from the garage door company. So I decided to bite the bullet rather than continue hassling with constant paying to “tune up” and fix the other one. The door is steel and much heavier than I thought it would be when it was installed 2 years ago, so having the automatic opener really is a help and may be almost a necessity going forward.

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  18. Janice, I have an app on my phone called “plant snap” — you take a close up photo of a flower or plant and it tells you what it is. SO fun and handy.

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  19. Messed up sentence up there — I saved $100 by choosing the chain rather than the belt model, he said the chain has a ‘clackety’ sound but it’s not super loud and is just as reliable, should work fine for my needs.


  20. Kim, that is a lovely article about a lovely town.

    I’ve always been a big-city person, preferring to live within the big city rather than within the suburbs. When I was looking to move out of Chicago, among the qualifications my new hometown needed to have was that it would have at least 100,000 people.

    Large cities have definite advantages, but more and more I began to think of small towns as being more “human,” as long as the town is a healthy one and children who grow up there want to stay.

    I didn’t choose to live out in the country up north; that was where I moved to be with my husband and his children. There was, however, a lot about it I loved. (The view out the back window was a big one!) And we developed a lovely library in the house. But it was always a “temporary” housing situation for us as a couple, not a place we could live into old age. Once our country dog, Misten, died and the girls were moving out, it was time for us to close up housekeeping and leave as well.

    Now I’m in a town that doesn’t have the 100,000 minimum (neither did that one, of course, though this one is bigger than that one). We’re a decent driving distance from the largest city in the state, but we don’t go there very often. And we revel in being in a town with many small-town beauties, including being a walkable town and being close to nearly everything and everyone.

    Our church has in it a pair of lifelong friends, in their mid to late sixties or early seventies, neither of whom has ever married, and they have attended this church all their lives or nearly (since the age of four for one of them, always for the other). And I think how precious it must be to be in the same community all one’s life and keep the same best friend for always. I’ve lived in some nice places, but the only house where I’ve lived longer than 10 years was my childhood home, and I have never lived in the same town for more than 15 years at a stretch. Lord willing, I will live the rest of my life here.

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  21. I don’t believe I have any apps on my phone other than what was there when I got it, if such is the case. But I would enjoy that one, I believe. Though I rarely take my phone outside with me and it tells me I have used up my space so it does not take pics anymore.

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  22. Officer: Why do you have so many aliases?

    Mumsy Gal: I’m the creative sort. And they all know it’s me.

    Officer: That’s what they all say. What’s the real reason? And why were you anonymous so often?

    Boise Supporter (pointing to mass of Wandering Views people): They’ll vouch for me. Just ask them.

    Wandering Views: Who is that? We had lots of people with similar names on there–which one is that?

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  23. BTW, 2:33 has nothing to do with the rest of this thread today, but another.

    Tee hee hee. This anonybusiness lately is so much fun.


  24. You just take the photo with your phone on the app site, it tells you what to aim for greenery, blossoms) — it does have to be kind of close up. But i’ve learned what all my plants are in my yard now — and I’ve saved those pics and IDs so if I forget they’re in my ‘library’ of the saved things I’ve already shot and I can look them up.


  25. Usually the free apps make money with ads that they earn money from when people click on the ad. You can get the premium app without ads if you pay a small fee. It depends on how frequently you use the app whether or not the small fee is worth it. By paying the fee it helps support the creator of the app and encourages them to keep working on it to get rid of any bugs, or to make better versions of the app.

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  26. Mumsee, $19.99 would be signing away your life? Hopefully Mike can get a promotion this year to avoid that risk! 🙂


  27. Since acquiring a virtual medical degree and having a consultation with my neighbor who also has one, I’ve concluded that the traveling aches I keep having in the back of one leg and on that side of my rear end/lower back is sciatica.

    I had that once before, but it was years ago. I haven’t had it that I can recall in the intervening years. But my symptoms do fit.

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  28. Mumsee at 3:09:

    I was the Anonynother at 2:33. “It’s a girl!!!” translates to:

    Second Arrow’s first arrow is a girl, we all learned yesterday after her ultrasound. I just thought I’d jump in today to announce that here. 🙂

    She emailed a pic — one of those 3-D sonograms that show a lot more than the scans I had when pregnant. Later I called her, but she was taking a nap, so son-in-law answered her phone. He said my daughter burst into tears seeing the baby for the first time yesterday, she was so moved. Then she burst out crying again when she learned baby is a girl. (She would have been happy either way, boy or girl, but son-in-law and I both sense she had a deep longing for the baby to be a girl.)

    Wish we could have been there yesterday, but just hearing about how touching the day was for them yesterday was pretty priceless. 🙂

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  29. And now back to the music biz. PianoFest is over (was last weekend — 6th Arrow played in it, and I was one of the discussion leaders), and district auditions are coming up March 23.

    Then I’ve got more music dates after that — various things like playing in a piano concert April 27, playing a hymn duet with my student who’s getting confirmed at his church on April 28; possibly having the state piano competition, if 6th Arrow qualifies, which would be held May 11; playing at church in a string quartet for our new pastor’s installation service; and, oh yeah, starting Wednesday night rehearsals next week after our Lenten evening services, to prepare for singing in the church choir for Good Friday and Easter Sunday services on April 19th and 21st.

    Plus, the oldest four arrows have birthdays between April 22 and May 14.

    I’ll be praying for you in general and specific ways, according to the needs you’ve expressed in the past, as you come to mind over the next couple months, and will stop in again during that time if I have any pressing prayer requests.

    Blessings to all, and Happy Spring (someday soon, I hope)!!

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  30. Kim – Wear those sandals all you want. I have students who wear flip flops regardless of the weather. That’s fine, but once, when there was 6″ of snow on the ground, someone set off the fire alarm while making microwave popcorn. One girl had on flip flops and her feet got really cold. I think two of the boys carried her back in the building. I let her sit on the floor next to a space heater I had in the classroom.

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  31. Two long stories finished today, whew. Waiting for the editor to read the 2nd one now.

    Peter, that’s like a stream of consciousness post. From flip flops to microwave popcorn back to flip flops and space heaters. Can’t wrap my head around it.


  32. Our snow finally melted and now we’re supposed to get 3-5 inches Sunday.

    I can’t wait until the temps get to 75. (And not just because that is this comment’s number.

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  33. The weather has been beautiful, even if a bit breezy. The only drawback has been the heavy pollen counts. It comes with sneezing and a drippy nose. I don’t dare take an antihistamine or i will get a sinus infection. I buy lots of kleenex in the spring.

    I was in Roswell on Tuesday and it was over 75 degrees. So nice to drive without the heater on and the window down.

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  34. The forecast is for rain tomorrow.

    I have midterms next week, so this semester is on the downhill run.

    I made a plan for the week, and for a change, i accomplished all of my goals. I took mt TEAS test which is a requirement for entrance into nursing school. I got our taxes to the bookeeper. I got to participate in sophomore day at the college with Phi beta kappa. We ran an anatomy lab. What fun to see their minds work. I also took a big exam which i missed due to work the week prior.

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  35. Flu is at epidemic proportions here. How are other parts of the country faring? Every child who has come in to the ER with fever for the past 2 weekends has tested positive for flu.

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  36. So happy to hear about the forthcoming granddaughter Six. My granddaughter, Katie Grace, turned 15 today. Where does the time go?


  37. Like Chas, I am not always a very good girl. I went on a date once, during my 9 years of singleness, and he asked why my toenails weren’t painted. I would never have thought to do so. I was unaware that was a prerequisite for wearing sandals. 🙂

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  38. I don’t believe my toenails have ever been painted. I have now been single for 23 years.
    God is good and I don’t have the flu, even tho teaching kinder certainly puts me at risk.

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  39. That guy was picky. I’e never heard of having to have painted nails with sandals. I’ve never painted my toenails when wearing sandals. Of course now-a-days I wear sandals that cover the toes.

    And I wouldn’t look good with painted nails.

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  40. I’ve never painted my toenails, either, though in Nashville I felt self-conscious about wearing sandals because I noticed everyone else seemed to paint their toenails. But I don’t paint my fingernails, so why on earth would I paint my toenails? I also don’t have perfectly rounded pretty toenails.


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