35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-6-19

  1. just got a bunch of pictures from my family of some grands playing in the snow. I’m happy.

    It seems to be my birthday week here. I brought back cards from all the gals at my party that I am opening this week.
    Then, on Monday, the fourth grade teacher handed me a pile of cards as she had her whole class make me cards and then more from them the next day.
    Today the grade three class all brought me cards with a bouquet of flowers. That was even more special because I had taught most of that class.
    Not many folks around here that are 70.

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  2. Good evening Jo.
    I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I saw most of the President’s speech. Sacked out before he finished.

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  3. We had 870 camper registrations by the end of the day yesterday (650 of them in the first 2 hours). We can only accommodate 1075 campers. Wow. Thankful that these children are coming and will be able to meet Jesus here.

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  4. Morning! Indeed that bird seems to camouflage very well!
    Jo what sort of flowers did you receive? I imagine they are quite different than the ones we would get here…more tropical or exotic? Post a picture!
    Didn’t see any of the speech last night….we were at Bible Study in town and I totally forgot he was even giving a speech. I have seen different postings on Facebook about it this morning. It appears there were a couple of touching moments honoring special people.

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  5. I didn’t watch the speech last night. I rarely watch them, as they are usually just a campaign speech. And I can only take so much of Trump’s voice and facial expressions.

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  6. DJ, re last night, 20 years ago I was at a friend’s 50th birthday party. Everyone but me (the child in the group) brought insulting cards to the birthday girl. The one I remember was one that said on the outside “Another year older, another year smarter” and on the inside “Another year closer to telling total strangers about your bowel movements.” Everyone present howled at that one, all of us having spent time around old people who tell all the details not only of their own illnesses, but those of all their friends. (Or at least that is where my mother-in-law is now. She herself is healthy, but in her 80s, and every phone conversation with her consists of her talking about her great-granddaughters and then talking about every health detail of 12 or 15 people, some of whom I personally have never met.)

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  7. I liked the speech last night. I wanted to see what Stacy Abrams said afterward. She did mention Geotgia a lot. I liked her less last night than I had disliked her before. I have a relative who worked for her in the past. I just found that out in the past few years. My extended family is a political mix.

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  8. My eye is still pretty dilated. The doctor said I was given extra drops. Not sure why. It may last another day or two. I really can’,t see well. I do not know if I M making mistakes so please forgive if I am. I just feel tired from trying to see. Art said he does not expect me to be at work this week. Good thing I have not been making any plans I also found out yesterday that my new writing group is dissolving. My other group, almost an hour away, continues to grow.

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  9. Cheryl, yeah, I’m guessing this is (weirdly) something “normal” that people just launch into talking about at some stage in their lives. Sigh. Carol’s life is becoming very narrow now, she’s pretty much stuck inside that place (and mostly in her room with a roommate who speaks only Spanish and sleeps most of the time). Not that long ago she was still able to get up and out, take the bus here and there on shopping jaunts.

    She has started getting herself back down to the dining room for meals this week for the first time in a while, so I was glad to hear that. But she sits at a table with the “boyfriend” who utters maybe two words at most at any given time.

    She’s just taken a pretty dramatic slide downhill in the last 6-12 months, I’m afraid. I don’t think it’s fully dawned on her yet that her days of going on car outings are probably over. 😦 I don’t know if they offer a full-time care provision there or if she’ll wind up being sent to a full-on nursing home in the next year or sooner. I’d hate to see that happen but I also know she’s become very high-maintenance for the staff there, from the sounds of it.


  10. Janice, praying you start to feel better shortly. Yes, it’s good that you’re not doing anyone’s taxes this week 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your writers’ group.

    I saw some of the speech (I usually skip those, too). Not sure they amount to anything significant, considering all the hoopla surrounding them. I was unable to listen to Obama; and I’m not fond of Trump. So that adds to my now long-standing (10 years?) disinterest in the State of the Union spectacle.

    It’s very cold here this week and more rain is forecast for next week again.

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  11. At the end of the speech, Trump was recognizing people. Some he recognized were D-Day veterans.
    Verle, was in my SS class for years. I understand that he jumped into France three days after D-Day. He stayed in and retired a Col.
    I just got the weekly news from my previous Falls Church assembly.
    Verle died yesterday.
    Now, all the people I knew from WW II are gone.

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  12. Janice – We may have had the same situation. I was given a stronger kind of dilation while on the table, which caused a bad headache for a while, because it acts fast and strong. Does that sound like what you had? In my case, they needed to do that because the cataract was extra-large. (The largest the doctor had ever seen. I should have gotten some kind of award for that, don’tcha think?)

    Did you see my question to you yesterday on the prayer thread (IIRC)? Do you have to wear an eye shield at night? I was told to do so for about a week, to avoid anything (hand, pillow, bedding) accidentally rubbing against the eye.


  13. Chas, I’m sorry. If I remember correctly, he was important in your life.

    I always watched or listened to the State of the Union. My husband doesn’t, so now I usually don’t, or I look it up afterward and watch or read the transcript. But yeah, Obama followed by Trump is about enough to break that habit anyway.

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  14. Verle Turner was a friend, but that was a couple of decades ago.\
    This is happening often. Ernie Watkins died recently too. He was in my class.
    I mentioned Verle because it seemed appropriate because Trump recognized the veterans of D-day yesterday.


  15. We just got a quick burst of of a couple inches of snow. Thick fog, zero visibility and drivers have lost their minds! But the pines are flocked with ice crystals and it is beautiful!! Another band of this stuff is coming our way ⛄️

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  16. Happy birthday week, Jo. It may have been/or will be on Facebook but i missed it. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year.


  17. We are currently waiting at ortho appointment. Hoping that miguel will finally be released to work.

    Trey got the last of his big dental work done. The candy habit needs to be broken.

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  18. Has anyone else had mail-delivery service in your area make some weird changes, and/or have you heard about systemic changes?

    Our mail comes really late here–virtually always after 3:00, and quite frequently after 7:00, especially on Monday or after a holiday. (Official time for routes to be complete is 5:00, so 8:00 p.m. delivery isn’t something we’re happy about, nor are the number of times we get someone else’s mail or someone else gets ours.)

    Our mailbox is on another street, so we can’t see when our mail is delivered. But up until the last two weeks or so, I could often tell it has been delivered by seeing her deliver mail to boxes across the street, which get delivery after ours. (Or if one of those boxes has a flag up, seeing the flag down also tells me it has been delivered.) At Christmas we started seeing other mail trucks drive around just to deliver packages, but they were bigger trucks and were usually out in the morning, so no confusion was possible.

    Now I’m seeing the mail vehicle drive up to the mailboxes across the street, and then (instead of driving out of our neighborhood) doing a U-turn and going back. Some time later a mail vehicle will again stop by those mailboxes and then do a U-turn. The other day I saw the mailman stop at the mailboxes, and when it left the flag was down; I told my husband that it looked like the mail had come, but he checked and we didn’t have mail yet. Including each U-turn as two trips by my window, I ended up seeing a mail vehicle pass my window seven times that day. This is not the week for Christmas packages, so why so much “hither and yon”? Why more than one stop at a single group of four mailboxes? Anyone know? I don’t.


  19. I have two village curriculum packets to have ready by Monday. No problem I thought I can finish up on Saturday. I have been working, but am not done.

    Just realized that the middle school retreat is this weekend at our school. And, of course, I said, sure you can use my room. oops! Guess I will be working late today.

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  20. Our mail has been coming late, typically after dark (mail carrier needs to use a flashlight going up and down steps to our high porches). Friend in a neighboring city said the same thing, delivery now comes at 7 p.m. or later often times.

    This has been another busy day, typhus case interview + development proposal gone haywire, and meanwhile we’re trying to figure out how to cover for the reporter who broke his arm and will be out for probably many weeks.

    Snow: Our mountains are absolutely covered in it, we have exceptionally low snow levels right now. The drive in to work today was awe inspiring almost, with the palm trees and shipping cranes in the foreground against the backdrop of that wintry scene. Gorgeous. I’ll have to charge up my camera before the snow starts to recede (though that’s not likely to happen soon, we’re having some cold weather right now with more rain/snow due next week). The mountain resorts are jumping.


  21. Trying to figure out how to properly program our thermostats. We have four downstairs – my bedroom, the living room, and Chickadee’s room have one kind, and the kitchen/dining room has another.

    Hubby had programmed them a certain way, but I want them programmed a little differently. What I have been doing is what I used to do when he was alive. I can “Override” the set temperature, or put it on “Hold” to keep it at the override temperature when the next programmed block of time comes along. (They are programmed in six-hour blocks of time.)

    I think I figured out enough to correctly do my bedroom thermostat, but it took me quite a while. I have been particularly tired, so had trouble keeping what I was supposed to do straight in my mind. We will see through the night and tomorrow if I did it correctly. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the living room thermostat.


  22. Oh, hey! Remember last week I couldn’t think of the word I needed to describe a certain kind of scene in a movie I was telling you about? I stumbled across the word yesterday when I used it myself in a comment on the prayer thread. The word was “mushy”. (I erroneously had thought the word may have started with “sh”, but at least it had “sh” in it.)


  23. I see Fairhope made the news Something about a toddler in an arcade machine…

    I see Idaho made the news, Something about a woman pulling a mountain lion off her dog and holding it until her husband came out and shot it.

    Interesting world in which we live.

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  24. and it just gets more interesting. Son, the epitome of nice, saw a guy from his work, walking to and from in the snow. He offered him the old Ranger of ours that son was supposed to sign into his name but has not gotten around to. He has been keeping it insured. Anyway, the guy, an excon, lost his job and is no longer taking son’s calls. Son has seen the pickup but it was all locked up and has a ding in the door. And so it goes….

    As you may recall, this is the same son who was selling his car when he realized it was too costly, and let the guy take it with no money down, just promises. The guy ended up crashing it on a high speed race when he hit the spikes. And burned up the car. And got shot by the police.

    And, as you may recall, it is the same son who let his older sister borrow his BMW for a long trip, She promptly totaled it by getting hit by a deer flung from the truck ahead of her that she was attempting to pass.

    As you may recall, the same son who has been known to pay for the fuel for the people behind him.

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  25. Walked the dogs which made them happy and, I’m sure, was *good* for me.

    Carol called and did not share any ‘accident’ details (yay).

    She’s busy spending her next pay check, planning to buy a custom-made canvas, water-proof backpack from a tony shop in Venice. It’ll cost $140 but she says it’ll hold “everything” so it is, she says, practical and there’s a good reason for her to buy it. OK.

    Heard tonight that a dog park acquaintance is in the hospital tonight for congenital heart disease, they’re trying to work on meds for her. Seemed to me she had her sons in a Lutheran school once upon a time (they’re now grown), but she herself seemed pretty dismissive of the Christian faith.


  26. So I wrote the preview story on our town’s upcoming (first) gay pride festival and some interesting comments on social media where I posted it.

    The most recent comment: Ruben says: “Pure abomination to God, no pride in mental illness.”
    Steve replied: “my god says he loves all people. you should probably change gods”

    Other comments have been all favorable.


  27. Ah, now the debate begins

    “God does love all people and you don’t change God … read his word.”

    “Another god fearin’ Drumph supporter?!”

    “(Says) you who have no rules or read not the word of God … ”

    Comments likely will be closed by the moderators of the page, which is fine. These dialogues never really produce much in the way of thoughtfulness anyway.


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