32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-5-19

  1. Good morning! A quick hello before we leave for the eye appt. Prayers appreciated. All seems good to go. I’m missing a sip of water right now. Not yet to cotton mouth, but heading there. I hope everyone has a good day.

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  2. Oh, prayers Janice & Kim.

    It’s raining again today (yay) and we had some snow in very low-lying areas overnight, lots of fun ‘winter wonderland’ pics posted by friends who live there. They usually get snow a few times a year, but not real often.

    A rashy red blotch on the side of my face is clearing up after I realized a few days ago that a new OTC joint supplement I started taking a few weeks ago was the cause. Seemed like a good thing to take. But I looked it up and rash is one of the side effects and now that I’ve dumped it the face spot (2 of them actually) is clearing up. I was going to head into the doctor this week to get it checked before I seem to have figured it out on my own a few days back.

    Have to do stories today on the upcoming lgbt pride festival, the organizer is calling for an interview, and a local resident and acquaintance who’s a deputy city atty and has come down with typhus; she believes it’s the result of the conditions in her downtown LA office where there are encampments and rats in their building. Sheesh. Typhus has been on an upswing here in the past 6 months thanks to some of the homeless living conditions (it mostly is showing up in homeless people).

    A few other stories are pending to do also this week, it’s going to be a busy one.

    I see it’s cat week. Cat pics are so peaceful. Seems we all need that this week.

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  3. Donna!
    Don’t mention it.
    It is fixed but it cost over $3000 and the guys were here until 9:45 last night.
    If I had known all that, I would have taken the minor fix. And let the next person worry about it.
    But I can’t do that.
    Anyhow, it’s over now.
    Thanks for the concern.
    I think. 😉

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  4. Chas, that is how husband is. He likes things fixed right. Where we live are a lot of fixit types who are happy to put on a bandaid. I am kind of like that. My engineering feats do not last long. But husband’s do. I leave it to him.

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  5. True, mumsee, although legally allowing sidewalk encampments to take over entire sections of cities may not be a good way to do that. We have a mini skid row in our town now that extends for several blocks around our main Post Office.

    Sorry about the plumbing job, Chas. I had my share of day-long, late-evening, never-ending jobs here in the past few years, including plumbing, so I feel your pain. I think the guys who replaced my bedroom ceiling didn’t leave here until well after 9 p.m. And when they left the place was in shambles, everything was strewn everywhere. And for a couple months after that I had to sleep on a mattress on the floor while the bed frame went in for repair. I think that was probably the low point in the entire process.

    Houses are no fun sometimes.

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  6. Morning! I awakened praying for you this morning Janice…knowing full well He is watching over thee!
    Praying for you as well Miss Kim…trusting the doctor will be wise in his treatment and our Lord will bring healing….
    Oh Chas that is a hefty sum! Something went wonky with Mom’s furnace and it needed a part…to the tune of 1000.00…it is not an old furnace! She said she went down to the basement with them and watched what they did…popped out a “piece of metal” and popped in a new one is how she described it all… 😊
    We have a leak somewhere on the roofline…leaking under the soffit by my kitchen window. We notified our friend/roof guy…once the snow melts off the roof he will come out and check it out…hoping this isn’t the beginning of more to come….


  7. Kizzie, I have no problem with the assessment. In fact, for the daughter, it might help for her to get benefits that go along with the assessment. If she is unable to be employed, a little financial assistance might help her. And with a diagnosis, she might be able to take classes if she is interested, and get extra help with that or modifications of the class.

    For the boy, the assessment results might well help clarify what you are dealing with, but probably no reason to change the strategies.

    The problem with it is that the school then has an excuse to put him in the resource classroom. Always a plus for the public school as they get paid more for him. Not necessarily best for him. He sounds like a bright boy who needs to be challenged.

    That is where my twelve year old is. He is quite bright, just can’t communicate easily or understand the need to do things. And laziness makes him more than willing to let others do it. If he was in public school, he would be in the resource room which did not go well for his older sister. Too many distractions and too many adults there to do the work for the child. It set her back at least three years in her academics.

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  8. On the depression screening questionnaire I am extremely depressed. I have a prescription. They are also testing my thyroid again. I am right over the normal line.
    I was thinking about it today. This doctor and I have been together for close to 30 years. He graduated from medical school in 1988.
    I asked him for a different cream for my itchy legs. He said the problem with the one I wanted was it takes the pigment out of my skin. I told Home “Let’s face it. I am X years old. People aren’t going to be looking at my let’s too much longer anyway”. He liked my qualifier.

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  9. Mumsee – So far, he has done well in school, so I doubt they would put him in any special class, and I’m sure that if they suggested it, Nightingale would object. If he is indeed autistic, I’m pretty sure it is on the milder side.

    As for Chickadee, her therapist was the one who encouraged her to apply for SSI (I forget why she could be eligible for that), which she has done. The therapist even filled out part of it for her. If her application is accepted, she would get a little over $700 a month. That’s enough for some serious spending money, and to contribute some to the McKs, but not enough to live on.


  10. Yes, that would be a good thing. If she has to be dependent on someone, at least she can contribute some financially.


  11. I’ve been chatting offline with someone who pointed out or at least prompted the Holy Spirit to remind me, that I was harsh in my comments about anti-vaxxers.

    Had one of my children had a vaccine and developed autism, I would have been researching the link like mad and would be just as focused on protecting my child and sharing what I learned. So, I apologize over mean-spirited remarks.

    Fortunately, we still live in a society where there is some choice, so we need to use it while we can.

    That being said, I have traveled the world much happier knowing I was vaccinated against some of the diseases rampant and that people are not dying in droves throughout the world as they did in the past because of the availability of vaccinations.

    I only get a flu shot when I’m specifically asked by my employer or directed by loved ones in the medical field who tell me, “you need one this year.”


  12. Working on my annual Valentine’s cards. Because we are in a larger church (and I also want to send them to the girls from last year’s church, too) and I have some new grandnieces this year, I need quite a few more than I’ve needed the last few years. Usually I play around a bit with a theme (specific pretty items, for instance lace) and come up with a template, and then make a couple dozen that are quite similar, though each one is unique in some way. (I may use the exact same pattern for all, but vary the fancy papers used, for example.) I’ve made 15 of them so far this year (plus one for my husband) and no two are alike, and I haven’t yet come up with a template. I was going to use doilies this year, and only about half of them even use doilies. But it has been good stress release to make one or two a day and watch the completed ones stack up. Now I just have to move into faster gear (which I did today, making several today) to get them done within the next week.

    Five or six ladies from church have been getting together monthly, a different lady hosting each month, to make crafts. I volunteered to host this month (this Thursday is the day we settled on), and we will be making Valentine cards. I have so many supplies from multiple years of making them, and plenty of sample cards, and I might as well use up some of my stash! Hopefully they will have fun, too.

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  13. Michelle – There are some who would like to make it legally mandatory for children to get all the vaccines. That was part of what I was supposed to include when I shared that post from the irate pediatrician. I may be in favor of the major vaccines, but I don’t think I am in favor of them having to be legally mandatory.

    As it is now, though, for public school students they are mostly mandatory. I think there are some exceptions.


  14. My dilation is still affecting my eye so I can’t see well enough to read or comment much here. My eye hurts a little bit.

    We are watching the Stste of the Union address. Enjoying it at least until Stacy Abrams does her thing.

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  15. I saw parts of the speech after I got home, it seemed really long.

    Carol called, she’s doing this odd thing where she describes, sometimes in gruesome detail, her frequent bathroom accidents which I’d rather not listen to. Because she overeats a lot (candy), it seems to be making it worse (and harder on the staff, I dare say). I wish her body weren’t giving in like it is, but she seems to have very little if any control. I just don’t know why she is compelled to share it all in full detail. 😦

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  16. DJ, if it were me, I would say (and insist) I don’t need details. I’m somewhat easily grossed out, and I’m not her nurse, and I’d draw that line in the sand. But it depends on how much you can handle.

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  17. I’ve told her before it’s just “too much information.” I’m squeamish, too, when she goes into that kind of detail and can’t figure out why she’d even share that. I think she knows I don’t find it pleasant.

    I’ll tell her again, “OK, let’s change the subject.” She said something tonight about how she’ll bring extra padding next time she rides in my car but I’m honestly thinking there won’t be a next time if this isn’t resolved.

    She really seems unable to control herself anymore, but she also doesn’t seem to understand how that will curtail her social life, such as it is. I keep urging her to try to discipline herself and her body to make it to the bathroom, but I think she physically maybe can’t help it now.

    I just don’t need to hear all the gory details, please 😦 Maybe sharing that is normal at some level when people reach that stage, but I can’t imagine ever telling anyone those things, personally.


  18. In other news, it was a busy day at work with 2 stories (LA school district’s police magnet brouhaha & an upcoming gay pride festival). One of our few remaining ‘bureau’ reporters broke his arm so he will be out for some time, leaving just 2 of us now in the one local newsroom. Guess all his emails now will be coming to me.


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