Prayer Requests 1-21-19

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 143

Lord, hear my prayer,
    listen to my cry for mercy;
   in your faithfulness and righteousness
    come to my relief.
Do not bring your servant into judgment,
    for no one living is righteous before you.
The enemy pursues me,
    he crushes me to the ground;
   he makes me dwell in the darkness
    like those long dead.
So my spirit grows faint within me;
    my heart within me is dismayed.
I remember the days of long ago;
    I meditate on all your works
    and consider what your hands have done.
I spread out my hands to you;
    I thirst for you like a parched land.

Answer me quickly, Lord;
    my spirit fails.
   Do not hide your face from me
    or I will be like those who go down to the pit.
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
   Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.
Rescue me from my enemies, Lord,
    for I hide myself in you.
10 Teach me to do your will,
    for you are my God;
   may your good Spirit
    lead me on level ground.

11 For your name’s sake, Lord, preserve my life;
    in your righteousness, bring me out of trouble.
12 In your unfailing love, silence my enemies;
    destroy all my foes,
    for I am your servant.

13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 1-21-19

  1. It’s 10 degrees below zero, and our heating system isn’t working right.

    Kim, you’re in my prayers. We prayed for you, BG, and her father in Bible study this morning, as well.

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  2. YEMEN
    The people of Yemen are Muslim, both Sunni and Shi’ite.The vast number of Yemeni still have never heard the good news of the Lord Jesus.

    The war between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis has also ripped this economically poor Arab country into shreds. The ongoing cholera epidemic, as well as other medical needs, are not being addressed as hospital workers live on low pay and supplies run out. Many hospitals have closed.

    Please pray…
    Pray for the war to end in Yemen – that peace would come to this land and people would be able to rebuild their lives.
    Pray for a believer who is also a sheikh (community leader), as he uses his influence to share the Good News. Pray that God will lead people who are interested in the Gospel to this man.
    Pray for the small fellowships of Yemeni Jesus followers to continue to live in community and become passionate and vibrant to the unbelieving Yemenis around them.

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  3. RK, yes, we do have backup for the downstairs. (A separate gas furnace for that floor, and also a woodstove, if the power goes out.) Our upstairs furnace and a number of other functions in the house are powered by our outdoor wood boiler system. I don’t really understand how my husband put all of that stuff together, and what controls what, but the piping system in the basement laundry room was going all haywire, temperature-wise, last night.

    Fortunately, nothing froze, and the system is back to normal, so hubby went to work. I don’t know if he slept at all last night, though, having to monitor it. He didn’t go to bed when I did, and wasn’t in bed when I woke in the middle of the night or in the morning. If he didn’t sleep, by the time he gets home from work at 10:00 tonight he will have been awake for over 40 hours straight. He will need his wits about him, driving home, as we’re under another winter weather advisory (freezing rain), so prayers are needed and appreciated.

    Also that we don’t have more problems with the system. Later this week is supposed to be extremely cold, never getting out of sub-zero temperatures at all on Friday, they’re predicting. Breakdowns, especially when they involve outdoor equipment, are always so much harder to deal with in the extreme cold. He was about at his wits’ end this morning.

    Thank you all for the prayers.

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  4. Our friend Gary, whose life has resembled Job’s for the last few years, has arranged for a pre-fab house to be placed on his lot. They’ve not been able to do so for two months because his roof needs to be assembled on site. (That’s also true of the garage).

    We have five days forecast of no rain and the house will be placed tomorrow with an enormous crane.

    Please pray the weather holds–it’s beautiful right now with a clear blue sky–all week so he can put this piece, at least, behind him.


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  5. This is probably too late to post this (I forgot to do so earlier), but if anyone sees this before 6:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. . .Please pray for a safe trip for Nightingale into work. We have had that snow and icing that some others have had, with the frigid temps and wind chills. The route she has to take is very icy. She made it to work and home again today (yeah, I forgot to ask for prayer for her today), but has to do it again in the morning, and back home in the afternoon. People are saying that that route is like an ice rink, with several cars sliding off the road. Thank you.

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  6. Seeing your request now, Kizzie, and praying.

    Hubby is home from work. Thanks for the prayers. The freezing rain forecast didn’t materialize. No precipitation of any sort. But… they’re saying 100% chance of snow tomorrow, so… thanks for additional prayers for safety going to and from work tomorrow.

    Wood boiler system held its own today. Very thankful. Hopefully hubby can get more rest tonight than last.

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  7. We are thanking God today that our prayers for our granddaughter’s heart has been answered. The two holes she had remaining have grown together.

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