31 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-18-19

  1. A solution……

    That House Dems will hate.

    So…… even better. 🙂


    “Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul offered a potential solution to the State of the Union problem that has been front and center for the past few days — President Donald Trump bypasses the House of Representatives entirely and delivers the speech from the Senate floor.

    “Senator McConnell is in charge of the Senate,” Paul tweeted Thursday morning. “If Mrs. Pelosi refuses to allow the president to deliver the State of the Union in the House, I propose we move it to the Senate and make it happen!””


    “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it clear, however, that until the government is fully reopened, she will not issue such an invitation. She has also made it clear that she plans to make no concessions in negotiations toward reopening the government.

    Paul is not the only one to float the idea of an address delivered from the Senate floor as an alternative. CBS reported on Thursday that even the White House was considering the possibility.”


  2. What were they thinking?


    “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday for even considering traveling abroad during the fourth week of the partial government shutdown.

    Pelosi was scheduled to leave Thursday afternoon for a trip to Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan, but President Donald Trump sent a letter to the speaker informing her that she would not be allowed to use military aircraft for her trip. Trump’s decision to ground Pelosi appeared to be in retaliation for her announcement that she was postponing the State of the Union address because of the government shutdown. ”


    ““Why would she want to go overseas with government shut down, with people missing their paychecks? And if we don’t get this back open they could miss their paycheck again by next week, so I think it’s appropriate that we would get back together. It would not take long, and we could solve this problem,” McCarthy told reporters on Capitol Hill.

    One reporter asked if McCarthy disagreed with Trump releasing the letter less than an hour before Pelosi was set to depart on the trip, but McCarthy stayed focused on Pelosi’s plans.

    “I couldn’t imagine she would even think about going,” McCarthy replied. “I didn’t read what it is but I’m just shocked she’d even think that she would leave the country. Why would you leave the country with government shut down and you’re speaker of the House?””


  3. The media has their Dem approved talking points on the matter, and they’re parroting each other all across the land. Again. Still…..

    And if they conflict with their last set of talking points from a few weeks back don’t worry. Democrats voters are sheep, they’ll still fall for it, even with the blatant hypocrisy. Again. Still……


    “As Twitchy told you, Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff has suggested that Donald Trump is a hypocrite because he put the kibosh on Pelosi’s planned CODEL trip until the shutdown ends even though Trump himself traveled to Iraq during the shutdown.”




  4. #BelieveHer

    Unless the accused is a Democrat.


    “Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee accused of retaliating against staffer who said Black Caucus Foundation official raped her”

    “A former staffer for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, has claimed in a lawsuit that she was fired last year in retaliation for legal action the staffer planned to bring against the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) related to an alleged rape in 2015.

    In a statement released Thursday, Jackson Lee’s office denied “that it retaliated against, or otherwise improperly treated” the staffer, who is identified in the lawsuit only as “Jane Doe.”

    “While we still deny the allegations, we are especially concerned about Ms. Doe and only want the best for her and the many, many young people that the Congressional office has supported, encouraged, and provided opportunities for over 20 years,” the statement concluded.

    According to documents filed in federal court in Washington last week, Jane Doe claimed she was raped in October 2015 while she was a CBCF intern by Damien Jones, who was the foundation’s internship program coordinator and her supervisor at the time. The lawsuit was first reported by BuzzFeed News.”


  5. Breathtaking bigotry.


    “Hard-left Dem accused of ‘breathtaking bigotry’ after claim that Lindsey Graham is ‘compromised'”

    “A hard-left Democrat from Minnesota is facing backlash and accusations of homophobia after repeating baseless allegations pushed by MSNBC and liberal activists that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is somehow being blackmailed into supporting President Trump.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman lawmaker and close ally of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was condemned Tuesday after claiming Graham was “compromised.” Omar was responding to a video that suggested Graham pivoted from being a Trump critic to one of the president’s biggest supporters in the Senate.

    “They got to him, he is compromised!” Omar tweeted.”

    The baseless remark came the same day that MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle came under fire for implying that Graham was being blackmailed by Trump over “something pretty extreme.”

    Just like Omar, Ruhle didn’t cite any evidence to support her claim. “It could be that Donald Trump or somebody knows something pretty extreme about Lindsey Graham,” Ruhle said before quickly ending the segment. “We’re gonna leave it there.””


    “Harmeet K. Dhillon, a national committeewoman for the Republican National Committee, slammed Omar’s comment for bigotry: “Breathtaking bigotry, homophobia from a member of Congress. It’s not funny, and puzzling why Dems get away with outdated stereotypes and dumb conspiracy theories like this.”

    “Is this a reference to the prominent & pernicious homophobic rumor that is circulating the internet? Because I might expect that from a troll, but you’re a Congresswoman,” Jerry Dunleavy tweeted.

    “Here’s an elected representative promulgating the homophobic conspiracy theory, without evidence, that Lindsay Graham is a gay, blackmailed, shill,” writer Tiana Lowe seconded.”


  6. When pressed on her comments the clueless twit can’t think of a response.


    “Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) struggled to defend a tweet accusing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) of being “compromised” on Thursday, saying the proof was in how he was acting but giving no evidence and eventually saying it was just her opinion.

    CNN anchor Jim Sciutto, prefacing his question by saying “we need to ask you about this,” read out her tweet and asked her to explain what she meant. Graham has been accused by some progressives of being blackmailed by the White House over being gay; Graham is a lifelong bachelor who is straight. The former fierce critic of President Donald Trump has aligned himself with the White House on some issues, he has also blasted Trump over his foreign policy.

    Omar’s answer spiraled into various theories about how he was compromised without giving any evidence.

    “Over the last three years, we have seen many times where Senator Lindsey Graham has told us how dangerous this president could be if he was given the opportunity to be in the White House, and all of the sudden, he’s made not only a 180-turnaround but a 360-turnaround, and so I am pretty sure there is something happening with him, whether it is something that has to do with his funding when it comes to running for office, whether it has something to do with the polling that they might have in his district [Graham represents a state, not a district] or whether it has to do with some sort of leadership within the Senate,” Omar said. “He is somehow compromised to no longer stand up for the truth to make sure that he is fighting to protect the oath that he took in serving the American people.”

    “Based on what evidence? That’s a remarkable comment to make about a sitting U.S. Senator,” Sciutto said.

    “The evidence really is present to us, is being presented to us in the way that he’s behaving,” she answered.

    “But that’s not evidence,” co-host Poppy Harlow said. “That’s your opinion, but now as a sitting member of Congress, you would have tweeted ‘they got him on this.’ Again, just based on what evidence, congresswoman?”

    Omar said her tweet was “an opinion based on what I believe to be visible to me, and I’m pretty sure there are lots of Americans who agree [with] us.””


    Is it too soon to impeach this unqualified, pathetic excuse for a Rep?


  7. This one makes me smile.

    And it’s about time! I hope they bury them.


    “Southern Poverty Law Center Slapped with Racketeering Suit Over ‘False Hate Group Designation’”

    “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), claiming that SPLC operators Richard Cohen and Heidi Beirich have violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by “falsely designating CIS as a hate group.”

    CIS describes itself as “an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, research organization” that “pursue[s[ a single mission – providing immigration policymakers, the academic community, news media, and concerned citizens with reliable information about the social, economic, environmental, security, and fiscal consequences of legal and illegal immigration into the United States.”

    The SPLC, on the other hand, describes itself on its website as “dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.”

    If you go to the SPLC website, the CIS mission is presented as being the “go-to think tank for the anti-immigrant movement” and racism:”


  8. True.

    “This article contains some graphic descriptions.” CONTENT WARNING!!!!!


    “Women Won’t Be Liberated Until We’re Free From Abortion

    There is no reset button for abortion, and the unspoken costs have been devastating; abortion either breaks a woman’s heart, or it hardens it.”


    “Let’s be honest: a large number of the pro-choice camp are post-abortive women. Like Groening, the culture exploited their emotional need and fed them a diet of propaganda and deceit. Their defense of abortion rights is so much more than we know; it’s a defense of an alternate reality carefully constructed around deeply buried grief and shame.

    As psychologist Dr. Dan Allender says, “Shame is a phenomenon of the eyes.” People living under its weight would rather claw out your eyes than allow you to see their nakedness. And rage is shame’s bodyguard. It’s no wonder we see so many viral videos of abortion advocates violently destroying pro-life displays.

    Each January, hundreds of churches around the nation observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday to honor the lives lost to abortion and to recommit to the mission of ending legalized abortion once and for all. And every year, worldwide, the sobering body count climbs by the thousands, sparking outrage and further condemnation of “baby killing” and “infanticide.”

    But few people seem to remember that attached to every single one of those 60 million lives is a mother who, more likely than not, has carried the weight of that decision in ways that have never been properly grieved or expressed. Says Tracey Olsen, the assistant director of an abortion recovery program at Care Net of Puget Sound, “I didn’t know I was allowed to mourn the loss of my baby. I didn’t think I deserved the dignity of grief.”

    Yes, There Is Forgiveness for Abortion

    For many women like Tracey, the choice to bury their pain and to remain silent about their experience has kept them in bondage for years. The liberation they originally sought through abortion has only come through the intentional and open grieving of the past decision to abort. As it did for Groening, the burden eventually becomes too heavy to hold.”

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  9. Secure the border.


    “Settled Science: Opioid overdose claims more lives than car crashes

    The data suggest that the statistics are likely to be even grimmer next year.”

    We recently noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that drug overdose deaths surpassed 72,000 in 2017, with fentanyl overdoses contributing significantly to this grim, new statistic.

    New analysis of mortality statistics shows that for the first time in American history, the odds of dying from an opioid overdose are higher than those of dying in a car crash.

    The National Safety Council report used data from the National Center for Health Statistics – Mortality Data for 2017, the 2017 U.S. population and the average life expectancy to approximate the one-year and lifetime odds of someone dying from selected external causes, including heart disease (1 in 6 chance), cancer (1 in 7) and suicide (1 in 88). It determined the lifetime odds dying from an accidental opioid overdose for a person born in 2017 were 1 in 96, while the chances of that same person dying from a motor vehicle crash were 1 in 103.

    “The nation’s opioid crisis is fueling the Council’s grim probabilities, and that crisis is worsening with an influx of illicit fentanyl,” the nonprofit said in a statement released Monday.

    And grim is the appropriate word. For example, California authorities are reporting that the powerful opioid fentanyl is responsible for a mass overdose event that left one person dead and hospitalized over a dozen others.”


  10. Yawn.

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…….

    If true……. but it’s not…. never is……


    “We have been here sooooooo many times before.”

    “A media outlet publishes an article based on anonymous sources providing information that is so vague it cannot be proven or disproven, but which purports to (1) implicate Trump in a crime, (2) show collusion with the Russians, and/or (3) raise enough suspicions to justify a 3-5 day news cycle.

    So many of these reports are dropped before a weekend, guaranteeing they will dominate the news cycle for days.

    And in each and every instance the report is blown out of the water or substantially rewritten, other news outlets could not verify, or other news outlets themselves call the report into doubt. Even when there is a kernel of fact underlying the report, the spin is usually the key to why people click on it. This is all fed by the news media “Scoop” culture.

    The typical reaction from people who are not part of #TheResistance, whether Trump supporters or not, is the preface “if true.”

    I’ve seen a number of people say they follow a 24-hour rule on these bombshell reports. I think that’s too kind. It’s better to wait 48-72 hours, at a minimum, since so many of these bombshells take days, not hours, to reveal themselves to be duds.

    And so we get to last night’s bombshell, from Buzzfeed:

    President Donald Trump directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter.

    The short version is that two unnamed federal law enforcement sources told Buzzfeed reporter Jason Leopold, the leading reporter on the story, that Mueller has evidence both through testimony and documentation that Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a potential Trump Tower Moscow hotel deal timeline.

    The Buzzfeed reporters have not seen the evidence underlying their report:

    Anthony Cormier is one of the two investigative reporter at BuzzfeedNews who co-authored the bombshell report published Thursday night — a report which claimed President Donald Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie during Congressional testimony over discussions between the Trump Organization and Russian authorities about a Trump Tower Moscow project.

    Cormier appeared on CNN’s New Day and revealed that he had not seen the evidence underlying his report.

    Host Alisyn Camerota opened the interview by asking Cormier if he had seen the evidence to which Cormier replied: “Not personally.” He then clarified that “the folks we have talked to — two officials we have spoken to are 100 percent read into that aspect of the Special Counsel’s investigation”

    “If true,” it’s very damaging. Depending on the specific facts, it could be criminal.

    “If true” is a lot of the reaction we’re seeing, even from WaPo. Expect other news outlets to try to verify the story or parts of it based on their own anonymous sources.”


    Lather, rinse, repeat……


  11. Evidence?…..

    Pfffftt…. that’s so yesterday.



    But we published it anyway, ‘cuz that’s what hacks pretending to be journalists do.


  12. Some collusion is more equal than others.


    And such a double standard too.


  13. Great. Now Pelosi is appointing the anti-Semites and clueless dolts to key committees.

    What could go wrong?


    “Omar also has come out in favor of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, a movement that is diametrically opposed to bipartisan U.S. foreign policy.

    Omar announced her plum committee assignment on Twitter this afternoon:

    Republicans were quick to denounce the appointment. Chuck Schumer should have criticized it, too. He has denounced BDS as “anti-Semitism.” (I think he is right about that.) For that matter, Pelosi, too, has said “Congress ‘must’ oppose BDS.”

    Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I would love to know what changed, because Democratic leaders just promoted a pro-BDS Democrat to a key committee that deals with the State of Israel.” But I think we all know what has changed: there is a new wind blowing through the Democratic Party, and Ilhan Omar, despite her youth and inexperience (or perhaps because of those qualities), typifies it. The Democratic Party is increasingly anti-Israel and flirts, to be charitable, with anti-Semitism. Today we see the latest evidence of the character of what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls the “New party.”

    UPDATE: Earlier today, Omar was asked about her claim that Israel is “evil” on CNN. You can judge her response for yourself:”


  14. Shocker?


    The media is biased, and everyone knows it.



    Margaret Sullivan is a media columnist for the Washington Post. Her columns show her to be a liberal partisan and full-blown Trump-hater.

    Earlier this year, Sullivan urged reporters covering the presidential campaign to eschew “horse race” stories, avoid being distracted by gaffes, and focus on the substance of the candidates’ ideas. She lamented the fact that some outlets were talking about Elizabeth Warren’s likability (or lack thereof) and beer grab.

    Sullivan’s plea echoed that of Sally Buzbee, a top editor at the AP. James Fallows of the Atlantic chimed in to the same effect.

    The approach Sullivan and other mainstream media mainstays advocate would mark a significant change from media coverage of the Republican scramble for the presidential nomination four years ago. Back then, the Post and other mainstream outlets were happy to talk about Marco Rubio’s water grab, Rick Perry’s “oops” moment, Chris Christie’s high school baseball career, and anything non-substantive that Donald Trump did or ever had done.

    Is it just a coincidence that calls for more substantive coverage of presidential aspirants comes when Democrats are having their scramble — one on which the media’s hopes of toppling President Trump may ride? I don’t think so.

    The Post appears to be heeding Sullivan’s call. Consider this story about Elizabeth Warren’s visit to Iowa earlier this month. Post reporters Annie Linskey and Chelsea Janes (who until recently provided outstanding coverage of the Washington Nationals for the Post) gush about Warren for three dozen paragraphs, most of which are devoted to her “substance” — substance that, we can be confident, will be nearly identical to that of a dozen (or perhaps two or three dozen) other Democratic candidates.

    I defy anyone to point to a comparable mainstream media article from 2015-16 about Donald Trump or any of his conservative rivals for the Republican nomination.”


  15. Get woke, go broke.

    Simple. 🙂


    “Gillette’s likeliness-to-buy among consumers drops 4 points after ‘toxic masculinity’ ad

    Gillette and its politically correct enablers have been trying to spin that godawful ad the company ran, hectoring its own customers about ‘toxic masculinity,’ as a success, but buried in the details, there’s one little problem:

    Likeliness to buy has dropped in the wake of the fiasco. That means ‘buying’ which is the whole purpose of advertising. According to a post-ad survey by Morning Consult, a left-leaning consulting group that says it’s ‘trusted’ by Politico and the New York Times:

    In the two weeks before the campaign launch, 69 percent of Americans said they would consider purchasing products from Gillette. In the two days following the ad, that moved to 65 percent.

    Morning Consult dismisses this number as insignificant in the context of the positive polling responses it says customers gave, but four points seems like a lot in just two days in the wake of such a controversy. When you hear about a tsunami or a wildfire leaving four dead in the first hour of its occurence, you know that’s a figure that’s going to go up. What it sounds like from this side is people lying to pollsters, saying they are all in for social justice to seem like good people – and then voting with their feet.”


  16. Read it and weep.

    This is a travesty, a miscarriage of justice, abuse of the courts, and a thousand times worse than Watergate.

    “What Bruce Ohr Told the FBI”
    KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL at The Wall St. Journal via Outline.


    “Everybody knew. Everybody of consequence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department understood fully in the middle of 2016—as the FBI embarked on its counterintelligence probe of Donald Trump—that it was doing so based on disinformation provided by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That’s the big revelation from the transcript of the testimony Justice Department official Bruce Ohr gave Congress in August. The transcripts haven’t been released, but parts were confirmed for me by congressional sources.

    Mr. Ohr testified…

    Justice Department official Bruce Ohr arrives for a congressional hearing in Washington, D.C., Aug. 28, 2018.Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press

    Everybody knew. Everybody of consequence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department understood fully in the middle of 2016—as the FBI embarked on its counterintelligence probe of Donald Trump—that it was doing so based on disinformation provided by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That’s the big revelation from the transcript of the testimony Justice Department official Bruce Ohr gave Congress in August. The transcripts haven’t been released, but parts were confirmed for me by congressional sources.

    Mr. Ohr testified that he sat down with dossier author Christopher Steele on July 30, 2016, and received salacious information the opposition researcher had compiled on Mr. Trump. Mr. Ohr immediately took that to the FBI’s then-Deputy Director Andy McCabe and lawyer Lisa Page. In August he took it to Peter Strzok, the bureau’s lead investigator. In the same month, Mr. Ohr believes, he briefed senior personnel in the Justice Department’s criminal division: Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz, lawyer Zainab Ahmad and fraud unit head Andrew Weissman. The last two now work for special counsel Robert Mueller.

    More important, Mr. Ohr told this team the information came from the Clinton camp and warned that it was likely biased, certainly unproven. “When I provided [the Steele information] to the FBI, I tried to be clear that this is source information,” he testified. “I don’t know how reliable it is. You’re going to have to check it out and be aware. These guys were hired by somebody relating to—who’s related to the Clinton campaign, and be aware.”

    He said he told them that Mr. Steele was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected,” and that his own wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, which compiled the dossier. He confirmed sounding all these warnings before the FBI filed its October application for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page. We broke some of this in August, though the transcript provides new detail.

    The FBI and Justice Department have gone to extraordinary lengths to muddy these details, with cover from Democrats and friendly journalists. A January 2017 memo from Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, flatly (and incorrectly) insisted “the FBI’s closely-held investigative team only received Steele’s reporting in mid-September.” A May 2018 New York Times report repeated that claim, saying Mr. Steele’s reports didn’t reach the “Crossfire Hurricane team,” which ran the counterintelligence investigation, until “mid-September.”


  17. Good news.

    Now if we could just get activist judges, Democrat leadership, and the rest of those who profit from the bloodshed and murder of innocents to co-operate…….


    “For more than a decade, the annual Marist poll on abortion has found that the overwhelming majority of Americans – usually three-quarters or more – want abortion restricted to, at most, the first three months of pregnancy.

    Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, this annual survey has also highlighted the following fact: Using polling questions that measure the labels Americans choose for themselves – such as pro-choice – will not actually reveal what they want in terms of abortion policy. While the majority of those who identify as pro-life can reliably be expected to support restrictions on abortion, so can most of those who identify as pro-choice.

    In some years, including this one, more Americans may identify as pro-choice than pro-life, but more than six in 10 of those who say they are pro-choice (61 percent) join the three-quarters of all Americans in wanting abortion restricted to – again, at most – the first trimester. So do about six in 10 Democrats (59 percent), eight in 10 independents (78 percent) and nine in 10 Republicans (92 percent).”


  18. Work like that from the Knights of Columbus is exactly why they’re under attack by those I mentioned above….. Democrat leadership, and the rest of those who profit from the bloodshed and murder of innocents….

    They want a religious litmus test. Ben Sasse to his credit, disagrees.


    “Sen. Sasse Introduces Resolution Making it Unconstitutional to Deny a Nominee Public Office for Membership in Knights of Columbus

    It is the sense of the Senate that disqualifying a nominee to federal office on the basis of membership in the Knights of Columbus violates the Constitution of the United States””

    “Wednesday, Sen. Ben Sasse introduced a resolution that reiterates the unconstitutionality of disqualifying a nominee for public service based on their membership to the Catholic organization, Knights of Columbus, according to a report by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    GOP Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska introduced a Senate resolution Wednesday providing that it is unconstitutional to disqualify a nominee from public office based on their membership in the Knights of Columbus.

    The resolution, which The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained in advance of its introduction, comes after Democratic Sens. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Kamala Harris of California pressed a judicial nominee to the federal trial court in Nebraska about his affiliation with the knights, a Catholic mutual benefit society with almost 2 million members worldwide.

    “It is the sense of the Senate that disqualifying a nominee to federal office on the basis of membership in the Knights of Columbus violates the Constitution of the United States,” the resolution reads.”


  19. Same goes for Mrs. Pence. Stand up publicly and act on your religious beliefs, expect to be a target. Too often, the media plays their role as well.


    “I read the stories below yesterday, on a train to Valencia (a beautiful city — more on which shortly). I couldn’t get a wifi connection in my hotel, so I couldn’t post this last night. That’s probably for the best; I’ve had more time to think about it. Which, in this case, has not moderated my opinion one bit, but if anything has made me angrier and more concerned.

    Here, from the Washington Post, is a prime example of religious ignorance and cultural philistinism in the US media elite. This is what counts as a scandal among these people:

    The school where Vice President Pence’s wife, Karen, has accepted a part-time job teaching art requires potential employees to affirm certain religious beliefs that seek to exclude homosexual and transgender applicants, including that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

    Immanuel Christian School, a private K-8 school in Springfield, Va., outside of Washington, sets forth the position in its employment application for teachers and support staff in a section that requires applicants to initial a set of standards that begins with a promise that they are born-again Christians.

    One of the items is a pledge to “live a personal life of moral purity.””


    “The attempted shaming of Karen Pence is a condensed symbol for the elite secular left’s hatred of conservative Christians and our morals and mores. I don’t actually give a rip what a Post, Times, or CNN reporter thinks of Karen Pence and evangelical Christians. What I care about is that their uncomprehending contempt, broadcast nationwide, and magnified massively on social media, is preparing the country for something extremely ugly.”

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  20. In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture



    … Pastors such as Wang of Early Rain are especially alarming for authorities. Under Wang, a legal scholar and public intellectual, the church has advocated for parents of children killed in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake – deaths many critics say were caused by poor government-run construction – or for families of those affected by faulty vaccines. Every year the church commemorates victims of the 4 June protests in 1989, which were forcibly put down by the Chinese military.

    “Early Rain church is one of the few who dare to face what is wrong in society,” said one member. “Most churches don’t dare talk about this, but we obey strictly obey the Bible, and we don’t avoid anything.”

    Wang and Early Rain belong to what some see as a new generation of Christians that has emerged alongside a growing civil rights movement. Increasingly, activist church leaders have taken inspiration from the democratising role the church played in eastern European countries in the Soviet bloc or South Korea under martial law, according to Lian. Several of China’s most active human rights lawyers are Christians. …


  21. More from Pence.


    “Mike Pence calls criticism of wife’s teaching job an attack on Christian education”

    “After a backlash surrounding his wife’s hiring at a Christian school that excludes LGBT students and employees, Mike Pence went on Christian TV on Thursday night to decry the criticism, saying “this criticism of Christian education in America should stop.”

    “To see major news organizations attacking Christian education is deeply offensive to us,” Pence said in the interview with Lauren Ashburn of EWTN, a cable TV network presenting Catholic-themed programming.

    Pence’s interview followed coverage of second lady Karen Pence’s decision to go back to work as a teacher at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia, which bans gay employees, students and the children of gay parents.

    She had previously taught at the elementary school for 12 years, while Pence was an Indiana congressman.”

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  22. At least get your stories straight. Sheesh.



    “As Twitchy told you earlier, BuzzFeed’s Anthony Cormier admitted to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that he had “not personally” seen the evidence supporting the report he co-authored, a report claiming that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie during congressional testimony.

    The thing is, Jason Leopold, who co-authored the report with Cormier, went on MSNBC later and pretty strongly contradicted Cormier:



  23. ———————-


  24. Good/bad news.


    “Fifth Circuit Delivers Huge Blow to Planned Parenthood in Texas

    Texas stripped Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood after videos showed the organization breaking state and federal laws.”

    “Back in 2015, undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood “violating medical and ethical standards codified in federal law and” Texas regulations. This caused Texas to strip the infanticide organization of Medicaid funding.

    Planned Parenthood asked the federal courts to restore the funding. The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them and blasted them “for its rhetoric and medical practices.”

    From National Review:

    In its ruling tonight, the Fifth Circuit not only affirmed the state’s right to terminate its agreement with Planned Parenthood affiliates, but also confirmed that the videos were undoctored. The court noted that an independent forensic firm’s review of the undercover footage found “that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited.” This directly refutes Planned Parenthood’s own false claim.

    The ruling also mentioned parts of the video footage in which Planned Parenthood executives had admitted to illegally altering abortion procedures to obtain intact fetuses whose organs could then be sold to medical research firms for greater profit. This included finding ways to circumvent the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, whether by changing the way they performed late-term procedures or by signing a form saying they had not “intended” to retrieve an intact fetus.

    Tonight’s decision is a win for the pro-life effort to remove Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding at the state level, but it also affirms evidence showing that Planned Parenthood doctors and affiliates did indeed break federal law.”


    The ruling is here.



  25. Interesting stance by WaPo editorial board:


    Why does the L.A. teachers union want to limit the options for poor children?

    “HYPERBOLE, PASSION and spin have often trumped fairness, moderation and neutrality.” That’s how a Los Angeles Times reporter characterized the dispute between the Los Angeles Unified School District and the teachers union in the days leading up to this week’s crippling strike. Nowhere is that description more apt than with the battle cry the union is sounding against public charter schools. The union seeks to pin the problems of the school system on charters — which offer valuable education choices, are popular with parents and generally benefit minority and poor children. …


  26. My daughter works in a Christian daycare at a church that also has a Christian school. It took two years for the institution to work through a statement of belief and requirements for employees. Most of these institutions did this to avoid the lawsuits that were happening around the country, wherein employees who went against everything the institution believed and taught still wanted to teach there. It is no way a statement of hate against anyone.

    Believe it or not, there are parents who put their children into Christian daycare who get upset when bible stories are taught. And there are people who seem to think they can work in a Christian setting, but behave or teach nothing like a Christian. Years ago such statements were not even a thought. Today’s litigious society makes it necessary.

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